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Great Dosa's

23 Feb 2008

I've eaten here a couple of times, with groups and on my own.

The Masala Dosa's are simply perfect, last time I had one I actually sat and contemplated how it could be any better.

The entrees on the other hand weren't that great, so save yourself for the mains. Actually I like the Dosa's so much I've never had any other main, will have to next time :)

Euston Street is the Mecca of Indian Vegetarian Food in London and is 5 minutes walk from Euston Station. All the restaurants have their strengths, Diwani's buffet, Chutney's ambience and great food, Ravi Shankar's has amazing Dosa's though Chutneys is no slouch in this respect either.

Ravi Shankar's decor is the plainest of the three, so not perhaps a date or special ocassion restaurant, but a nice quiet place for lunch.

Cook & Phillip Park CRN, Sydney

Well presented, worth a visit

23 Feb 2008

I didn't get there for Yum Cha which sounds great. Instead we went for dinner. Is lovely sitting in the park and eating. My friend and I had veggie kebabs and tempura mushroom for entree. They were ok, how can you go wrong with tempura mushrooms, but the sauce seemed a little out of a bottleish. Then we ordered their two most expensive mains, the Crispy Duck and the Pork Belly. They were beautifully presented, particularly the Pork Belly, but the flavours were just a little lacking. The side salads were iceberg lettuce, carrot and bean sprouts with a very subtle almost undetectable dressing, which was pretty unadventurous and did nothing to accentuate the meal. I might recommend they use some red cabbage, mixed leaf and maybe something interesting like coriander in their side salads, and find a more interesting dressing...it shouldn't just be plate filler. The pork belly itself was ok but tasted a bit like stacked pancakes. The crispy duck was good, but again nothing adventurous.

I don't regret visiting, the staff were lovely and the setting is great. Nice place for a date, but thus far I didn't think there was enough complexity to the flavours of the food. Will head back for Yum Cha though, as I can't resist it and will maybe write another review :)

Shop 9/1 Enogerra Tce, Red Hill, Brisbane

Delicious salady goodness

28 Aug 2014

I've been meaning to go to Botanica for ages! Finally went today and glad I did. Saw a lot of local people in there grabbing lunch whilst we were there.

They had about 8 or 9 salads, 4 vegan and the rest vegetarian. I got the small box with a mix of the 4 vegan salads, and I enjoyed them all. They were a mixture of couscous, quinoa, rice, and vegetables. All quite substantial, and the small box was a good size meal for me.

They had lots of cakes, only one was vegan but was very well received by my partner.

Take away only which means you might try to take your own fork, and find a park nearby to snack in.

406a/142 Newmarket Rd, Windsor, Brisbane

Delicious and Nutritious

23 Jan 2014

I've been meaning to get along to 48 Degrees for breakfast for a while now, and very glad that we did.

We got the deal with a smoothie and a breakfast bowl. The Green smoothie was particularly great, not too sweet and full of goodness. The breakfast bowls were fantastic, filling and really interesting combinations of whole foods. We tried the Acai Bowl and (I think) the Superfoods Parfait. The Acai Bowl was a combination of tasty things blended, topped with slivered almonds, banana and crunchy granola type pieces. The parfait was just a picture, with lovely coconut yoghurt, chia pudding and other things mixed together, and an edible flower on top.

The gym setting could be better, but we were fine with the lycra clad people coming and going. Will definitely head back to try their lunch offerings soon.

92 Berwick Street, Soho, London, London, England

Great spot for a quick bite

23 Feb 2008

Beatroot is one of my favourite restaurants in London. There is a good selection of dishes, it isn't overpriced, and the food always seems fresh.

Vegan coleslaw, vegan potato salad, "sausage" rolls, surrounded by choices of curries, shepherds pie, ragout and other seasonal dishes, all packed into one container is a delight.

Great place to take non veggies as they can pick and choose a bit of everything which keeps them happy with the diversity of flavours.

Highly recommended place for a filling meal.

2 North Parade Passage, Bath, England

Great Food!

23 Feb 2008

Demuth's is one of the best vegetarian restaurant's in England. It also is the sort of place you can have a special dinner, date etc.

I had an entree which was some sort of beetroot fritter. Was reasonably good, great colour :) It was my main that really blew me away. I can't remember the name and it's not on the menu anymore, but it involved layers of different ingredients, each one sumptuous, and all complimenting each other. Looked amazing, tasted amazing, made the visit.

So I will definitely be visiting again next time I am in Bath. Should be on any tourists list along with the Roman Bath's and the Abbey.

31 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, England

Not Room for Thought

23 Feb 2008

I've eaten here a couple of times and both times been pretty squeezed in.

They don't have a great vegan range. I like my salads but I like to have other choices as well.

Food has always been fresh and tasty enough, without really setting the world on fire.

If you are a vegetarian looking for take away, might be a good option.

Love the name :)

99 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

Always Great

23 Feb 2008

I can't count how many times I've eaten here, I must have eaten a thousand of those pakoras. This place was my staple at University.

The food is always good, but beware every now and then they have a none vegan main. I just say vegan when I order and they know not to put the yoghurt sauce on the salad. Also the desserts aren't vegan.

You can go back as many times as you like until you are full. Usually I ask for extra pakoras with the delicious tomato sauce they put on them.

I've eaten at Hare Krishna restaurants in Melbourne and London, but after the pakoras at Govinda's in Brisbane they dissappoint a little.

A gem. Yay for cults.

1/25 Maple Street, Maleny

Great food in a lovely town

15 Apr 2014

We dropped into Living Kitchen on our way to the beautiful Mary Cairncross park.

We ordered a shared meal, four mains for five people, and the staff offered to arrange the plates in a way that made this easier, such as putting the side salads together on one salad plate etc, which was a nice touch.

We had the cooked kofta, a raw kelp salad rawsagne. All were really lovely and well prepared. We followed this up with the raw pancakes and a slice of almond coffee pie. Both of these were excellent as well.

So thumbs up from us, will be back again next time we visit Maleny.

43, Old Compton St, London, England


23 Feb 2008

Maoz falafel is a chain across Europe which I've also eaten at a number of times in Amsterdam. I've never had a bad falafel, and for some reason they've tasted particularly good in Amsterdam ;)

You order a falafel with bread, either white or wholemeal, they put it in a pita pocket with some lettuce, and then you can put as much of the great salad ingredients they have you can pile on top. They also have a range of sauces, my tip is put some sauces on the falafel before the other ingredients.

The salads are always fresh, the falafel is cooked there in front of you (the number one sign of a decent falafel shop in my experience) and it's usually pretty quick as well.

Great place to take non veggies after a couple of pints in Soho, after all who doesn't like great falafel?

Shop 5/225 Hawken Drive, St Lucia, Brisbane

Beautiful food

22 Feb 2012

Working at the University of Queensland, it's great to have a vegan friendly restaurant within a short walking distance.

I've worked my way through the vegan items on their mostly vegan menu and everything has been great. As a veggie burger aficionado I usually have the Burger ($10.50) or Satay Bliss burger ($11.50), which are tasty and just the right amount for a not heavy lunch. I've also had their Sri Lankan curry ($15.90) which was quite special.

I have lunch here at least once a week, so I guess that says it all.

2-6 Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London UK, London, England

Interesting Food

23 Feb 2008

I've eaten here a number of times.

I've had their vegan pizza...which is a little small to be calling a pizza, but interesting none the less. The brazilian dish..hmm Feijoada (looked it up) is the best thing I've had there, but you want to be hungry when you order it.

Seating upstairs is nice too, or you can sit more informally out in the yard or across the way.

Great central location in Covent Garden, cool, informal, funky place with a Brazilian/buddhist theme.

14 George Street, Bath, England

OK for pub food

23 Feb 2008

I wandered into Porter's one day and thay gave me a menu. I asked "what's vegan?" and they proceeded to explain to me what a vegan was...slight misunderstanding there :) I ordered a pint of cider and the food came out relatively soon. I asked for the Shepherds pie. Was ok, lentil based filling with a potato crust on top in a ceramic dish, some chips and a side salad. Was ok, a little dry, side salad was pretty innocuos.

So wasn't mindblowing, not somewhere to go for a culinary experience. If you are looking for something filling, and a pint of beer on the side, then you should be ok.

38, Sec. 2, Xinsheng North Rd, Taipei, Taiwan


08 Oct 2012

There aren't many buffet restaurants this good in the world. As a reasonably tall Caucasian man on his own, someone spotted and approached me as I entered and was very helpful. One thing they told me is on your table you have little clips with your table number on them, you take them to the various places where people are cooking, and they make something fresh and bring it to you. I got some greens (got to keep them up whilst travelling) and some sushi. So the buffet, it will defeat you, so go early, maybe go twice. The quality of the food is superb. I asked if a couple of things were vegan I wasn't sure about when the lady was helping me, but after that I just tried to stick to foods I'd eaten before. Really, you can't help loving this place, I'll join with the 3 reviewers ahead of me and give it full marks.

50 Gardner St, Brighton, Brighton, England

Enjoyable Lunch

23 Feb 2008

A friend and I went here for lunch. We were half an hour late for breakfast and they weren't willing to make one for us, so we both ended up having the veggie BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) Sandwich.

Was very well put together, the roasted cherry tomatoes around the edge were divine. I was a bit dubious, but it was delicious.

Not a wide menu but certainly this dish was very good. I'd give them 3 1/2 if the scoring system allowed due to the limited menu, and not letting us have a late brekky after coming up from London, but think they are closer to 4 than 3.

Brisbane Area, Brisbane

One of the best in Brisbane

23 Feb 2008

This is a restaurant you can keep going back to.

The decor is plain, even a little kitsch, but the staff are friendly and the food and teas are great.

My favourites are the Veggie Pork dish and the sticky rice. A dish such as veggie pork comes with rice and an interesting smatter of vegetables around it.

If you've never had a bubble tea you've missed out on an asian phenomenon. Ask for a soy bubble tea with taro in it, it's purple, unusual, and highly addictive.

43 Worple Rd, Wimbledon, South West London, England

Great Healthy Food

11 Jul 2014

Set in a part of London with few vegan options this place is a real find for healthy eaters.

My bean burger was great, came with a side of sweet potato chips as well. I ordered some kale chips as well which I really enjoyed, cooked so some bits were crispy, others still tender.

My dining partner ordered the brown rice bowl and it was full of healthy things like kale and avocado.

All up I'd say that this is the sort of place if i lived in the area i would come to for healthy food quite often.

45 Lexington St, London, England

Great Central Restaurant

23 Feb 2008

Mildred's is the best vegetarian restaurant in Soho, and is also the nicest veggie setting in Soho, especially when compared to the other take away style options. It is a bit short on space like every place in Soho, but not overly so.

The food is great, I've been there many times, it never disappoints, and is often wonderful. I've had great tarragon sausages in mash with amazing gravy, porcini mushroom pie, and a few other delicious dishes.

Great place to take a date, impress non veggies, or find something good in central London.

They don't take bookings (well they have a seperate room seating 24 you have to book at once) which is a pain if you want to organise a night out. Basically you go there and ask for a table, and they are usually busy and give you a time to come back. In Soho that's not so bad as there are plenty of places to get a pint in the meantime, such as the John Snow a few doors down which has vegan beers.

Highly recommended!

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