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44 Cloth Fair, London, England

real Italian in City of London

Met up with a friend for lunch. It was quite empty which is a shame because the food is so nice. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered (thought the seitan sausages weren't the best thing they had). The portion I got for pasta was also a bit small but it's like a real Italian restaurant where you have a small pasta and then a second main dish. The staff was very friendly and we look forward to going back.

19-3834 Old Volcano Rd, Volcano, USA

Lovely setting

We had the best meal of our vacation here. Sitting in the garden was idyllic, and the food was delicious and filling. Just what you want in between hikes in the National Park.

Highly recommended!

Laugavegur 20b, Simi, Reykjavik, Iceland

Sufficient for dinner, but not special

We had a bit of a tough time finding the place because it is technically off a side street not the main street. The food was fine, but not special. Some of it seemed like it had been sitting on the line for a while. It wasn't served very attractively, but it tasted ok. The atmosphere generally was pleasant but we preferred a different Reykjavik vegetarian restaurant.

45 St. Patrick Square, Edinburgh, Scotland

Decent food, inexperienced waiter

Both items that we ordered were decent, but it was a bit awkward that the waiter seemed to be trying to push us to order more and seemed disappointed when we didn't (we had said that we were in a hurry). The ambiance was fair- not dirty but not carefully looked after.

174 Ninth Ave, New York City, USA

Nice for a Special Occasion

Went here for a special occasion- wouldn't ordinarily spend $13 each on a plate of chocolate. The chocolates were great and the service was also great. We were a bit disappointed that they only sold kosher wine by the bottle- so we had hot drinks instead. I found the hot chocolate too rich, but I'm probably not used to having vegan hot chocolate either.
Though the chocolate is expensive, and the portions seem small, they are very satisfying. In fact, I took a one of my pieces home.
It was a cozy place, and we really enjoyed our date.

Skolavordustigur 8b, Reykjavik, Iceland

Excellent vegi food

Apart from entering from a parking lot, we found the atmosphere very nice. The food was very tasty and the bread was hearty and delicious. We actually came back here for a second night and enjoyed it then as well. The food is counter service, making for a quick meal, but the prices were pretty reasonable for iceland and everything was tasty. The food was all pre-made, so I'm not sure how able they are to cope with special food needs.

2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Expectations were too high

We saw so many positive and excited reviews here and in our guidebook that our expectations were too high. The staff were friendly. They could put more effort into their atmosphere and decor. It was a little on the dingy side.

The food was fine and somewhat creative, but didn't taste as good as it sounded or looked. Cooked vegetables included lettuce in some dishes which we found strange.

We were glad that there was a vegetarian option in Marrakesh but we were hoping it'd be a place we wanted to come back to for more than one meal, and it wasn't that.

Ave Manuel Larrea y Calle Riofrio, Quito, Ecuador

Not for tourists

Place was full of locals but they only had a set menu of soup and a plate with rice and some vegetables and a prepared main dish that was very unappetizing. They didn't have bottled water and the tap water was actually yellow. The soup and bread were ok and the price was cheap but we weren't sure of the safety of the food for us foreigners. In any case, the main coure that day was unappelaing and didn't have any protein. Would have picked a different place in town had we know.

base of Mohonk Mountain Preserve, New Paltz, USA


We recently stayed here with a couple of friends. Had a lovely time. The rooms were comfortable and our hosts friendly. It was winter and they kept the wood fire burning. Breakfast was yummy.

Only non ideal was that the bathroom is shared and downstairs which made it feel like we paid more for our room than we should have.

Lower Gylen, Isle of Kerrera, Oban, Scotland

simple but tasty

An unusual location for anything vegetarian- but Kerrera is a nice spot and it made for an interesting experience. I had a homemade scone and my partner had a soup off the special's menu. Both tasted nice. Don't expect anything elaborate- the set menu was a cheese sandwich, toasted cheese, or soup. staff was friendly. Updated to note that they didn't have meat when we went there. Sad to see that now they do.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 10, 2011

239 Keawe St, Hilo, USA


We went on a Thursday evening. Food was sitting out on buffet, and was cold. There were small ants on the buffet table.

You pay by weight, and fortunately, it's not expensive, because neither of us could finish our food. We've eaten in vegetarian Indian restaurants all over the world so we know what things are supposed to taste like (reliably tasty). This not only fell short, but actually was verging on inedible (especially what they are passing off as paneer).

We only eat out in vegetarian restaurants when we travel and so were really hoping to count on this place for two nights, but unfortunately we didn't dare go back and had to supplement our food that night as we couldn't count what we had been served as a meal!

We'd give this one star or less, but apparently Happy Cow only gives the lowest rating of two for vegetarian restaurants. (News to me, never given a rating this low before)

1413 York Ave, New York City, USA

disappointed- not fresh food

We came on a sunday and were disappointed to find out that the menu items were not freshly prepared, but were prepackaged in a refrigerator. We were told that we could pick one out and it could be reheated by microwave. We elected not to stay.

434 Main St, Rosendale, USA

Didn't work out

We arrived, sat down, and saw on the menu that they serve tuna and on the special board that they had crab. We called the waiter over to confirm that it was real, and unfortunately it was so. Unfortunately, due to our dietary practices, we can't eat at a place that serves crab, and so we left.

We were quite disappointed that they billed themselves as vegetarian while serving seafood.

1221 Locust St, Philadelphia, USA


We were looking for somewhere special for a birthday dinner and this was exactly what we wanted. Delicious food, well prepared, with great service all added up to a lovely time. Be aware you need to order 2-3 things per person to feel full, but the dishes are priced accordingly and it means you get to have a variety of items off the menu. Several steps up from your usual decent vegetarian restaurant.

102 Heath Street, Hampstead, London, UK, North West London, England

Nice time

Went out with group of friends. The decor was a lot nicer than you might expect.
We thought the service was good and food was yummy. I enjoyed being able to order a dosa in the UK, haven't seem them on so many menus compared to vegi indian places in the US.
It was a little expensive, but then it was in Hampstead
We'd go back!

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