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Wolf-Dietrich-Strasse 1, Salzburg, Austria

not worth it

24 Apr 2012

I am always extremely supportive of any businesses that cater for vegans, but this just didn't cut it.. :(

We got there around lunchtime, and it was quite crowded. I ordered tofu with ramsons and rice, my boyfriend had snitzel or something of the sort. Our meals came with standard curry basmati rice and veggie stir-fries on the side. The vegetables were all gray, mushy and overcooked, as if they cooked everything in the morning and then just left it there in a warm pot the whole day. "Organic orange juice" tasted synthetic and extremely dilluted, and on the bottom of the glass you could see undissolved orange powder clumps, which was just awful. Even though the portions were generous, it just wasn't worth 22eur we paid. And, like with the previous reviewer, there was no bill AND the waiter cheated us for 1.5eur AND we were stupid enough to leave him a tip..

I'd rather have a falafel or a cheese-less pizza for less next time.

Dzirnavu iela 42, Riga, Latvia

a pace for stocking your pantry

17 Jan 2011

One of the few place in Riga where you can find soy products. I like this place because they sell TSP and soy-milk powder in bulk (1kg bags for 3 and 4LVL). This place has a wide selection of spices and pantry items like flour, seeds, baking mixes etc. They also have some prepared soy products, like tofu, tofu spreads, soy sausages etc.

Unfortunately, they sell some meat products as well.

Kirchenweg 22, Nuremberg, Germany

Disrespectful service

07 Aug 2014

To start off, I've been to over 10 Loving Huts around the world and this is by far the worst.
We came in on a Sunday afternoon before a long drive home.

Now, above the buffet there were two identical signs explaining the price - one in English and one in German. We immediately noticed that the English one said EUR 10 for all-you-can-eat, whereas on the German one it was only EUR 8. As we pointed this out to each other, the guy swiftly turned the German sign around and pretended nothing ever happened. RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. We both felt INSULTED by the fact that they would charge foreigners more. This is by all means not a way to do business.

Since the choice of dishes was rather scarce we decided to go with the buffet by weight. The guy quickly prepared some fresh noodles and rice in addition.
Food was just OK.

C/ Peregrino, 2, Malaga, Spain

great value for money

17 Feb 2011

My boyfriend and I had an hour on our way to Malaga airport, and we just *had* to check out this place.
And we were not disappointed. For 6.5 EUR each we got a plate of salad, a HUGE plate of different thai-inspired dishes from tofu, seitan, dough, vegetables and rice/noodles. And a lovely jasmine green tea infusion. The old man tried to speak some Spanish, but both of us were obvious beginners. Nevertheless, he was extremely happy to find out that we both were vegans and was exceptionally friendly.

Capitoliy Shopping Center, 2nd floor, Pravoberejnaya st., 1B, Moscow, Russia

bistro/fast food style

16 Aug 2011

Having been at Loving Hut in Spain, this was the place we wanted to eat at the most.

We actually went there twice, and have sampled almost all of the menu by now. :) I suggest you go to their website for menu (МЕНЮ) and prices, because they might not speak English there.

I would recommend fried dumplings with mushrooms or TSP (Пельмени), traditional Russian potato salad (Оливье), sour cream (сметана) which they make on the spot, cheesecakes (Чизкейк) and pakora (Пакора).

The place has opened recently, therefore I don't mind any preparation slips or if the seasoning is a bit off. What matters is that you can have * anything* there and not worry about it containing animal products.

A piece of advice is that you order a few items, as they come on very small plates ;) we, for example, had three each.

GETTING THERE: when you are at the Rechnoy vokzal, walk past the bus-stops, cross the street, turn right and walk some 300m until you see a bus-sign with the supermarket name on it.

Haimhauserstr. 3a, Munich, Germany

wear a dress and bring your girlfriends!

15 Aug 2013

a well hidden patisserie full of delicious chocolate goodness!
exquisite cakes and all sorts of pastry and pralines you can think of. prices are steep, but I haven't had a complex dessert in ages, so I had to go there.
it's funny how they don't advertise as vegan to fool the non-believers.

Raina Bulvaris 17, Riga, Latvia

cozy Indian-inspired food

17 Jan 2011

A nice and quite place to enjoy your lunch. Hardly ever crowded in spite of very few tables.
Prices are lower than in 'Rama', and the location is just perfect to reach from all parts of the city centre.
It always has some vegan options, like rice, vegetable stews or samosas. The food is fairly spicy too.
Unfortunately, I always miss some fresh mixed salad there.

Calle Santiago 2, Granada, Spain

great variety of vegan foods

17 Feb 2011

El Piano Gran Capitan was our last-minute dinner decision. Since the one in closer to the old city was closed, we drove all the way to this one.
Upon entering we were greeted by a lovely Spanish lady, who explained their concept and food options in brief. To our surprise the guy behind the counter spoke fluent English, so we had no problems communicating.
The food was delicious, my boyfriend even got the second boat! I especially loved the noodle-broccoli-banana salad.
The carrot cake and the date cake were very rich and satisfying.

Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria

highly recommended

26 May 2011

we had lunch there and were happy to see the menu - so many things to choose from!

I had duck noodles with the duck looking too realistic for me. My boyfriend ordered fried chicken with potato salad. Needless to say, we enjoyed or meal there a lot. :) the complementary salad and a watermelon slice was very nice of them.

the prices are around 3.50 EUR for sides and snacks like burgers and wraps, and around 8.50EUR for main courses.

Kuźnicza 11/13, Wroclaw, Poland

pleasant dinner

16 Aug 2011

Had dinner there on our road-trip through Poland.

Vegan options are clearly marked, so no problem with that. Mexican stew was delicious and well as the tacos.

What really surprised me was the sophistication of side salads. Instead of the usual coleslaw, there was a mix of different lettuce, sprouts and pumpkin seeds.

Good food, pretty interior, nice staff. Perfect!

Franz Josef Strasse 3, Salzburg, Austria

coffee and a light snack

15 Aug 2013

a place that specializes in cakes and sandwiches.
great variety, vegan option clearly marked. any coffee can be served with soy milk.

Kuznetsky Most Str, 11, Moscow, Russia

disappointing experience

16 Aug 2011

There is a restaurant AND a bistro. Our local friends had told us to choose the restaurant as it has better food. So we did.

We ordered non-alcoholic white wine, noodles with veggies and a seitan meal. The FOOD was decent, however, the prices were quite high.

What we absolutely despised about the place was the SERVICE. It was around 10:30pm (they close at 11), so the waiter looked very discontent
and made us feel like we should hurry up cuz he wants to go home. Later, when the bill arrived, we gave him a creditcard, to which he replied
that they don't take creditcards there, although before sitting down we asked the staff if we could pay by card and they said it was possible.
Nevertheless, he *did* take the card and returned with a sales slip for singning. Finally, we wanted to tip him, but only had large notes, when
asking if he possibly could change them to smaller ones so we could tip him, we were stopped mid-sentence with a blunt "no need". Our "thank you,
goodnight" was not returned either.

To sum up, the food is ok, but when I go to a "restaurant" I expect more than just that..

Prijeko bb, Dubrovnik, Croatia

cute, but nothing spectacular

15 Aug 2013

first of all, do take the note about reservations seriously. it was almost fully booked by noon and we saw tens of people being turned down.
we wanted to spend the last night in Dubrovnik nicely, so we went to Nishta for dinner. The staff was super nice, showed us to the table and there were even some cosy blankets available for that rainy and chilly night.
I really liked the mushroom appetizer with dried cinnamon apples on top, that was a surprise. Lentil patties and burger however were under-cooked, you could taste raw beans and flour in it, so those were disappointing. My Thai noodles were too greasy, but I guess that's just a matter of taste.
Another downside is that the reservation time is too short. Combined with the slow service, we felt rushed all the time and had to eat our desserts (which arrived too late) in 5 minutes, because the next couple was waiting already.
I would not recommend this place for a romantic night out. You'll be better off having a pick-nick by the sea.

Ozo 18, Vilnius, Lithuania

great place for 4 hungry vegans

17 Jan 2011

This was a really nice place to eat. Even though the lady there didn't speak English too well, she was really friendly and we had no problems asking for vegan options.
There were only 3 vegan options for the main course (thai veggies, rice & TSP goulash, rice with veggies) available in medium and large portions. The large portion of rice & goulash was large, indeed. I missed some heat as I am used to very spicy Indian flavors, thus this seemed a bit too mild for me. Overall, very satisfying dish for about 9-10 LTL. And it took them only about 5min to prepare!
Highly recommended!

Skolas iela 12, Riga, Latvia

gourmet experience

16 Aug 2011

We visited Raw Garden a month or so after it's opening.

It's a very unique place for Latvia, and from what I can tell, it's not too popular with the locals, because the prices are high. However, if you go there from 11am-3pm, you can get lunch menu for 3,5LVL (generally 2,5LVL in any other place).

We ordered veggie rolls and "lasagna", but it still felt like we're eating a salad, moreover, the veggies on our plates were practically the same, thus, both dishes tasted the same. They do have lovely cashew cheeses and sauces though. I fell in love with them so much, I figured out the recipe and like to make it myself.

I've heard they have started offering vegan hot dishes as well, so you don't have to eat 'salads' all the time there :)

Overall, it was a lovely restaurant experience and I would love to go there again someday.

Arnulfstrasse 5, Munich, Germany

NOT vegan at all

18 Sep 2011

we were very excited to go to a 100% vegan doner place, but, to our disappointment, they only had 2 vegan options. TWO!

the first was something that resembled a strudel, but with veggies in it. the second was falafel. we both went for the falafel.

for 3.5eur it was a terrible falafel, and, believe me, I've had tons of falafels in my life. the hummus wasn't smooth at at all, the bun was too hard so everything kept falling out of it. the falafels themselves were undercooked and didn't hold together..

the bottom line is - don't be fooled by the description. oh, and if you're looking for decent falafels, there's a doner place close to the corner of FeilitzschstraSe and LeopoldstraSe for the same price. ;)

Große Klingergasse 10, Passau, Germany

worth a visit

12 Aug 2014

We were incredibly excited to hear that an all-vegan eatery had opened in Passau, so we took some colleagues and went there for late dinner.
The location is perfect and so is the interior. Everything fresh and inviting, something that I imagine would appeal even to non-vegans out there.
The menu is very simple and sounds delicious, the food was, unfortunately, not the best I've had. Among the six of us, my chicken fried rice was the best. Some items are bland, as if the chef never even tasted them in the first place.
Still I want to go back in some time and see if the food has improved, and to finally taste the burgers and salads. The place definitely has a potential.

Buttermelcherstr. 11-15, Munich, Germany

a true adventure

14 Aug 2015

A very cosy, hip and atmospheric place hidden in the center of Munich. It serves rather traditional food, but there is a unique twist to it. The food is very creative, yet absolutely delicious.
This is also the place I first really enjoyed a radicchio dish which tells a lot.
The prices are more than ok for Munich.

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