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Casual neighborhood veggie cafe with an extensive juices and food menu. Offers main entrees, sandwiches, pizza, smoothies, desserts, all-day breakfast, vegan sweets, and some raw food. Seating is available for both table and counter service. Reported closed March 2023.

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First Review by plonitalmoni


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03 Feb 2023

Best breakfast in NYC

Amazing place with great food and a 6.50 all week breakfast option!
Would go daily if I was living there 😉🙂



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17 Dec 2022

Very small, but nice food

We only tried the tofu breakfast wraps that were already prepared and in a warmer as the server told us there would be a wait for other options as a lot of delivery orders had just come in. The wraps were really nice though, especially with the addition of hot sauce. The shop is very small - only four tables inside, so probably more a takeaway place.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Decent prices, Yummy food

Cons: Very small premises, Delivery orders get priority


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09 Aug 2022

Very friendly

So friendly it didn't feel like New York. The breakfast options were good. Seating is limited but guests were accommodating to each other. The juices were also quite good.


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22 Jun 2022

Delicious lunch & great for the price

Vegan BLT with the salad on the side was a perfect lunch, and for only $10 including tax it’s pretty hard to beat in NYC. Also tried the soba noodle dish which was decent, but probably wouldn’t get it again. Still, all the sandwiches look phenomenal, and the smoothies do too — will order from here again


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14 Apr 2022

Great spot on UES

There aren’t a ton of great options on the Upper East Side. I was so excited to find this spot. I had a tempeh BLT for breakfast and can’t wait to try out more items. Also, the vegan peanut butter cookie and the vegan chocolate coconut macaroon cookie were a nice surprise!

Pros: Almost all vegan, Super friendly service


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17 Feb 2022

The best healthy vegan food in UES

I just love their menu. Their staff is so sweet. And the food is fresh. They have so many different vegan sandwiches.

Pros: Yummy healthy sandwiches , Great staff + people, Food is made fast

Cons: None!


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28 Mar 2021


Very tasty vegan sandwiches to go.

Pros: Delicious , Fast, Cute atmosphere

Cons: Does serve non vegan things , Eggs , Small inside


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30 Dec 2020

10/10 Recommend

I love this place and will definitely be returning when in the city! The Vegan Cheddar Burger was incredible and the Tofu Club is perfect for a light and healthy lunch.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great price range, Great customer service!


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05 Dec 2019

The cattle ranch wrap is everything

My husband and I get the cattle ranch wrap delivered multiple times per week. It’s delicious and so filling!! I’ve also eaten here twice in person (it’s tiny and super casual), the perfect quaint spot to meet a fellow veggie for coffee and breakfast. They have a great breakfast special price available all day and the vegan donuts are the cherry on top :)

Pros: Delivery, Vegan pastries available, Great breakfast special avail all day

Cons: Limited seats


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19 Nov 2019

Easy and simple

Use to come here each morning for a few years when still living in nyc. It’s much healthier than grabbing breakfast from Starbucks or some greasy diner. Sandwiches are good and usually have some pretty tasty soups.

Pros: Healthy, Simple , Reasonably priced


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14 Aug 2019

Simple and nice

This place has mostly vegan food, not that expensive, and everything is pretty good. I go here mostly for takeout, but sometimes sit at the wooden tables. This is not a fine dining experience, but the food is healthy, tasty, and well-priced--this is not fast food, but if you want a quick bite and are in the area, this place can do the trick. There is no bathroom, but you can use the one in the place next door (Beanochios). Not a place to travel to go to, but fine if you are in the area.

Updated from previous review on 2012-06-11

Pros: Pretty healthy, simple, good value

Cons: not fancy


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25 Jul 2019

Ate here 5 times in 9 days.

Me and my boyfriend found this place on the first day of our trip to NYC. It was so great that we just kept coming back and basically worked our way through the menu. Particular highlights are the spicy avo wrap. The Vegan club on seven grain and the BBQ Seitan brisket. My bf had an organic smoothie every day and I had a coffee. Everything was amazing. The staff are all so friendly too, giving suggestions and just having nice general banter with customers and each other. I also so a lot of the same faces in eating every time I was there so it obviously attracts repeat custom. If I had to give one suggestion to the owners it would about single use plastic. I would love to see them use alternatives to the smoothie cups and take away dishes tops and sauce containers. They were giving customer the choice of paper straws which was great, so maybe they are trying to make small changes but by bit.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly service , Reasonably priced for NYC


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24 Jun 2019

there’s something for everyone

I came here for the first time today before work to get myself a Cappuccino Crunch smoothie for breakfast, and to order a Spicy Avocado Wrap for lunch. I like how the cashier had offered me a plastic or paper straw, & how the wrap/salad/condiments were neatly separated in their packaging. The wrap had taken a little bit longer to prepare than I had anticipated, so I ended up getting a mini brownie bite while I waited. But the fact of the matter is that my order tasted bomb, and the service was solid despite staff juggling other customers who had complicated their orders at the last minute. The banter shared between the two employees working at the counter was entertaining too and, if I weren’t in a rush, I would’ve ordered a breakfast special to dine-in.
* (buffet?) items are 50% off 1 hour prior to closing!

19 June: I stopped by for a grilled cheese (swapped tomato for avocado) paired with a side salad and their condiments, and a small black coffee with homemade almond milk and two sugars. Sooo good.

21 June: The. Breakfast. Special. Is. Everything.

Pros: good food

Cons: tight space


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03 Sep 2018

Good breakfast, nice guys...

Had a donut, sweet Barbara Green juice, coffee and grilled "cheese" with tomatoes and avocados.

Pros: Good vegan selection , Great coffee , Tasty juicing


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09 Mar 2018

small place with a great number of iteams

Place is small with a surprisingly number of iteams on the menus. Really like this place


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09 Feb 2018

great little place

Fantastic food. So amazingly cheap. Eggs, home fries, and coffee for seven bucks on the upper east side? Nuts.


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09 Nov 2017

Bad experience

Never before I had to write a negative review in Happy Cow and after my travel to NY I feel obligated to do it with two places. It's a pity!
We went to this café after a long walking day and we found an almost empty place. We thought "nice, we can choose where to seat!". Nope. The owner came and said that we had to seat by the bar. Weird, we only wanted to seat in a table for three being three and they don't accept bookings. Anyway, we decided to order and the waitress behaved like if she were angry or we were doing something bad. Is everything ok? We didn't understand what was going on there. When more people came, she kept behaving the same so I guess it was her attitude. The smoothie and the coffees where ok, not specially good. Considering the price range of the products we expected to find restroom available for clients, but there wasn't.
Not coming back to this place.

Cons: Bad experience , Unacceptable behaviour, No restroom


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16 Dec 2015

Need 10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I order like a king feasting. Everything is so so Amazing. Even shipped some for friends. Can't wait for breakfast!!!!!!!


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06 Oct 2014

Cute Cafe but don't go out of your way

The food was decent, large menu options, cute enough place, we were satisfied but not thrilled. We had two large plates. They also had sandwiches, salads and smoothies. I'd eat there again if I lived within a block or two but won't go out of my way to go here.

Pros: cute small place, lots of options

Cons: ok food but didn't overwhelm me


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27 Aug 2014

Cozy little cafe

It's a good spot for lunch. They use a lot of plastic, even when you're eating in, which sucks. (even though they have recycling, there's no need for it) Everything else is really good.

I had the tempeh and mashed sweet potatoes with gravy, and I really liked it.

I'd go here again.

Pros: All veg

Cons: Too much plastic stuff


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07 Jul 2014

love the tofu wrap

Ate there a couple years ago for breakfast and had an amazing tofu scramble wrap. It was so good that I still think about it every time I am back in NYC. Strongly recommend checking it out.


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06 Jun 2011

cute place

what i've had here, i enjoyed. it's a bit pricey (upper east side!) but the desserts are really good and the place has a good vibe.


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17 Sep 2010

Big selection, tiny space

The Green Bean Cafe is a neighborhood place first and vegan outpost second. That is a good thing. The high school kids fill it up at lunch time, the neighbors are in and out, there is usually someone parked on the bench outside. I find it much more welcome g than Candle Cafe 4 blocks away. Of course this is more a take out or eat on the go cafe and less of a restaurant than Candle, but it's a bit more heartfelt. There's an extensive juice and smoothies list, organic coffee, quite a few gluten free sweets, raw foods offerings and a hot food and salad bar. Really an amazing selection in a sliver of a store. The staff is also lovely.

Pros: Variety and freshness, Neighborhood joint, Helpful staff

Cons: Limited seating


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26 Sep 2009

Bland, poor texture.

Checked restaurant out after reading that muffins were good but found them "gluey," as if undercooked although they looked nice. Also sampled a few cupcakes: very tasteless and too crumbly. Won't be back anytime soon.


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01 Sep 2009


This was the first HappyCow listing we checked out in New York. My boyfriend and I thought it was a great little place, but the omnivore we were with didn't take to it. Good selection of food, and seemed pretty healthy, quite a few vegan options for me and I was thrilled to see some of the raw desserts. I took away the raw banana cream pie to eat later and it was delicious. Staff were pretty friendly. The food was good but I have to admit from recollection it was a bit more expensive than we were expecting, which was a let down because we were new to town and it was a bit of a trek to find the place as it was nowhere near where we were staying. Our omnivore friend's vegan muffin was also very dry, which didn't help the cause, and I was disappointed that they were out of vegan ice cream. All up though, a fairly decent place and I'd eat there again.

Pros: great food , raw vegan desserts available

Cons: a bit expensive


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03 Mar 2009


This place is a shoe box, but you shouldn't miss it. The (apparent) owner is very friendly, the entrees are in plastic containers in a refrigerator, but they are very fresh. I got the Not Dog and a salad. The Not Dog is to die for - with soy cheese (no casein), rice, salsa, and the tostada salad was fresh, crisp, well seasoned. They have a diverse menu, a solid drink (smoothie, etc) menu, and fresh hot soup. Totally vegan and a lot of raw. The prices were fair. There's several small tables inside - that's all they can cram into the small space. This place is deceiving in its appearance. I will be going back next time in NY!


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Mostly Veg
16 Feb 2009

disappointed- not fresh food

We came on a sunday and were disappointed to find out that the menu items were not freshly prepared, but were prepackaged in a refrigerator. We were told that we could pick one out and it could be reheated by microwave. We elected not to stay.

Pros: vegetarian, location

Cons: not fresh, unfriendly

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