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Veggie Galaxy

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Contact 617-497-1513

450 Massachusetts Ave (at Central Square), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 02139

Vegetarian diner with an all-vegan bakery. All items can be made vegan. Serves modern takes on the classic American diner food. All-day breakfast. Makes its own seitan cutlet and vegan cheese & also serve Daiya. Offers vegan milkshakes, tofu scrambles, vegan doughnuts at weekends. Mon-Thu 9:00am-10:00pm, Sun 9:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 9:00am-11:00pm

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, American, Pizza, Beer/Wine, Bakery

Reviews (49)

First Review by massta

love it! - Edit

I ate at Veggie Galaxy for the first time in September 2016. I love the vibrant atmosphere and good food. There were plenty of indulgent selections, as well as healthy choices. I had the spiraled zucchini alfredo special. I will be back to try more delicious options next visit!

Pros: Everything can be vegan!, Excellent atmosphere and service., Lots of options.

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Yum - Edit

This is a great restaurant! Have been there for every meal! Really loved their mac and cheese and shepards pie. They also make great shakes which are always a treat as a vegan! Also, love that they serve breakfast all day. Kids thought some of the food was a bit spicy which I understand but it's still great. Their vegan bakery is to die for and we frequently stop in for that and get our birthday cakes there. They have cakes, pies, donuts and muffins...all fabulous! A must try place for vegans in the area!

Pros: Great selection, Fantastic bakery, Great atmosphere

Cons: Some items a bit spicy for us

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Vegan Indulgence - Edit

An interesting contrast to the macrobiotic joint I visited the day before. Whereas that place was all about clean eating, veggie galaxy is pure diner indulgence. For me nostalgia and comfort can add to a sublime eating experience - that is to say, I grew going to diners, drinking milkshakes, and eating fish n chips. Rather than regret I take comfort in the happiness of those albeit less enlightened memories.

Veggie Galaxy is very popular and I suspect this is so because even if our carnivorous diner experiences are long past. But the memories are so a part of our identities that to be feasting in a diner that serves comforting vegan versions of our childhood favorites is a pleasant experience if not, at least for me, a revelation.

The "Cauli by the Sea" vegan take on fish n chips was fantastic. Even If I only ate a 1/4 of my plate - the old bat seasoned panko battered cauliflower sitting atop a pile of fries was delicious and at once a wonderful trip down memory lane. Likewise for the delicious peanut butter chocolate non dairy milk shake made with fantastic locally sourced vegan ice cream from a nearby all vegan ice cream parlor. So rich and delicious I felt guilty (not really) drinking the whole thing.

We look forward to making Veggie Galaxy an annual celebration of the all America diner (remarkably veganized but loaded with all the wonderful memories of childhood).

Pros: decadent, exceptionally executed vegan versions of

Cons: unsparing on the oil but VG flies the American din

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Greasy galore - Edit

I know that a veggie diner doesn't mean health eating and I wasn't expecting it to be. However the amount of grease and oil battering the burger made it unpalatable. I enjoyed the potato salad, but can't say that I'll come back to this joint.

Pros: vegetarian , vegan, milkshakes

Cons: oil and grease!

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feels like you're eating all the foods you can't have - Edit

What a fun meal! I'm vegan because of food intolerances. So what An amazing chance to eat vegan mozzarella sticks, vegan Mac and cheese, vegan milkshakes! All delicious! Great hardworking and friendly staff!

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I Miss Boston.. - Edit

Veggie Galaxy is the absolute best vegan pig-out diner ever. The sandwiches are so delicious and the desserts are unmatched. The brunch was also so amazing, this makes me miss Boston so much more.

Pros: So many options, Brunch

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My New Favorite - Edit

I absolutely LOVE this place. As a vegan college student, I NEVER get to have frappes or killer sandwiches, but now that I've discovered Veggie Galaxy, I can treat myself every once and awhile. The atmosphere is amazing, especially because I loved old 50's diners as a kid, but now cannot go to very many, as vegan food is pretty much nonexistent there. I can't wait to go back and try everything on the menu (which will probably take a really long time, as it's very extensive)!

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff, Awesome atmosphere

Cons: Kind of loud

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Best vegan cakes in Boston - Edit

I like this place! Tasty food (maybe not the healthiest choice...), nice staff, but especially... Amazing 100% vegan bakery! The cheesecakes are delicious, not to mention all the other cakes and pies! Well done Veggie Galaxy! Your vegan bakery is an inspiration for everybody and another good reason to be a happy vegan!

Pros: amazing bakery , nice staff, tasty food

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Fun atmosphere, insanely good veg comfort food - Edit

Vegan Mac and cheese at its best paired with vegan dessert? I love this place when I need a vegan junk food fix. Staff is always fun and wicked friendly.

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So Good - Edit

Veggie Galaxy is awesome. The food is incredible, and the majority of the menu is vegan. And whatever isn't, can most likely be made vegan. Even the omelets! Their bakery section is all vegan. Besides that, the staff are really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and the vibe is really cool. Read the story on the menu when you visit.

I'd suggest: a tofu omelet, the pancakes, the Club sandwich, the Davis square burger with the chipotle black bean patty, any of the dinners, any deserts, and a Brown Cow float.

Pros: Really tasty food, Great service, Huge portions

Cons: Not 100% vegan

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Awesome old school place!! - Edit

Love the old school diner style, our server was really sweet & funny & the food was delicious, just as I expected! Everything's vegan unless stated, many vegetarian substitutions. Need to come back before I leave town!!!

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This place rocks - Edit

The atmosphere is of a old school diner and the menu is pretty much all of the favored diner foods, but everything is vegetarian and mostly vegan. They have an extensive breakfast menu with tofu omelettes and stuffed French toast. They have great sandwiches, burgers, and a lot of vegan desserts. This is a must visit in Boston.

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Sassy Diner Feel, best desert selection in town - Edit

The food here is generally good, with a few things done excellently. The two great items that make this location special, though, are the vegan milkshakes and the vegan deserts (all of them are vegan, you don't have to sort through). In fact, the "cheesecake" here is truly the best vegan cheesecake I've ever had, and easily good enough to put out for your unsuspecting friends.

That, and this is probably the most kid friendly veg/vegan restaurant in Boston. Having only the options of "use the floor or go home" it's a great relief to come here and find a fold out changing table, easily reachable trash, and automatic sinks in both bathrooms (because men change diapers too).

Pros: Deserts, Changing tables, Gluten free items

Cons: loud when crowded, may have to ask about eggs and cheese, occasional long waits for a table

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Amazing Food - Edit

Popped in for a late dinner and my entire family was thrilled with this cafe. The food was tasty and well made and the decor was casual and fun. The only drawback was our incredibly slow server. I even had to walk up to the counter to let her know we were ready to order.

I was hesitant to eat so late since that usually means I don't get much sleep. But, their food was light and healthy and I slept like a baby that night.

Pros: Delicious Food, Fun Decor, Centrally Located

Cons: Slow Server, Hard to Find

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Good Pizza but Long Wait - Edit

I had the classic margarita pizza and the broccoli curry pizza combo. It was good and vegan pizza is always a nice treat, but I came with seven other people and it took about an hour to get us our food. Even getting the drinks took way too long, considering there was only one other table of people in the restaurant.

Pros: good for vegans and non-vegans alike

Cons: slow service

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Good, but can take a while - Edit

I enjoy the food at veggie galaxy, but there is frequently a wait for a table - I guess that's a good sign though. The prices can be a bit steep, and you have to order the right items as it can be hit or miss.

If you get anything with vegan cheese, ask for Daiya instead of the house "chez" as it's a sauce that really isn't very good.

The service has been prompt and polite each time I visit, and I have never received the wrong food or item.

The bakery is 100% vegan, which is great, but some of the desserts can be bad. My friend had one and said it was far too salty, though I have had good luck with my desserts so far.

Pros: Almost anything can be veganized, Good service, All-vegan bakery

Cons: Wait for a table, Some items are sub par

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I wish it was better - Edit

I wanted to love this place. I really did. As a vintage enthusiast I love to visit a diner and usually can't find much on the menu to get. This place should have been a home run! It was cute inside, but the experience was not good, starting with our terrible waitress. She was very slow with EVERYTHING. Left every dirty dish we had on our (small) table for the entire meal, and was rude when we asked if we could get the garlic mayo on a sandwich vegan. The whole place is vegetarian, but they serve eggs, cheese, milk...so one would assume that things like mayo are probably not vegan because they aren't labeled at all. Apparently all their sauces are,even though the menu says nothing about it, and we were idiots to ask (very nicely) about it. Her attitude really annoyed me. I got a vegan milkshake and it was the consistency of chocolate milk. Very disappointing. Maybe it melted because the waitress took so long to bring it to me. I DID really like my dinner, I got the Caul of the Sea which is cauliflower dipped in some kind of batter and deep fried. It comes with fries, so a vegan version of fish and chips. It was very good! My husband got the reuben and said it was acceptable, not spectacular. We shared a piece of Boston Creme Pie that was pretty good. We won't be back. I'm only giving it a three because I did really love the cauliflower.

Pros: diner vibe, all vegan desserts, caul of the sea

Cons: service, confusing menu, service

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I used to love this place... - Edit

My girlfriend and I have eaten here at least 10 times. The first few times we ate here, we loved it. The food was good, if a bit uncreative, and we enjoyed the ambiance. I can't eat gluten, so I appreciate their extensive gluten free menu.

The last few times we've eaten here, we were not impressed. The food was still pretty good, but the service and ambiance have slipped. The last time we ate here, it wasn't very busy. Even so, our server took forever to come take our order and then left us uninformed about the status of our food for at least an hour. The music was also pretty irritating; I think it may have been death metal.

Overall, I don't think we'll be going back.

Pros: good food, decent prices

Cons: bad service, bad ambiance, very noisy

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Over rated - Edit

Came here with open mind left with closed one, food is over priced for what is really a veggie burger place, we could not talk as the music was cranked right up to pain territory, staff are quite pleasant though ,, be warned as in most of USA the price on the menu is dishonest and deceptive. I come from Australia where the price listed is the final price but here the price does not include the various taxes then you must tip 18%? so you think it is reasonable at first glance but no. Actually more $$ than Australia where staff are paid twice the wages in USA so who gets the money anyway galaxy is quite average in food and I actually had a better veggie burger at Burger King the next day

Pros: Seating, Staff, Drinks

Cons: Price , Valua, Taste

4 Responses

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JamesCross There's nothing dishonest or deceptive about the price. It's just a different system. Also, 20% is a good tip, 25% if they did really well. Less than 20% if they didn't do well. Waitstaff get about $3-4 an hour from the restaurant in most cases and then rely on tips to make up the rest of their wage, so I agree that's not a great system (they could just be paid and not need tips), but saying it's dishonest is simply silly. You just weren't aware that things are done differently here in the states, so calling the restaurant (or any restaurant) out and saying they're dishonest is slander.

Phizzi We have had very different travel experiences. I know of very few places in the world where taxes are included in the listed price of food, and while tipping is different in the US it's also different throughout the world (say, in Canada where tax is high but tips are lower, or Egypt, where tax is low but good tips are often expected).

Oregon has no sales tax, and a ton of very good street food (tips are not as expected because there is less "service"). You might stop there if you need to feel less out of your element.

coling must be our good fortune re menu prices, to go to Spain, Israel, Holland,France,Switzerland,Germany Turkey,Canada, China,Japan, and most of them more than once and I have a memory all have menus that quotes the price in total. Cant recall such angst in Canada Anyway I don't care, and will be in USA 4th time this year and as per the local friends will grapple with what taxes and the final price will be, BUT still don't see why I should give any tip for very mediocre service regardless how pleasant I can be, the staff expect it regardless. but if I feel service and the food is mediocre I will say. so. fact is how hard is it for a cafe owner to clearly show the prices incl taxes or at least on the menu state the taxes involved, my original review and lets remember this is a review area for food, the food was poor and the end price was quite a bit higher than in Australia where wait staff actually have a minimum wage of $16 -20 an hour so who is getting the money???

it was okay - Edit

We were hoping this place would be really good. the coffee was fair. the hash browns were awful per my husband so I didn't try mine. I had the tofu omelet. it was greasy. too much oil. my toast was stale too. my tea was excellent. my husband who is not vegan did not like his omelet. said it had no taste. I had the vegan cinnamon roll and it was pretty good. I loved having lots of options.

Pros: lots of vegan options, great location

Cons: expensive, not much taste, too greasy

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I must be confused - Edit

The food was good, though I think this location might be undersized for the demand it attempts to cater toward. None of it was particularly novel, though, and as it was on the expensive side we have not been back.

Pros: replicates diner feel well, good food

Cons: quite crowded, expensive

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My favorite spot in Boston - Edit

I fell in love with Veggie Galaxy and went there twice in a row. The menu is extensive, pretty much everything can be made vegan, and all desserts are vegan... you rarely get to see such a large selection of decadent desserts.

I highly recommend :
-The fish n' chips
-The Boston Cream Pie

Pros: Nice staff, Nice vibe, Desserts!!!

Cons: Sometimes you have to wait

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A Reliable Place to Eat - Edit

4 stars for food taste/variety
3 stars for value for money
5 stars for customer service

Definitely on the pricier side of vegan dining in Boston with a spin on diner style food. The menu variety is vegan friendly, but you must ASK for substitutes.

I prefer to stop there for a personal coffee/cake moment with a book than take on a full meal, but if you are willing to buy a meal, go for the burgers!

Great place to stop on a lunch break and dash for the No.1 bus back to Boston. Always a reliable place to eat....

Pros: Great vegan bakery, Tasty/healthy fast food, Genuinly friendly staff

Cons: Pricey main dishes, Terrible name

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Great comfort food - Edit

Had an excuse to eat at Veggie Galaxy again. Where else can a vegan get a "milk" shake and an omelet? Everything was delicious. My sister had the mac & cheese; someday I plan to get that (the vegan version). We were at the counter and the cooks were fun to chat with. They paid special attention to us and we appreciated that.

Pros: Great comfort food, Cool diner vibe, Terrific wait staff

Cons: Easy to eat unhealthy (but hey ...)

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Fun tasty filling diner food - Edit

This place is great. I went four times in five days in town (honestly, though, Cambridge is pretty crappy for vegan food, which is part of why I came here so often.)

A busy, crowded place with a wait during peak hours. As others have noted, it's diner food, but delicious.

I definitely wish they were 100% vegan, but in Cambridge, beggars can't be choosers. And the bakery itself is 100% vegan

if you're hyper strict about your veganism, you'd probably need to worry a bit about cross-contamination of cooking and prep surfaces (but this is true of many restaurants I've been to and worked in.)

The breakfast options for vegans are out of this world: tofu omlettes, tofu eggs, tons of creative toppings, house-made vegan cheeze, housemade seitan chorizo, house pickled onions, and on, and on. We both loved the stuffed french toast. Honestly, I loved every single thing I had in four meals, and cleaned my plate each time.

Every time I asked if something is vegan or can easily be made vegan, it was. already vegan, even things which sounds like they aren't (think aioli.) Everything on the menu is, or can be made, vegan, without the usual substitute-out-the-richness-and-flavor problem at non veg* restaurants.

I didn't find any of my food in four meals to be excessively greasy, but c'mon, you're going to a place that expressly holds itself out as a diner: it's not health food.

Prices are totally reasonable for Cambridge, and the Central Square area.

The employees to a one were pleasant and great. The kitchen crew working in the wide open kitchen are hustling and hauling ass all the time: the counter is a great place to sit for some serious cooking action!

I'll definitely go back, again and again!

Pros: delicious, creative, tons of vegan options

Cons: not entirely vegan

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Love this place, especially the bakery - Edit

I had to ask twice at the bakery, "Everything here is vegan?" YES, everything! And everything was delicious. The diner itself is vegetarian, but you can veganize any plate! I got a vegan baked mac and cheese, I could have eaten a bucket of this stuff.
I am a huge fan of breakfast food, but I was more or less disappointed in their french toast. All in all, the place is great. I have a great time every time I stop by there and the staff is always very friendly.
Wish the place would just go all vegan already!

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Too Greasy - Edit

Veggie Galaxy has an artful décor and good service, but the food is sub-par. They live up to their theme of a “greasy-spoon” diner. All dishes are too oily and too salty. If you order a sandwich or veggie burger, the bread will fall apart halfway through your meal due to the excessive oil making the bread soggy. There are very few items on the menu—except for a few salads—that are nutrient dense. It’s mostly high-fat junk food. Worse yet, it’s not a vegan restaurant. They still offer dairy and eggs on the menu. I hope they evolve to 100% vegan. Having said all that, their desserts are tasty and interesting. I would buy a dessert to-go, but I would not have a meal there.

Pros: atmosphere, service, desserts

Cons: Too greasy, Too salty

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Delicious - Edit

Their tofu omelet and other vegan eggs are the best I've had anywhere. Nice dessert selection too. I wish they would serve only vegan food and am not impressed that the eggs thy use are "cage free".
The staff was super nice - all of them. Would definitely go again for brunch.

Pros: Vegan eggs, Desserts, Nice staff

Cons: Eggs from chickens and milk from cows offered

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Almost Secretly Vegan - Edit

I really wish this place was all-vegan, but for a non-vegan place, they're pretty darn vegan-friendly. Nearly anything on the menu can be made vegan and many items are "naturally" vegan including stuff you wouldn't expect like garlic mayo, cabbage slaw and ice cream/milk-shakes (all their ice cream comes from FoMu, the vegan ice cream place in Allston).

They are not vegan, however, and have many egg and cheese options (as well as cow milk/creamer for coffee) which I'm sure is good for their business, but is not for the animals, sadly.

Breakfast-wise, I really like their stuffed french toast (naturally vegan) and have enjoyed the vegan version of their omelet and "egg and cheese" sandwhich, although I get nervous about possible mistakes (which has never happened).

Lunch-wise, I've had the various sandwiches such as The Club (naturally vegan), vegan-version of Reuben as well as the build your own burger and found them decent, if unexciting. They seem to veer towards the sour flavors, which is not my palette, but my non-vegan girlfriend loves that stuff.

Dinner-wise, I like the vegan-version of the baked Mac & Cheese. Their french fries are excellent and their onion rings are decent (yes, greasy, as one other reviewer mentioned, but what do you expect from fresh-fried onion rings?).

I wish they had more greens (e.g., they don't have broccoli, green peppers, kale or spinach) and I sometimes leave there having enjoyed my meal, but feeling over-starched (like I overindulged on bread or potato chips).

Their bakery is AMAZING. I am very happy to have a high-quality all-vegan bakery (with so many open hours) in the Greater Boston area. I especially like any of their creme pies. I think their cinnamon buns are not as good as Peace o' Pie used to have, but everything else is quite excellent. If I was only rating the bakery, they would definitely get 5 stars from me (and restaurant might get 3, but combined, we'll go with 4).

I've found the staff helpful and knowledgeable (especially about what is vegan).

P.S. If you love vegan diner food, definitely check out Champs Family Bakery (like veggie galaxy but all-vegan and with more greens and Latin options) in Brooklyn, NY.

Pros: amazing bakery (all-vegan desserts!), tons of vegan options, good atmosphere (staff, decor)

Cons: charges extra for tofu substitution, some vegan items not labeled (mayo)

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Great diner food - Edit

Visited Veggie Galaxy while I was on holiday from Australia, so it was great to be able to experience that classic American diner style food but with a vegetarian twist.
My girlfriend and I shared some of the sandwiches, and they were both very tasty and were generous serving sizes.
The only slightly negative thing was how busy the restaurant was, meaning we had to wait a while for a seat. But overall, I felt that this added to the atmosphere of the meal as it was buzzing and everyone there seemed to be having a good time.
The staff were very helpful and was all round good experience, I will try to make it back next time I am over there.

Pros: Great sandwiches, Helpful staff, Large portions

Cons: Very busy

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One of my favorite restaurants! - Edit

I love Veggie Galaxy. It has a great classic diner feel and is 100% Vegetarian. They are able to make anything Vegan as well and all of there desserts are Vegan! My favorite meal is the Beer Battered Tofu.

Pros: Vegan Options, Vegan Desserts, Atmosphere

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Delicious - Edit

I recently found myself in Cambridge and decided to have dinner at Veggie Galaxy based on reviews I had read. I must say I did not regret it. The food was delicious. While my meat eater fiance did not particularly like his BLT, I thought it was delicious. I ordered for myself, a Kendall Square burger. For the actual patty you can choose between a blackbean burger or a mushroom chickpea burger. I choose the blackbean and the combination was perfect. The side of potato salad could have had a little more flavor, but the dessert more than made up for it. I got the brownie sundae and it was the most scrumptious brownie sundae I have ever had. My fiance got the chocolate cheesecake which he devoured. The restaurant itself looks clean and contemporary. The staff did leave a bit to desire however. Our waiter never even asked us if we wished to order drinks. Still, that ended up saving us money since we probably would have had he asked. The kitchen staff was quick to make our food however so that was a plus.

Pros: Good food, Decent value, contemporary vibe

Cons: distracted unattentive staff

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great place! - Edit

I really enjoyed this place. Went there twice on my trip to Boston. Nice space, and delicious food. They have some seriously good looking desserts in a spinning case. They make their own hot sauce which was very good.

The restaurant is vegetarian but I think they can make anything on the menu vegan. All the desserts are vegan.

Pros: tofu omelets , homemade hot sauce, vegan desserts

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Great food and value - Edit

I absolutely love the vegan eggs benedict. I also love the veggie burgers. All the deserts are really amazing. My favorites are the lemon meringue pie and the coconut ice cream with taza chocolate.

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Pretty good - Edit

When I walked in it was nice to see a new shiny vegan restaurant. It looks like a old diner inside. We went around 2 PM on a Sunday and there was quite a wait. I was dying to try the stuffed french toast - vanilla nut vegan cream cheese, topped with caramelized banana butter, strawberry basil sauce, and maple syrup. Sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations. The cream cheese just wasn't as great as I hoped. They had tons of desserts that are all vegan, I will come back and try again, as I really want to love this place!

Pros: lots of vegan options, bakery

Cons: wait

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A Real Diner Look And Feel - Edit

We went for dinner and enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. Three of us had the Smoked Reuben and the fourth had The Club. The food was very good although not light and I should not have ordered the side of fries since it left no room for any of the bakery goods. Lots of interesting beers to chose from. We returned the next morning for breakfast which was good but I did enjoy the dinner more. The service on both occasions was very friendly and helpful.

Pros: Very clean, Good food, Good service

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Piece of Heaven - Edit

Veggie Galaxy almost makes me want to move to Boston! The vegan dessert case, which spins around, is worth the visit in itself. So many great desserts - not enough time to eat them! I had the reuben too and it was quite delish :) I'll be back, hopefully spend a longer time in Boston so I can eat more food here! I should mention it sucks the kitchen is closed from 3-5 but they were sweet to seat me anyway when I came at 3!

Pros: location, atmopshere, dessert menu

Cons: kitchen closed 3-5

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Fun place, great for vegans - Edit

My husband and I live locally, and are both vegan. We went at about 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, and we had to wait for a few minutes for a table-- we were happy to be in a bustling, energetic place. We got the vegan egg benedict and the BLT on rye-- we were served very quickly and both dishes were very good. And then we shared a slice of oreo cheesecake, which was heavenly! I can't wait to come back and try their dinner entrees.

Pros: Vegan bakery!!, Friendly staff

Cons: Closed 3 to 5

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Tasty and Fun - Edit

Great having a vegetarian diner, but their knowledge of food allergies and what was safe/unsafe to eat was shaky.

Mushroom and chickpea burger was super delicious.

Pros: tasty, atmosphere

Cons: low allergy awareness

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Nothing bad to say except... - Edit

...don't go here on a diet. Best desserts I've eaten in forever. Food is amazing. Been here twice so far and I'm in love.

Pros: desserts are sensational, everything can be made vegan, well priced

Cons: bad for dieters ;)

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Needs Work - Edit

We were on vacation when VG opened, so our first time was Saturday night. First question: how big is the plate of onion rings? She says, it's a big plate, about 10 very thick rings. We say OK, sounds like enough to share, we'll get one as an appetizer. We order our dinners and wait a bit. We see her and remind her the rings were appetizers and she acts like that's the first she heard of it. But she comes back with a dinner plate with 5 onion rings on it. We question this and she says, "well, they don't count them in the kitchen." I'm thinking, Yea, they do. That's how restaurants control costs, it's called portion control. It wouldn't be so bad except these are just not good. The batter is so thin that it didn't totally cover the onion and there is actually a lot of pooled grease on the plate. Dinner: one of us has beer battered tofu, same as the onion rings, very thin and greasy, but she likes the dinner. Another has the "Reuben" which is tofu slabs with red cabbage slaw instead of kraut. He said it was OK, hiding under the dressing. But nothing like a Reuben. I ordered the Chipotle Bean burger with onions, cheeze and tempeh bacon. Unfortunately, I GOT the mushroom burger. Mushrooms makes me retch. When we called her over, she said "maybe they brought the wrong dish." I said "not Maybe. Did." She took it away, then brought it back! telling me I could eat the sides while I waited. It was super awkward. Finally my burger came, but without the bacon. Someone then brought me a plate of bacon. The sad unwanted mushroom burger sat there the entire meal. Desserts: Cheesecake was good, except for the very thick crust w/a definite burned taste. Lemon Meringue is pretty amazing, but the lemon flavor was uneven throughout and the layer itself was minimal. Citrus Coconut cake was very dense, but a good flavor.
I want vegan restaurants to thrive, but they can't skate by just on being vegan. You've got to be sure the food is GOOD. The ketchup here was like tomato paste, we actually added salt and sugar to it!! If Chicago Diner can make a Reuben, surely you guys can figure out how to do one with something more than tofu slabs.

Pros: Most desserts, Homemade vegan cheeze is good

Cons: Our service, Food is just short of really good

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Great food but very noisy - Edit

Finally tried out this new vegetarian diner. We came here for lunch on a Saturday and the place was packed. I was told that all items on the menu are vegan except for those that specifically have eggs or cheese in them, and even these can be veganized by substituting tofu or their homemade vegan cheese (which BTW is crazy good).

I got the chipotle black bean burger with red cabbage slaw. For toppings they had a few combination choices, but you can also pick your own, which was what I did. Food was delicious and reasonably priced, but service was a little slow perhaps because they were still new, which I didn't mind too much. What annoyed me the most was the noise level inside; it was so loud that my partner and I had to practically yell at each other just so we could make ourselves heard. Would have rated it five cows otherwise.

Pros: good food, reasonable prices

Cons: noisy, slow service

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Finally a great vegan dinner! - Edit

This place is awesome! Went for dinner and had the open-faced seitan plate. The flavor was great and the portions sized well for the price. To my surprise, everything on the menu can be made vegan. Had my first rootbeer float in years and the lemon meringue pie was fantastic. Can't wait to return for breakfast and try the eggs benedict.

Pros: chic dinner, great service, good value

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