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985 Monroe Dr, Atlanta, USA

Perfect except that they're not organic

I was at Brenda Cobb's Living Foods Institute in a 10 day raw program and would sometimes get a tiny snack (tangerine drink, wheat grass shot or a little nori bite) while i was in the area of Little Five Points. I highly recommend the place except that they are not organic. Otherwise perfect.

929 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, USA

lovin' it at Austin's

any time i make the trip to winter park to do some whole foods shopping (aka whole paycheck ;) I make sure i stop by the friendly austin's. i always get my chai tea and perhaps a bite of vegetarian cuisine while listening to some good music... i love to support this local place any time i can. always cool people, great food and music. i'll be back soon!

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Not as good as what I'd read/heard

I had heard good things about the Cafe Blossom so thought I'd make a trip there when I went to New York. I admit I was a bit let down. Their fresh squeezed veggie juice just lacked something and had lots of chunks in it. When I ordered my tea it just came with a plain white cup with a tea bag in it. He didn't ask if I wanted any sweeteners, soy milk or anything. I'm used to a little tray - maybe something a bit more aesthetically pleasing and inviting..

The salad was ok but even it was just ok. Nothing special. I ordered the raw Linguini Zucchini i (which I get at a raw place here in Florida and loooove) I know CB isn't a raw restaurant so maybe I should have ordered something cooked but thought that the zuchinni was blah with no sauce at all (I suppose I did not read carefully and thought there'd be some kind of topping. Not just a big plate for of zucchini for 20 bucks. The cooked dish (sweet potato gnocha something or the other) tasted dry and not so great. We skipped dessert because we were a bit scared and booked it out of there. People were friendly but that's about all I can say nice about the place.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Incredible food even if they rushed us a bit ;)

So I'd been to another vegan place the night before and was really let down. I was afraid this might be the same, but nope, a total 180.. LOVED it.

I ordered very similar to the night before at the other New York Vegan restaurant... I got a veggie drink (delish) and a fruit smoothie (awesome) and a shot of wheat grass. My friend had a beautiful tofu dish which was on a bed of broccoli (perfect and I barely like it - but not overcooked -really tender and green) with lentils and on the top was the most tasty tofu I'd ever eaten (luckily she shared it!) No it wasn't raw but it was good! I'll definitely be back here. If they hadn't rushed us I'd have had dessert but as luck would have it my other gal friend stopped by with raw desserts from Pure.. What a treat. And then I caught my plane and went home.. feeling happy after my perfect meal...

153 E Morse Blvd, Winter Park, USA

A little Slice of Heaven

I wrote a review here yesterday but alas, it didn't get published (but I'm glad the restaurant is at least listed now) and I'm still honored to be the first to review it. Cafe 118 (started by chef and restaurateur Michael Kenney) opened (with a soft opening) on the day of Veg Fest Orlando a few months back in Winter Park. I was fortunate enough to be there for their for this event. Kenney, who also opened the famous restaurant Pure in NYC, has done a fabulous job with the place. Just like their food the ambiance is simple and elegant and pleasing to the eye. You walk up to a large patio for outside dining (much nicer than eating around the corner on Park Avenue (here you're not right on the street nor is it busy) They also have a cute indoor area to with tasteful decor. I started off with a organic freshly made vegetable juice, then moved onto the avocado rolls (which were amazing) and finished with some of the most incredible raw ice cream ever (and I've had lots!) Our server was sweet and courteous answering any questions we had. I was fortunate enough to be there with the other organizers of the Florida raw meetup groups and we all agreed we'd be back frequently! Joe Diaz also took the time to talk to us and show us around. I only wish I'd been in town for the meetup where both Michael AND Joe were there to prepare meals for us but alas, I was away in Atlanta at a raw foods retreat. I am actually planning a trip back there this week I've missed it so much! I highly recommend this to everyone to try. Whether a "raw foodist" or not I think you'll have a wonderful meal in the perfect setting.

609 Broadway Ave, Santa Monica, USA

Not what I expected :(

I suppose I've been spoiled by raw restaurants in Florida, but when I went back to California (used to live there for 8 years) I figured this would be the best raw food ever. I was disappointed. I did like the soups and the "blood drink" (forget the exact name, but admit that was good) but the entrees and desserts (I even went back a second time to see if it would be better) weren't up to par. The raw version of the burger that my friend got wasn't too tasty. The sushi rolls were so so.
We ate two deserts (usually the best part of the meal right?) but neither were that great. They weren't especially nice to us either (though at least Juliano did say hi) I give it 2 stars and am willing to try it again only if in Los Angeles and very in need of a raw meal out... but won't hope for too much. I'll probably stick to a soup and salad :(

514 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, USA

i wouldn't want to eat here daily :(

i was recommend to this restaurant by a friend, but am afraid i wasn't very impressed. the crackers were ok... the soup i had (i recall it had carrots in it) was a little too lumpy and not that great.. i did like my juice they made me. and the desert was ok. two cows at best. sorry but i don't think i'll be returning.

110 S Beach St, Daytona Beach, USA

Great name so so food

I rarely make it to this place since they close at 4pm on the days they are open. Granted it's good to have a place that has some veggie choices here in town. But they just don't seem to be a "conscious kitchen" and did not make the article (of the same title) that I helped write about restaurants in our local area. Their salads are ok (but from what I was told when I asked there not organic) the fresh squeezed carrot juice was fine (again told not organic) but the smoothies are made with ice and sugar (not cool) and the ambiance reminds me more of a burger joint. When I have 100% vegan places now right in Volusia I can go to (minutes from Avocado Kitchen) I'll definitely be going there instead. Plus the *other* places are open way past 4pm...

7516 Meade St, Pittsburgh, USA

better than whole foods- and with a juice bar

i shopped at the co-op when i lived in pittsburgh all the time. i then went to whole foods when they opened, but with no juice bar and such a small store i was right back at the co-op. awesome juice bar, great service and always local produce. these guys ROCK> the only place to shop in pitts ;)

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

food not so hot

I'm thrilled to see yet another all vegan restaurant open in Orlando (there are two now with Cafe 118 in Winter Park) but I was let down when I went. First of all when I went (a few weeks after they opened) the ambiance was similar to McDonalds. Hopefully that has changed since then (a little warmth, colors, cute touch to the plain bathrooms and decor- heck even McDonalds- the evil empire- has more color ;)

My tea was good. I do remember that. But my dish which was veggies in a shepard's pie was overcooked and the veggies? I swear they tasted can. My dear friend wasn't too thrilled either and he's a strict vegan (me just veg) I probably won't go again and my other friends who have gone since felt the same...

101 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, USA

The best farmer's market I've ever seen ;)

I started going here shortly after Josh's opened when I lived in Hollywood... right down the street from the market. I would go every Sunday to the full market and then to the juice bar during the week. I met the most awesome people in the world there where I would drink a green juice, sit and look at the ocean, and discuss all sorts of interesting topics with diverse fascinating people. Best market in the world - even better than the farmer's market in Barcelona Spain or Los Angeles - both of which I loved but not as much as Josh's.

2796 E Point St, East Point, USA

Best Raw Restaurant I've eaten at in the world

I've eaten at some great raw restaurants from California to Florida and even overseas in Europe. This one wins hands down. It's simply the best raw restaurant I have yet to find. I was spending 10 days in Atlanta at the Living Foods Institute completing a raw course there and a group of 12 of us drove down (in our two hybrids no less!) to have a feast on the second to the last day. We did not call in any order ahead of time yet found our food brought out to us in a timely manner once we ordered. I suggest getting a drink to keep you busy until you wait for the food. The tacos were out of the world.. the lasagna was divine (i used to love cheese and this tasted like the real deal!) the stuffed avacado was just perfect, and the Irish Moss Drink? OMG! It was almost as good as the ice cream that came with our brownie for dessert. We didn't want to over do it as we were just finishing a 10 day cleanse with very light raw foods, but I sampled everything and was just blown away! I might have to get back to Atlanta sooner than planned just to eat at this little slice of heaven. I recommend it to raw foodists and non raw foodists alike. Don't tell me it's not the best food you've ever eaten! I'm hoping to Love it live again very soon! :-)

2101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, USA

Incredible food, energy and people!

Well I hadn't heard how great this place was yet so I went not expecting much. Boy was I surprised! From the moment I walked in the door I knew this place was special. They had their eco/green/vegan tv channel playing (the woman who started the restaurant has her own channel on satellite) and it was extremely clean (including the bathrooms!) Always a good sign! I had driven nearly two hours so was glad it was comfy and clean. I ordered the fresh rolls and a few drinks (a delicious vegan berry drink and a wonderful coconut drink (makes me thirsty just thinking about them!) The fresh spring rolls were out of this world! As was the golden tofu (usually I don't get much cooked vegan food but must say this was a real treat) And the vegan flan?! The best I ever had! All my food was well under 20 dollars (and I had dessert and two drinks/smoothies) I highly recommend this restaurant over the other vegan places in town. The only one I like as much is Cafe 118. Otherwise this is the best restaurant in Orlando and definitely the MOST affordable!

1700 International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, USA

Surprisingly great and in the mall!

I'm not much of a mall goer but sometimes you just cannot avoid it... I know whenever I go I can get a great healthy meal at Nature's Table. I love their smoothies. and the Cucumber avocado sandwich is excellent. I highly recommend you check it out and support it so it stays around a while!

919 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, USA

Not posh, but it is Pasha ;)

I've eaten here a few times and have to admit they're always nice, it's family owned, and the food is pretty good. I like the spinach pies (with no cheese) and the hummus is pretty awesome. I always get their carrot juice which is great too. They aren't organic, but at least have a good variety of foods and even a little grocery inside the restaurant. I like the fact they have lots of vegetarian choices. I only wish they were open past 7pm. I am not sure why but several of the veggie choice restaurants in this town close before the sun even goes down. Very strange. I'll go back though and love the music, little quaint feel of the place.

1431 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Gorgeous restaurant , not so good food

I understand Happy Cow's policy of rating a vegetarian restaurant's lowest score as a 2, but honestly think that's why Sublime's rating is still so high (not sure how it's 4.5 cows with all the 2's) I've eaten at Sublime several times and while I think the ambiance is fantastic I have never been thrilled with the food. Rather bland (the raw dishes that they used to have were never that great) and their fresh squeezed veggie juices were never too hot. The desserts are killer, but honestly I am hard pressed to say one entree I love there from all the times I'd go (mainly because my vegan friends and I knew we could get a vegan convenient meal with good ambiance. But before I left South FLorida (for the raw foods restaurant extravaganza locale a few hours north) we stopped going. Change of ownership might have sealed the deal but the last time I ate there I knew that was it for me...

219 E Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach, USA

I got an awful headache every time I ate there!

We no longer go to this overpriced establishment but even if I got their vegetable soups I would get an awful headache. The only time this has ever happened elsewhere is when I eat MSG at other Asian restaurants and didn't know it. My better half, Dr Mercola isn't Vegetarian and had the fish and the waitress admitted to us that they say it's not farm raised but it really is. The bill is outrageous every time and while the ambiance is ok it's not worth the price or migraine. Even though we're near there in that plaza often we refuse to go in ever again. Oh and we asked if we could replace their awful excuse for a salad (crappy iceberg lettuce) with soup and they say no. even when paying 35 or more for an entree!

6350 Guilford Ave, Indianapolis, USA

good earth is great

this saved me back in college when i had no where else to get healthy food. the prices were reasonable, the products incredible and the workers were extremely kind. i hope to get back there again soon.

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