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Weteringschans 65, Amsterdam, Netherlands,

Macrobiotic vegan restaurant with its own well-stocked natural organic food store downstairs. Menu offers soups, grains, beans, vegetable dishes, tempura, salads, pickles and dressings, pastries, snacks. Holds cooking classes and workshops. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-6:00pm, Sat 10:00am-5:00pm.

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Reviews (47)

First Review by RayJulian

Delicious Food Quite Affordable - Edit

I had the Lunch superior where I had 3 courses for 23 euros. Which is pretty good for Amsterdam, nice peaceful guitar music and a chilled out Atmosphere. If only they had WiFi !

Pros: Fast service, Tasty, Cheap

Cons: No wifi, Quite a walk from town centre.

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Great macrobiotic food - Edit

One of the rare places where you can eat Natto.
Don't mis the shop downstairs.

Pros: New interior design, Take away foor, Great soups

Cons: to get in you have to take a few stairs taps (10)

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Nice service - Edit

I asked for a coffee with extra hot water (to make it thinner), he brought coffee and hot water in different cups so that I could adjust the thickness. It was very kind of him.

Cozy atmosphere, friendly service, good location. Next time I'll go for lunch!

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Perfect! - Edit

A real restaurant, order at the desk and served at the table, fresh flowers, green plants on the wall.Clean & tidy kitchen just behind the desk, not expensive at all, just the correct price for freshly made organic food.Great experience, we'll come back !

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Whole food & wonderful cooking classes - Edit

If you are looking for a healing diet and to nourish yourself from the inside out then visit Deshima Macrobiotic cafe, shop and training school.
Lovely daily plates with mixed dishes, miso soup, delicious lemon tart & other healthy sweets!

Pros: vegan macrobiotic food made with love, lovely cosy environment

Cons: if you don't know what macrobiotics is google it b

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Enjoyed Lunch - Edit

Had lunch after visiting the Van Gogh Museum. Had the lunch with soup for 18Eu. The soups were tasty and lunch was good, all flavors new to me. Service was good too. I recommend!

Pros: Good and interesting food, Good service

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April 2016 - Edit

on the menu there was soup or soup and a meal. the meal was a salad plate including white bean mash, grated carrot and a piece of tempura amongst a couple of other things. soup, salad and a mint tea was€20 which I thought was a bit steep. it was nice food though. cookies and muffins available for dessert

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Great menu, but not so for breakfast. - Edit

Really liked the place, went there for breakfast at 10:30 but the opening hours are listed for the shop. The kitchen opens at 12.00 for lunch. Because the times listed here said 10, expected to get breakfast but options are very limited, so wouldn't recommend that. Staff was friendly and place looked great. Would return for lunch again if I'm in the area.

Cons: Well... breakfast would be great.

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amazing Tiramisu - Edit

The restaurant is situated very close to the Museumsplein where all the famous museums are located. So if you consider to go there, don't miss Deshima. It is also a good starting point for a river cruise as there is a boat stop nearby (close to the Rijksmuseum).
The interior is very nice, there are many tables and you if you want you can go shopping right after your meal as there is a small vegan shop added to the restaurant.
You order at the bar.
The staff is really helpful and can inform you about the ingredients of the dishes.
I really liked the Tiramisu which was awesome.
My main dish was unfortunately only half-cooked, so that I could not eat it all

Pros: Tiramisu, location, helpful staff

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Wholesome food in pleasant space - Edit

Clean and bright restaurant. Had the delicious vegan plate, wholesome and healthy (parsnips, kale, tempura, some sort of seaweed). 15 EUR, I think it was.

Pros: Good and healthy food

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Rich healthy food - Edit

Little restaurant that serves macrobiotic food. We had the daily menu, which consisted of a very well served plate with small portions of many different dishes, plus a side chickpea and croutons soup, all tasting very good. There is also a organic product shop selling snacks and fresh products. Close to Rijksmuseum.

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Lovely place, very tasty and great atmosphere - Edit

The place is just lovely. The people are very nice, balanced and wonderful to talk too. The place as well as the toilet is very clean and hygienic.
The food and sweet treats are just wonderful. It tastes amazing and healthy, because it is macrobiotic based and cooked.
The sushi doesn't taste like anything without soy milk though.
But especially the "oil balls" for new years are amazing!
The seating area is spacious and comfortable!

Pros: very tasty and natural, very good atmophere, clean, friendly

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Amazing, but expensive - Edit

I am currently on my study abroad so I have been living in a dorm and eating out of a mini fridge, so when I saw that there was REAL vegan food in Amsterdam I wasn't worried about the price. I would've gotten it if it was 25 euro a plate. But, the amount of food I got was a bit small for the 15 euros I paid.

Still, the food was AMAZING and the staff was extremely friendly. The man explained the menu to us very well and had provided us with great service. I reiterate, the food was incredible.

In my opinion, definitely worth the price, but yes, it is pretty expensive.

Pros: Delicious Food, Great Service, Great Variety

Cons: Expensive

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too much fried food - Edit

I'll splurge by eating fried food every once in a while but it better be good tasting fried food like falafel. Eating fried broccoli and fried seaweed is not my thing. I ate lunch here and had the rather expensive lunch special which in addition to fried broccoli and seaweed, included a not so tasty potato mash, slimy seaweed, carrot cabbage salad and plain rice. The plate was small considering the price and the food didn't taste very good. I also tried the veg bean soup which was good but contained fried pieces of bread that gushed with oil when chewed. The blueberry muffin was tasty and they had several other dessert/snack items.

Pros: vegan option close to museums

Cons: fried food , expensive

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good vegan food. - Edit

I went yesterday for dinner. There was not much left. But what we ate was nice!! We had a seitan samosa and a bean/miso soep. That tasted great. We had a ricepudding/raspberrie pie for dessert, wich was also loveley! The food is good. It is not cheap, but if you want to eat vegan it is a good place to go!! The shop downstairs has a lot of good stuff as wel!!

Pros: good food, nice people working there

Cons: pricey

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Shop downstairs - Edit

Lots of good food products in the shop downstairs from the café. Japanese/macrobiotic cuisine utensils, books - an interesting shop.
There was no hot food in the café when I was there in the afternoon (April), so I didn't eat there.

Pros: macrobiotic ingredients in shop

Cons: hot food not always available

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Ok but pricey - Edit

We went eating here on the last evening on our trip to Amsterdam. It was 5 pm and there was only take-away food left. It costed 13,5 euros for a take-away meal with vegetables in some sesame oil, beans and salad with a dressing. We thought it was far too pricey for such a small portion, so we didn't take it. My boyfriend ate a tofu sandwich instead, which wasn't really expensive. I began to feel so hungry that I bought the take-away meal after all, plus a sushi roll from the snack bar. The guy who worked there gave us a 20% discount on the take-away meal. I got some chopsticks to eat with, which was nice. My boyfriend asked for another pair before we left, so we could both eat with them at home. He got them for free. We ate at the restaurant, although I'm not sure if that was convenient now that lunch service was over. It wasn't a cosy place to eat. The food was tasty, we enjoyed it. The sushi roll was a little bit dry and there weren't much vegetables in it, but overall it was fine. It was weird we couldn't read anywhere that the restaurant was completely vegan, but maybe we just didn't notice it.
Updated from previous review on Saturday April 12, 2014

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive, Not a fine place to eat

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Good food, but overpriced - Edit

I had the tiny salad bowl for 5Euros. It was very tasty and healthy, but totally overpriced for what I got. The hot plates cost 13Euros for essentially canteen style food, which seemed a bit much. I also got a tofu sushi roll to take away, which was very nice. There's a good selection of vegan options and sweet treats.

Pros: Good selection of healthy options, Tasty food

Cons: Overpriced, Confusing menu/pricing structure

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A bit expensive but good selection - Edit

The food upstairs as you walk in is okay, not the greatest, but quite expensive.

Downstairs there is a nice selection of packaged vegan foods, definitely worth having a look at even if you don't buy anything, I got some tofu hotdogs, if your on a budget it's probably best to go to a squat restaurant instead or just have a look at the store downstairs without buying.

Pros: Decent selection of foods downstairs

Cons: Expensive

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Deshima -- not worth the money - Edit

Went to Deshima today and was so disappointed. It was self serve--there were no labels. I had no clue what a good portion of the items actually were. At this point, it was a guessing game as to what I was putting on my plate. No one assisted us in the process. There were no signs in English. For two of us to eat it was €51. This only included one beverage and two small desserts. Apparently you are charged for every dish you use to put food on. I did not know this, and so was charged a crazy amount of money for a TINY amount of food. The food was tasteless and the space was very crowded. They had an upstairs dining area which we attempted to get to-- but was closed. An employee saw us walking upstairs with our food trays and didn't bother to even tell us we couldn't dine there. Awful experience. I wanted my money back.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Extremely expensive , Staff was unhelpful, rude, Food was tasteless

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Great desserts! - Edit

Great location and easy to find (near rijksmuseum and vondel park), very convenient If looking for something to take away to eat on the move. If you would like to eat in there is a lot of space, a few tables by the counter and another floor upstairs. The hot food seemed quite expensive for what it was (rice / curry mixtures ) priced at around €15 for a large plate, and a little less for a salad bowl. We opted for the pre made pumpkin tart as a savoury snack, which was lovely. For desserts we couldn't decide so we picked 3, a raspberry cheesecake, tiramisu and a chocolate pudding. All were lovely and surprisingly vegan! The man was very helpful, explaining what was in each dessert and explaining everything was completely vegan. 1 tart and 3 desserts came to €10, very cheap!
The restaurant was very clean, and the staff were friendly and willing to help.
Definately worth a visit if you are near and craving some vegan food!

Pros: Price, Location, Lots of room

Cons: Expensive hot dishes

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Vegan cake! - Edit

We were visiting Amsterdam for the day on a cruise ship trip. The food on the ship was pretty dire but that's another story! We didn't need savoury food, we just needed desserts! This cafe was an excellent find for us. We had 3 slices of cake between the two of us ( greedy!) and had two wrapped brownies to take back with us. These weren't expensive at all but the savoury food looked very expensive and not particularly appealing.
The desserts were gorgeous. It is worth going just for cake.

Pros: Lovely desserts, Inexpensive

Cons: Felt a bit like 'outsiders'

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Plain, boring expensive food. - Edit

Two persons, 2 small plates and 2 small bowls of soup, and a bottled smoothie each.. We payed around 40 euros for that. The food looked really boring, no yummy colors at all (Where's all the bright colorful veggies!?). It wasn't appealing to the eyes but we were hungry so we thought we would try it anyway. So we sit down to eat and it tastes like.. NOTHING. The only thing that had some taste was the bottled smoothies.
Maybe I didn't understand what kind of food this was, but are you not allowed to use any kind of spices? I can't even say it tasted bad, because it really didn't have any taste at all.
We were really dissapointed paying so much money for something so plain and boring. We didn't finish our plates, we just left after picking the food with our forks trying little bites of food.
I think vegan food is supposed to be fun and tasty! This didn't live up to my idea of food and all. I just hope that people that are eating a vegan meal for the first time, don't go to this restaurant because it doesn't do vegan food any justice.
It was like eating dinner in a poor eastern european hospital. Brown beige sloppy food with no appeal at all.
I should have bought some fruit instead.

Pros: vegan

Cons: expensive, plain

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Blissfull - Edit

We ate the first time at the Deshima and we loved the food:
All healthy, fresh made, organic, macrobiotic , vegan stuff!
There are to different sizes of plates and you can choose from
a buffet with soup, salads, and warm dishes: all really good and healthy!
The place where you can sit to eat is very simple and calm.
The Deshima is a must visit in Amsterdam, it's like a little macrobiotic oasis!
And last but not least: you have to try the oatcookie, it's awsome!

Pros: Healthy, Mostly glutenfree, Friendly staff

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Good cafeteria-style vegan restaurant - Edit

We ate in Deshima two times. One time we arrived after 3pm and therefore the lunch hour was over (this should be posted in the description of the restaurant), so there was no hot food or soup left, but we still could have a plate of food from the cold food. We had enough selection. Though it is cafeteria-style, I would say that the price is a bit high for what you get. But the food was tasty, pleasantly presented (you serve yourself), the restaurant was clean, and the staff was super-friendly. We were told that everything there is vegan.
The second time we came there, we came during the lunch hours and we had some of the hot dishes. We were pleased - all very tasty, and once again found the staff very friendly.
The tables/chairs are very simple, but the place is clean and orderly and gives a cheerful and pleasant feeling.

Pros: Tasty food , great for vegans, very friendly staff

Cons: limited hours

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Wonderful. - Edit

I love this place. Great and healthy food, friendly and helpful staff, delicious tofu sandwiches and tofu and tempeh sushi, wonderful desserts ("Hazelnut dessert" is absolutely incredible), cakes and cookies.

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Way too expensive for what it is - Edit

OK, so it won't break the bank, it's not the most expensive meal in town, but at 13 euro for a plate that's a bit much for, essentially, vegetables and a grain. Amsterdam has a huge lack of organic shops with cafes in them (taking the train 2.5 hours to Brussels and you have at least 4 or 5 type places), and Deshima is, as far as I know, the only one of its kind in the city. That makes you want to go there often, but with the price of a plate at 13 euro it's hard to do that, especially since it's only eat-in for lunch. You can get a smaller plate or a bowl for less, but at that point I'd rather just make a salad. If you don't mind the price then the food itself is good, I will give it that, but with vegan dinners in Amsterdam available for around 5 euro at places like MKZ and De Peper, a 13 euro lunch is pricey.

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Lots of healthy stuff - Edit

This place is definitely unique, the selection of food is good and the staff are friendly. I guess this place is good for a healthy snack, but I wouldn't go here if I wanted to have a nice lunch/dinner with friends, as seating is quite uncomfortable.
Also, food is quite expensive. However, if you are into macrobiotic food, this place is definitely worth visiting.

Pros: Tasty and healthy, Quite small

Cons: Expensive.., Could be cozier

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Tasty food but not worth the price - Edit

Food was pretty good, so was the variety of options. I was really surprised to find natto in the chilled section.

That said, their system was quite confusing. I thought small plates were for salad only and large ones for salad + warm dishes; but after we took our seats and started eating I saw someone grab a small plate and spoon everything on it, and I also saw somebody go to the salad bar for a second helping. Staff didn't seem to care. There was also a sign on the wall that apparently told people not to pile up their plates.. I mean, what are they thinking?

My partner and I just followed the supposed rules. He got a bowl for the salad and I got a large plate for the hot food and we shared. The total came to €24, which both of us found fairly expensive for what we got, and the size of the plate wasn't even that big to begin with. Overall it wasn't bad experience; but once is enough for this place.

Pros: variety, tasty

Cons: pricy, confusing system

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Pumpkin Day - Edit

After a long walk following Prinsengracht on a cold rainy day we eventually found this large 3-levelled place just off Leidseplein. Probably wont be going back but that's not a bad thing. Nothing actually wrong with it, just a standard self service experience with no frills. The food was fine; lots of variations of pumpkin (roasted, soup, battered and grilled) plus various hot and cold dishes which are paid for based on the size of plate chosen (small, medium or large) - make sure you pile the food on to get your money's worth. Glad to have been and worth a punt if you happen to be in town. There appears to be a nice community atmosphere here and I hope it's there for many years to come.

Pros: ethical

Cons: location, food, plain

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Expensive. Very. - Edit

This is a self-service establishment with 4 or 5 different choices plus soup. The first thing that comes to mind is the price for the buffet. Can't understand why it's listed as inexpensive. A dessert size plate is 7.50e, and from then it goes to 13.50e and 15.50e for a medium size, which is quite excessive. The food was kind of plain and didn't look that good, although it was ok once you start eating eat (nothing disgusting. Well, except for the miso soup, perhaps. My partner thought it was nice though, so it can be just me).
We were told that everything was vegan, although the sushi on display said vegetarian sushi(?).
Apart from that, I couldn't see any dried fish as warned in the description.
I guess the place is alright if you don't mind expending so much money for such little and plain food.

Pros: All vegan (or so they said)

Cons: Very expensive, Not that tasty

2 Responses

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gutuater 03 Jun 2011 - I have worked there. The restaurant is ALL vegan (sushi included, with three fillings: tofu, shiitake and tempeh), but the shop downstairs has a couple of packaged fish products (tuna flakes and canned fish). Nothing that should scare off restaurant customers, anyway.

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Lomedin 06 Nov 2015 - It surely should scare away "true" vegans ;)
Thanks for the clarifications anyway.
I still don't understand why it said "vegetarian" sushi then, instead of "vegan", for example. I guess some people don't care or something.
Anyway, it is listed now as vegan, so... I guess I'll do a bit of research and see if they truly are vegan (including shop, if it still exists - what's the point of eating vegan if you are giving your money to people who profit from selling dead animals?)

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great food - Edit

This is the first time I've tried macrobiotic food and it was really good. I felt great the entire afternoon after having lunch there. I also liked the grocery store downstairs.

Pros: Great food, Good selection of entrees, good portions

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Excellent Quality, but Expensive - Edit

It cost 13.50 euro for a buffet plate, which when combined with the bus fair, was a bit more than I wanted to pay (btw bus 10 drops you off right outside the restaurant). The food, however, was fantastic! They had lots of homemade choices and you can sample a little of everything. I went back 3 of the 7 days I was in Amsterdam and each time there were different kinds of food on the buffet line. Everything is 100% vegan, and almost everything was delicious. Would highly recommend going at least once if you're ever in Amsterdam. It was worth the 15 minute bus ride and the 13.50 euro each time. Also, they stop cooking at 4pm and only have takeaway after that, so go before 4.

Pros: 100% vegan, fresh, homemade

Cons: cost, hours

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nice to see amongst the pasteryville - Edit

The prices of the plates are a bit high (around 12 Euros for cafetaria style at a super casual place, aka eat at a counter or one of 2 tables), but the ready made items are well priced. Nice to find in a sea of pastries in Amsterdam. I had a pretty yummy tofu sandwich.

Pros: tasty, health food store below

Cons: not huge variety

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awesome place for nourishing food - Edit

I just love this place altough it is a bit expensive. The food is all vegan and macrobiotic. The stuff is very friendly. There is always a place to seat. You can choose from diffrent raw veggies and make your own salad. Then you have some grains most of the time is brown rice ( with sth) , tofu or tempeh, tempura sometimes ( very delicious), blanched greens, yummy soups, bean casserole. And desserts. They are the best on this world. Especially cakes . Some of them are also made without flour. Desserts are relatively cheap. Downstairs you have a tiny shop where you can find everything which macrobiotic practicioner should have. A wide choice of foods there is ground breaking. So genreally i do recommend this place for those who are new to macrobiotics because they can very easily fall in love with it.

Pros: macrobiotic, tasty, quiet

Cons: expensive

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Limited and Bland - Edit

The people working at this establishment were very kind and helpful. However, if you are more interested in food than service, avoid eating here.

The menu is set up as a pay per plate size (small: 12.50 eur, large: 14.50 eur).
Self serve from a limited hot and cold table with food derived from a 70's cookbook. Bland and expensive.

I would not return here.

Pros: vegetarian, macrobiotic, lots of seating

Cons: expensive, limited options, not tasty

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Wonderful vegan food - Edit

We ate there twice and went back to pick up food for our plane ride home. The food was fantastic. Although Happy Cow calls them vegetarian, we were told the food was all vegan and it certainly seemed to be.
There's a hot and cold buffet, which has good variety and a case of take-away food which includes sushi, sandwiches (the tofu sandwich was divine!) and baked goods.
My nonvegetarian husband loved it as much as I did.

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i had no idea it was a macro biotic academy! - Edit

We hopping in to grab a bite and realized we'd already had their food at the BioMarket down the street. They make these giant sushi rolls! Also, in the basement there is a nice little biomarket. Best time to go is during lunch.

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Tiny vegan haven - Edit

I visited at lunchtime, when €12.50 allowed me to fill a large plate from a selection of salads and hot items - a main course (stir fried tofu and vegetables) and a number of sides, including brown rice. Other possibilities included small plates or bowls for salads only. Soups, drinks and desserts were extra.

The space is tiny, with very little seating available. It was also not immediately obvious what the system was, or which end of the counter was which. The food itself is macrobiotic, and entirely vegan as far as I could tell. It was also solid and wholesome, although a little bland - though as we were there prior to a beer festival, this was an advantage.

The meat-eating partner opined that he was satisfied, though he wouldn't rush there himself.

The shop downstairs is full of interesting Japanese stuff, including kuruma-fu, which I've never seen outside Japan before.

Pros: brown rice, healthy food, vegan desserts

Cons: Not much seating, confusing at first, bland food

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Deshima - Edit

Deshima is a self-service cafeteria which is in and part of the Kushi Institute of Amsterdam (which also includes a macrobiotic/organic food shop and macrobiotic courses). The food includes a section with about half-a-dozen appetizers, about 5 main dishes and a wonderful and sinnfull variety of freshly made desserts, cakes and cookies. The price is by weight. The food is made daily by macrobiotic cooks and covers a variety of ingridients and cooking styles and tastes wonderful. I could eat there every day!

Pros: Central Location, Great Food, Good variety

Cons: A bit cramped when full

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