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Via Augusto Murri 39/d, Bologna, Italy

Great vegan gelato!

Offers a small range of vegan ice cream, made on olive oil - which was actually fantastic! The staff understood what 'vegan' meant, and they have vegan cones for the ice cream. There are several fruit flavours that I didn't try, but the olive oil-based hazelnut and pistachio were maybe the best vegan gelato I've ever had. Very recommended.

Via Centotrecento 12/a, Bologna, Italy


Tasteless sauces, poorly prepared pickles and onions, dull fake meats. Given the quality, quite expensive. Slow and disinterested service.

It's probably worth noting it was here I ate the absolute worst hot dog of my life. I'd give that hotdog a 0/10. Everything else I tasted from there was just poor, but that hotdog blew my mind.

Also had to go there five times before it was actually open during the listed opening hours.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 22, 2013

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Decent, but not amazing.

Nice looking place with a modest range of vegan options, essentially the same as Maitrea. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was pleasant.

The food was decent, though it wasn't fantastic. Definitely don't order anything chili or curry if you have expectations of chili or curry flavour. Mild to the point of undetectable.

8 Iakhou Street, Athens, Greece

Simply fantastic.

One of the best vegan restaurants I've ever visited.

Nothing on the menu is below great, the cheesecake is world-class, the service is awesome and the atmosphere is tops. The prices are very reasonable for the quality. There is also a boutique bar on premises for those who like quality drinks.

I can't really choose what was the best - perhaps the grilled vegetables. Can't quite understand how a grilled vegetable dish can be that good, but it was.

All the entrees are excellent. All the mains are excellent. The smoothies are excellent. The desserts are excellent.

So, really, I think it's amazing.

Ihlamurdere Cad. sair Veysi sok. 4/b Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

Pretty good food, welcome place for vegos.

Istanbul is not the easiest place to be vegan in the world, Loving Hut offers a (very) small space and a limited number of dishes on hand (though they change from day to day), the staff are friendly, helpful and enthusiastic.

The food itself is different from what I've experienced at other Loving Huts around the world (which in my experience have been mostly Westernised Pan Asian dishes) and offers some interpretations of Turkish and Arabic food as well as generic vegan Bain Maree stuff you see everywhere (the ubiquitous vegan lasagne and vegan quiche, for example).

Really enjoyed the place every time I've been there, and I heard they're moving to a bigger location in 2013, which is exciting.

Kurabiye Sokak No 9/A Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

Not good.

Had a vegan 'burger', which was TVP encased in a fried potato pattie. The TVP was unseasoned (i.e., totally unflavoured, just rehydrated with hot water) and the potato was cooked without herbs or any flavourings. The 'burger' had no bun, no sides though it did come with fries. There were no sauces offered. Also had a clay pot vegetable dish which was bland and lacked any satisfying flavour. A side salad was bitter, though it was fresh.

I actually don't understand why anyone would make TVP and not know how to prepare it. It's like they'd never read a recipe for making something with TVP. Bizarre.

Very expensive for such incredibly low quality food. Would never go again, nor recommend it to anyone.

Via Marsala 20/a, Bologna, Italy

The best place for vegan supplies in Bologna.

Good range of vegan foods, a modest range of vegan cosmetics (which I've found hard to find in Italy) and a LOT of pictures of Morrissey and the Smiths.

The rice mozerella is cheaper than I expected and absolutely fantastic. Many of the Italian-style sausages are also really tasty. I was quite pleased with what I could find here. The prices were a little high, but given the size of the still-emerging niche market for vegans in Italy, it wasn't unreasonable.

The staff are also pretty helpful. and they like the Smiths. A lot.

Moda Cad Unit 57/C, Moda Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Pretty good!

The place sells some stuff that's non-vegan (like chocolate cake) and I can't vouch for every menu item as my Turkish is pretty awful. The staff had no idea what 'vegetarian' meant when I went in there, they just serve cigkofte.

The Durum Cigkofte, which traditionally is made from raw mince and wrapped in soft flat bread, is made from walnut - and it's pretty delicious! One durum cigkofte (without ayran yogurt drink) is 3.50t.

A snack more than a meal, but pretty good for that.

4 Plenty Rd, Preston

Amazingly, spectacularly bad service.

If you're vegan or Jain don't eat here.

If you're vegetarian, are happy to do all the serving yourself and don't mind eating something other than what you ordered, by all means, eat here.

If your jain or vegan principles are important to you, or you are allergic or adverse to dairy, onion or garlic these guys are going to ruin your night. Pretty much without fail.

I've dined here frequently - about once per fortnight - since it opened. I tried. I really did. It's five minutes walk from my house. It's cheap. It's pretty tasty.

So this is not a bitter one-bad-time review. Rather, this a somewhat incredulous catalogue of failure in the basic and time-honoured traditions of delivering your customers their ordered food and making their dining experience pleasant. And respecting the fact they're vegan or jain.

The staff suck. They *really* suck. They are so totally incompetent it'd be funny if the punchline wasn't that I was a cheese-eating vegan.

If I was at a non-vegan or non-jain restaurant and this happened once I'd understand it, but restaurant advertises being vegan and jain friendly, with those options on the menu. The staff don't know what vegan or jain mean. They really don't seem to know anything. Except to be polite.

I have summarised the list of things have happened to me, most several times. You can print it in a grid and play Dosa Plaza Bingo.

The staff will:
(a) be polite, yet miserable
(b) somehow give you a buttered, cheesed and yogurted vegan meal
(c) somehow include onion in your jain meal
(d) deliver your entrée last
(e) deliver your main first
(f) lose your rice
(g) deliver water carafe and no glasses
(h) deliver glasses with no water carafe
(i) set plates dripping with hot water from the dishwasher
(j) set cutlery without menus
(k) set menus without cutlery
(l) bill you for the meal they ruined AND the replacement
(m) bill you for the meals you cancelled because they messed up your order twice
(n) come out and ask you three times if you're sure you want the vegan option and then still hit you with (b)
(o) argue that your butter is not vegan but that your meal still is even though it has butter on it. Politely.
(p) argue that a meal on the jain menu and suggested to you by them as a good jain option is not actually jain when you've eaten half of it and found onion in it. Politely.
(q) apparently hide cutlery, glasses, pencils, order forms, etc

Me, I've had enough.

Enter at own risk.

Good luck and bon appetite.

Sehit Muhtar Cad. 19/1 A, Istanbul, Turkey

Okay felafel.

Honestly, not the best felafel I've ever had, and I've had felafel all over the middle east. Slightly bland and too moist and the vegetables are limited in selection. Prices are a little high for my liking, too. If you're stuck in the Taksim area and need food it's certainly passable, though, and my standard for felafel are admittedly pretty high.

Brisbane Area, Brisbane

Probably my favourite veg restaraunt ever.

Every time I visit Brisbane I eat here once per day. The owner is friendly, the service is great, the food is cheap and the quality is the most consistent I've ever encountered.

The mock dishes are simple soy, gluten or seitan substitutes.

For entrees, the Taiwanese fried chicken is maybe the best fast-food style vegan snack I've ever had, the vege pepper and salt oyster is also great. For mains, I recommend the Three Combo, which comes in a bento box and allows you to sample the main mock dishes, the Zhi-Shu is also great. The best drink is the taro bubble tea (with pearl) on soy.

Say hi to the owner Tony. Top guy and very friendly.

465 High Street, Preston

Love it.

Yeah, it's a pie and pastry shop. It's not healthy, it's not high cuisine. But it's _really_ cheap and it has many vegan and vegetarian options. And it's really tasty.

The plain pie, mushroom pie, curry pie, pasty and sausage roll are all vegan, and are $2-3 which is competitive with 'real' pie shops. Around half the donuts, 'hedgehogs', slices, pies and tarts are vegan. Everything is clearly signed as 'vegan' - everything else is vegetarian. Also has cheap vegan bread - regular sliced white, wholemeal etc loaves and round and special loaves.

I recommend a mushroom pie and a jam donut, maybe with a vegan custard tart chaser. That should set you back less than $5.

Via Carlo Cattaneo 90/A, Ferrara, Italy

Very friendly, pretty tasty.

A good selection of bain marie dishes and vegan supplies at reasonable prices. Some of the dishes were amazing (the seitan balls especially), the cheesecake and the patties/burger-things was very good.

The eat in options are sitting in a comfortable loungechair (only one), but you can take your dishes to a nearby park to eat, which is quite pleasant, and return them later.

The only complaint about the food is that it wasn't so fresh, though I did go there late afternoon on a weekend, so that's probably my own fault.

The owner (whose name I've forgotten) speaks Italian and English and is very friendly.

The store is a little hard to find as it has no sign out the front as of August '13 - but it is where the HappyCow map says it is.

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France


Having been to quite a few Loving Huts, this one... isn't very good. The menu is much smaller than I expected, the preparation was sub-par, the prices much higher than normal. I took a meat-eating friend, telling them that Loving Hut is consistently good all around the world and had to backtrack after we ate there.

The menu is also not the Westernised pan-Asian experience I was expecting. Though that's not a big deal, I did think consistent menu options was one of the reasons for having a chain or franchise.

377-379 High St, Northcote


I've eaten at many Loving Huts around the world. This is one of the best.

As usual for a Loving Hut, the menu is largely Pan Asian gluten/soy meat analogue mains (chicken, fish, beef, prawns, fish, duck, etc.) and also plenty of noodle dishes, soups, lahksas, to boot.

There are options for onion- and garlic-free and gluten-free dishes clearly marked on the menu, and staff are able to help and suggest.

The entrees are small and the desserts are very sweet and rich, with ice cream, cakes, tiramisu, tarts to choose from. The cakes are often highly intricate, multi-flavoured cheesecakes with grated chocolate or embedded fruit in the icing.

The restaurant is very large, spacious and well seated. It's often near full but I've never had to wait for a seat, even on a Saturday night.

The staff are friendly, cheerful and polite. No matter how packed it is the service is always good and the meals always properly prepared.

I suggest the southern fried chicken (or the spicy version, 'The Volcano'), the Singapore noodle, the bam-bam or .. actually it's all good.

(Tip - the tarts, slices, takeaway pies are from La Panella at the northern end of High St. Also check them out.)

Plzenska 8, Prague, Czech Republic

Consistent and reliable.

As with 90% of Loving Huts I've been too, this one serves fairly Westernised pan-Asian mock-meats and stir fries. It was what I wanted and what I needed in my stay in Prague.

The cake was pretty good, too, and the service was fine, with an English speaker on staff who gave us a discount as we turned up close to closing time.

Tynska ulicka 6, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic


The entrees were good (the Czech sausage was really good), the home made ginger beer was great, but the main was disappointing, quite bland and flavourless. It was also more expensive than it needed to be, given the quality and portion size.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 22, 2013

Via Teodosio, 8, Milan, Italy

Decent food, very good service.

The food here is decent, though not that consistent. It seems the chef is able to cook certain dishes very well and others not so great.

The service was great. The staff went to great lengths to accommodate my bad Italian and my friend's non-vegetarian understanding of what we were ordering.

The cakes were great.

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