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CLOSED: VG Burgers

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Contact 303-440-2400

1650 Broadway St (at /next to Alfalfa's), Boulder, Colorado, USA, 80302

Boulder vegan restaurant serving fast food. Burgers, chili cheese dog, baked fries, mac & cheese, shakes, salads, agave sweetened fountain sodas, and more. Plant-based, wind-powered, zero-waste. NOTE: Reported closed/shut down to HappyCow.

Category: Vegan, Organic, Fast food, Take-out

Reviews (24)

First Review by yar

Expectations Were Too High - Edit

I think my biggest problem with VG Burgers is something that's more my fault than theirs. Namely, Evolution Fast Food in San Diego. They've pretty much set the bar for how I'll judge vegan fast food restaurants.

Anyways, we went here on an afternoon while in town for a friend's wedding. The Bacon CHeeseburger I ordered was very good, but a little steep ($10). Also, I've come to expect that vegan "bacon" usually means smoked tempeh, and I'm fine with that. It would be nice, though, if some places could put a little more effort into trying to slice the tempeh THINLY, or else you ned up with a chunk of tempeh almost as big as the burger itself in your sandwich, which can sometimes overpower the overall flavor.

My wife ordered the BBQ Chicken and was much less impressed. I didn't try it but she didn't seem too thrilled. Onion rings were good, but a bit heavy on the oil. Shake was alright, but wasn't blended quite enough and the staff person had to go back and re-do it since she messed up my initial order.

Overall, it's not a bad restaurant, and it is the only true vegan restaurant in the Denver/Boulder area, but for what they're offering, there's plenty of room for improvement.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Free Wi-Fi, Bacon Cheeseburger

Cons: Pricey, Food is just ok

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Missing Fast Food? - Edit

Well this is a great place to go if you are craving those old days of greasy bad-for-your-heart and everything else foods. Of course, everything is vegan so it's not quite as bad for you. I had their bacon cheeseburger which was pretty good, very filling. I also had some french fries which I didn't eat until I got to my hotel and at that point they where kind of soggy, so they are exempt from the review. I love vegan junk food and basically survive off it, plus I hate the concept that all vegan food is healthy. This place would totally be a regular for me. You have to appreciate this place for what it is.
The service for take out was quick and the staff is friendly. The price is a little high for what they are selling though.

Pros: No pretension , Quick service, Good comfort food

Cons: Price

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Deeply Mediocre - Edit

As a vegan, it pains me to have to give a bad review to the only vegan restaurant for hundreds of miles in any direction, but frankly, this place is underwhelming. The food on its own would get 3-3.5 stars, but the price, service, seating area, and bathroom are all huge cons. The bacon cheeseburger is tasty but costs $10 on its own - not including side, drink, tax, or tip. If you want fries and a drink, and want to show the staff a little appreciation, you're looking at closer to $20 after tax.

However, you may not want to tip too generously preemptively, because several members of the staff, whilst very friendly and well-meaning, clearly have little to no restaurant experience, and this means your food may take a very long time to come out and you may have to get up and get your own silverware after they told you they would get it and didn't.

While several of the sandwiches are quite good, the fries are the little shoestring kind and are often slightly burnt, and the "salads" are just shredded iceberg lettuce with dressing on it. The chili cheese fries that everyone raves about are those previously mentioned things covered in Amy's chili and vegan cheese. Tasty enough, but not $8 tasty. Stay away from any of the faux chicken sandwiches unless you like Gardein chicken breast.

On top of all this, the seating area is small and cramped and features tacky posters, bad music, and the worst free publications Boulder has to offer. You need a key for the bathroom and it's outside, around the back, and about 12 ftò and not a bastion of cleanliness. There are also very few parking spots, and they're shared with the drycleaner's next door.

To summarize, this place is quite mediocre, made worse by the feeling that they've squandered big potential. I really believe that all the people giving it 5 stars have just never eaten at a GOOD vegan (fast food) restaurant. You can't blame them; like I said, there is no other vegan restaurant for hundreds and hundreds of miles in any direction. However, if you want something extremely vegan friendly in the area I recommend Watercourse Foods in Denver. It's a sitdown vegetarian restaurant with lower prices and infinitely better food. As far as VG Burgers goes - if you are a newish vegan and have never had vegan junkfood, the sheer novelty will amaze you. If you've eaten at more than a couple of vegan restaurants in your life, VG burgers will quite likely leave you disappointed and a little poorer for the experience.

Pros: only vegan restaurant for 100s of miles, friendly staff, decent sandwiches

Cons: most other menu items are unimpressive, price/service, parking/seating area/bathroom

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Hmm.. - Edit

Ok, so I love the idea of VG Burgers. 100% vegan fast food? Heck yeah. I'm not sure about their execution, though. I live in Denver but love Boulder, so when I heard about VG Burgers I was super stoked. I've been there 6 or 7 times now, and while I do enjoy the convenience of it, I'm not really down to pay $13 for an Amy's frozen burger and some fries. I understand that pre-packaged faux meats like Amy's and Gardein are expensive.. But come on. Their milkshakes are pretty great, though, and if i lived in Boulder I'd probably be there on the semi-regs, budget permitting.

Pros: convenient, organic, friendly

Cons: expensive

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So tasty but so pricey - Edit

I love VG Burgers and have never been disappointed in the quality of the food. The quantity on the other hand, leaves much to be desired. Often a sandwich/wrap/burger can be filling and satisfying enough on its own, but when it costs the same as a full meal and beverage at a vegan or veg friendly sit down restaurant you feel a little swindled. This is marketed as vegan "fast food" for goodness sakes! That being said, I pretty much always eat here everytime I'm in the Boulder area which is about a dozen or more times a year. The onion rings ($4.99) are amazing but the sweet potato fries ($2.99 reg-3.99 lrg) are often limp and soggy. I typically skip any sides and just get a sandwich, mainly due to cost. I really like the Chicken Ranch Burger ($8.49) and the Chicken Caesar Wrap ($6.99), but my fav is the VG Club ($8.49). Those prices are the sandwiches only! I rationalize paying that much by telling myself "I'm usually full in the end without the extra food (and calories)on my plate."

Pros: Tasty Food, 100% Vegan, Organic


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Great concept, pretty good execution - Edit

We visit Boulder every year or two, and we just returned to VG Burgers for the first time since before the move to the new location. It has changed noticeably, but we still like it quite a bit.

There are too few restaurants in the world that share VG's commitment to compassion and sustainability, and that's very unfortunate. Organics and eco-friendliness alone would keep us coming back to VG at least now and then even if the food were only OK. But, for us, VG Burgers is a real treat.

Both then and now, we have found the staff to be warm, friendly, and helpful, and the food to be tasty and well-conceived. As a burger joint, it isn't exactly the pinnacle of healthy dining, but as far as burger joints go, it's probably as good as it gets. We must confess: Even as pretty health-conscious vegans for over a decade, sometimes we do enjoy the indulgence of a tasty organic veggie burger and a really good (non-dairy) milkshake. If you do too, the odds are pretty good you'll appreciate VG Burgers.

If burgers conjure the image of a 99-cent meal, then keep in mind this is not McD's. VG Burgers serves real food, made from mostly organic and high-quality ingredients, and they go the extra mile to do things responsibly. So, the price we pay here is what we consider "the real cost of real food," with no corner cutting at the expense of people, animals, or the environment. That's a price we're delighted to pay.

We would love to see the return of a greater selection of non-fried items. We would be even more excited about coming (and bringing friends and family) if the menu had a few more healthful options.

Keep up the great work!

Pros: All vegan and mostly organic, Tasty, creative comfort food, Very eco-friendly

Cons: Few non-fried options, Not cheap if you're quite hungry

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OMG WOW! A Denver/Boulder Must! - Edit

I don't know how they do it, but their burgers smell and taste like (according to my non-vegan bf) BK whoppers. I ordered the vegan bacon cheeseburger and was hooked after my first bite. My burger was so good that I ended up eating it within minutes - sure wish I would have eaten it slower to enjoy its perfection. I highly recommend this place and I will surely be back here several times during my upcoming trips to Denver! VG Burgers seriously makes some of the best vegan burgers in this country. :)

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Excellent choice - Edit

VG Burgers serves tasty food. I had heard about it years ago but never went, because I had falsely assumed it would just be boring vegan burgers, such as Boca burgers. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a large menu with some really good food. Plus, as a vegan, I rarely get to eat any choice from the menu. So it was great fun to have a whole menu to choose from. The Reuben sandwich was particularly yummy. We also tried the chili cheese fries.

It's a little pricey but worth it. You do have to serve yourself from the pick-up window, which I thought was a little bizarre. But oh well. The food was worth it.

Pros: excellent food, large choice, all vegan

Cons: a little expensive, boring atmosphere

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Great Vegan hangout! - Edit

New location better food. Went up to boulder craving a burger and found the old location closed. Good thing they just moved to a new location. Got to their new digs and found an updated menu 10 bucks for fries, burger, and drink! Loved the black bean burger and loved the tempeh burger. The fries were perfect and my cola was bubbly and refreshing. Worth the drive from Denver. Staff is willing to change any of the toppings on any of the burgers so you aren't limited to just the menu.

Pros: vegan, vegan, did i say vegan?

Cons: not in denver, parking tricky, more locations

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A great meal! - Edit

My wife and I enjoyed VG Burgers! We started with a burger with chile cheese fries and a shake. It was good but then we tryed a chicken sandwich with onion rings which was great. For dessert we has a cinnamom bun - we loved it!
The food was fast, priced right and the staff was friendly and helpful.
I highly recommend this great place for a easy dinner!!

Pros: Fast , Priced right, Friendly staff

Cons: none

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Wish there were more VG Burgers in more places! - Edit

I visited Boulder for a few days in mid-July with a non-vegan (but mostly plant-based food eating) friend from Michigan, and we loved VG Burgers! We ate there twice, and would have eaten there more but just ran out of time. Between us we had the tempeh & BBQ sauce burger, the black bean burger w/guac, the brat w/sauerkraut and fries, and their corn syrup-free yummy ginger soda. And there was no leaving either time without hemp vanilla & açai­ twist ice cream cones! :-) The staff was very friendly, attentive and helpful (we even got some great advice for local hikes), and happily answered any and all questions. Yes, it costs more than what you'd pay for typical non-vegan, non-organic fast "food" elsewhere, but while VG Burgers' food is served fast, it isn't by any stretch "fast food." It's healthy, compassionate, organic, nutritious, tasty food served with compost-able dishes, cups, napkins and utensils by a cheerful, friendly staff. Next time I'm in Boulder, VG Burgers is my first stop! I still have more menu items to try, and more hemp ice cream cones with my name on them! :-)

Pros: Entirely vegan , Friendly, happy, helpful staff, Compost-able dishes, etc!

Cons: There isn't one where I live!

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Wow! - Edit

That's all I could say after the first bite of a V G Burger. MMMMMM. Absolutely the best burger I've had, hands down. The fact that it's vegan, and healthy is astounding. The hemp soft-serve ice cream was fabulous, too. I want one of these in my neighborhood! Invest now, folks, this could be the next McDonald's --- only way better!! I can't wait!

Pros: Great Taste, Totally Vegan, Appropriate Portion Size

Cons: None!

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real good fast food - Edit

I stopped in here after hitting up some brews at mountain sun brewery and the food was great. I got the chiken ranch and chili cheese fries. The fries were great. If u've ever had sonic chili cheese fries these are just like 'em. The chiken was good (would have been better with bac'n). If u've ever searched for a vegan ranch and never found it, its awesome to go some where that has it. Their sundaes are even made with vegan whipped cream! The main reason I went here was for the mac and cheese, but no dice! The guy at the counter said they didn't carry it over from the last location. Huge drag, but food still good. I was disappointed that the burger patties were all outsourced. For an idea of cost, I bought the 2 items and the total cost was $15.

Pros: good fast food, deserts

Cons: no mac & cheese, small menu

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Yummy - Edit

What a relief to walk into a 100% vegan restaurant. I ended up overdoing it with a chilli-cheese dog, mac and cheese, and a hempmilk shake. The fake cheese was so-so, I can make better myself. But, other than that, the food was really good for fast food. The milk shake is not to be missed!

Pros: Variety, Milkshakes!

Cons: Location, Price

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Love this place!! - Edit

This place has the best menu from chili, mac-n-chreese, to burgers and soft serve dairy-free ice-cream!
What a relief to not have to worry about which items are vegan if the cooking/prep areas are vegan as well.
Thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant and hope that they expand outside of Boulder!

Pros: variety, comfort food, good

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delicious but too expensive for me - Edit

I just tried VG Burger for the first time and it was delicious. I ordered the black bean burger which is topped with salsa and guacamole. I think the guac had a little bit of a kick, which I loved! I got small fries on the side and really liked the seasoning (i'm pretty sure it's just salt but maybe a tiny bit of pepper in there?) and the fact that they're not deep fried.

The #1 downside for me is the price. Just a burger (which was on the small side) and small fry was $9.75, so at that price I won't be able to visit more than a couple times a month. The burger was put in some kind of microwave/convection for a few seconds too long and one edge of it was too crunchy/burnt to eat. While the patty tasted better, it was the same size as a Morningstar black bean burger, which is not worth the $6 price.

Despite those downsides, I loved the flavor and plan on visiting again!

Pros: vegan, fries, good flavor of black bean burger

Cons: PRICE, oven can overcook burger

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