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206 E 13th Ave, Denver, USA

Nice atmosphere, great selection

13 Jan 2009

I will have to agree with the other reviews--this is not a family-oriented place, this is definitely a hipster eatery. It is also very loud and crowded--but again, it's meant for people to go and socialize, not sit down for a quiet dinner. It is very dark, but also there are couches and lamps. The entire baked goods section is vegan--and the selection is enormous. I stopped in for a break while walking around downtown Denver and had a gigantic chocolate chip cookie that was almost the size of my face ($2) and a soy latte ($3). For five bucks I had a nice snack and got to warm up inside and check out some of the local scene. Will definitely go back.

12113 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 207, West Los Angeles, USA

One of my favoritees

10 Jan 2008

We ordered to-go. I got the orange chicken dinner and my boyfriend got a wrap with fries. The dinner was a great value. It came with a spring roll, a large cup of soup, salad w/ dressing, fried rice, and the orange chicken. It was way too much food. The orange chicken was also a bit too sweet for my liking. I agree with the previous reviewer: the chicken could have used some vegetables big-time.
My boyfriend's wrap was very large, fresh, and good. His fries were cold and rubbery by the time we got back to the hotel, however. He should have gotten a dinner meal! The restaurant itself had a really lovely layout and looked out over Santa Monica Blvd.

110 W Washington St, Lexington, USA

Looked good!

27 Dec 2007

We stopped by for lunch, but were a little late. On Saturdays they serve soup and sandwiches. The soups were all vegan, while none of the sandwiches were. Soup was first come first serve, and we arrived after the lunch rush, so it wasn't worth $4 for an unlimited bowl, as the soups were almost over. We're vegan so we didn't check out the sandwiches. The soups of the day were Pumpkin Curry and a vegetable. The store does offer organic fruits as well as chips and crackers to supplement lunch.

514 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, USA

What a paradise

17 Oct 2007

As a vegan stranded in southwestern Virginia, I had the chance to visit RFD when visiting a friend in Santa Monica. I was blown away by all the choices. I only had enough money for desert--I opted for the cheesecake. Where I'm from, vegan cheesecake is unheard of. I loved it. Amazing!

5907 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, USA

I Hope It Was Vegan

10 Jan 2008

We were stranded in Hollywood one weekday night in the pouring rain and wandered into this place. The staff was really nice and it had a family atmosphere. We ordered a chicken nugget on a stick appetizer along with spring rolls and mung bean soup. I got the fried chicken dinner and my boyfriend got a beef dinner. It was all good, but after reading the reviews below, I'm not to quick to pass the praise. I'm apt to believe the whey rumor because I used their restroom and it was packed FULL of tested on animals/animal ingredient cleaners. Not just one, but about 5 cans of Lysol, Clorox, etc. I came back to my table pretty upset. I didn't choose to eat at an all-vegan restaurant to put my money towards animal cruelty. Sorry, but that just isn't vegan. No vegetarian would find that acceptable either.

On the upside, we did order the coconut ice cream for desert which was obviously homemade and was very, very delicious. My boyfriend ordered the fried bananas to go with it. They turned out to be spring rolls filled with banana, which was kinda weird.

With so many other vegan restaurants in the area, I would suggest readers go elsewhere to be on the safeside ingredient-wise and avoid funding Proctor and Gamble death sprays.

17823 Chatsworth St, Granada Hills, USA

Vegan, Healthy, and Hearty

10 Jan 2008

This is an all vegan Chinese restaurant. We stopped in on a Saturday afternoon. The outside was not eye-catching, and it's a wonder anybody knows about it. I was staying the weekend with my friend who lives in Granada Hills, and even she didn't know about it. The staff was very helpful, friendly, and patient. Because Happycow does not designate this restaurant as all vegan, I asked which dishes were not vegan. Our server said that the menu had been changed to 100% VEGAN. A few items that used to contain egg and whey and were omitted. That was a relief. The next challenge was the massive menu. 7 pages of way too much to pick from. After much deliberation, we decided on the seaweed salad, the wonton soup, and, just for the heck of it, the jellyfish for appetizers. The wonton soup was perfection. The jellyfish (I've never had the real thing) was overly chewy. Wasn't bad, just...chewy.

For our main dishes, we ordered chicken and broccoli and a beef and mushroom dish. Most entrees give the option of gluten or soy which would be helpful to someone with allergies. We went with gluten. The chicken and broccoli came loaded with lots of fresh broccoli and a light savory sauce. The actual mock meat itself wasn't too inspiring. The beef and mushroom dish came with a heavy gravy like sauce. The mushrooms were fresh and the mock meat was tender. It was really good. We also got a heaping bowl of brown rice. It was a very delicious meal and relatively healthy. The prices were equal to that in regular Chinese restaurants.

Closed on Mondays and offers take-out

1650 Broadway St, Boulder, USA


13 Jan 2009

What a relief to walk into a 100% vegan restaurant. I ended up overdoing it with a chilli-cheese dog, mac and cheese, and a hempmilk shake. The fake cheese was so-so, I can make better myself. But, other than that, the food was really good for fast food. The milk shake is not to be missed!

1525 Broadway Ave, Santa Monica, USA

Great selection

10 Jan 2008

I love this store because there are so many vegan "convenience" foods. There is a hot deli and a cold deli loaded with goodies. They sell a lot of vegan cosemetics that I otherwise have to purchase online--which isn't the greatest when you need to see with your own eyes if it's the color you want. They also sell a lot of food items that I can't find anywhere else. I consider this the vegan version of a grocery store!

One annoying thing is that they use a lot of plastic bags and provide wet wipes (which I did actually see being used) for snooty people that don't want to touch the handle of a cart that someone else has. Those things never degrade! Why not offer a bottle spritzer of vinegar instead?

Also, get rid of the meat section! What a gross thing to see in the middle of shopping!

I'm from the East Coast, but whenever I'm in town visiting my friend, we make sure to hit up the Co-op to stock up on groceries and goodies I can't get back home.

708 N Main St, Blacksburg, USA

Nice prices great location

26 Oct 2007

Eats is now located inside Oasis world market--so both of my favorite stores are now together. Shopping is made much easier. I guess one problem is that after you have bags from one store, you have to hide them with the clerk or go out to the parking lot to unload them before moving on to the next store. I prefer this store over the other natural food store in Blacksburg. Better prices and better parking.

153 College Ave, Blacksburg, USA

Vegan options--beware

18 Sep 2007

Service notoriously sucks here. Also, I don't know what is so "vegetarian" about seafood. I'm pretty sure every biology 101 teaches that fish are living beings that feel pain.

Lots of items can be made vegan on the menu. Beware, though. I asked for a soycheese pizza and got real cheese--with no apology or sympathy in the least for such an offensive and dangerous mistake. Who needs a knockoff of a cruel product anyway, I guess.

It's nice to have a vegetarian restaurant in town that brings the diet and lifestyle to the mainstream, but I think they could be a little more welcoming and understanding to real vegetarians and vegans. Also, confusing the public with seafood and promoting fish, shellfish, etc as objects that apparently are no different than vegetables--is just plain irresponsible.

3764 Watseka Ave, Los Angeles, USA

An awesome find!

10 Jan 2008

We had no idea we were stepping into a temple when we came here for lunch. What an awesome suprise. We got the all you can eat lunch buffet for $7 a piece. They also sell organic drinks. We picked up some gingerales. There is a great salad bar and hot item bar. There were at least 2 cold salads that were vegan (including potato salad) and I think all the dressings were vegan and certainly homemade. They had brown rice and 2 main dishes that were vegan. So, about 50% of the buffet is vegan and worth the money. My boyfriend is Indian, and he attested that the dal was "perfect." Soothing religious music played in the background and each table is fitted with small books on prayer and Hindu teachings to peruse as you eat. It was really neat.

After eating, we wandered upstairs to their store. Be wary. On impulse, we bought a ring, which corroded and bent within a day! Supposedly the stone is real, if that's any consolation! Also, all of the clothing is outrageously priced (but that may be because my Indian sidekick constantly vocalizes his disgust at the markup of a $2 kurta in India to $40 in the US). Our best discovery was the large art prints that ran from $5-12. Great deal. They also sold some postcards and stickers that were within reason.

There was also a museum, but we were out of time on the meter outside, so we had to move on. It was about $3 entry, so I'm sure it was worth it.

A great dining experience overall!

71 7th Ave S, New York City, USA

It was okay.

09 Jan 2008

This place wasn't awful, but it wasn't anywhere I'd go again given all the options NYC has. My boyfriend loved it, though, and said it was one of his favorite stops on our trip. They basically just sell huge bowls of hummus that are meant to be shared but are not marked as such, so we ended up with way too much of it. The hummus is decorated nicely but is heavy on the tahini. It costs extra for tiny portions of falafel or pita. One of my friends just ate his hummus with a spoon to save money. Atmosphere was cozy and offered a nice view of the street outside. The tea is a must, as it comes with generous sprigs of fresh mint. In the end, however, I kinda wished we'd gone to the Indian restaurant next door instead!

9409 Venice Blvd, Culver City, USA

A Hidden Treasure

09 Jan 2008

We were in the area to see the Jurassic Technology museum and stopped in for some Indian grocery after eating at the Hare Krishna temple a few buildings down. Sweets and Spices made all authentic fast-foods in the kitchen and at very affordable prices. I noticed a lot of reviews complained about bad service. I had my Indian boyfriend with me, so that may have helped. He did complain that they had an older lady working the register that didn't speak English well. Try to get one of the younger clerks to help out as we did. She even went so far as to give me their personal coconut chutney recipe as they had none pre-packaged that I could take on my flight. We got a lot of goodies that we had trouble finding in NYC, let alone in the college town we're from.

At least two of the ladoo (sweets) were vegan--verify with the staff (check for ghee, butter, milk, buttermilk, yogurt). We also got panipuri, as that's impossible to find anywhere in America it seems. Somehow, though, we only got 6, when their menu was selling them at 50ct to 100ct. The corriander chutney was way too spicy for me, but everything else was just fine.

Be sure to check the menu posted high up on the wall instead of just what's displayed in the counter--they offer much more than samosas and vada.

The shop itself sells a lot of unique Indian grocery that I've never come across before (and I've hit up a lot of them). I was really excited about this place, and I'll certainly come again! If you stop by, be sure to check out the Hare Krishna temple for luch, the museum, or their extensive Indian supply shop. There is also an Indian video rental and clothing store next door.

12th and Main St, Lynchburg, USA

Great Indian food!

27 Sep 2007

The Indian booth is run by a real Indian mama who was very helpful in helping us with vegan options. Several items on the buffet were already vegan, but she also makes anything to order. It was delicious!

2199 California St, Denver, USA

Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere

13 Jan 2009

This is absolutely the most eccentric place I've ever eaten. It was totally wild. There was a guy playing a piano in one corner, and a guy dressed as a wizard doing tarot readings in the other. Upstairs, swing dancing was going on. The crowd ranged from hipsters to older folks. This place is just plain entertaining. There were quite a few vegan options (namely tofu, tempeh, or Mexican), though you had to sift through menu items heavy on chicken, fish, and ELK. Pretty gross. The bread they give you as an appetizer is not vegan--or so the waitress guessed (for a place trying to cater to vegans, I was kind of annoyed they weren't more clear or helpful in that regard). I ended up with a battered tofu meal a la carte (as I didn't see any point to buying a vegan dinner which came with more non-vegan bread). It came with generous portions--lots of interesting vegetables (we were drawing guesses as to what all of them were). It was very filling. The quinoa had zero flavor, though, and that seemed to come with almost everything on their menu. They had three different vegan items for desert. I went with the vegan cake sweetened with maple syrup. It was okay--but I've had better. It was a huge slice and I ended up sharing it with my friends.

Will be returning soon to enjoy the atmosphere!

261 S College Ave, Fort Collins, USA

THE place for vegans

13 Jan 2009

This is a hipster college hangout--mainly a coffee shop, but they have a huge vegan menu. Food is good, prices are excellent. Located in old town. The best vegan selection in town. Parking can be difficult at times. The staff is really friendly.

4318 S College Ave, Fort Collins, USA

Vegan essentials

13 Jan 2009

This is the only place in town that I can find vegan nail polish and nail polish remover. Other than that, they're about even with Sunflower Market. Their bulk section is already pre-packaged, which is kinda annoying. Also, their produce section is limited. It's also located way down on College, so it's annoying to deal with traffic to get to it.

118-A Campbell Ave SE, Roanoke, USA

Great Wait Staff

27 Sep 2007

The wait staff was very precise when helping us choose vegan options! I think only one or two entrees on the menu are specifically vegan--the rest you will have to request be made without ghee, paneer, etc. Everyone ordered something different and we all shared--it was a massive feast. Great atmosphere as well!

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