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Vegetarian buffet restaurant operating since the early 2000s. Location is on the 2nd floor above a Chinese artifact and souvenir store. The all-you-can-eat large spread features everything from salad bar and hot foods to noodle station to cakes and desserts. The savory foods are all vegan. Desserts mostly contain egg and/or dairy. Meal service begins at 11:45-12noon, then it's afternoon tea service, then dinner from 5:45pm. No garlic, onion, or scallion used. Can accommodate large groups. Reported closed July 2023.

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First Review by linjamie


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28 Oct 2020

New Name - Chang Chung Vegetarian

We came here last year (2019) and had a pleasant time. Returning this year, the name and branding had changed to Chang Chun Vegetarian. Still plenty of options, if a little pricey in comparison.


Citizen Wren

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Mostly Veg
04 Feb 2016

meh just okay

came here for lunch, $360 all you can eat, but honestly I like the selection at the cheap pay by weight places better.


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08 Dec 2015

Very friendly staff, great food, great variations

Very nice vegetarian buffet, staff very friendly, we bought lots of vege meat floss there for TWD $130. Lots of variations of vegetarian food.

Pros: Staff friendly, Variations of food, Relaxing atmosphere


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07 Nov 2014

No Longer Worth Visiting

Ten years ago, when most other eateries in Taipei were simple buffets or noodle stands, eating at a buffet like Evergreen was a highlight of a trip to Taiwan for most visiting vegetarians and vegans. And until recently I used to recommend a visit to one such buffet while in Taiwan, with Evergreen being the best.

However, having just been back for the first time in a long time after moving back to Taiwan, I was disappointed to see that they no longer consistently label what contains dairy. Staff are still as helpful as they can be, so if you intend to try one such buffet I still recommend Evergreen over Jen Dow, but they simply had no idea about dairy products. For example they insisted that mayonnaise was vegan, and even offered to show me the packet, and when they did I saw that it was clearly labelled "egg-free mayonnaise" and "lacto-vegetarian". My guess is that with so many better options available fewer vegans go nowadays, and since these restaurants are mostly run by Buddhists who eat dairy products they simply have no idea about dairy ingredients. Pizza (obviously not vegan) wasn't labelled and neither were fake meats or bread products, which are most likely not vegan either.

There are now hardly any vegan desserts, and while they are generally consistently labelled (the only items which are - almost) I tried one item which didn't carry the vegan label but said ("without milk, without egg") but it clearly contained milk powder or or another dairy product.

So as Aya rightly said it's simply not worth the time, cost and hassle of figuring out what's vegan, especially if you don't speak Chinese, with so many better, all-vegan restaurants in Taipei, and more opening up all the time. Go for another hotpot at Guangfu LH or another delicious set meal at Sophie's Garden instead.

Pros: pleasant interior, staff do their best to help, great salad bar

Cons: very difficult to know what's vegan, expensive


18 Apr 2018

Thank you for your clarification. Looks like this restaurant is not vegan-friendly.


18 Apr 2018

Yes unfortuntely not. However, please check out Fruitful Food. It's by far the most vegan-friendly large buffet in Taiwan. It wasn't around (or I didn't know about it) when I posted this review.


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15 May 2014

superb vegetarian buffet

On the main road and easy to find. Excellent selection, including Hong Kong style dim sum and sashimi, as well as other stations mentioned in other reviews. Price is now about 100 dollars than in description but well worth it. If not a fan of stinky tofu, beware stinky tofu in disguise!

most food apart from desert is vegan friendly


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07 Jul 2013

A disappointment

I had very high expectations for this place, but I wasn't impressed by the food there. It all looked great, but: 1/3 of all the options were not vegan, there were almost no vegan desserts (no vegan cakes), some of the food was bland.

There are much better options for vegans in Taipei.
I see no reason why I should pay so much (for Taipei standards) for the food that I cannot eat.

I would not go there again.
Had I known, I wouldn't have gone to Ever Green and would have visited Loving Hut Guangfu more times instead.

Pros: The food looks great

Cons: Overpriced, No vegan desserts


27 Jul 2013

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience at Evergreen, as it's probably my favourite non-vegan restaurant in Taipei. It's true that at least a third isn't vegan, however what makes Evergreen better than other big buffets (such as Jen Dow) is that vegan food is at least labelled (in Chinese) and staff are happy to assist, so you at least know the two thirds that is vegan. There are usually a few vegan cakes for dessert. I see eating at one of these big buffets as a must for anyone visiting Taipei, but I completely agree that there are much better vegan options, such as the Loving Huts, with the Guang Fu store being one of the best.


07 Nov 2014

Hi Aya and everyone
I'm sorry to keep responding to your post. But I just want to come back to say that, having visited again after returning to Taiwan, I found exactly the same thing. I'll write a review myself, but I just want to say that I totally agree, and would now recommend vegans take their time and money to one of many good vegan restaurants instead, of which we all know Taipei has plenty.


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17 Oct 2012

Go there!

Wow, what a great place this was. Everything is in Chinese and most of the time we hadn't clue what we were eating, but the staff kept coming with different dishes for us to try, and really went out of their way to help us. The food was unusual, fresh and delicious, with lots to choose from. I thought the price was reasonable considering how much food we managed to eat; I highly recommend a visit.

Pros: Fantastic food, Helpful staff


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08 Oct 2012


There aren't many buffet restaurants this good in the world. As a reasonably tall Caucasian man on his own, someone spotted and approached me as I entered and was very helpful. One thing they told me is on your table you have little clips with your table number on them, you take them to the various places where people are cooking, and they make something fresh and bring it to you. I got some greens (got to keep them up whilst travelling) and some sushi. So the buffet, it will defeat you, so go early, maybe go twice. The quality of the food is superb. I asked if a couple of things were vegan I wasn't sure about when the lady was helping me, but after that I just tried to stick to foods I'd eaten before. Really, you can't help loving this place, I'll join with the 3 reviewers ahead of me and give it full marks.

Pros: Variety, Quality, Cleanliness

Cons: Busy


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30 Nov 2008

Good value

This is a great place to go if you are hungry! Though it costs more than some other places for just a meal, if you are hungry, it is easily a better value than the buffets where they weigh your food and charge accordingly. The food also is better quality than other buffets in Taipei.

I saw some large tables get hot pots and other things brought to the table, though the typical thing to get at the order counter is sauteed greens. While not as oily as some places, I still found the greens to be quite oily.

When I went, all the ice creams were dairy, though they did have some other non dairy desserts like fruit.

Bus 606 (吉林國小‎ stop) comes very close to this place, which isn't that close to the MRT for now.

Pros: Good value, Friendly staff, Great food


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21 Jun 2008

best veggie buffet in taipei

this is probably the best vegetarian buffet restaurant in taipei. that is saying a lot, because there are so many of them. we actually had our wedding banquet here. but the banquet food is nothing compare to the choices you get at the buffet. it will probably take you a couple of trips to sample all the food. they even freshly prepare some dishes for you, because these are no good sitting at a tray for a long time. they also provide a variety of drinks, a salad bar and a full dessert bar. this restaurant is expensive. it is also very popular and does get very crowded on weekends. if you are afraid of crowds in taipei, consider going at a quieter time. i have seen foreigners getting literally stranded in the middle of a crowd here.


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26 Jan 2008

One of the must try place in Taipei!

The buffet offers lots of great food. I talked to the owner of the restaurant and she seemed to know a lot about Western Vegetarianism too(frequently quoting from John Robbins). I was impressed! She also mentioned she wanted to try to have more vegan desserts (even they already have quite a few options for vegans)! She's very friendly and she speaks some English too. Many of the ingredients are also organic. The restaurant is on upper floors, the main floor is a natural product vegetarian store. Check out their website to see the pictures to get a sense of what it's like.

Pros: Many Options, Fresh & Delicious, All-you-can-eat


12 Feb 2018

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