Licensed cafe and restaurant serving vegan food, hot and cold drinks, and desserts. Dishes include stir fries, rice dishes, noodles, burgers, soups, salads, bao and dumplings, as well as sweets, including several flavours of gelato. Beer, wine and cocktails available. Business operates on solar power. Open Tue-Sat 5:30pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-3:30pm, Sun 5:30pm-9:00pm. Kitchen stops 30 mins before closing.

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First Review by chantea


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27 Sep 2023

Great menu for a variety of tastes!

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Brother Bon with my family, and it was a hit with everyone. Our visit took place during a Sunday lunch, and right from the start, we were greeted warmly by the attentive and friendly staff. As a parent of two young children, I found it particularly delightful to discover a vegan restaurant that caters specifically to kids with its dedicated vegan kids' menu. To top it off, the restaurant provided our little ones with colouring pencils to keep them happily engaged throughout the meal.

We indulged in a variety of delectable dishes during our visit. The crispy 'chicken' pieces we ordered had a delightful crunch and a satisfying texture, while the vegetable dumplings burst with flavourful goodness. For our main courses, our kids relished the generously portioned schnitzel and chips, which proved to be a definite crowd-pleaser. On the other hand, the Bun Bowl Salad, a more traditional Vietnamese dish, offered simplicity yet an explosion of flavours that left us thoroughly satisfied. We couldn't resist trying the Bon's Chicken Burger, complete with vegan bacon, cheese, and a crispy chicken fillet. The food, in general, was not only tasty but also brimming with delightful flavours.

The restaurant itself boasts ample space, high chairs, and convenient change tables, making it a welcoming environment for families. However, it's worth noting that the prices at Brother Bon may be a tad higher in comparison to other vegan restaurants in the vicinity. To give you an idea, our bill for two main courses, two kids' meals, two sides, two ice creams, and a few beverages totalled approximately $150. Despite this, I would still recommend Brother Bon due to its exceptionally flavourful dishes and the family-friendly ambiance it offers. It was indeed a wonderful experience dining with the family!

Pros: Family Friendly, Expansive menu to suit a variety of preferences, Good Flavours

Cons: A tad pricier to other vegan restaurants



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13 Sep 2023

Good foods and drinks

All the meal we had were really tasty.
The staff were very friendly and helpful😊

Pros: Food, Service


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09 Sep 2023


We had such a terrific meal & delicious dessert! Wish I lived closer. I’d be there every day!!!

Pros: Food, Layout of restaurant , Dessert

Cons: None!


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24 Aug 2023

C’est si Bon

Brother Bon has become one of my favourite restaurants for both lunch and dinner. When it was in its previous incarnation as a Loving Hut I never went at all, but it has clearly developed into a sophisticated, high-quality eatery with a pleasant vibe. They’ve managed to make the huge space, which used to look like a workplace cafeteria, a lot more attractive. Importantly, the business pays its workers properly, which unfortunately isn’t something that can be taken for granted. It’s also eco-conscious, using solar power. The international menu is large and varied. I’ve worked my way through a lot of it, although it would take a long time to do it all, particularly with all the options for variations within a dish. The meals that come to mind when I think of this restaurant are the Vietnamese-style noodle soups and other noodle dishes, from udon to Singapore noodles to char kway teow, all delicious, very good quality and well presented. Having said that, the more brunchy and western-style dishes, like burgers and pasta have been great too. The cocktails are the icing on the cake. While prices are not low, they are absolutely comparable to those of similar cafe restaurants, and portions are certainly not stingy. BB is the only valid place to dine out in Northcote.

Pros: Delicious food and decent servings, Fair wages for staff and environmentally conscious, Drinks-poos


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30 Jul 2023

Delicious but SO pricey!

I've always thought Brother Bon was pretty pricey, but now I can't believe just HOW pricey it's gotten.
The food is delicious, but I find myself not wanting to go too often due to the price.
We popped in for a late lunch and ordered the Bam Bam cauliflower. I've had this before and really loved the creamy spicy sauce. I still very much enjoyed it, but it seems like they deep fried it before the oil was hot enough, the batter was a little bouncy and still retained a bit too much oil.
My partner chose the netted spring rolls, I didn't think I would enjoy it but it was nice and crispy, although the nuoc mam was quite spicy.
The chilli scramble was SO good, very creamy, but it tasted mainly of the butter they used,
could have used with some black salt. The feta was delicious on it's own, but was overpowered otherwise. The bread was perfectly toasted with a beautiful crust. The sausage was a really good texture, and the chilli oil they drizzled around was really delicious.

Pros: Delicious food, Huge variety



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04 Jul 2023

My mouth is very happy

We had the chicken dumplings, the wontons, crispy chicken bao buns and some gelato (pandan coconut and Thai tea). I can’t believe I haven’t had the chance to try brother Bon before because my tastebuds are on fire (in a good way). The menu describes the food perfectly, the spicy food was spicy, the crispy chicken was crispy and the flavours were incredible.

Pros: Gelato is made there. Awesome, Delicious food


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30 Jun 2023

It's been a while

June 2023
First visit in over three years and interestingly the menu hasn't changed too much but the prices (like everywhere else) have risen considerably. Noticed the addition of a cocktail menu and gelato menu which looked interesting.

Vegetable dumplings - (described as large on the menu, but they're pretty small). They were okay.
Udon carbonara - quite good but very rich. Got to give them credit for nailing the smoky, creamy sauce.
Char kway teow with tempeh - very good

March 2020
Rice paper rolls - good
Japanese Curry - pricey for the quality and size. Deep fried tofu made this dish heavier and more oily than ideal.
Vegetable dumplings - not bad, but not noteworthy
Satay skewers - very well presented but the flavour didn't deliver unfortunately.
Vietnamese iced coffee - very good

All of the above dishes were a few dollars more than they probably should have been, all things considered.

Feb 2020
Revamped space and refreshed menu! The mushroom bao were quite tasty and the diy presentation was an interesting point of difference. I found the Aussie burger a touch oily for my liking although the fillings were varied and the bun better than most. The satay udon with tempeh was quite good. Will definitely be back to try other options.


Updated from previous review on 2020-03-08

Pros: Plenty of variety, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricier than expected


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29 Jun 2023

Comfort food

This is my go to on Uber eats if I want some vegan comfort food. The only downside is it’s a little over priced in my opinion


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19 May 2023


We love Brother Bon, the food, the staff, and the atmosphere. We have been many many times, so often that at one stage it appeared that we had tried everything on the menu. We have never had a bad experience here. The food is always delicious. The staff are friendly and the restaurant is very pleasant to sit in. Down the back, they show anime that might help distract the children and give people a little bit of time to enjoy their food and chat. It's probably time we visited again.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, Great Atmosphere


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20 Apr 2023

Incredible and extensive menu!

It was really hard to choose what we wanted off this menu. It’s huge and everything is so tempting. We went with the crumbed cutlet with plum sauce, Vietnamese salad and the Taiwanese fried chick’n. Lots of seating but make sure you book because even midweek they nearly couldn’t fit us in.


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25 Mar 2023

Will come back to try the rest

The food came fast and we really liked it. Will defo come back to try the other meals as well. Nice stuff!


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08 Mar 2023

My fav vegan Chinese place

My favourite vegan Chinese place in Melbourne - plus they also do burgers. I love the broken rice with the fried vegan "egg" - so yummy. Nice big place for large groups. Also has a good range of desserts. Oh and don't forget to try the KFC style fried chicken!


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30 Dec 2022

Go-to take away

So many delicious options. A bit expensive but you do get really good serving sizes

Pros: Good portion size, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive


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15 Dec 2022

Favourite Vegan Restaurant in Melbourne

Consistently delicious. Very lovely and accommodating staff. And an absolutely huge menu!! Can't recommend enough


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09 Dec 2022


Visited Brother Bon on a Saturday night back in September and we loved it. We hadn't booked a table and they were busy, but they squeezed us in. It's a big restaurant, great ambience, and low lighting making it great for a date night. The food and service was spot on, we would definitely go back. A huge menu to choose from and we were very pleased with our choices.


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12 Nov 2022

Always satiated!

Delicious cocktails and food - the canteen atmosphere is a bit of a downer but food itself is excellent


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08 Oct 2022

Even had the omni excited

Second time here for me. Took my newly vegan father and my omni mother for dinner.

The service was really good, plenty of staff and they were all lovely, food was very prompt and delicious all round.

My mother honestly said she wouldn't have known it was vegan if I didn't say and we all loved everything we had.

Food has awesome flavour, exactly what you'd expect from a really nice Asian themed restaurant.

Pros: Unbelievable variety , Amazing food, Solid service

Cons: Couldn't find one if I tried


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29 Sep 2022

So good. Frequent customer

Yum. We have been so often that there might be anything on the menu we haven't tried at least once. Everything is delicious. The staff are always lovely and the place is often busy. We've been in family groups, vegan groups and just the 2 of us. We love it.

Pros: Food, Staff, Vibe

Cons: No cons


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19 Jul 2022

Best vegan Asian cuisine in the north

Amazing Asian cuisine; predominately Vietnamese but also has Japanese, Chinese and SE Asian options. Bit expensive but worth it imo. Just the fact that I can have Hainanese chicken rice again makes this a 10/10 for me

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Expensive


19 Jul 2022

Yeah i agree it is a bit pricey but the food is good. You’ll find vegan Hainanese chicken rice at a few places around 🙂 It’s a perennial favourite


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15 Jul 2022

Vegan Fun!

I love the creativity of this place. It’s really a vegans delight to be able to try things I haven’t had for years, like a fried ‘egg’!

Pros: All vegan , Creative options


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07 Jul 2022

I love Brother Bon :)

Brother Bon is lovely, the staff are always so lovely and make me feel happy, the place always has a lovely chilled vibes with lovely plants and such a nice clean set up :). I love the food very much although the only issue is that you get so much that it can be hard to finish it all so I usually take the rest home which is nice to eat some more later and also it's good you get a large portion because it is a bit pricey so it's good to get plenty.

Some of my favourite dishes are: Pho, Vietnamese Fried Rice and Pineapple Fried Rice.

Pros: Yummy Food , Nice staff, Lovely place

Cons: A bit expensive


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25 Jun 2022

Family birthday dinner

Beautiful people. My dinner was tasty but a little spicy for me. Everyone else really enjoyed their meal, 3 non-vegans 😊 will definitely be back ❤

Pros: Totally vegan food , Great service , Great portion

Cons: Not all alcohol is vegan , No parking


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11 Jun 2022

Hot, fulfilling, belly full of love!

As much as I loved Loving Hut, Brother Bon has definitely turned it up a few notches! They truly can't disappoint, Insanely huge menu, massive portions, very reasonably priced. Loved the wine. Loved the 'duck' in plum sauce. Forever love the tofu bites

Pros: Hot Fresh Food, Massive Menu, Very nice modernised atmosphere

Cons: Can't wear belt/tight pants :P


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30 Apr 2022

Best vegan restaurant in Melbourne

Hands down the best vegan food in Melbourne. They've transformed this place so much since it's Loving Hut days. The food is so delicious, portions are huge (so you get what you pay for), it tastes fresh and I've never been disappointed yet. Great gluten free options and still fully vegan, so big ups there.

Pros: Food is incredible, Big portions, Good gf options and fully vegan

Cons: Could be considered pricey but portions are big


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13 Apr 2022

Pricey but so worth it

This is at the more fancy end of restaurants I go to. Lovely decor, comfy chairs, enough room at the tables.

The service was slow (as they were busy) but faultless. Everything arrived as we asked.

And the important bit: the food! I feel I could have closed my eyes and pointed to anything on the menu at random and been thrilled. It’s all vegan and everyone in my group was delighted with the flavours and textures.

Pros: To-die-for food , Very comfy, clean and generally a nice space, Good place to bring skeptical non vegan friends

Cons: Expensive (but worth it for a special occasion)


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10 Apr 2022

A favourite

A bit pricey but great food


Points +536

08 Apr 2022

Highly recommend

You will go crazy over flavours and options. Must try!

Pros: Delicious eatery

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