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Food Fight Vegan Grocery

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Contact 503-233-3910

1217 SE Stark St (at SE 12th Ave, Belmont District), Portland, Oregon, USA, 97214

All vegan convenience store selling a wide range of food and products including imports, mock meats, no bone-char sugar, vegan junk foods, snack foods, books, some organic produce, bulk staples, chilled and frozen food. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

Reviews (48)

First Review by hat

Food fight grocery - Edit

This grocery is across the street from a huge homeless sight. Felt very unsafe walking there.

Pros: Had cute bags

Cons: Not really grocery store more like vegan 7-11., In terrible section of town.

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Fabulous store - Edit

What's not to love about a fully vegan grocery store? I visit here and fill my car trunk every time I'm in Portland. There are sections for frozen and chilled food, packaged/canned items, snacks, some fresh produce, a small bulk section, household products, ready-made sandwiches and burritos to take away, beverages. There are always some new-to-me products, such as (this time) soy-free tempeh and Amy's candy bars. Soft-serve ice cream service starts about 11 a.m.

Pros: all vegan!, lots of products for a small-ish store, takeaway food

Cons: not located where I live ;-)

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So fun to be in a vegan grocery store! - Edit

I stumbled on this place when I was on tour in Portland. It was really fun to walk into a vegan grocery store (not to mention the vegan apparel store and bakery right down the block). Lots of interesting specialty items, including a lot of local Portland/Oregon-made products. Definitely not the place to stock up on staples and produce (duh).

Can't wait for the next time I'm in Portland so I can go to Food Fight again!

Pros: hard-to-find specialty products, order online option!

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The bomb dot com for vegans - Edit

The store looks kind of small, but man, does it have an abundance of vegan products. It's also cool how the store's location is close to a vegan clothing store and tattoo parlor (The vegan clothing store being Herbivore clothing.) They have vegan pet food here, frozen food, documentaries/ DVD's, beauty products, vitamins, etc...you name it (vegan) they got it.. They also sell shirts which are also pretty awesome (with a witty vegan message, woo.) If you're veg, come down here (even if you aren't) you're in for a treat, this store is the bomb dot com for vegans. All of your vegan needs will be fulfilled once you enter into this store. It's also pretty great how they carry so many products from independent companies as well. Well what are you waiting for? Go to Portland and shop here, you won't regret it.

Pros: All vegan products, Chill vibes, Did I mention it's an all vegan grocer?

Cons: None

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Place to find fun vegan stuff! - Edit

This place wouldn't be my main grocery stop but they definitely have a huge selection of fun vegan stuff to try! As a vegan junk food fan, I was totally satisfied! I'm so used to checking labels that it was hard to break the habit! I also saw some items that I didn't know were vegan. The two women working the day I was there were SO nice and gave us recommendations for other places to go in town. We bought a whole bag full of non perishable stuff to bring back to Nashville. Worth a stop for sure!

Pros: all vegan, nice staff, junk food!

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No need to check labels; Everything is 100% vegan! - Edit

Two steps in, we were already checking labels because: Ranch chips made vegan? :) After picking out $200 worth of non-perishables, we could have still picked out more. This place is tiny (about the size of a NYC grocery store), but easy to navigate and FULL of fun vegan foods. Ordering online is great, too.

They have a small selection of ready-to-eat items for a quick breakfast/lunch/supper, too, as well as a soft-serve ice cream cone machine.

Whether you are traveling or live near, this is a great little grocery store to give your money to. :)

Pros: Lots of selections, Ready-to-eat and frozen/canned/boxed, 100% vegan atmosphere

Cons: Check out is a tad slow, Setup for people only buying a few items

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Amazing vegan supermarket in the vegan strip mall - Edit

This place is fantastic! So many options for snacks, dry goods, dog foods, supplements, personal care items. They had soft serve ice-cream!

Great to check out while you look at the other all vegan places on this strip. Support the all vegan grocery store!

Pros: Great selection, Soft serve ice-cream, Part of vegan strip mall

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Just Go To My Amazing Local Grocer - Edit

I am honored to be a part of this amazing vegan community in Portland! This grocery store does an awesome job at supporting local vegan companies, and some other really awesome smaller companies in other states. (Try the vegan version of the twinkie called a Dillo bar, I have never tried a conventional Twinkie but I can guarantee that these Lil suckers are far greater. We split a chai flavor! )
Its on my route home from work, so I often stop to see what new specialty items they have. They offer a great selection in a cozy little store.
Getchaself a gift card loaded up with 100$ and you get 10$ bonus cash, awesome for regulars like myself.
The people are awesome, helpful, and kind.
I can only hope they expand to bother locations. Let's spread positivity though our purchases! Even if this location were out of my way, I would go the extra mile (We literally walked miles with our groceries a few weeks ago when we left the truck at home:) ) or I would pay the extra dollar to support this establishment.
We advertise with our awesome organic merch (the t-shirts are rad, recycled, and organic; cheaper too than next door) stickers, and canvas shopper bag. I will always rave about this place.

Pros: Support Local, Plantbased Food, Takes The Guesswork Out Of Finding Vegan Food

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Great Vegan Market - Edit

We were visiting Portland and got a chance to go to an all-vegan market. Though it's small, it's mighty. I loved being able to shop and NOT have to read any of the labels. It looks small from the outside, but it's deep. It's nicely organized and offers a good variety from marshmallows to refrigerated items to personal care to baking to ethnic ingredients. Price-wise, it's about what you'd pay at Whole Foods; however, it's nice that it's an independent market and be able to support them. I LOVE that they're located amongst other like-minded vegan shops: Herbivore (clothing), Sweet Pea Bakery & Scapegoat Tattoo.

Pros: excellent selection, friendly

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great place, vegan marshmallow are here!!!!!!!!!!

Used to order products from here when I was living in another state. Good selection, come and browse and support.


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Great Place! - Edit

Great little vegan market! Most of the items were things I can find in Whole Foods and other similar stores near me, but I did find some great things not easily found elsewhere.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 02, 2014

Pros: Vegan, Good Selection, Rare Items

Cons: Pricey At Times

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Great little store - Edit

The store itself wasn't very big but the selection made up for it. I was especially impressed with the vegan cheeses they had—Vtopia, Treeline, Heido Ho, etc. Nowhere else had all these products in one place except in here. I SO wanted to take some home with me but couldn't as they need refrigeration. I also liked that they had soy curls in the bulk section so you won't end up with all the crumbs like when you buy them in the bag. The only downside was the location, which was a little bit out of the way for us (I was visiting and staying downtown). But this place and the bakery next store were enough to make it a worthwhile trek!

Pros: vegan cheeses

Cons: location

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Need stuff? Get it here. - Edit

One of the sweetest things in life is when you look at your kids and say "Everything in this shop is vegan - go crazy." (And then you go crazy too.)

They have all the processed food items you need to pack in the car for a vegan road-trip, or pack in the pantry to live like a vegan hermit.

Sure, ubiquitously available fresh produce is good, but jeez these hard to find vegan things in wrappers taste so awesome. And that's why places like Food Fight are important.

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Vegan heaven - Edit

I had no idea about some of the vegan products until I checked this place out. Vegan haggis? Yup! All of my favourite Brew Dr. Kombucha flavours? Yup!
Super rad staff and an insane selection of chocolate and goodies. More of a vegan junk food haven but that's ok.
We were here pretty much every day we were in Portland. Seriously any type of vegan product you could ever want is here. Go, but be prepared to spend all your hard earned money on chips!

Pros: All the vegan products!, Carries my favourite kombucha, Nice staff

Cons: Not in Edmonton, A little small

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Fun and Entertaining! - Edit

We love going into Food Fight because we can get things we didn't think existed as well as laugh at the sense of humor of the owners and the staff. They kept us stocked for a few days at least with jerky and other road snacks on our road trip this summer!

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Great Place - Edit

I just love it here. They have all the crappy junk food I could ever ask for. I love their punk rock attitude. I follow them on facebook, even though I'm nowhere near Portland. They're endlessly entertaining.

Pros: Selection, Staff

Cons: there isn't one near me

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Lovely store - Edit

Awesome place that saves massive time spent reading labels in conventional stores. Good selection of easy to pack items that come in handy when traveling to places where it may not be so easy to eat and buy vegan. A wonderful place to buy your friends food gifts, or to pack for a road trip. Fun music. Friendly staff. Impossible to step inside without finding something intriguing to buy. Really great facebook page, too. Tip: check the fb for flash sales and bring a bag.

Pros: Refrigerated and frozen items, Snacks and ready-made food, Packable, storable food

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A vegan mart, how amazing - Edit

A vegan market is never big enough but this place had so many items that you would not find at regular places. Well stocked up and all vegan but not quite as extensive as Vegan Haven in Seattle.
I go there everytime I am in Portland to stock up on vegan goodness and to support small retailers!

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Support these vegans, but I hope they lighten up! - Edit

I visited Food Fight a few years back while on travel for work - you can imagine how excited I was to be able to spend a weekend in Portland, vegan mecca of the USA.

I made sure that a trip to Food Fight was on my list of to-dos, since I'd shopped with them online a few times prior to that and was generally pleased with my orders. Overall, it was a cool store, bought a lot while I was there, but my one problem is this -

ATTITUDE. Lots of it. The sort that just oozes out of every pore from the people who worked there as well as the few who were shopping there as well. You see, I have a job where I actually have to dress the part, suit and all, and apparently, looking like you have a corporate job is reason to be given the side-eye and looked at like you don't belong. Apparently, some vegans (in Portland, at least) seem to think that if you don't look the part, you don't deserve proper respect, which is simply a shame. Would I have been treated better if I'd been able to get back to my hotel and change into some thrift-store jeans and a tattered punk rock t-shirt before coming in? Probably. But, maybe they'll figure out one day (or, maybe they already have figured it out since this was a few years ago) that vegans come in all sizes/shapes/colors/occupations/religions/political leanings/etc. and shouldn't be looked down on just because they're not like yourself.

Other than feeling like I was somehow offending them with my mere presence by not "fitting in" to how they do things in their neck of the woods, it's a cool little place and one I still order from online here and there, worthy of supporting.

Pros: Some things I haven't seen elsewhere, Really low prices

Cons: Can the attitude folks, Not all vegans are punk rock kids, Not all "suits" are bad people

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Great store for obscure vegan treats - Edit

Prices are not fabulous but the selection is great for vegan treats. Lots of vegan jerky! A soy curls to buy in bulk! Also really liked tamarind-sesame popcorn and papadums.

They also have some fresh (and frozen) food, including the mock BLT and karmal lil pudding from pixie raw retreat (both were delicious!). They also had sandwiches from Blossoming Lotus.

Some beauty stuff, too, including hurraw balms (my favourite).

Cons: pricy

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Wonderful place! - Edit

Part of the "Portland Mini-mall". A fun place for vegans to shop--so nice to know all is vegan. You can find all sorts of vegan options from vegan haggis to cream cheese. Would love to live in the neighbourhood to be able to frequent. When in Portland, try to go support these guys!

Pros: All vegan, Variety, Good prices

Cons: --, --, --

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Great Selection - Edit

I love Food Fight. They pack so much into that little space! I can get most of my groceries there and I find that for many staple items like tempeh and soy milk, their prices are comparable with chain stores.

They have so many cool specialty items as well -- like the rice cakes. Best rice cakes ever! And the kale chips. They have a small but solid bulk foods section, too.

It's worth your time to stop by and check out the great selection and the super friendly folks.

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The Vegan Goods - Edit

This place is too cool. They have tons of vegan stuff that I have never seen for sale anywhere else just online. It is very cool. They staff is very helpful and friendly. To fun to not have to check any label and be able to have anything in the store. Plus they have DILLOS! YUM!

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Vegan Everything - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow and stopped in on a past trip to Portland, Oregon. Here's my Food Fight Vegan Grocery review.

It was my first trip to Portland, and I had mapped out a string of restaurants and shops I'd want to visit while here, and this was one of them.

The store is neatly laid out with long racks stocked with all sorts of vegan foods and goods. I even saw several vegan products that I hadn't ever seen before, but I can't remember what they are now...

It's small-moderate in size but very well stocked. Definitely worth checking out when in SE Portland.

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They had stuff I didn't even know existed - Edit

Coming from a very un-veg-friendly city, this was a dream. Browsing the aisles was enough to make me hyperventilate. It's a small, crowded, store but for good reason. This place is a must if you visit Portland.

Pros: well-stocked, somewhat organized, easy location

Cons: some items were a bit pricey

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The Vegan gods are smilling. - Edit

It's hard to review just this place and not the block, which is one of the coolest vegan blocks I know of in the country and certainly the coolest I have been to. The sign says it all "Open every f***ing day 10am - 8pm" It's next to the vegan bakery and vegan tatoo parlor and in the same block as Red and Black..... Get a vegan tat, get some groceries and then plan a vegan workers revolution. Ok you do not have to be all cool and anararchis and vegan to enjoy this place but for people like me, this place is amazing. It is trying to do all the things we think about and whisper to each other when we think no one can overhear us. Go check it out, support them, chear them on and then hang out outside watching the cute vegan tattoed chicks walking by. It might not be your vision of heaven but it's pretty damn close.

Pros: Location, vegan foods all over the place, atmosphere is fantastic

Cons: what???

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Amazing! - Edit

I was so amazed and surprised to find this place! Everything a vegan could want, no label reading required! Love it!!!!!

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Tons of Vegan Goods :) - Edit

I've been to Food Fight a couple of times. I found an Indian soup there that I couldn't find anywhere else in the city. It was expensive (as are most of the goods there) and didn't taste great. Another time, I bought vegan truffles for the Christmas holiday. My bf and I loved them! Food Fight offers vegans an array of specialty items (such as faux meats) and "junk" food. Yum!

Pros: all vegan

Cons: pricey

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What could be better . . . - Edit

than an all-vegan grocery store? Only the fact that the staff are really nice. I picked up supplied prior to a two-hour bus ride, so they gave me six or eight free cold packs to keep my frozen items cool.

Pros: really cool staff, all VEGAN!, great selection

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Awesome - Edit

What an amazing experience! All vegans know what it is like to wander the aisles of Whole Foods searching for the 15% of their items that meet our dietary needs. Food Fight has it all under one roof. Yes, it is a smallish store. Imagine a big 7-11. It is small but just about every cool vegan food product sits on the shelves.

Pros: owner, selection

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Greatest place on earth - Edit

How can a vegan grocery store not be? Everything you could imagine, they have. Daiya "cheese", sheese, follow your heart, whipped cream, and they're vegenaise is a hell of lot cheaper here than anywhere else! Crazy amounts of mock meats that grocery stores don't have, cruelty free cosmetics, and the hot dog meal is awesome. They take EBT/Oregon Trail too!!! They've got it all here, my only complaint, is that they don't have as much vegan ice cream as one would imagine, but thats okay!

Pros: Vegan, Vegan, Vegan

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ALL Vegan Groceries! - Edit

I had my first piece of chewing gum in, forever, thanks to the vegan gum available at Food Fight. A wide variety of food, snacks, drinks, condiments, etc. The raw organic kale chips were awesome, as were the plantain chips. I can't find 1/10 of the things that are sold at Food Fight in my local grocery stores (Whole Foods included). And of course, I got a good laugh at the signs and tshirt sayings that were hanging around.

It's in the vegan mini-mall with Sweetpea Baking Company, Herbivore Clothing Store, and a vegan tattoo parlor. How cool is that?! Just double check the hours before you go. They're not open as late as other grocery stores.

Pros: ALL VEGAN grocery store

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This grocery was the find of the trip. I loved it! They carry everything, including things I am never able to find back home (vegan beef jerky, marshmallow rice krispie treats, mac and cheese), and it is fantastic not to have to look at any labels. The Mac and Cheese alone was worth the trip, and I stored several in my bags for the trip home. Wish Food Fight would open near me!!!

Pros: everything

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how exciting - Edit

great products especially liked the marshmallow kit, the "ribs" mix, and the gummy bear type treats. So great to find a food store with everything vegan in it! Found some great things to bring back home. So cool having Vegan "Row"- with The Vegan bakery-Sweet Pea, the clothing store-Herbivore, and the Vegan grocery store-Food Fight all beside one another. Would definately come back when visit Portland again!

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GREAT place - Edit

This place is so great! They sell 100% vegan food. You can't find any cheese, eggs, nothing. I have fought in my past to maintain places to be all veggie, this makes that pale in comparison. How incredible.

They have stickers and shirts that are priceless, well they have prices on them but...

They have great food, references to farts on stickers and shirts (check their merch online) and the F word on their door for store hours. What is NOT to like? The nachos, classic, throwback to being a gross kid, but healthy. Cashew cheese, if I recall correctly.

Part of vegan mini mall.

Pros: 100% Vegan , Fun place w sense of humor

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Stale Nachos and Hot Dog, but oh well its neat - Edit

Food Fight was a lot smaller than I imagined it would be, but its really like someone cherry picked all the vegan items in a Whole Foods and put them in one store. The only thing that I can't find at my normal grocery haunts is the Sheese Scottish vegan cheese. Its a great place, really makes life stress free when someone has gone to all the hard work for you. I was a little disappointed at the Nachos and Hot Dog, they were a bit stale, but I was probably there late. I'd probably give them another try.

Pros: 100% Vegan

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The Best! :) - Edit

Emiko and Chad are great, and it is so refreshing to be able to buy ANYTHING you want in the store without having to check ingrediants!!! Some stuff kinda on the spendy side, but for the vast selection of hard to find items makes the extra $ well worth it. Plus for people who are not lucky enough to live in PDX-they can shop online!

Pros: Great Staff, Wonderful Selection, Super Website

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Fab for Mail Order - Edit

I've never been lucky enough to visit in person, but ordering online from Food Fight has always been a breeze - I've never found them anything but a worthwhile hoot to deal with. The only thing that drives me crazy are the fattening samples that occasionally find their way into the box - very dangerous! ^_^

Pros: Great Customer Service, Cool products, Fast Shipping

Cons: Those "deadly" samples!

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Good food- Real people - Edit

I think the other comment is funny because I feel Food Fight might be the only place in Portland where vegan=real person. Everywhere else seems to be much more pretentious. Besides, maybe they're shy??

Pros: candy, cupcakes, convenience

Cons: none

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