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255 W Main St, Huntington, USA

My favorite place to eat in Huntington

29 Feb 2012

I love Ariana - I've been coming here for a dozen years or so and it is always a special occasion, even if I am just having lunch on my own like I did today. The atmosphere is elegant yet friendly and the Afghani food is heavenly. It's not a place to come if you are in a rush, but if you are on your way somewhere let them know and they will speed things up for you. It's a great place to come to eat and chat over a long meal with someone you really enjoy being with. I come here a lot with my mother. I love to sit in the window with the geraniums and the kelim cushions and watch the world go by - Ariana is right at the heart of Huntington. It is an expensive place, there is no denying it, but more economical at lunchtime when they have a $12 lunch plate - you can choose four things from a list of hot and cold foods (ranging from pumpkin dumplings to bean salads) and for an additional $2 you can get a cup of their awesome spicy bean soup, Mashawa. They also have an early bird prix fixe menu.

They are very vegetarian/vegan friendly, but it is best to tell the server what you are exactly so they can tweak your meal to your preferences. My favorite item on the menu (after the Mashawa!) is the Aushak Kadu, divine pumpkin dumplings that are served three ways: vegan with a tomato sauce, vegetarian with tomato sauce and yoghurt sauce or carnivore, with meat sauce and yogurt sauce. So just let them know that you are a vegan or a vegetarian & they will make sure you get the meal you want to eat. This goes for everything on the menu really, the Mashawa soup for example is often served with a dollop of yogurt sauce but they happily serve it vegan as well.

There is an extensive selection of veggie food, and almost all of it is deeply yummy. The only thing on the menu I just can't recommend is the Field Of Greens which has disappointed me every time I've had it - it just isn't green enough. Needs more veggies on the plate! But there is so much else to choose from, that is a minor quibble. Other faves of mine from the menu are Bolanee (potato and leeks fried in pastry, so good and so fattening) Curry Gardens (veg curry inside half an acorn squash) and the Afghani Vegan Delight, a sampler of lots of yummy things. And to drink my favorite is the Afghani tea, a pot of spicy loose leaf green tea served with sugared almonds.

1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

My Favorite Place To Eat In Berkeley

20 Feb 2012

And I don't say that lightly - Berkeley is crammed with fabulous restaurants and when I visit there I am on a food high the whole time, but Cafe Gratitude is my favorite. The food is amazing, so fresh and exciting and well thought out. I'm not a raw foodie myself and I often get one of their cooked grain bowls and a soup, with a nut milk smoothie like I Am Grace on the side. I love their food so much I own their cookbook! But what really makes this place edge out even Chez Panisse as my favorite restaurant in Berkeley is the atmosphere, so calmly quirky & warmly welcoming. I've spent a lot of happy time there, reading, eating, chatting and taking pictures.

412 N Country Rd, Saint James, USA

Delicious Healthy Food

18 Jan 2012

I really love this place. It's true, they do serve meat, but they have a wide array of vegetarian and vegan options on offer. Some of which are even gluten free. And there really are very few veg-friendly restaurants around here. It's a casual place, more of a cafe than a restaurant really: you order your food at the counter and then sit down. Usually I pay after eating, which makes it easy: I can help myself to hot drinks from the hot drinks station (lots of teas, organic coffees, and plenty of decaf choices) or cold drinks from the fridge(mostly calorie free options, the house-brewed iced tea is fantastic) and then pay at the end for everything I ate and drank.

My personal favorites are their "Edgy Burgers", house-made veggie burgers available in a multitude of different flavors like Sunflower Sesame, Pumpkin Chickpea and my new favorite, Ginger-Lime Edamame. They usually have about 8-10 different flavors of vegetarian or vegan burgers to choose from. They are served either on a panini or on one of three choices of salad greens, with your choice seven different chopped salad toppings/panini fillings from the wide selection on offer, your choice of dressing (I love the sesame dressing best) and your choice of snack: either a bag of baby carrots or a bag of pretzels.

The food is fresh and well prepared, and care has been taken to make the menu as healthy and weight watcher friendly as possible, with lots of low calorie options. Portions aren't tiny (though I have noticed that with the new menu changes they seem to be getting smaller) but fattening items like cheese are doled out sparingly (literally with a teaspoon and a scale. This is great if, like me, you are on a diet but I can imagine it driving some folks crazy. They also try to be budget conscious, while ordering a la carte can get expensive there are a selection of meal deals on offer for 8 dollars or so.

All in all, its a treasure of a place, one of the few restaurants in this area where a vegetarian or a vegan can choose what we feel like eating from a variety of different menu items. The one change I wish they would make is to offer free tap water to customers.

201C E Main St, Huntington, USA

Fantastic, Imaginative, Raw Veggie Food

22 Feb 2012

This is a take out restaurant only, the food is sitting in a display case & you pick out what you want to eat. Everything in the case is raw and vegan. I chose the amazingly good value sampler: one entree, two sides, a soup & a dessert for $15. They didn't have any soup today so I was given an extra side instead. I chose the soft taco for my entree and it was amazingly delicious, a spicy walnut pate with lots of delicious toppings all wrapped in a lettuce leaf. My next favorite item was my side of sushi, two pretty bonbons with parsnip "rice" that was utterly yummy. The Pad Thai was great too, lots of veggies in a creamy curry sauce that scented my car so beautifully that I was drooling by the time I got my food home. My only disappointment was the fact that I ordered felafel as my third side and I didn't get any in my sampler. I seem to have been given tabouleh instead - it was very nice, but I wanted felafel. Wires must have got crossed somewhere. Apart from that everything was great - I ordered a smoothie as well, which was made just for me from ingredients I chose from their list. I got coconut water, frozen fruits (pineapple, peach & mango), ginger and cinnamon (the cinnamon was suggested by the person who served me, and it made a wonderful balance to the ginger.)

I'm not a raw foodie, but I love the care & imagination that they put into their delicious food, and that I can eat everything they serve and that the only thing I had to decide was what I felt like eating. I was very happy with my Live Island experience, and I'll definitely be back.

525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, USA


20 May 2015

I came here with a friend and we loved our meals - unusual, delicious and healthy. We started by sharing the cauliflower appetizer, steamed cauliflower with aioli and capers which made for a beautifully balanced flavor when taking a bit of each at once. Then we each had a burger - the spicy gluten free bean burger for me which was again beautifully balanced and the MOB burger ( mushroom and eggplant) for my friend, which she loved. We had the spicy potato wedges which were a delight.

The service was friendly and attentive and all we are both stuffed, happy and looking forward to coming back some day.

15 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, USA

Upscale Locavore Joint

17 Nov 2013

I chose this restaurant from Happy Cow's listings for a fancy family dinner for myself (a vegetarian) and two meat eating relatives. We all had a marvelous time, and indeed I was thanked for finding such a good restaurant for us all to enjoy. It's your basic upscale locavore joint, but done much better, and with more options for vegetarians, than these places often are. There were only three vegetarian entrees, but I really enjoyed the one I ordered ("A Massive Dose of Greens, Beans and Grains") and the beet and fennel salad I had to start was truly spectacular, if a little small (only three slices of beet). There weren't any non alcoholic cocktails listed, but they were happy to make any of their regular tonics without alcohol for me, which I appreciated. I liked their approach to the bread basket - a man approached with a tray and we could choose what slices we wanted from an array of delicious breads. The pumpernickel was particularly good. All in all, I absolutely recommend Farmacia to anyone wanting a good (if pricy) meal in Philadelphia.

2211 Mission St, San Francisco, USA

Just Bliss!

28 May 2012

I went by myself on a busy Sunday night, but they found me a spot on a communal table right away. My food was absolutely perfect, so very delicious & just exactly what I needed to eat. I had the vegetable plate, so I got two choices of vegetable (I chose broccoli & snap peas, both perfectly sauteed with chili & garlic) beans, rice and a basket of delicious steamed corn tortillas. There were two salsas free on the table but I also ordered a side of Pico De Gallo as well as a much needed Mojito (it had been a rough day). Everything was top notch and put a huge smile on my face, and set my tummy back on a happy path after a day where I hadn't treated it very well.

127 S 18th St, Philadelphia, USA

Delicious Vegan Fast Food

17 Nov 2013

I had a delicious lunch here with my mother on my one full day in Philadelphia this week. There isn't much seating, but we were lucky to get one of the few tables. They had ample supplies of fruit infused water for customers to help themselves to for free.

Most of the menu is based around fake meat, which isn't my favorite thing, but I had a wonderful lunch from a generous bowl of quinoa and bean chili and a big bag of tender sweet potato fries. My mother very much enjoyed her chopped salad with garbanzo beans and mock-chicken. The very best part was the vegan hot chocolate which was so good I could feel it fixing parts of me I hadn't known were broken.

When I got to Hip City Veg I was in that state common to the traveling vegetarian, really desperate for something nutritious to eat. After my lunch I felt refreshed and restored and had the energy for a gorgeous afternoon of sightseeing.

92-93 Chapel Market, Angel Islington, North London, England

Cheap Healthy Food

21 Feb 2012

Indian Veg is a star of London, they've been managing to create good, healthy, tasty food on a shoestring budget for more years than I can count. The curries are heavy on swede, cabbage, carrot and other standbys of budget cookery, the chefs use whatever is available cheap at the moment. And they use it very well, getting maximum flavour and enjoyment from their ingredients. And right outside the door is one of the remaining authentic markets of London, where you can get your own inexpensive food to cook at home. This is a very casual place, feel free to come in on your own & read as you eat.

318 Broadway, Providence, USA

Thanks to Happy Cow I had a yummy breakfast today

19 Feb 2012

I'm in Providence for the weekend, so of course I looked up the local veg options on Happy Cow before going out for a Sunday morning breakfast. I'm so glad I did, Julian's was great. We arrived early and were there a few minutes after opening. We were seated immediately, but people coming even a little later had to wait for a table to clear - this is a popular, bustling restaurant and I can see why, the food is delicious and inventive. There were lots of vegetarian & vegan choices for me and my non-veg family members enjoyed the non-veg choices. I got pancakes and I was thrilled to find that they didn't just top the pancakes with the extras I chose (coconut and banana) they cooked those extras right into the pancake, making them very luscious indeed. Portion sizes are large, and Julian's offer half portions which is very civilized of them. I will definitely try to eat here next time I'm in Providence!

261 Thayer St, Providence, USA

Low Key, Tasty, Indian Food on Thayer Street

25 Mar 2012

I wasn't quite sure what I was letting myself in for at the Kabob and Curry - the place didn't look like much and the restaurant's speakers were blaring out hindipop that made it hard to carry on a conversation, but I was very pleasantly surprised by my dinner, which was absolutely delicious and very healthy. They have an excellent tandoori oven and my tandooried vegetables were spiced to perfection and melted in my mouth. Served on a large bed of salad it made a substantial and utterly yummy meal! I also had a gluten-free bread made of chickpea flour stuffed with onions and spices that was very good. And I sampled some aloo gobi, which was OK, but nothing special.

Vegans should be careful here, I was surprised by the paneer that I found in my tandoori veg, but not upset because I am a vegetarian. But if you are a vegan you might want to ask ahead to see if they would sub it for something else, I'm sure they would, the menu said that anything in the paneer section could be made with tofu or potatoes instead.

55 Stoke Newington Church Street, Stoke Newington, North London, England

My Favourite Restaurant In The World

21 Feb 2012

I've been a devoted fan of Rasa since the 90s - I used to live a short walk away & now I live thousands of miles away, but it is still my favourite restaurant in the world. The food is just spectacular, and it still amazes me that they manage to serve fresh, exciting delectable food for about the same price as your average curry house. The pre-meal snacks & chutneys are a must, and the Thakkali Curry and Beet Cheera Pachafi are life changing. I'm a huge fan of the Kovakka Olathiathu as well, so yummy. If I have any room left after eating all that I like the Kesari for desert.

Rasa has grown and changed over the years, and it is a small chain now, but if you eat here you will be eating in the original Rasa, where it all began. Just make sure you don't go to Rasa Travancore over the road, where they serve meat.

156 E Main St, Port Jefferson, USA

Glorious Cafe, Meh Food

18 Jan 2012

Tiger Lily is the best place imaginable to hang out with friends chatting and drinking juice or coffee, the decor is wild and the seats are comfy - they even have books for customers to read. But the food on offer is pretty uninspiring. There aren't that many vegetarian or vegan options and they are fairly basic things like hummus wraps. Don't get me wrong, I love a hummus wrap and Tiger Lily's hummus wrap is tasty, it's just that when I eat out I like to have something I can't make so easily at home. So, as a local, when I want a meal in Port Jeff I tend to go to other places where the atmosphere may not be so electric but the food is more interesting. But if I want to take visiting friends out for an afternoon in Port Jeff, Tiger Lily is always on the itinerary: its a great place to sip and chat.

2085 Smith Haven Plaza, Lake Grove, USA

Good Cheap Veg*n Foods

20 Feb 2012

Trader Joes is a national chain and this branch is the one I frequent most often. They recently moved into a larger store just north of Smithaven Mall, which has made shopping there much easier than it was in their old location.

If you are not familiar with Trader Joes the most important thing to know is that they keep prices low by only stocking items that they can sell cheaply, and you will never be quite sure what they have in stock at any given time. They don't stock the wide range of items that American supermarkets usually do, but what they stock is both good value and good quality. They pay their staff well and provide good benefits.

They usually stock a good range of fruits, vegetables, whole grains & beans, and their olive oils are amazingly good value. This branch is very popular, and if you try to shop at a popular time (like weekend afternoons) you may be in for a long wait at the check out.

409 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

delicious, plentiful and friendly

17 Nov 2014

I had a wonderful dinner at Vatan this evening. I dined early, and solo, and the staff couldn't have been more welcoming and helpful. They even let me recharge my phone at a wall socket! The food was so deeply yummy - first I was brought a huge thali of appetizers and once I had had a chance of tasting them all I could order more of whatever I liked - the prix fixe deal is all you can eat. All the appetizers were amazing, as were the fresh chutneys that accompanied them, my faves being the potato dumplings and the sev puris. The entrees were delicious as well, full of subtle Gujarati spicing. My fave there was the cauliflower and pea curry. You are allowed to choose the level of heat in your entrees, I chose medium which was the heat the appetizers come at. To finish there was mango icecream, masala chai and breath freshening seeds and spices.

Considering the breadth and depth of the food on offer and the charming decor, I thought the $40 bill was very reasonable ( that included the prix fixe plus a masala lime soda). And the staff made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Another thing I liked was that in the ladies room there were stacks of clean washcloths to dry your hands instead of paper towels or air dryers. Very eco friendly! There is a hamper to drop the used towels into so they can be laundered. Though never fear, they do offer disposable toilet paper in the stalls :-).

378-380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Delicious and Atmospheric

20 Jul 2014

I had a wonderful dinner at Vegie Bar last night. Even though it was a weekend and the place was packed our wait for a table was very short and well organized - we were given a table marker then sent off to wait in the courtyard, where we admired the murals.

I ordered a house salad with a samosa and, from the specials menu, a small fresh and tangy pizza. Both were absolutely delicious, and the dim lighting added to the mystery of my salad - I couldn't see what was on my plate very well ( and I have 20 20 eyesight) so I just dipped my fork in and enjoyed the element of surprise. It was a complex salad with different regions having different dressings and some vegetables cooked and others raw. So yummy! My pizza was a delight too - the fought was just the right balance between light, chewy and crispy and the toppings worked beautifully with each other, none drowning out the other, so each bite was a nice blend of feta, tomato, onion, mint and lemon.

I'm definitely coming back here to eat during my stay in Melbourne! One thing to pay attention to here is that the portions are large and by Melbourne law you are not allowed to take leftovers home with you, so it is important not to order more than you can eat at one sitting.

120 New Moriches Rd, Lake Grove, USA

Best Place To Get Veg*n Staples Locally

26 Feb 2012

The Whole Foods isn't as big or well stocked as some, but they do have a very impressive range of veg*n staples and really fills a need in this area, where it can be a challenge to find veg*n food. I especially love their produce section which is huge and full of all kinds of fresh & delicious veggies & fruits. They also have an impressive bulk food department (a great place to buy pulses) and a good selection of spices. They have an extensive range of prepared foods available, including lots of veggie offerings. Another favorite area of mine is the vegan desserts section where you can find the sublime vegan marshmallows and rocky road bark made by Sweet & Sara.
Updated from previous review on Monday February 20, 2012

Just to add: I forgot to mention that they have a seating area where you can eat the food you buy, and they provide eco-friendly re-usable bowls, recycling/composting facilities and well maintained public restrooms.

198 Main St, East Setauket, USA

Try The Shanghai Dumplings!

18 Jan 2012

This health-conscious supermarket is a subsidiary of the King Kullen company, but at least it is now unionized - when it first opened many of us in the local community boycotted it because it wasn't union-friendly, but that issue has been resolved and the boycott is over. It is very near to where I live and I go there a lot.

It stocks a wide selection of health conscious food and toiletries, and has a bulk department for dry goods like beans & grains. Sadly, it doesn't have bulk spices and herbs. The produce could definitely be a bit fresher and more organic, but they do try to have a good selection of items.

The deli serves mainly meaty/fishy things, but they do have more veg friendly options than first meets the eye: the sushi chef will make vegan sushi for example, and the bakery has some truly luscious vegan cookies, try the razzamatazz especially: they are nut based thumbprint cookies with raspberry preserves, so good. At the deli proper the shanghai dumplings are the stars: vegan cabbage dumplings in hot chili oil, they are beloved by the local veg community. Just blissful.

Considering how few options there are in this area, especially for vegans, Wild By Nature does a very good job.

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