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1715 S Real Rd, Bakersfield, USA

definite experience

08 Oct 2009

well, i figure to be the first to review it, 'coz i feel reviews are a bit important especially if there aren't any.
once you walk in and you wander if you are in US anymore, but isn't that the whole point of diversity. the place is more of a grocery store with a lot of snacks to offer as well, which was good because we were traveling. if you are looking for the buffet, you kinda have to go close to the counter and there it is, a small warm station, rather limited choices i believe there were 3 dishes and rice, they bring you Naan at the table. the food was amazing, i was a bit skeptical at the beginning because the dining area really looks kind of dirty, but we decided to give it a shot anyway, spicy rich, flavorful, intense! i have to say the best Indian food i have ever had, and my wife had a Lasi, and she still talks about it, being the best Lasi ever. Vegans beware! they use milk in a few of the items! but everything is vegetarian including in the store itself. it seems like a family owned operation, and i think the whole family was there too, i bet the grandma cooked the food, and 12 year old boy served us, the older men were behind the counter holding a little baby. i wish a third of the food places had that warm family feel.
give them a try! the place does look dirty, but oh well, non of us got sick or anything, and the food is really worth it. did i mention ultra cheap?

401 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, USA

Foodie gem in the heart of Las Vegas

08 May 2013

What an exiting new addition to the Las Vegas food scene! the atmosphere is not your typical restaurant, but obviously it's not meant to be. Yes it does look like a cafeteria in the middle of the library, and all the food comes in To-Go containers, but let not the initial image stop one form exploring their delicious choices. Everything is made fresh, and all raw items are made in their kitchen. Pretty much everything i tasted was delicious. to the point, balanced, and executed greatly.
their Tree of Life sandwich is out of this world! i'm not much to be impressed by a sandwich, but this was great! it has to be the home made almond butter!
We also tried the Southwestern Las Vegan, and that was an amazing, light but flavorful salad.
Their raw "cheesecakes" have drown me already twice to this shady part of town and the coconut almond butter smoothie was a craving for days after i had it!
give this place a try, one won't be disappointed!

9 Rue Jacques Coeur, Paris, France

Cute and cozy

20 Sep 2013

I was exited to go and visit this place, especially after all the reviews that I have read, and I am still to be impressed by a vegan meal in Paris.
The place is very cozy and the location is great. Classic cozy atmosphere, which is typical for small restaurants in Paris.
I have to say that my first impression was of the staff not being very hospitable. I know that I'm in Paris and the service is not as the one in the States, and once we sat down I found out that they are very nice people, but still they seemed so out of it because they were so busy, it was obvious that they could barely handle it.
Unfortunately half of the lunch options were unavailable by the time we sat down, which is fine, because I'm open to try whatever they can make. Once we ordered the food came in very fast and I have to admit that it was delicious! Even though simple, all the dishes were well balanced and very flavorful. I still remember the gratin and the dessert had a nice home-made feel.
I will keep searching for the best vegan meal in Paris, but I am also definitely willing to give Ginger another try

1236 Western Ave, Las Vegas, USA

True Vegas Vegan

21 Jul 2011

here it is, i'm sure a few have been waiting for a vegan restaurant in Vegas, and it's here even if it is stuck in the back alley of the flashy Sin city. it's very easy to find once you know where you going and it actually gives a nice vibe of the true Vegas, hidden from the major tours eye.
Once in, the place looks small, gives the feel of old dinner kitchen with REALLY white walls:) but it's obviously clean, which matter the most after all. i like the few personal touches and attempts of creative design but i just can't get away of how white everything is...
needless to say the focus is on the food. the menu was very small for the day, which can be discouraging to some, but would never stop an adventurous vegan. usually only one entree can speak louder than 20 and thats what these dishes do! they were rich and flavorful, combining the right about of spice and sweetness, with perfectly prepared mock meats! i wander where they get the spicy sausage from? i should have asked if its made there. i never liked plantains and the way those were prepared went great with the empanadas!
the staff is very friendly and one can tell the passion they have for this place! once you get to talk to the chef you can tell where all the rich flavors come from, she seems as charismatic as her dishes.
i can't wait for another trip though the back alley, because now i know what i can find.

5105 S Fort Apache Unit 110, Las Vegas, USA


09 May 2013

i finally decided to seek out this place and i was not disappointed.
The location is great and easy to find, with very pleasant out door seating and really nice and clean decor. it is more of a tea house, and i wish they bring their espresso machine back, because besides offering delicious vegan options they can also be a great coffee hang out!
the choices on the menu are limited, so come with open mind. the chef is very nice and creative, i had a delicious home made almond chocolate milk and a raw 'chicken' wrap, which i thought was very well executed, balanced and to the point. my daughter loved the chocolate peanut butter dessert as well. not everything is raw, but everything is vegan, so if one is in a mood for a healthy snack, or a quick pick up it is the place to try.
i'll definitely be back!

area markets, Las Vegas, USA

farmer's market delight!

22 Jul 2011

yes, i did find these people! i was reading a lot about them and it all sounded very interesting, and finally i stopped at their stand on one of the farmer's market in town! definitely worth it! look out for them and go talk to them, they'll let you taste whatever they have made for the day and they are both wonderful, friendly and passionate!
i had a watermelon juice, which was amazing, it clenched my thirst on the scorching hot Vegas afternoon. and the cheese sauce they have made was great too. one could easily smell it feet away from their booth! i got a couple of sides of cilantro humus, which was great! i never has a humus with potatoes before, but it was good idea. not quite the classic, but hey, we are all about breaking borders:)
i can't wait to see what will they have for next farmer's market

4632 S Maryland Pkwy Unit 17, Las Vegas, USA


28 Oct 2011

ok, this is all i'm gonna say! i've been there million times, i like it 'coz i can go with my meat-eating friends and hang out. i love the atmosphere, and the vibe of the whole place.

618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, USA

like at home

28 Oct 2007

Ah, yes i am exited about this place, and it is all about the ambuance! Rustic old house that have been turned into a lovely dining with a lot of passion and care. the message is simple, we care. it looks like everything inside is carefully picked from different places and made to fit this exotic place, i dig the decore! and i do to work to a $20 million restaurant every day! great selection of teas, i would assume that is their passion! and the food is great too! simple to the point! clean pronounsed flavors! interesting home made dressing and exiting combination of flavors! if you're in the mood for hearty vegan steak dinner, don't go there, but if you want to visit a place with positive environment, don't hasitate, it's in the heat of Orlando and represents it great! Who said Orlando is all about Disney! Yack! that's disgusting!:)))

via Don Carlo Steeb, Verona, Italy

Vegan Italian !

14 Sep 2011

Just finished an amazing dinner at this place! Great atmosphere, warm and welcoming service and delicious food. The menu is in Italian but the lady clearly tells you which are the vegan choices. I had a tasting menu of four courses 28 euros! Great family style dishes with a nice balanced herb character! One can clearly see the italian touch, each dish carried a different color and different flavor but yer they were all relatively classic. Eggplant and chuck peas with a 'yogurt' and dill sause, touch of mint!
Spinach ricoto to fallow, that blew my socks off! And very simple but yet delicious grilled tofu with marinated veggies!
I'm never crazy about desserts, but the cake they served was amazing with the coffee, which I smelled a couple of tables a way and was totally drowned to!
The place is absolute must. It's not cheap but nohmng in Verona is still one can't get this meal in the states for spending at least twice as much, so I think it is worth it!

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

Vegan foie gras!

27 Sep 2013

I had to try it! I've never ah foie in my life, so being in Paris I thought it would be good idea to try it.
No regrets at all. The place is nice and clean and the staff is very friendly. It is true that we waited for a while for our food, I believe it was 2 hours for three courses! That's kinda long, so expect to wait but if you have a nice company the place is very pleasant!
Everything we had was delicious. The presentation was great! The foie gras appetizer was with morels also, so really great settled favors!
I had the raw lasagna, which was also nice.
I had a dark chocolate Bavarian for desert and that was great as well. Creamy and not overly sweet, pure chocolate flavor with great texture.

It's not cheap, but they deliver, minus the waiting time!!
Would definitely return!

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

Old San Frnacisco

26 Aug 2008

This is a great place in the heart of the city! the location was the reason why we tried it, even though an Asian Vegetarian restaurant is getting a bit boring, but this was rather exiting. i loved the spacious dining room and i enjoyed the well restored interior with the high ceiling and wood-carved moldings! Decor is always a big plus, because it adds to the ambiance of the whole dining. The service was fast and attentive and the menu is rather classic, a lot of mock meats and tofu, classic Chinese and Vietnamese dishes but well made and delicious! i loved the wonton soup! nice clean broth with balance and rich vegetable variety! the vietnamese crape was awesome too. Definitely recommended!

ul Tsar Simeon 72, Sofia, Bulgaria


21 Sep 2011

Quite a nice touch for vegans in Bulgaria!
the place is small and cozy, unless one gets intimidated by the religious vibe, i believe the atmosphere is calm and peaceful, with clean and modern decor.
the service is slow, which is typical for Bulgaria, but very pleasant, which is not so typical:)
i believe the extensive menu can satisfy descent range of tastes and everything vegan is clearly marked.
i settled on a Bulgarian classic dish, which i haven't had in close to 20 years, because it's meat, and i have to tell you that i was in love with it, it brought fond memories or authentic flavors without the dead flesh.

4507 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, USA

LA Vegan sums it all

23 Mar 2010

very cozy and clean, i like the atmosphere, but i can't imagine what is would be if it is full, only a few table in a small corner room. the staff is very nice, unobtrusive, yet helpful, fast and efficient, yet professional. i'd assume they are the owners. we loved the thai tea, great balance, not to creamy and classic herbaceous touch and not too sweet. the coconut soup was also great, even the mock meat inside was yummy, just a touch of lemon-grass and bamboo, and the broth aromatic and rich, great combinations of sweet and spicy flavors. we also had fish and chips, which i devoured, i don't think they were too greasy, just simple and delicious. we also ordered some stuffed mushroom special, which was kind of weird, i almost could not determine what it has, i'm sure it was mock meat and cheese, but pretty bland. i definitely did not like the green curry, but it was my first time for green curry, so i won't judge them on it.
overall i'd definitely go there again, i think the atmosphere and the friendly staff will draw us back, the food is hit or miss, but isn't that what dining is all about, the perfect bite when you least expect it.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

French onion soup!

28 Jul 2014

What a nice rustic small place. Very traditional Parisian look and feel, but with vegan food. Nice and clean atmosphere, service is as good as one would get in most French restaurants.
I can't hide that the Onion Soup was the highlight on our meal. I can't really compare it, because it is my first. But it was really delicious. Great balanced but very pronounced flavors. The vegan cheese on top was amazing and the croutons add a great texture to a wonderful soup that I can only expect to be done in a small village, where they decide to spare the beef for the broth.
I wasn't too crazy about the main course and the creme brûlée that I had to try, but not that special. It was delicious, but the texture and consistence was not there. Can't blame them, at least they offer one and I have to give them props.

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA

This is IT!

26 Aug 2008

Yes! i've been dying to dine at this joint forever, and my very high expectations were met! i am so happy that the place is so busy and people are willing to experience vegan cuisine at this level! great ambiance, reminds me of a classic French bistro, with worm colors and clean setting! The staff is very professional and friendly! we have a baby girl and they accommodated us tremendously! Everybody, from the host to the busser showed great deal of care, not to mention the runners explaining in details every single dish! i work in a Michelin Star restaurant and our runners don't do such a great job!
we had the tasting menu, and it was great that they actually bring you two different dishes for each course! never seen this before unless you are VIP and we were not! this gives you a chance to taste variety of food, which was great because my wife can be picky! I loved every dish, i won't go in details but it was obvious that Mr. Tucker poured his soul in his creations. Great balance and wide complexity! Nice progression nothing heavy but clean elegant flavors! I ordered the wine pairing but was a bit disappointed, so i switched to a bottle, they understood and accommodated me about that too! their wine list is nice, maybe needs a bit work but i respect the fact that they offer only environmentally conscious producers which is great! Very reasonably priced!
To anyone that reads this review and appreciates food for more that a nutrition necessity, go to the Millennium! especially if you are not vegan, because this is the food of the NEXT MILLENNIUM, and one should at least give respect to people with vision!

730 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, USA

trip for the palate

03 Apr 2009

yesss! i loved this place. one of the most unique and authentic restaurants in Vegas, it sucks that they are not all vegetarian, but the owner is vegetarian, i guess he wants to have more choices especially in this dining climate. the decor is warm and welcoming, and the dining room is really cozy. not to mention white table cloth! that is always a neat touch. the staff is friendly and informative, they guide you through the menu and do suggesting. and then comes the food! rich, flavorful, complex and intense! i have one suggestion - KWATI SOUP! out of this world, and i would rarely get fascinated by a soup, but this was amazing, full of spices, smokey and loong finish. we did the vegan tasting simpler and it was great, lots of variety and amazing flavors. they also have a great beer selection from across the globe, well priced and great accompaniment for the food. i give props to any place that don't serve MGD and all the usual, i grantee you there is a beer for every taste and they will help you find it! i don't think the place is pricey! there are many components that actually make is even cheap but they have to smooth a few things out. great experience! a must visit in Vegas!

76 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Unit 150, Henderson, USA

Great Thai

23 Dec 2012

Since we moved into this part of town, i decided to give Naga Thai a try! Unfortunately only a Carry out, because the place looked really pleasant and inviting. i love the contemporary design, and the dim lights, i would love to have a nice quiet dinner with my special one there.
the staff is very friendly, and accommodating to vegans, and the Vegan dishes are marked which is an obvious sign that they care.
the chef that took my order was very knowledgeable and understanding. she offered to make Rama Noodles with a vegan sauce instead of the peanut one that they use. and i have to mention that the dish, was one of the best Thai dishes i've ever had, the right amount of sweetness balanced the spicy notes and the freshness of the cilantro! really delicious!
Tom Kah, was also amazing! Mouthwatering! Great soup, that kept me digging for more.
I hate to say this, but the Pad Thai was one of the worst i've ever had.
This won't stop me for visiting Naga again, because there are so many more options and i can't wait to see what else their chef can do.

7293 NW 36th St, Miami, USA

not a place for a date, but for a delicious meal

28 Oct 2007

Defenately religious orientated! all the posters, books( most of them in Spanish) and the music! And as a contrast one can find mostly plasic jars of pills( vitamins, suplaments, proteins,etc.) on the shelfs! An atmosphere that is not making my mouth salivate! But then the music kinda grows on you, it is soothing, and yet passionate! You go to the counter and there is a small warm food station with about 10 choises! I'm already very scaptical, but it's pouring rain outside and i drove 10 miles just to find the place, so we give it a shot! the buffet it $8! very reasonable! the lady guides you through the selections very profoundly, and i try about 5 of them on one plate. Then it all comes togather! the music is still playing and i'm diggin' it even more, and the food is fenomenal! The quinua soup absolutely overwelm me! not to mention , how many places actually serve quinua soup, slightly creamy texture from the sprouted grain with it's pronounsed flavor and fined chopped vegetables to hit the taste buds! not overly seasoned, like the rest of the dishes! everything is clean, delightful and simple! i think one curry dish! the scubled tofu was awesome too, so was the basmati rice! there was a few pasta dishes that i ignored, but i'm sure good also if one is in the mood. All that $8 all you can eat! Hard to beat! And not to forget fresh friut juices make infront of you! definately worth the drive! Just ignore the pills on the shelfs! i know they are kinda annoying:)))

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