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790 Castro St, Mountain View, USA

Veg-friendly tasty pizza

01 Dec 2012

I just tried a mini size of their vegan pizza. It comes with five different veggies including broccoli on a thin crisp crust and as much Daiya cheese as you want or tolerate. Personally I don't care for the faux cheeses (I might like Dr. Cow but have yet to try it) and when I asked for very little of it they delivered exactly. It was just enough for one person but sort of expensive at $13.55 (and not organic) but they don't charge extra for the vegan cheese.

I meant to give this 5 cows but for some reason the drop down menu for ratings doesn't let me on my iPad, hence I gave 4 cows.

101-103 Baker St, London, England

reliable vegan and vegetarian options on Baker St.

16 Jul 2014

Cheap, tasty, filling vegan burritos, tacos, and bowls. Unlike Chipotles in the US, this one didn't label their beans as being cooked with dead pig or not, so we got the black beans and hoped for the best (they tasted clean). We didn't find many vegan restaurant options in this part of town so Chipotle fit the bill. I liked the spicing on the veggies better than on the "fajita veggies" in the US branches. Like most Chipotles, this one played noisy music. Friendly and attentive staff. One unisex wheelchair-accessible restroom. Outdoor seating as well as indoor, but it's just as noisy due to nearby construction jackhammers.

165 University Ave, Palo Alto, USA

all organic, all vegan cafe

29 Nov 2008

The food's tasty, and it's such a luxury not having to think at all about whether some item has dairy or pesticide-laden grapes or something nasty lurking in it. Our family enjoys the avocado BLT, shepherd's pie, guru's curry, seven seas rice, spring rolls, and creamy potato soup. We've heard from other vegan friends that their pearl teas, muffins and desserts are terrific. Our only real gripe is that we'd like the food to be fresher (apparently their lease doesn't allow a full-sized kitchen, so they rely a lot on the microwave).

The Barkers Building, 63/97 High Street, Kensington, West London, England


08 Apr 2012

After finding this attractive-looking all-vegan place with several raw and gluten-free menu items, our hungry party of six was eager to chow down. We arrived around 2:30PM when they didn't seem super busy, but they'd just served a large party, they said, so had run out of four of their most popular entrees. We ordered around the out items. But then...

They didn't bring us any water. Ever. Despite empty water glasses sitting on the table throughout.

They didn't inform us that the chips and guacamole appetizer we'd ordered for the table came with only three (3) small kale chips. There we were breaking chips in half to share among the six of us. Inexplicably they brought large empty plates and set these in front of us as the three chips and 5 oz. of guacamole swiftly disappeared.

The service was extremely slow, albeit friendly. When our three-year-old made a disgusted face after tasting the pear-cucumber-fennel smoothie, the waitress offered to bring her a plain pear juice instead. The pear juice was frothy, brown, and tasted like pear. At £5.25 a pop, however, the smoothies were disappointing.

Our entrees were pretty to look at, but disappointing. I got the raw gluten-free Saf Bowl and the best thing on the plate was the plain undressed half avocado. The zucchini "noodles" were oily though fresh, the cashew "rice" was salted and unsatisfying (I would've preferred plain steamed brown rice), the marinated shiitake mushrooms were extremely salty (almost indelible), and the kim chee, while fairly authentic in flavor (though not texture--it was too mushy) to my pleasant surprise (I grew up eating Korean food), was also too salty. My husband's pad thai didn't taste anything like real pad thai, he reported.

The bill came to £90 (including our £9 tip) which was exorbitant given what we got in the huge waste of time in which we got it. Sad to say we will likely never eat there again.

One star for being all vegan. Another star for being friendly and trying to be helpful. Half a star for offering raw and gluten-free items that at least sounded and looked good.

Updated from previous review on Friday April 06, 2012
Updated from previous review on Friday April 06, 2012

440 S California Ave, Palo Alto, USA

almost everything's organic, and there's lot of it

01 Dec 2012

Organic produce, organic bulk goods (beans, rices, nuts, dried fruits, spices, etc.), organic juices, organic canned goods (tomatoes), etc. Lots of local goods, all clearly labeled. This is my vegan family's one-stop shopping location in Palo Alto. [edit by staff]

Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 17, 2008

California Ave, Palo Alto, USA

best farmers market in Palo Alto

30 Aug 2012

OMG, how can there be no review for this awesome farmers market yet? They're open 9AM to 1PM Sundays year-round, with on-the-spot food carts and tables and jugglers and good musicians and animal-balloon-makers and knife sharpeners and kittens for adoption and, lest I forget, some of the best organic produce in the Bay Area and perhaps the world at shockingly reasonable prices. And Country Sun Market is right there, too, in case you need to pick up some organic bananas or something they don't have at the farmers market.

I guess it doesn't really need any promotion, as the whole world and their dogs and bikes already attend. In other words, it is usually crowded. But the organic peaches for $3 a pound, organic strawberries for $12 a half-flat, and Raw Daddy cone food for $5 a cone are so worth it!

1245 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, USA

huge, tasty, all-vegan Chinese food

29 Nov 2008

Garden Fresh is one of our favorite take-out restaurants. Everything is vegan and most dishes are very yummy and filling (a bit on the salty, oily side). Favorites include scallion pancakes (when in the mood for fried stuff), general's "chicken," eggplant and tofu (if you ask they'll make the tofu steamed, not fried), "chicken" curry (note: can be over-salty), spicy bean curd (ma-po tofu), green boat (saucy noodles with shiitake mushrooms), orange "beef," tofu delight, bok choy with black mushrooms, ... I could keep going but I'd be listing almost the whole menu! Skip the vege sushi (just not very nice) and vege potstickers (not really satisfying). The ambience is hole-in-the-wall-ish (in a mini-mall, next to 31 Flavors) though they've recently repainted and updated the decor. They now serve Maggie Mudd vegan ice creams, by the way. Very friendly and accommodating staff who remember you and your favorite dishes. Our meat-eating in-laws love the food and can't tell whether it's real chicken or not. (It's not, yay.)

460 Ramona St, Palo Alto, USA

all vegan Chinese food

18 Jul 2014

I think the reviewer ayreq got it spot-on. This is tasty, oily, spicy vegan food for when you're craving Chinese.

The same family who run this Garden Fresh also run the one in Mountain View, and they are super nice and friendly. I love that they remember our favorite orders and always ask how our kids are doing. Decor and ambience here are more up-scale than the Mountain View location, though still casual.

You usually have to park a few blocks away in a structure and then walk over, but that's part of the point of being in Palo Alto.

167 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, USA

Nice idea, very popular, kinda a ripoff

16 Jul 2014

I have eaten here a couple times in the past few years. The ambience (natural light, live plants, high ceiling) is nice when the place is not heaving with crowds. The food is tasty enough, though I got the feeling the cooks and staff were having to try really hard to make vegan orders vegan, which never inspires trust.

My major gripe was my general restaurant-food gripe: too much oil, salt and sugar. Exacerbating that, though, was the small portions. I'd rather get a big hearty bowl of beans, greens & grains, lightly dressed, than these frankly greasy entrees. Give me nutrient-rich clean calories over empty fat calories any day.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 16, 2014

164 S California Ave, Palo Alto, USA

questionably hygenic but has a wide selection

15 Jun 2008

I live a few blocks from Mollie Stone's but never shop there, opting to walk four more blocks to Country Sun instead. Whenever I walk into Mollie Stone's, I'm greeted by the smell of urine. Yes, it's urine, not fish. Where it's coming from is anyone's guess. Needless to say this is not a good first impression. Last time I had to buy something there (due to its unavailability at Country Sun), I was shocked and horrified to watch my naked produce (I opted to skip bags, as I didn't have that much stuff) dragged through a wet spot that the cashier had just created by dragging the previous customer's dripping chicken package across the bar code reader. As I tried to figure out what to do, the cashier proceeded to charge me $15/lb. for a peach, having punched in the code for honeycomb (yes, as in bees) instead. Aghast, I corrected her, took my stuff, and left. That night I cooked the heck out of those peppers and cilantro and vowed not to return under normal circumstances.

5 Station Approach, Kew Gardens, South West London, England

large selection of organics

23 Jul 2014

This small chic grocery store is a ten-minute walk from the lovely Kew Gardens. It has a surprisingly large selection of organic produce, organic grains and cereals, organic prepared foods and snacks, organic meats (men), and health supplements. Everything is astonishingly expensive (for example £4 for a raw organic vegan gluten-free oatmeal cookie half the size of my palm).

California Ave, Palo Alto, USA

tasty raw vegan food in crunchy nutty cones

30 Aug 2012

Our three-year-old loves everything he's tried from Raw Daddy and repeats, "More cone food, please!" We love it, too. There's something really energizing and wonderful about these dense, flavorful cones. We've tried various savory cones -- Thai, mushroom polenta, "where the heck is spring?", and Italian (pesto, sundried-tomato) -- and could not help gobbling them all up. The warm chai and cold kombucha tea are delicious and refreshing. Frankly, we're addicted. Only disadvantage for us is that we've only found this food at our Sunday farmers market -- we'd love to order takeout during the week, if it's available...

Updated from previous review on Sunday February 28, 2010

565 San Antonio Rd, Mountain View, USA

totally vegan fast food

18 Jul 2014

I mostly agree with the other reviewers, though it's interesting how the number of stars can vary so much. This VG is located in a newly constructed mall. The main parking lot is really ridiculous and stressful, but the ambiance inside the VG is relatively mellow for Silicon Valley. I've found the staff to be quite nice and friendly. The women's restroom was out-of-order the last time we were there, but the staff were willing to accommodate us.

As noted, you get the heavy restaurant-food treatment: too much oil, salt, and sugar with sometimes small portions. However they keep varying the menu and trying new entrees. Personally I liked the Harvest Bowl though there was way too much Field Roast sausage in there; this dish clocks in at around 750 calories, but ditch half the sausage and it drops to around 600, on par with a vegan Chipotle burrito.

The kids' meal offerings are really junky. My kids don't like the unappealing veggie burger patties, though they readily eat the greasy sweet potato fries, which I remind them is "a sometimes food." We swap the fatty dessert for mandarin oranges, which my kids don't really care for as they seem straight out of a can. My kids would love a simple bowl of sticky brown sushi rice dressed with tamari, topped with plain organic tofu, served with a crunchy pile of salted nori.

I think VG needs a separate menu for real vegans who are in this lifestyle for the long haul, vs omnivores experimenting with veganism who need convincing that they can find all the same (junky) tastes they're worried about losing. The Real Vegans Menu would have simple clean bowls chock full of local organic beans, greens and grains, lightly dressed with exquisite new combinations of nut- and seed- and avocado-based dressings. Well, maybe I'm just expecting too much from a VG?

25-27 Oxford St, London, England

wonderful perfectly spiced vegan buffet & takeaway

24 Jul 2014

A mere two minutes' walk from Tottenham Court tube station, this mellow little restaurant has terrific organic vegan food for fair prices. (They even show you a comparison of their prices vs local competitors including Ottolenghi and Tibits, and they cost the least at £1.80 for 100g of delicious food.) We got the huge metal plates and filled them up, then paid by weight (mine was £10). I loved everything. The mashed potatoes had a lovely horseradish flavor without being overly spicy. Other flavors included saffron and cardamom. Excellent lentils and chickpeas. The salad was very lightly dressed. We splurged on a raw almond block which was dense and chocolatey with lucuma, coconut and carob. Friendly staff.

305 N California St, Palo Alto, USA

handy Monday-night takeout

01 Mar 2010

We haven't gotten food from these folks in a while because we found the quality varied too dramatically across weeks and chefs, but the meals are sometimes spectacularly gourmet delicious and always vegan and mostly if not completely organic. Half the time, the main dishes were beautiful tasty works of art; the salads fresh and exotic, innovatively spiced and dressed; the desserts mouth-watering. The other half the time, though, we were dismayed to find the entree to be a dry crumbly patty much resembling dog food and devoid of flavor. An interesting twist: They serve the dinners in a church hall around big round tables, often with an accompanying guest speaker talking about some healthy eating / living topic, so it can be a nice way to hang out with other vegans, make friends, or learn something.

4800 El Camino Real, Los Altos, USA

the best Whole Foods outlet I've encountered yet

30 Aug 2012

While I actively avoid the downtown Palo Alto location, this Whole Foods store excels for vegan groceries and has become my #1 shopping destination (supplanting the also excellent Country Sun Market). Currently they've got an Engine 2 Diet program (this is Dr. Esselstyn's son's "plant-strong" firefighter diet) going on and they've got prominent red Engine 2 Diet labels on all sorts of vegan foods throughout the store. Their prices can't be beat for organic vegan and gluten-free items, and their produce department abounds with a wide selection of local and organic fruits and veges (the only better produce I've found is at New Leaf Market in Santa Cruz) at reasonable prices (sometimes comparable to our local California Avenue farmers' market, though said farmers' market has [during summer] awesome, knock-your-socks-off organic peaches and pluots for $3 a pound whereas Whole Foods has merely good ones for $4 to $6 a pound). If it's bulk spices you need, don't even bother here -- just go to Country Sun -- but bulk beans, nuts, grains and cereals are great here. Also the staff are unusually friendly and alert -- not weird overly talkative friendly, but just plain old helpful and "would you like to taste that?" friendly.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 27, 2012

1250 Jefferson Ave, Redwood City, USA

pretty good

01 Dec 2012

I wandered in here one day when I was in the area needing to buy groceries. It's a whole foods like most others. I didn't try anything pre-packaged. A friendly worker grabbed some Alive & Radiant crunchy kale off a high shelf for me when I asked; it was on sale so I stocked up. Their bulk section had the nuts I was looking for.

I don't frequent this place so weight my 4-cow review accordingly.

774 Emerson St, Palo Alto, USA

used to be good, now quality suffers

30 Aug 2012

If you can't get something at Country Sun or at Whole Foods in Los Altos (much superior to this store), then this is a reasonable second choice, their slimy ("fair trade, schmair trade") business practices notwithstanding. We've had trouble with their prepared foods (guacamole, hummus, and made-on-premises sandwiches) such that we no longer patronize this store.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 17, 2008

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