A down-tempo coffee house and bar. Offers full menu, bakery treats, vegetarian and vegan pizzas. Serves breakfast till 5pm. Example of dishes include burrito, vegan biscuits n' gravy with tofu eggs, caesar salad, vegan chickn n' waffles, peanut butter & jelly waffles. Car parking requires a fee. Confirmed open May 2020. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-12:00am.

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First Review by rainfall2008


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14 Nov 2023

Iconic old school look

Old school diner /bar atmosphere even at 12 noon. Serves breakfast. Service is good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-14

Cons: Mostly oily or fried food.



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13 Nov 2023

Solid breakfast option

No vegan places downtown open for breakfast midweek so ended up here. Fun decor. Service was good (though i had a bad experience here aome years back). Vegans well catered for even though they offer eggs and dairy options

Updated from previous review on 2019-11-24

Pros: Open early midweek

Cons: Not all vegan


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04 Nov 2023

Great Place

Chilled, friendly and relaxed atmosphere with great service

Pros: Atmosphere, Good, Service


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24 Oct 2023

Fish Out of Water

I've been here twice this year. First time was really good. Second time ordered everything the same and it was night and day. The raviolis were awesome both times. When we came back the second time. I was immediately concerned, looking at the chef in the open kitchen. Unhygienic, and looking clueless. I ordered a Buffalo Chix pizza and it was so bad. The chef had zero visual perception skills. It came with dried mushrooms and only one slice had mushrooms and it was in a pile, almost no cheese, tons of hot sauce, one piece of chix on whole pizza...speed is good but not at the expense of not spreading out the ingredients. Ordered the Cesar salad and only dressing on it was already in the mixing bowl, so no dressing with parm on it. Sister place of Watercourse. Its better than Watercourse but both places have issues with hygiene and consistency. Denver is ripe for other vegan restaurants.


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20 Oct 2023

If I could give this place 10 stars, I would!

My meal was amazing! I got the seitan wings which were perfect. I liked the BBQ best, but the buffalo was good too. I also got a 1/2 order of “chick’n” (cauliflower and waffles. Amazing!
The portion size for the seitan was huge, so I have some for lunch tomorrow too!!!
Well marked menu, delicious food, wonderful staff! 10 stars.😄


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18 Oct 2023

Denver Vegan Classic

City O City is perhaps The Classic vegan Denver restaurant. Their food is frankly outstanding and there are some awesome premade or half-size budget options. LGBTQ-friendly


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16 Oct 2023

Thoughtful and belly full

I ordered the Tempeh Bacon Hash. It was really good. The only reason why I’m giving it a 4/5 is because of the bacon. It wasn’t tempeh, it was carrot bacon - which still tasted good, but nothing like bacon at all.

My husband ordered the Breakfast Burrito and we were both surprised at how big it was. He said it was very inconsistent - one half had more beans and the other half had a huge pocket of cheese. I had a couple bites - the vegan cotija cheese tasted so real. He ordered the green chile, but got red instead - still good though. I give it a 4/5. He said “it should be a 4/5, but I’m giving it a 3/5 bc of the inconsistency.”

I thought the Pizza Rolls were amazing: 5/5. But my husband is giving them a 4/5 bc “the crust was a little oily.”

We ordered through DoorDash. I got a call from a staff member concerned about our option for “scrambled eggs” with the vegan box ticked. I let her know that I meant the Just Egg scrambled egg instead of the tofu egg. She really did make me feel cared for.

No utensils or napkins. But everything was so big though (:

Updated from previous review on 2020-12-16

Pros: Vegetarian with great vegan options!, Thoughtful staff., Big portions worth the price.


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12 Oct 2023

Tasty but mediocre

I like that there’s so many vegan options and the food was good but it’s way too expensive for what you get. The side of mac and cheese was practically in a shot glass and had ten pieces of pasta.

Pros: Lots of choices

Cons: Pricy, BOH fee, Slow service


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11 Oct 2023

So Many Choices, Oh My!

This place has a great vibe and plenty of vegan options. If you need comfort food, this is the place to go. Do you miss chicken-n-waffles? They got you.

Pros: Options, Atmosphere , Serves breakfast till 5


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10 Oct 2023

So many options!

I opted for the chicken and waffles, it did not disappoint! Great selection, friendly staff. Don't miss this place


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09 Oct 2023

Always great

Fabulous spot with a wide ranging menu and all sorts of baked goodies from the Make Believe Bakery.

I do wish it were fully vegan, watch out for the couple of vegetarian things like eggs. Things are well labeled and most stuff is made vegan (cheeses, sauces, etc)

I always split the baked goods with a friend because they are delicious and HUGE. Often half my meal comes home too.

I adore their breakfast burrito with house Chorizo.

Very queer friendly

Pros: Variety of food, Indoor / outdoor seating, Baked goods!

Cons: Not fully vegan


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04 Oct 2023

Overrated and Overpriced

The food is just okay and is very pricey. On top of the high food costs there is a service fee as well.


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02 Oct 2023

it’s not my first choice in Denver

City O’ City is one of the first all-vegetarian restaurants to have opened in Denver, so it’s well known. But with the variety of vegan restaurants now available, City O’ City is far from the best.

The staff is very hit and miss. You can get someone friendly, or someone stuck up and rude. On my most recent trip my waitress seemed upset that I was asking questions like “when does the happy end?” or “what are the side options for this entree?”

The atmosphere is fine, doesn’t really stand out from all the restaurants on the street. The food flavors are also fine. Nothing to write home about.

The menu has somewhat confusing notation with things labeled V or VO and simultaneously with one or two asterisks. Turned out the asterisks related to allergies, but my waitress did not bother asking if my party had any allergies, or explaining what allergens were present in the entrees we chose (which had asterisks).

There is also no paper menu, only QR code. Normally this is fine, but City O’ City has four separate menus online, so you have to keep clicking back and forth if you want to look at dinner and drinks and happy hour.

Overall, I would go here again in a pinch, but not if other options are available.

Pros: it’s been in Denver for a long time

Cons: staff is often rude, food is just ok, menu can be confusing and inconvenient


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22 Sep 2023

Worth a trip to Denver

The food was so good-one of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants we've been to anywhere. We especially enjoyed the seitan BBQ wings and chorizo and peppers pizza. Nice selection of craft beers as well.

Be sure to save room for dessert. We tried the Ho Ho cupcake and the chocolate chip
cupcake. Decadent!

Pros: Awesome vegan options , Generous portions , Friendly staff


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18 Sep 2023

Chikn and waffle

Al food it’s incredible and delicious, vegan and the service was excellent

Pros: Dessert , Wrap


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18 Sep 2023

Great food and service, terrible fees

I have been to City O City many times over the years, the fun, accepting atmosphere is absolutely a draw. There are plenty of options for food for all walks of life and all age ranges. My most recent visit was no different in this regard. My confusion however came whenever we received the check. There was a 7% "back house appreciation" charge, as well as tip suggestions in addition to the mandatory appreciation charge, totalling over $20 on a bill for two adults and a six year old.

I have no qualms with tipping, it's part of the process of dining in America (unfortunately) however, these surprise charges are predatory, taxed, mandatory, and part of the equation in suggested taxes. What if, instead, City O' City paid their employees adequately? Since you already charge exorbitantly for your menu items.

The people here doing the day to day are fine, but anyone instituting these additional charges are definitely dragging down the quality of this organization. Hopefully living wages just become part of the culture instead of passing the w2s down to the customers.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-18

Pros: Food is high quality, Environment is fun and accepting, Staff is friendly

Cons: Restaurant has kids menu, also inappropriate music, Hidden predatory feeds, Capitalism


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16 Sep 2023

Must visit in denver

I always come back here when I'm in Denver. The vegan breakfast burrito and their chai latte are both superb! Great atmosphere, amazing service and fantastic and yummy options!


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13 Sep 2023

Best Chicken and Waffles

I'd recommend getting anything vegan there. They are fantastic!

Pros: Chicken and Waffles, Vegan Cobb Salad


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12 Sep 2023

Stellar Breakfast Burrito!

I judge a place by their vegan breakfast burrito, and this one was exemplary! Huge, great flavor, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was smothered in sauce! I got it with green chili (instead of gravy) and tofu scramble (in lieu of eggs)! I also added kale (an upcharge).

It was too much to eat, but I couldn't stop until I was done!

The rest of the menu looks great too!


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27 Aug 2023


Amazing vibe, great service and such a delicious food! We loved everything and came back 2 more times on a 3-day trip to Denver - highly recommend.


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26 Aug 2023

Unmatched Selection

I loved all the options here! Great staff, good food, and happy tummy!


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25 Aug 2023

Delicious breakfast

A great place to eat before or after the art museum. We got breakfast dishes made vegan (tofu instead of eggs). Everything is clearly labeled what is or can be made vegan. Friendly service. My only complaint is I wish the breakfast dishes came with toast.

Pros: Friendly service , Clearly labeled menu


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20 Aug 2023

Give me the Formuoli

Went for happy hour (3-6pm & 10-12pm everyday) and had excellent food! Can't miss with what you order!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-20


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17 Aug 2023

Love this place

Chicken and waffle is the thing to try here. I like to come here with large groups so I can share lots of dishes.

Pros: Lots of vegan and gluten-free options, Fun food and atmosphere , Servers are friendly and great service


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11 Aug 2023

Everything was incredible!

Service was great and the food was as amazing! We brought the non-vegetarians and they all LOVED all of their food. We tried the:
- soft pretzel with vegan cheese dip
- ceviche (tasted so fresh!)
- chicken and waffles
- BBQ max and cheese bowl
- fromage Pizza
- Vanilla dream soda
All soooo good!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-11

Pros: Food, Service, Vegan options!


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26 Jul 2023

Great Vegan Options

Always enjoy the food and great service here. Our server, Paula, was friendly and helpful. The bartender, Dylan, recommended some great drinks and appetizers. We love the casual, hip feeling and always enjoy trying new vegan dishes. A definite place to return to often.

Pros: Vegan choices, Great variety , Friendly service

Cons: Finding parking


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23 Jul 2023

Incredible faux

Seitan buffalo wings app was immaculate, cooked to crisp exterior inside was a clean bite through, moist and very meat-like. My table mates thought it was a bit too spicy, but I was way into it. The ranch is drool worthy.
Chkn n waffles half order was perfect size for me. Unreal how well they get the fried layer on the exterior of the cauliflower. Waffles are my go-to breakfast food and these are brilliant. You can cut with the edge of your fork and they are crisp enough to stay crunchy even with syrup on top.
No notes, flawless victory.

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