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Loving Hut

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Shop 10, 240 Victoria St, Richmond, Victoria, 3121

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individually owned and operated. Serves vegan food, non-alcoholic beverages, and desserts. Has fresh juices, dumplings, a variety of soups, and Malaysian dishes like vegetable curry with tofu puffs. Established Nov 2010. Accepts EFTPOS. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Take-out, Asian, Fusion, Malaysian

Reviews (30)

First Review by KingKong

Simply the Best! - Edit

We have eaten at Veg / Vegan all over and this place excites us no end! It's our all time , number one favourite for tastes and choice. We never get tired of coming here and we are definitely spoilt for choice! WE LOVE "Loving Hut" RICHMOND!!!!

Pros: Great selection, Viet, Chinese, Malay, Raw, , Open 366 days per year!, great service, great Taste, great atmosphere

Cons: none so far!

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Would Never Go Back - Edit

I've long been a fan of the Loving Hut enterprise, so was very disappointed to have one of the worst dining experiences of my life here. My dining companion and I ordered the green papaya salad, assam curry and rice. The waitress brought out the curry first, leaving us without any cutlery or crockery. I called her back to ask for plates and the rice, but she waved me away and approached the next table to take their order. The family had only just sat down, and told her they weren't ready to order. Flabbergasted, my dining companion and I stared at the bowl of cooling curry while the waitress walked to the far end of the room to start setting another table. This was despite the restaurant being three-quarters empty. Eventually she brought us cutlery, crockery, rice and the papaya salad. At $17 the latter seemed a little steep, but I felt sure it would be spectacular to account for the hefty price. To our surprise, the dish was quite tiny. Much of the salad was taken up with grated carrot, raw pumpkin and chunks of orange. Not only chunks of orange, but orange WITH THE PEEL LEFT ON. After picking out the unnecessary and unpeeled citrus, there were barely a few shreds of salad left on the plate. The curry - which seemed to be full of MSG, sugar and oil - was pretty tasty, but contained far more sauce than filling. After spending almost $40 between us, we were both left feeling hungry and put out by the rudest, most off-handed service either of us had encountered at a vegan eatery.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-07

Cons: Rude, inattentive service, overpriced, ill-constructed meals

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Okay but wouldn't rush back - Edit

Ate here after eating in other Loving Hutts. The friends we were with booked the table. Goodish range of dishes. Nice enough cafe style interior. All the tables were full when we arrived so it was good to book and showed it was popular. The trouble was the service. While the staff members were friendly and pleasant, they were not much cop at serving tables. Also we had a terribly long wait for our food to come out and when it did it was patchy, one person being served while the others waited and watched them eat. Our friends ordered a series of entries rather than one big main dish, and these came out in stages with long pauses in-between - not very satisfying. Despite the restaurant being almost empty, we were left with dirty food plates piled on our table long after we'd finished with them and despite staff by-passing our table several times (with empty hands.) We called the waiter over to order deserts and he was about to walk off and leave the plates. Though not really finicky, we finally had to ask him to remove them as there is only so long you want to chat over dirty dishes. Ultimately the food was not so good as to excuse the delays and poor service, we would not purposely go there again.

Pros: Nice enough range of vegan dishes

Cons: Inattentive waiting service, Slow food service

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My favourite restaurant! - Edit

Tried this place soon after going vegan (about 18months ago) and it immediately became my favourite restaurant!!

There is a huge menu to choose from. A lot of items have some form of mock meat which is quite tasty. A highlight for me is the Mongolian BBQ (M10) but my favourite dish is the pineapple rice (T7) - it comes in half a pineapple used as a bowl and tastes fantastic.

Only downside would be the service (a little but casual) and it can be quite cramped when it is full but these can be easily excused with the quality of the food.

Pros: Food is GREAT, Large menu, Pineapple rice dish is awesome!

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Good food, random service - Edit

We went for a special dinner, having not been out for a meal in a while. There was a huge choice of interesting and tasty things on the menu and some amazing sounding desserts on the specials board.

Our order was taken without too much ado, and food came quickly - and was delicious. Our problem arose when we wanted dessert. We waited. And waited. We stacked our plates. And waited. After 20 mins of staff coming and going to everyone around except us (despite our attempts to attract attention), we gave up, paid and left. Even getting someone to take our money was tricky - both staff members walked past us before someone finally attended to us.

Pros: Great range of food, Tasty food

Cons: Difficult to get service

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Lovely, lovely people - Edit

The food is about Loving Hut standard, as is the decor. Which is to say, a slightly south east asian inspired but broad vegan offering, with good options for people with GF requirements.

The people are outstandingly lovely. Service is charming, and if (like me) you a re foolish enough to leave a small personal item behind on the table and not realise until an hour later, they will (apparently) move heaven and earth to reunite you with your item. In my case, someone went through the bins. Seriously. Your mileage may vary, but colour me well impressed.

Pros: Lovely service, Standard Loving Hut fare

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Authentic food - Edit

This Loving Hut offers a very extensive menu of mostly Asian influenced dishes, but also a few raw dishes. My wife & I ordered the Vietnamese pho noodles (without the mock meat), which is one of my favourite vegan dishes. The pho here is the most authentic I have had outside of Vietnam - really delicious. The other dish we had was a seaweed cocktail (salad with some seaweed) which was also really tasty.

The service on the day we went was incredibly slow - about 45 minutes for the meals to get served (I know as I had to recharge my parking meter). The staff were apologetic and the lady who I assume was the owner gave us a free desert as a goodwill gesture, which was very nice. We ate the cashew & lemon pie, which was delicious.

Overall this is a very good Loving Hut. Great value and an extensive menu.

Pros: Extensive menu, All vegan, Delicious pho noodles

Cons: Slow service

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addicted - Edit

found Loving Hut in California in june 2013 by accident and loved it. Now I am most happy to find hidden away in Melbourne is one of their cafe. No fuss, no pretend about fake meat, just good plain and tasty food. and the prices are so reasonable, any one can eat there. They also don't shove their branch of Buddhism down the throat., ( not that it is an issue with me being one).
just once I would urge people to try this place. just once

Pros: taste, value, environment

Cons: not enough of them

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Check Out their Quick Lunch Deals - Edit

I love coming here. It's reasonably priced in a simple setting with a wide range of choice - the Thai packs a bit of punch! I've frequently enjoyed their lunch deal choices for around $10. A wonderful short soup (dumpling soup)and also their chow mein-fun vegetgable noodles in this section are to die for. They have some sensational raw food options too - really healthy. Check out their website as it says it all! Friendly staff.

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What's not to love? - Edit

This is currently my favourite restaurant in Victoria. I've taken various friends here and all agree: it's wonderful. Okay it's not 100% perfect - on the last two visits I had to ask if one if our dishes was coming (they seemed to be forgotten by the busy waiters) - but it's pretty darn close. The aesthetics are ordinary but clean. The poster with quotes from famous vegans/vegetarians is inspiring. The staff are friendly and efficient. The prices are reasonable, but best of all, the food is fabulous. I love the variety of cuisines and the mix of vegetable-only, tofu or mock-meat dishes. The green curry is a personal favourite - so tasty and fairly mild. Not so keen on the crispy-skinned yam(?) entree, but the steamed dumplings are great. When available, the trifle is very nice. I only wish this chain would open a store nearer to Bayside, for my covenience. Oh, and grab the booklet on animal agriculture and the environment to learn the facts we all should know - non-vegans and vegans, alike. While owned by a religious group, no staff have ever mentioned this while I've been at Loving Hut, so no hassles for peope of no faith or different faiths. While all food is vegan, my non-vegan friends love it, too.

Pros: Delicious food, broad variety, Reasonably priced, Pleasant staff, fast service

Cons: Aesthetics are nothing fancy, but clean, Ask if you're missing a dish - don't wait

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Nommy asian food - Edit

Whilst not a fan of the underlying religious ethos of the Loving Hut franchise (other than the promotion of veganism!), the food is tasty, varied, and filling.

Pros: Vegan, Tasty, Healthier options (inc. raw)

Cons: speed, service is hit & miss if busy

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great for raw vegans - Edit

they really looked after me when i arranged for my workplace end of year dinner to be here. my colleagues had the banquet, and i was provided with raw alternatives to everything. everything was delicious. on other occasions i have had the papaya salad which is lovely (and doesn't have oil poured all over it which is great)and they have always been happy to provide raw non menu items on request.

Pros: good at looking after raw vegans, good value and yummy food, friendly and pleasant atmosphere

Cons: sometimes foget to bring everything out

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Feel the love - Edit

I enjoyed the whole experience of Loving Hut. Friendly staff, relaxed vibe and the food. So many choices! We had dumplings that were made fresh, we were advised there was a 15 minute wait, which we didn't mind. We had both steamed and fried dumplings. We had flat rice noodles, which were tasty. The serving sizes are good.
There is a range of desserts, such as cheesecake. But we didn't have room to fit any more in!

Pros: Food, Ambience, Healthy options

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I'm lovin' it! - Edit

GREAT place to bring your carno friends due to all the mock meat and seafood dishes! The decor is a little down home, but the food is seriously good! The tiramasu is to die for!! and the prices are very affordable! Highly recommend this place, though they don't have much raw food, but if you're happy eating cooked, then The Loving Hut is a great addition to your life experience! :-)

Pros: amazing food, mock meat dishes, price

Cons: timing of food service when in a group

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Fantastic, fabulous, and delicious - Edit

A fantastic restaurant with fabulous food, lovely staff and a nice atmosphere. There are so many delicious options on the menu that it can be hard to choose! The desserts are to die for, especially the non-raw cheesecake. The menu has also expanded and now features many gluten-free, onion- and garlic-free, and raw options. The mock meats are super tasty but can also be removed if desired.

Pros: Incredible vegan desserts; best in Melbourne, Extensive menu that is highly flexible and caters , Very affordable

Cons: Service can sometimes be a bit slow, but it's alwa

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The Loving Hut's Warm Glowing Warming Glow... - Edit

Today sucked a little. It has been freezing and raining. My partner and I decided to take a trip over to Abbotsford to see if the lock on the front door of our new rental has been fixed yet. It hasn't. But since we were in the area, we decided to wander down the road to Loving Hut, to check this exciting looking vegan place out. By the end of the meal we didn't want to leave!

Everything about the Loving Hut gets a thumbs up. The sweet waitress had such a calm manner about her, it was impossible not to relax immediately. We couldn't fault the food- just don't over order, the dishes are pretty well-sized. We highly recommend the Rada... the Rama... Randang something... can't remember the name, but steaks of faux meat in a coconut gravy. Literally one of the best vege meals I have EVER tasted. Even the music was good- some Ben Harper, Bob Marley, even a lil Don't Worry, Be Happy. The meals came out really quickly (though don't necessarily expect your entree before your main).

Pretty little place, so if you're bringing a few people, be nice and make a booking. Next time you're in the Abbotsford area on a cold rainy night, and in a terrible mood, I promise Loving Hut will lift your spirits.

Pros: Taste sensation, Great service, Good tunes

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Simple but nice - Edit

Loving hut looks like a old cafe on a busy surberb high street but the concept and peope inside are sweet and helpful. Food is cheap and basic but I like them. Its a grab food in that area place or catch up with friends place def not a date or intimate venue.

Pros: Lovely staff, Cheap

Cons: Decor

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Delicious and great food - Edit

Loving Hut is a nice friendly restaurant to get good vegan food. The staff are not the most professional (it definitely doesn't feel slick!) but they're always really helpful and seem to genuinely care whether you're enjoying yourself or not.

The soups (laksa, tom yum, etc) are fantastic value. The bowls are huge and I think are around $8-$10. The entree "Crispy Delights" are honestly one of my favourite foods now and I make everyone try them and they rave about it. Its taro and enoki mushrooms, rolled in seaweed and deep fried in batter served with lemon wedges. Awesome. Probably a tad oilly as a main but great as an entree to share.

Highly recommended for an easy going lunch or dinner and its brilliant after a big night :)

Pros: Good value, Caring staff, Huge soups

Cons: None that I can think of

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Lovely - Edit

The Loving Hut was a nice place. I went there before the dinner rush and was the only one in the restaurant for most of my meal. The staff was very friendly and engaged me in good conversation. The food was delicious. I got a whole meal to myself and felt it was a bit much, both portion wise and cost. Next time I go back I'll make sure to get a 'quick' meal instead, which I think will be a better portion and more cost effective.
They sell frozen take away food too. I didn't get any, but I think it's a good idea.

Pros: Very friendly staff, Delicious food

Cons: Price can be a bit high

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Good food, not a great atmosphere... - Edit

I've been there twice, both times I had the wonton soup and it was delicious.

Some of the other food has been average, but generally it's pretty good and it's moderately priced.

Quite frankly though, I don't like going there. The staff are friendly, but clearly not experienced, and tend to be very overbearing.

The main problem has been that they like to push their philosophy on their customers - hard. I took my mum there and I'll never take another non-vegan again, they were quite rude to her in their efforts to convert her and they even bothered me, it wasn't good enough that I was vegan, I had to be a spiritual vegan.

The tvs play a channel specific to their philosophies as well, which is fine, but it does mean the place lacks music or any ambiance.

Pros: Vegan Menu, Good Food, Moderate Prices

Cons: Bad Staff, Cold Atmosphere

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ooh the love.... - Edit

The Loving Hut is one of my favourites! I am new to it and will be back frequently. The meals are priced very reasonably and the vibes is nice. Homely and chilled.
Great selection of desserts too.
Loved the paw paw salad..(maybe it was papaya)

Pros: Great food, staff & prices, generous portions, provide literature about Veganism

Cons: umm?

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Loving the Love Hut - Edit

As a new addition to the world of veganism, I've been frantically searching around for restaurants that cater completely to a vegan diet. Fortunately, the Loving Hut was recommended to us and the decision was made to give it a try.
We weren't disappointed!
The Love Hut offers an extensive range of asian-influenced meals with tasty entrees, delicious soups and salads, through to hearty mains and desserts. And it's super cheap! For three main meals, plus an entree and drink each, our whole meal came to $60.
The wontons are crispy and delicious, the laksa has a bit of a chilli hit and is rich and creamy, the sweet and sour vegetables with soy nuggets are absolutely fantastic - just like any sweet and sour chicken you'd get anywhere else (even better!), the fried rice is a huge serve and has that classic fried rice taste, and the rainbow pockets are highly recommended - they're sweet on the outside and have a wonderful mix of vegetables and mushrooms on the inside - a refreshing treat. Normally I wouldn't recommend orange juice for a drink but this freshly squeezed treat is unlike any other simple OJ I've had.
It's really refreshing to go somewhere and not have to ask a million questions about whether something contains milk or egg. This place is 100% vegan.
Meals are really satisfying and hearty. It was hard to finish a whole serve. The staff were really friendly and we didn't wait long to be served or receive our meals.
The restaurant is pretty minimalist and basic, but its clean, neat and has a nice atmosphere. It wasn't busy when we were there, but I can imagine it being packed on Friday or Saturday evenings.
A really great find, hidden amongst the main strip of Victoria Street, Richmond.
Watch out for the quote about vegetarianism hidden near the counter - this place has some true ethical philosophy behind it.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staff, Great value

Cons: Small establishment

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tasety selection - Edit

I recently went here after work with my partner and ordered soooooooooo much food. we stuffed our faces with most ofthe specials and had desert too! Hmmmmmm coconut sago pudding :) i took a menu with me and now i order it for lunch! they have $8 specials like dumpling and noodles soup, green laksa, chick pea curry and rice and the fried rice. They use some kind of shiny oil that i'm not a massive fan of but the food is so yum i don't mind much. My friend ordered a take a way Malaysian Curry Laksa and it was too big to fit into one of those big bowl you get from Coles!
It's a mix of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.

Pros: cheap lunch specials

Cons: bad parking on vic street

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Good selection - Edit

Very good selection of food. There are sone quick and cheap selection as well as good dinner selection. Friendly and helpful staff.

Pros: Vegan need not to worry as everything vegan, Very helpful staff.

Cons: I think the speed impreved compare to opening

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A bit expensive for what you get - Edit

There are some interesting, nice dishes but I found the prices a bit high for the portion size, bland decor, and slow service (albeit by nice staff).

Pros: Unique, vegan

Cons: Poor value

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Loving Hut - Edit

What drew me in is the fun loving name and logo of the shop! Loving Hut. Tried 6 dishes and it's great! Felt so healthy! It's simple and clean. Staff are very friendly and approachable. I've already invited some friends to go there for a birthday! still can't forget the taste of the dishes.

Pros: Excellent Food, Healthy cuisine, Friendly staff

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Good location, nicely priced and good food - Edit

OK they've only recently so if you're popping by, just bear with them.
Foodwise, it's nicely priced and very good. Tried their Taiwanese Vermicelli. It's in the busy side of Victoria street.

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