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Ops! Cucina Mediterranea

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Via Bergamo 56, Roma, Rome, Italy, 00198

Buffet turned vegan in 2013. Pile what you like onto a plate and pay by weight. Has Wi-Fi. Open Mon 8:30am-3:00pm, Tue-Sun 8:30am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Italian, Buffet, Mediterranean, Salad bar, Beer/Wine

Reviews (61)

First Review by AlessandroPalmesi

Amazing! - Edit

Absolutely the best restaurant in Rome! You can choose from a various foods in the bufet, which is completely vegan. There is also a plenty of a delicious vegan desserts :) totally a must visit place in Rome!

Pros: Good staff, Amazing atmosphere, Delicious food

Cons: Price, Not very much space

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Good food - Edit

The food here was absolutely delicious!
Although it was a tad expensive and the location wasn't the best, but the walk was worth it.
The lasagna and the risotto was to die for.

The staff was really friendly and spoke good English.

Pros: Great food, A lot of choices , Friendly staff

Cons: Not the best location

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A must when you're in Rome - Edit

Great experience. Very friendly staff and amazing food. Not the cheapest place but not more expensive then a regular restaurant. The pasta, lasagna and risitto was delicious. The location is a bit off from the tourist spots. 20 min walk from spanish steps or Termini. But it is worth it!

Pros: Amazing Food, Great staff, Great atmosphere

Cons: The location is not the best

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A Must Try in Rome - Edit

The food here is absolutely delicious. Ops! is a nice, casual sit down restaurant. You ask for a table, then choose whatever you want from the buffet, and have your plate weighed before returning to your table. There are lots of yummy options to choose from, so it's easy to over-eat and end up with a big bill if you're not careful. Lots of yummy vegan deserts as well. If you are in Rome, definitely check this place out!

Pros: Variety, Delicious, Buffet style

Cons: A little pricey, Closed one day a week- double check hours

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Everything was delicious from mains to dessert, lovely atmosphere, high quality vegan food that could make you question if it is vegan!
Would highly recommend.

Cons: can get quite pricey as it is 20 euro (30aud) for

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Wonderful Lunch Buffet - Edit

Me and mum are on holiday in Italy and ops! is the closest vegan restaurant near our hotel. When we first walked in we were a little confused, I would say to just ignore the 'tags' outside and just go in. You take a plate and load it with whatever you want AND EVERYTHING IS VEGAN! I wish now I had gotten more. You pay by the weight of the plate and pay at the end.

I loved the seitan meat and the tomato chickpeas, and mum loved the vegetable fried dumpling things ha. I then had a dessert of this chocolate pie thing, which was also lovely. It cost 30 euros for 1kg plus a dessert and a glass of wine.

Pros: Variety for vegans, Nice atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: Didn't know what some things were

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best ! - Edit

Imagine dozens and dozens of amazing vegan items in a buffet format! Staff is super friendly. You can tell the food is made with love. Everything is fresh and tastes amazing. I don't taste a lot of salt or shortcuts. you can eat both super healthy, or slightly naughty, vegan style.

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Good but Pricey - Edit

My friend and I came here for dinner and the food was good! It's pay by weight and l I thought my meal ended up being quite pricey for how much food I actually took.
They have a wide selection of dishes and overall it was a very tasty meal!

Pros: many options, tasty food, nice atmosphere

Cons: pricey

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High prices - Edit

As for many restaurant in Roma you have to pay the weight. Here it's 28 euros a kilo. Quite expensive for vegan food. Great variety of meals.

Pros: Nice place with outdoor sittings, Variety of meals

Cons: You have to pay for water, Bad weight / price ratio

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Amazing high end buffet - Edit

Pay by weight buffet close to the centre of Rome, not far from the Borghese. If you go, make sure you're hungry as there were so many delicious looking options I couldn't help but fill up my plate with food. Not cheap so you might end up spending a lot, but it's worth it.

Pros: reasonably central, amazing food

Cons: expensive

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Great! - Edit

If You're Looking for cheap food, you're wrong. But if you looking for high quality, excellent service and more, you're definitely at the right place. The price is worth it. Thumbs up!

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don't go before 12:30 - Edit

The buffet only opens at 12:30 so between 9:00-12:30 you can only get vegan pastries (croissant and muffins) and soya cappuccino, which you can get pretty much everywhere in Rome, so spare yourself a trip there before 12:30 (the place isn't exactly central)

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Excellent place - Edit

Really really liked this place! I ate from the buffet and it cost me €7.80. Definitely didn't fill me up though but my idea from the beginning was to try different things out and then go back for a second round only with the things I liked the most.

Most of the stuff I tried was veery tasty. Gnocchi was really good, lasagne was great, and there were other tasty things I can't remember. Didn't like a couple of things but that's just personal taste. In the end instead of going for a second plate I decided to have a dessert instead: very nice chocolate tarte for just €3.50.

Definitely recommend.

Pros: Lots of options, All vegan, Very tasty!

Cons: Can get expensive if you're not careful

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Really nice totally vegan restaurant - Edit

They serve both warm and cold dishes, it's a buffe in which you take all the food you want and then you weight it.
I thought it was going to be more expensive, cause the restaurant is really nice and quite fancy :P but it's moderate price and the food is absolutely worth it
They have delicious-looking desserts ... I tried the dark chocolate pie, totally recommend it. I really liked the place!

Pros: Variety, Good service , Desserts

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Ops! All Vegan - Edit

Wonderful place in Roma.
All the food is Vegan and there were A LOT of choices to made. It's a weighted-buffet style with good looking desserts.
And the food... the food was really really good. And a good environment too.

Pros: Good choice of food, Nice place, Central

Cons: Needs reservation or could be full, Can be pricey

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Wonderful dinner buffet - Edit

All vegan,
Lots of options,
Great food, good service
Pasta, humus, rice, vegetables, and many more...

Pros: Lots of Vegan options

Cons: Problem with English Not so many breakfast option

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Yep - it's all vegan and fantastic - Edit

Go there now! Stop reading and start eating!

Really delicious, wholesome, comforting, varied, lovely food. I can't fault it, it was all fantastic.

Pros: Variety, Tasty, Quick service (buffet)

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love this restaurant - Edit

Living in Rome, I really love this place. Food is excellent and there is a great variety of dishes.
Il miglior ristorante vegano a Roma. Ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo. Atmosfera carina e una gran quantità di piatti, egregiamente cucinati dal sapiente chef Salvini (che Dio lo conservi a lungo e in buona salute)!

Pros: quality

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Vegan Buffet - Edit

We went for dinner with a group of people and everyone was pleased by the variety of choices. It's very easy to pile on the food, so it can get expensive as it's by weight. My plate was particularly full. We also tried a couple of desserts, the apple tart and tiramisu. Both good. There was a little confusion about the table numbers and paying as we were one big group, but it got worked out. The two of us came back a couple of days later and ordered the bio burger that was advertised on a sign. I think they aren't used to anyone getting something other than the buffet as it took a awhile to prepare. Overall, it's a good choice to be able to try lots of different dishes in a nice atmosphere. It's a fairly large space too.

Pros: vegan buffet with lots of choices, nice space

Cons: can get expensive

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delicious! - Edit

The food was amazing. So much variety, and the staff are very kind and happy to help. It's a bit on the expensive side, so because it's pay by weight, be wary of the amount of food you put on your plate when you're hungry.

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Delicious - Edit

The food is great. All vegan buffet with a great atmosphere to sit and enjoy your food in. I wish they had an all you can eat option because I would have eaten so much! My only warning is know how food you're putting on your plate. The price is determined by weight and I without knowing that loaded up my plate when I was really hungry and bought 20 Euros of food! Hah! But ate it all and was worth it, going to go back.

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Great idea! - Edit

We loved this concept, ie a vegan buffet, it was hard to be reasonable when filling our plates! Most of what we ate was very yummy, but I do agree with 'eye of judgement' that the food was somewhat lukewarm (we went early as well). But we didn't find it overly expensive (despite being quite greedy) and I'd def recommend it.

Pros: Great choice, Nice staff

Cons: The food could be hotter, No vegan lasagne :-(

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very tasty but lukewarm food - Edit

The choice of dishes and their taste are absolutely amazing, but unfortunately most of it did not stay very warm in the trays, even though we went here at the earliest possibility (1930h). Many of the dishes are gluten free.
You pay per weight here, which is problematic if you eat large quantities, like I do. I ended up paying €40,- for a drink and my food alone (about 1200 grams), excluding the coffee and cake we had before.

Pros: really good food, lots of choice, many gluten free options

Cons: lukewarm food, very pricy

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Tasty vegan buffet - Edit

The words 'vegan buffet' usually fill me with horror, but this restaurant offered the opposite - excellent food, well prepared and presented in a pleasant setting. Very friendly staff and an easy-to-reach location; we visited this restaurant both for lunch and dinner, both times there was an excellent selection of dishes, plus the vegan chocolate tart was out of this world. Good value for money too, for 20 euros you get a very filling, tasty meal. Best restaurant we visited while in Rome!

Pros: tasty food, friendly staff

Cons: None

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Amazing experience - Edit

Yes, it can seem a bit pricey when you get that total, but it's really still a bargain compared to anything else. We went two nights in a row. We each had our own favorite things. I fell in love with the fennel in cream sauce. And the stuffed red peppers were just incredible. It was 3 weeks ago, so I can't remember what my husband had, but one thing was a seitan dish he loved. The cold salads were good too. Desserts were very good and not overly sweet. We spent like 26 euros for the two of us. If you want quality food, you won't find it for less.

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Variety of healthy food - Edit

I went there because it was five minutes by walk from my hotel. I was a little bit afraid since I read the prices are more expensive than moderate (despite of what Happy Cow is saying). But after two days in Rome I already learned that this city would be the most expensive to eat of all other countries I visited in Europe -- cities in Sweden were cheaper than Rome. So, it wasn't so shocking that Ops! made my stomach full and my pockets empty.

Food is very good and healthy. You pay by weight, what's kind of fair. The price by kilo is not THAT fair, but you are not only paying by the food, but by the fancy ambient, etc. It wasn't my favorite in Rome, though, and I can't pay those high prices everyday. It was nice to know, but I hardly go there again.

Pros: Healthy food, Variety, Coffee and cakes

Cons: Too expensive, Too fancy

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Great food - well presented - Edit

My second choice for vegan food in Rome.

I came early and all the dishes were just put in place, I was greeted and seated, went to fill my plate and got very good food. Great value for money.

Don't know what the slide-projector should achieve though.

Pros: Great food, Modern & clean, Plenty of choice

Cons: weird slide show

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ops! means your emotion from bill;))) - Edit

This is a buffet, but the food was good, some items - perfect. Unfortunately risotto was spoiled. Kitchen is not superb clean. Price for the buffet food is too much.

Pros: variety of dishes, style, conception

Cons: some dishes were cooked long time b4 visit, pricey, spoiled risotto

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Great Food - Edit

This was the best Vegan food I have had in a long time. I would describe it as Vegan Gourmet Buffet. It was very crowded so I suggest making a reservation. We ate there two nights and the first night they were very accommodating as we just showed up. The second night they seemed a bit annoyed we didn't make a reservation but accommodated us anyway. If you are in Rome this is the restaurant to eat at.

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Delicious!! - Edit

If we come to Rome again we'll find accommodations near Ops! We are so tired of eating pasta with tomato sauce... At Ops we have incredibly flavourful vegan food. I wish they would open one in our home town!

Pros: Delicious , Fresh, Friendly staff

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Best restuarant we visited in Europe, hands down - Edit

OK, so we're vegans in Europe going country to country, and you know what's it like - plain marinara on various noodles, you're starving. Not much fun at all.

We had planned on going to Ops, but it was raining and almost didn't go, as we had to take a bus. Thank god we did, we would have missed the single best restaurant in the dozen cities we visited, hands down. NO WHERE else has such a selection of amazing food - and all vegan!

I think almost all the reviews here are correct - but how this doesn't justify a 5 star rating is beyond me.

Yes, it's expensive as hell - but you get what you pay for. (Last I checked "5 star" restaurants cost a lot, but maybe that's just here in Miami.) If you don't want to pay for a massive selection of vegan foods (that varies daily - my wife insisted we cancel plans and go back a second night), then go find a tourist trap to sell you spaghetti...again.

The complaints about this place are ridiculous. The food quality isn't mcdonalds, so it's going to cost more. It's a buffet with dozens of options, and you end up filling your massive plate, put it on that scale, and pay a fortune. Not only that, it wasn't ANYWHERE near the most expensive meal we had in Europe. It's just not the Golden Coral. Hell, we even went back for seconds - you should've seen our check! And a bottle of wine! Happy wife = happy life.

Anyone who A) complains about the price of this amazing food while in Europe (not Cleveland) or B) gives it less than 5 stars, is clinically insane.

Do yourself a favor and remember you're not coming back here any time soon and splurge a little. Or go find a Maoz.

And the staff was as kind as could be, I have no idea what a small minority are talking about. They were willing to explain to us in english what was in any dish we wanted to ask about. I have literally no idea what more we could have expected to make this place any better.

Pros: Food is amazing, Huge variety, Nice Staff

Cons: Cheap Customers, Far from main tourist areas

2 Responses

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vegansurfer 22 Jun 2014 - Please remember these are your opinions, you should respect the opinions of the other posters.

barbaramaidel 16 Jan 2015 - Is Happy Cow about restaurants or about other users opinions? Mentions to other reviews are okay, but you were very impolite here.

attenzione al peso.. - Edit

Molto grazioso il locale, ci si serve al buffet e si paga a peso, il bello è poter assaggiare tante cose differenti ma
bisogna fare un po' di attenzione perchè non è economico. Per un pranzo abbastanza veloce ma non di fretta è un ottimo posto.
Anche i dolci meritano.


Very nice place, you choose at the buffet and you pay by weight, the best part is you can taste many different things but be aware that it's not cheap.
For a quick lunch, but relaxed, it is a great place (never gone for dinner).
Even desserts are to try.

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Good fresh food but pricey - Edit

After a whole week of white bread, pasta pomodoro, and pizza marinara in southern Italy, I was so excited walking into this restaurant finding trays of glorious vegan goodies on offer. My partner and I ended up eating here twice - first time for dinner and second time for lunch - during our four days in Rome.

It's an all-vegan pay-by-weight buffet with a diverse range of cold and hot dishes. They were mostly western/Italian with a few interesting Asian-inspired items featuring tofu, tempeh, and seitan. Both times we were there the spread was more or less the same except for a couple (hot) entrées. I thought they did an overall better job with western food - the pasta, the risotto, and the polenta were all delicious. So were the fried morsels of vegetables, croquettes, and patties. The coconut cranberry/pinto beans were also quite tasty and brought a change of pace. The curried seitan was good if not a bit too tame. The different versions of baked tofu I sampled during our two visits were only so-so despite the presentation. At €26/kg (US$11.8/lb), you will want to be careful with what you spoon onto your plate. First off I would skip the grain salads. The two I tried - one made of quinoa and the other black rice - were equally average and not worth the weight. The other chilled items were alright but I would keep these to a minimum and go for the hot entrées because that's really where the good stuff is and also where you can make your plate worth it.

Price only includes what’s at the buffet station; bread, water, and desserts all cost extra, which is to be fair very typical in Italy. Water was from the tap, yet they charged for it, which was the one thing I didn’t like about this place. The bread was homemade but nothing special. The desserts, however, were divine. The chocolate mousse cake and the tiramisu were both excellent.

As with most weight-based buffets, meals here can get pretty expensive, especially when you, like me, like to sample a bit of everything and can’t resist getting a second helping of the good bits. It can easily cost €20 per person, but they do prepare the hot dishes fresh just before the serving time, so there’s that. Also, service was very friendly and the décor clean, bright, and modern. They start putting out hot trays at 1pm for lunch and 8pm for dinner, and that’s also when people swarm in. Some of the food will be gone fast, so time your visit around these hours and get here early to make the most out of it.

Pros: all vegan, great food & variety

Cons: pricey, charge for tap water

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Mediocre, late lunch only - Edit

Despite being all vegan, I would probably not go back here. I went here for lunch, arriving at 12:15pm. They had a *very* small selection of very simple foods, basically just barley, rice, salad, and hummus. The food was fine, but not worth the price and I was disappointed at the selection. When I left around 12:45 I noticed they were putting out a larger selection of food, apparently lunch doesn't start until quite late here. But even so, I would have expected a better selection of breakfast/brunch foods. The only positives are that the service was friendly and English-speaking and it was all vegan.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly Service

Cons: Poor selection, Very simple fare, No lunch until ~1pm

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all vegan buffet - very affordable - Edit

Yes, it is all vegan! It is relatively close to Villa Borghese, so schedule a visit after visiting the museum. You will need a reservation for dinner, but it is pretty easy to get a table at lunch time and there is also seating outside. The buffet is pretty healthy, fresh and not loaded with olive oil. Try the tiramisu dessert and the pistachio cream. Yum!

Pros: selection, service, quality

Cons: need to RSVP for dinner

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Reasonable food, unreasonable price. - Edit

I sampled as much of the buffet as I could to get a good idea of the range. There were plenty different foods to choose from, pasta, cous cous, beans main dishes, for example, with many side salad options and entrees, too. All the options complemented each other, too.

The food was okay - the pasta, the beans, the salads were all average. Not great, not bad. The fried vegetables were very good, though the sesame tofu was very ordinary.

My plate ended up costing 20 euro. I'd have been satisfied with the meal had it cost 10 or 12 euro, but the food simply isn't good enough to justify that price, especially with so many other options to choose from in Rome.

Pros: Some of the side dishes were very good. , Great range to choose from.

Cons: The price is far too high. , The mains just aren't above average.

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Worst Dining Experience I've EVER Had. - Edit

0 COWS. I've never been treated in such a horrible manner in my entire life. We were very excited for some Vegan food as eating Vegan while traveling around can get complicated...a lot of Pizza Marinara. Anyway...yes, I was a tourist, and yes...I am American. But wow, I've never been treated so terribly. We are easy customers while home and abroad. We don't talk much, don't ask for much, are independent and patient. But apparently this restaurant has a game called "try to rip the tourists off as much as possible" First, we got our food excitedly. So excited to see quinoa and tofu...the sorts of things we eat at home regularly. Next, we put the food up on the scales for her and smile nicely. *NOTE* My boyfriend speaks quite decent Italian. The scale for my boyfriend's plate read more than 1.85 kg. Now...I get that they think a "stupid American tourist" doesn't know what a kg is but I DO in fact know how much a kg is. And...that's over 4 POUNDS OF FOOD. Which is almost the size of a smallbowling ball! So we say politely "no, that's not right". The lady got major attitude with us and was super rude, but I had to insist. And...indeed, she took the plate off and reset the scale and it was nearly half the weight. All the while she was huffing and puffing and being extraordinarily rude. At this point we just wanted to leave, it's embarrassing to be treated so terribly. Then, she rings us up at 57 Euros! Are you kidding me? For 2 plates of food & 2 beers. I mean, we figured it would be pricey, 35 Euros, maybe 40 tops! At this point my jaw just dropped to the floor. I mean...what can you say when you know someone is repeatedly trying to rip you off? It was embarrassing! It made me feel so terrible, I felt sick. Anyway...she double charged us for one of the plates & I caught it. She was forced to grudgingly refund 18 Euros for the double charge. We ate our food. It was okay, nothing special. Trying to just rate the food is difficult because of the overall experience. I would say that the food was average. My bf & I make vegan dishes better at home. I guess the worst part is the fact that I expected the Vegan community/lifestyle to overcome attempts to rip tourists off. Our vegan lifestyle is very important to us. It's a life of compassion, attempting be healthy, not exploiting the planet, animals & other humans. I expected more. I visited vegan restaurants in other cities with great success. But this place...obviously I'll never go back.

Pros: None, None, None

Cons: Rude Service, Attempts to Rip Off, Terrible Experience

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Great Food, Kind Of Bitchy - Edit

The food here is great and totally vegan. It isn't too fussy. It's in step with typical Roman cuisine. It's a beautiful room too with a patio. But it's not friendly. They charge €1.10 for tap water. Also, I've been here 3 times and have gotten a really negative vibe off a different female waitress every time. Maybe because they don't really have much opportunity for tips they resent serving tourists. Just rude.. They charge you based on the weight of your plate. So maybe you don't eat all day looking forward to it, then take 2 buses across town, then pile it on only to have the weighing waitress say "whoaa that's all for you?" with maximum shock and horror.

I think they just know we're in a corner. It's the best vegan place in Rome. If a vegan is here any length of time, (s)he'll want to come back. If they aren't here for long then it doesn't matter if they want to come back.

Pros: Seitan, Tirimisu, Smoothies

Cons: Service, Service, Service

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Great Buffet - Edit

We got to dive into the rich flavours of a complete and diverse lunch buffet. It was very good and definitely fresh. The staff is also very friendly and provides a good atmosphere. Also worth mentioning the prices are fair.

Pros: Diverse Buffet, Price Worthy, Good service

Cons: Lunch Buffet opens after 1pm

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good but nothing special - Edit

I went here for lunch and the place were populated by hungry employees that probably ignore the vegan word meaning, but it seemed they liked the food. you pay for the weight of your plate and it costs 26€/kg excluded water, bread, drinks, and desserts so it seems a bit pricey. After a very "bad experience" in Madrid with this kind of restaurant, my fiancèe and I did not fullfill the plate to not spend 50 euros for a lunch :) 12.50 euros each was a good compromise between quantity and weight. food was good and we appreciated "Spezzatino di soia al cocco" (coconut sauce soy), but the rest was not so special. for a good dessert go to the bakery on the left on the opposite side of the street in the corner and take the donuts: they are vegan!

Pros: nice place

Cons: tap water to pay

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Excellent food! - Edit

I went to "Ops" a few nights ago. The food was all vegan and really really excellent. Risotto, seitan, soy nuggets, beans, potatoes, and even dessert, everything was perfect.
I expected more moderate prices but after tasting the food I thought it was worth it. For a dish including appetizers, main and side dishes and water I spent 20 €. The only con is the projector that projects nonsense images distracting customers from enjoying dinner.
Dine together should be a moment of communication and peace. Throw out that projector!

Pros: Excellent food, Willing chef

Cons: Projector, Not so nice staff

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Perfect for vegans, great, stylish, delicious ! - Edit

Mostly vegan, delicious food (risotto, lasagne, hummus, falafel, raw vegetables also), nice staff, stylish room, not expensive. We went to this restaurant Sunday the 30th then Monday the 31st of December for the special End of year evening meal, we were enchanted ! We are so grateful and wish we had so a good restaurant for vegans and vegetarians in France.

Pros: Delicious food, 80% vegan, Staff and price

Cons: nothing

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so cool! - Edit

Local modern and stylish, friendly staff young and friendly.

Wednesday dinner at a fixed price and full menu to choose between two options for each course. the other day buffet weight (€ 2.4 / pound). Closed on Mondays.

Wide choice of dishes vegan, in fact yesterday evening was 100% vegan from appetizers to desserts!

Delicious dishes, researched and presented in a very stylish and original atmosphere soft and pleasant background music from the furnishings.

Definitely worth seeing!

Pros: excellent food, very nice food presentation, good value

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