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Akacfa Utca 50, Budapest, Hungary


13 May 2014

It is small and tucked away but we had pakora and then masala chilli tofu dish, quite tasty and reasonable price wise, will not win major awards but worth stepping inside to eat if passing by, staff speak English and were quite helpful

Beit Eshel 13, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

forget it

11 Jun 2014

we went to the cafe after some trouble finding it, the waiter who just kept indicating for us to sit but to make sure as there were no signs anywhere what they served. two words.: Vegan/ vegetarian? Hs shrugged his shoulders. Did not know what the words meant. In all of Israel everyone knows these words especially in the Moslem areas. so we said good bye and left. If the waiter does not know what vegetarian is, then I am not eating there

143, rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg

simple and tasty

26 May 2014

had to walk here as it is outside the city but only about 10 minutes from the rail station. and thanking ourselves we did so. simple set menu for a reasonable cost. lentil soup. really tasty rice/couscous combo, salad. no pretend meats, quiet suitable for vegans. the wine was pleasant and the deserts ( I had cheese cake my partner carrot cake) baked on the premises. two sisters run the place quietly and efficiently. We spoke no French but no issue , just such friendly people can't wait to go back. they also have quite pleasant music in the background and her art work decorates the walls.

HaMelicha 6, Eilat, Israel

Cheap and filling

07 Jun 2014

Yeh it's not a classy joint but the food is tasty and plentiful, the seitan is my favourite, the Buddha burger is also quite good , standard drinks and smoothies that are very filling, prices are good and I did not notice any unclean areas, at least you can see into the kitchen and some other more up market cafés have really poor standards , we ate an another where their take away boxes were in the garden outside? Anyway there is plenty in tel aviv to choose from and burgers are one and cheap/ tasty and perfectly satisfying

2291 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York City, USA

Love it

09 Jul 2011

Staying in harlem, we found this treasure, been three times and tthe staff will tell you if what you order is no good and recommend a. Substitute, the food has been each time, the drinks made on premises and no hint of the use of oldish fruits and the price is an absolute bargain

Schoenefelder Strasse 2, Dresden, Germany

Tasty and reasonable

09 May 2014

Liked the food so much made the trip back again. The "shepherds pie" is amazingly good, the pizza even better. Contrary to belief FLax do not advertise as Vegan, all the food is vegan but watch the coffee with milk , the dark chocolate cake and soy cream we had was freshly made . The staff are very friendly and helpful, all spoke English , it is a bit out of the way but worth the effort.

478 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

loved it

24 Jun 2014

hard to find as the name is at the bottom of the wind with plants over it but worth the effort. Vegan and knowledgeable staff. we had a share board with "caesar" salad and a black kale dish. It was plenty. The staff also advise about the beverages available. overall a great experience. It is a restaurant and not a down market grunge vegan cafe ( I don't know why vegan/ vegetarian so often feel they must look grungy) but we both thoroughly enjoyed it. but as in a lot of places the nonsense in USA and Canada about the price not being truly reflective is annoying, one thinks that is the price then after the event they add sales taxes on.

1303, Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal, Canada

weird and wacky

03 Jul 2014

and that is just the staff. Kidding, This is a great place, we were in Montreal three days and went there twice. food is good value bordering on vegan raw food and a good but small cocktail and beer list. the staff are half the enjoyment in ding here especially Nick. All staff are patient in explaining the concept and the food varieties.Sitting at the "airplane wing takes a bit of steadiness but is no issue really. it is a great atmosphere, the food is tasty with sufficient proportions and the price is right

2058 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, New York City, USA

excellent food

12 Jul 2011

had a great meal here, tasty and ample serving, helpful staff, had food cooked fresh , a bit slow but was worth the wait, and cheap as anything, excellent range of home made drinks

Via Filippini 29, Verona, Italy

Don't miss it

11 Apr 2014

Small easy to eat cafe style. Does take away. Mainly panini, but all vegan. Wanted to eat the entire menu it was so delicious even for us vegetarians and also you could take carnivores there as well. Places like this make me want to go the full step to vegan ism. The staff were friendly even though knew no English, it was cooked fresh and the dressing was a treat, very well priced and the decor is casual but pleasant. There are a few in Italy so look for them

268 Victoria St, Richmond

great find

24 Jun 2012

love this place,. simple unfussy menu. great prices, happy staff, the tofu is really fresh and they make great coffee.

141 Queen Street, Melbourne

tasty and value

08 Dec 2008

have the laksa really good value also any of the curries. overall for the price it is great value and please note the staff seem to be volunteers

L3 264 Swanston St, Melbourne

hard to find but worth it

28 Sep 2013

when you enter the noodle kingdom doors there is no real directions, but get the lift to level 3. pleasant decor as opposed to so many " vegetarian places" ho think veggie means down-market mix no match decor. food is $16 to $20 for mains however servings are quite ample and quite tasty. Have been veggie for 20 years and quite pleased to find this place, not having to suffer the dodgy veggie dishes in nearby Chinese cafes. This is above the cafe level and is a restaurant, staff are possibly volunteers as it seem to be run on the Buddhist realm, all in all, great place and worthy of a revisit

Piazzetta Portichetti, 6, Verona, Italy


11 Apr 2014

Went th for lunch, fixed plate, evening has full menu. Lunch was delicious and the "cake" was perfect. Good wine available all Eco friendly, the staff know some English but no issue. The decor is above average and pleasantly colourful. Food was not an over kill size but sufficient to satisfy. Was happy with the cost, not too expensive. We a vegetarian but places like this will easily convert us

233 Barkly Street, Footscray

don't abuse it

16 Oct 2010

Lentil has an amazing story that gives jobs to new Australians but many people eat there and donate 20 cents for the meal. its worth at least 5 to 10 dollars. The staff work really hard giving good value for a large variety of meals. The Food in all Lentils is always excellent, staff friendly I have never left a Lentil not satisfied, just disappointed when I see well dressed people especially in St KILDA give 20 to 50 cents

41 Blessington St, St Kilda

good value, always different

17 Jun 2012

love these places , there is now one in St Kilda and Footscray as well as Abbotsford/ bit hard to work out what tp pay but no one ever sneers what u pay but I think some people should remember it is a co-op and a lot of staff are refugees. Thye give great food with always amazing taste sensations. i am never disappointed.

545 rue Milton, Montreal, Canada

have the hemp burger

03 Jul 2014

found the cafe and just made it to a table as it gets packed. The hemp burger was amazing in its array of flavours. it is noisy but the food is so good it does not matter. great side salad and really good sized meals. small menu but plenty to choose., that will do full vegan on request

Shop 10, 240 Victoria St, Richmond


31 Dec 2013

found Loving Hut in California in june 2013 by accident and loved it. Now I am most happy to find hidden away in Melbourne is one of their cafe. No fuss, no pretend about fake meat, just good plain and tasty food. and the prices are so reasonable, any one can eat there. They also don't shove their branch of Buddhism down the throat., ( not that it is an issue with me being one).
just once I would urge people to try this place. just once

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