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Landgrafenstraße 11, Bockenheim, Frankfurt, Germany

very big and open until 9pm

04 Jan 2016

The shop can be entered from the Leipziger Straße 19 as well as from the Landgrafenstraße 11.
It made a breakthrough with another shop and is much bigger than before.

They offer many vegan options and their prices are well reasoned, especially their own brand is the least expensive good quality organic brand I have known so far.
There might be a new one: dm bio - but I have not made my eperience with that

Rozengracht 217, Amsterdam, Netherlands

like a meat place

03 Jan 2016

I was missing the Veggies. Vegetables are rather on the side and like garnish. Heavily "meat" and "cheese" focused. The salad was also a "chicken" or "tuna" salad.
The sandwich I had was ok. This was considered a "warm dish", but I was missing warm dishes. Because the toased bread does not stay warm for a long time and also not if you put it in the oven. The kroketten where very tasty. The fish had for my taste nothing to do with fish.

Manuela Malasana 3, Madrid, Spain

Treasure Island - it's true!

04 Jun 2009

Very very very good food! The price is worth it and justified and moderate. Every friday they have a menu which has great offers AND is cheap.
It's an amazing place, has a wonderful atmosphere, has nice art on the walls and makes you feel like in a special place, which it is.

They have many options for vegans as well. It is absolutely delicious and I recommend it to everyone who is coming to Mdrid! You won't regret it!

4 Calle Mayor, Madrid, Spain

Maoz like you know it

04 Jun 2009

Maoz is a franchise and you note it. This Maoz is like any other you might find. You can stuff yourself for 7 Euros with french fries, a Maoz (falafel in a pita with additional sauces and stuffing you can chooose) and something to drink. That will keep you full for almost all throughout the day. That is pretty much the variety: to choose the stuffing with your falafal.

Aside from only 2-3 stuffings the rest is vegan, so it is a handy take away for vegans as well!

It is definitely a take away. They have some chairs and tables so you can sit there and have your lunch, but it not cosy or very nice, it is convenient.

Ludwigsplatz 1a, Nuremberg, Germany

Tasty and very friendly

06 Oct 2007

Opening hours: Mo-Sa 8:00 - 20:00 So closed

It is an awesome place. They have very tasty food, are open for vegans and they are not only concerned about healthy and good food, but also about environmental issues.
They are very friendly and open. The bar is a small place, the lounge is downstairs and much bigger. Visit the place, when you`r in Nuremberg!

Weteringschans 65, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lovely place, very tasty and great atmosphere

03 Jan 2016

The place is just lovely. The people are very nice, balanced and wonderful to talk too. The place as well as the toilet is very clean and hygienic.
The food and sweet treats are just wonderful. It tastes amazing and healthy, because it is macrobiotic based and cooked.
The sushi doesn't taste like anything without soy milk though.
But especially the "oil balls" for new years are amazing!
The seating area is spacious and comfortable!

C/de Marques de Santa Ana 34, Madrid, Spain

Like in mothers little place

04 Jun 2009

It is a nice little place with a menu every day. Unfortunately the varity for vegans is extremely limited. It is nothing special, the service was pretty deadpan, but is cheap and tasts good.

Pso de la Florida 53, Madrid, Spain


04 Jun 2009

When you come in you are in this shop, which is open until 12 o`clock at night and has a good variety although it is very expenisive.
The Restaurant is downstairs and was very impressive, since it is a big place and has a very nice light surrounding the room with stons that seem of salt that have light inside.
That is about all that was fascinating.

The food was not even lukewarm and after I told them that they must have put it in the microwave, cause it came back: one half almost cooking the other half cold like before.
They didn't flavor the dish very well and served the tofu plain white without any kind of flavouring. That is a no go for me and I have better eaten at home an not paid that much money for the menu, which is not cheap.

I cannot recommend this place and be cautious if you go therer. Maybe they just had a bad day.

Haarlemmerstraat 62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Extremely good and worth it!

03 Jan 2016

The portions are small, still filling and very tasty! The dessert is amazing and the staff was very helpful to guide us through the vegan options. Although they possibilities were marked on the card already.
The dishes are high class quality and the cooks pay good attention to what they are doing. You can even look what they are doing from several tables of the restaurant.
The experience of different herbs through vaporizing which you can do for free while dining and using the herbs different positive effects (e.g. digestive).
The service is marvelous, the restaurant is beautiful and nicely decorated and set up. The atmosphere is very relaxing and everything is very hygienic and clean.
I would go there any time again. The prices are high, but you get a very good experience for your mood and taste buts.
Any time again!

Damrak 40, Amsterdam, Netherlands

fast, jummy and easy on the wallet

03 Jan 2016

The place is quite crowded all the time, still friendly staff and very tasty food. With the falafel in a white or brown pita you have unlimited toppings and can come back and refill the pita as often as you want, which is amazing because the toppings are very tasty.
Because you get to pick yourself what you put and how much of it, it is the perfect falafel for oneself!
Because of the crowd it is rather dirty there although the staff is cleaning when they have time.
Even if you get a seat at a table it is still food "on the go".

12 Kings Court, 103 King St, Glasgow, Scotland

Mono - nice and something special

02 Mar 2007

I was surprised by this place. It is very big, has a bar and a stage(where live music is performed on some days, there is a DJ on the weekends), it has a tiny selection of things like Tofu and other organic treats to buy and there is a record shop included (separated by a little wall). It has an atmosphere of an alternative place. Very relaxed and you'll also find some Sofas to chill out on :) Many young people and different clients than the "normal" everyday crowd. The menu offers a variety of foods including an "All day breakfast", which is the typical Great Britain breakfast in vegan - YES!

Organic Soda is being offered, also Soy latte and Hot chocolate and a variety of bears.

The menu offers 4 different Starters, there are 4 Main Courses and 3 different options for desserts (Apple tart with caramel sauce and cream, cheese cake with optional toppings and 3 scoops of 4 different ice cream flavours) plus, you can check out the blackboard for available cakes.
There are 11 options of Bar foods and Snacks and 4 Options on Take Away Foods.

The food is tasty and the staff is friendly.
I really liked it there - I can recommend it to everyone who is traveling to or through Glasgow!
I'd say the price is rather normal than cheap. One plate of food for 7,50 pounds and 3 pounds for one piece of cheese cake is ok, but not cheap.

S-Bahnhof Galluswarte, Frankfurt, Germany

extremely unfriendly and no know how!

04 Jan 2016

I have asked the staff about the vegan options they offer to know what I can buy.
They were extremely unfriendly, had no clue what is in their dough and guessed that there are no options at all. They claimed not to have a folder with information about their products and refused to look for it.

A little while after that the chain started the vegan bread campaign and now all of the chains bakery shops seem to have the vegan options.

The staff still does not have any idea of their products and are still unfriendly.
Don't buy there, go somewhere where people are friendly and help you!

Medborgarplatsen 1-3, Stockholm, Sweden

Very good and tasty

05 Oct 2006

This small place in the shopping center is heaven for your taste buts. It is very delicious and you'll get your meal fast. The atmosphere is like in mall, but it is more in a corner of it, so you are not disturbed by crossing shoppers and you have even a kind of shut of area, where you can be by yourself. But what do you need more than goooood food? (And it is soo good to have a vegetarian place next to all the animalproducts they sell in this market there) They have vegan options, but they are a vegetarian Restaurant. So not all vegan! Ask. They speak good english!

19 hs Sint Jacobstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

way to expensive for what you get

03 Jan 2016

The food is tasty, but you have to like that place and the prices to enjoy it.
It is dirty, crammed and highly priced for the tiny little portions (with a lot of rice, which is actually a very cheap ingredient).
There is only one small table (for couples) and one large table for about 8-10 people, if you sit close. There were nice people, you have to like that a few single guys - as nice as they are - are hanging out there and try chewing of your ear or getting you into a conversation (if you like it or not). If you like the other parties at the table is another big influence on how good of time you have in there.
So think about it.
But you'll see what I mean, when you go there.

50-60 King Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Pretty differnt to all the places I have been to

02 Mar 2007

This place is really big. As said before, there are two different sections. The one, where you get food served is smaller and for my taste unfortunately a little less comfortable than the bar section. But still nice. You get served and have a wide variety of vegan options. On this menu everything labeled with a "v" means that it is vegetarian, thus contains dairy or eggs and is NOT vegan. This is unlike other places, where the vegan options are labeled. It makes the place very cool and different! They state on the menu, that they strikly separate vegan food from vegetarian, that the foods are prepared in different areas and the cutlery to prepare the food is seperated also. This is very awesome. Especially for those with allergies! But for strict vegans this is a very good information as well!
There is day menu until 5 and a different one for the night, until the kitchen closes. The food is good and the Staff is really really friendly! The prices are normal to cheap. I can only recommend this place! The bar is open late, if you want to enjoy a good bear after the meal with your friends. They do not have organic soda though and as far as I remember nothing is organic.

Leliegracht 16, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not tasty, horrible seating situation

03 Jan 2016

The staff is nice, the food and drinks need to be tastier and the seating is horrible.
The sandwich I had tasted like nothing, the latte was just the same and even the wrap needed seasoning.
I was very dissapointed. The juice was good and pricey.
If you don't have the luck to get one of the two regular chairs, you have to sit at at low bench with an even lower table. Or even with no table. It is very hard to eat the food. Especially the sandwiches that are with loose topping which is easily falling of and quite likely to do so, because of the long way from the (maybe) table to your mouth.

Schlossstrasse 125, Frankfurt, Germany

well priced deliery

04 Jan 2016

The good thing is that you can get almost everything on the menu in vegan as well.
The good thing is, that they deliver, so if you are at work and don't have time to get something they will get it to you and you don't have to worry as a vegan or vegetarian!

It is true though that it is very greasy and not much vegetables.
I don't want to have it too many times and lasagnas or Asian foods are getting lost in their sauce. While the Asian is not really Asian. The Thai curry is no Thai curry at all.

The Rolos are really good though. We usually divide them and so two colleagues have something for lunch. It is filling and very tasty!

You have to tell them at what time you want to have it to have a chance of getting it that time. Because otherwise they will tell you they deliver it in 30 minutes and over an hour later you still have nothing to eat!

Poppenreuther Str 10, Nuremberg, Germany

Love it!

08 Nov 2015

I've been here several times now, with it being full of people or almost no one at all.
The "Vegöner" is just the best, I have it every time! They serve it fast and ask every time every person individually while making it what they want on it and how spicy they want it.
I also had the spring rolls, fries, grilled veggies and the "Gulasch" and everything was tasty!

The only thing that is quite teateless it the mayonaisse and the new red sauce for the Vegöner. I liked and still like the "yogurt-sauce" they've always had and still have.

They are also generous if you ask for some more sauce.

The staff is always friendly and kind and I am a big fan of this place!
The prices are also easy to pay and you get a well sized portion for the money your pay.
My student friends are also very happy here.

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