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609 Broadway Ave (at 6th St), Santa Monica, California, USA, 90401

Raw food restaurant located a short walk from Third Street Promenade shopping area. Suitable for both casual and semi-fine dining. Except for bee products in some items, food is mostly vegan. Dine indoor or al fresco. Juliano is the man that people love to hate because of his unconventional characteristics, plus he is a celebrity in the raw food world. MARCH 2013 Confirmed closed by HappyCow. REOPENED ANOTHER LOCATION FALL 2013 IN WEST HOLLYWOOD.

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First Review by No1_Vegan_Goddess


I'm not sure which restaurant you all are referring to, but surely not this establishment. I went there with three of my friends, and it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. The service was slow (understandable), but they were out of ingredients (and did not know ahead of time, making my friend wait an additional 45 minutes for her dinner after having to re-order), and the waitress we had was completely rude. The only upside was the food, but only slightly. The cost out weighs the food itself. Overall I'd say find somewhere where they appreciate your business and don't waste your money or time here.

Cons: Wait staff is rude, Over priced, Small portions

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Which Restaurant Are People Reviewing - Edit

This Is The Best Vegan / Raw / Restaurant I Have EVER Eaten At.

The food is absolutely incredible! To die/live for! It looks amazing, tastes outstanding, and when your'e done eating it you feel estatic. I have never had a bad meal there. It's incredibly consistent, and every component is dialed in to a tee.

This is a Health food restaurant, yes they do use honey istead of agave and I absolutely love that about Planet Raw. I hate when agave is the only option which is almost always the case, agave has no health benefit. Juliano doesn't use bananas or any other hybridized fruits or vegetables.

I must say I have only one complaint, it's small and it is almost always recurring in restaurants, I imagine because they are hard to staff. The food highly outweighs it. The servers can be "strange" at times. That and they have this strange relationship with the kitchen, sometimes one server can get something one way, and the other server can't because the kitchen workers don't like them. Other than that, I have zero improvements to even recomend, even the hours are incredible. I think they are open till midnight on the weekends and are open early enough for a late breakfast everyday.

If you want healthy food, this is the healthiest restaurant I know of, anywhere and you won't know it by the taste.

The cheezy kep, nachos and chocolate shake are my favorites.

Pros: Best Food Anywhere, Healthy and you feel amazing after, Dazzling Presentation

Cons: Staff can be strange, There's only one location, I don't live close enough to it

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Amazing! - Edit

Awesome eats.

Pros: Outdoor seating, Unique store

Cons: Pricey

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Original raw cuisine - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow, and here's my Planet Raw review.

Over the years I've eaten at Planet Raw several times and have had mixed experiences. My first tries were so-so, though the last 2 meals here have been good.

The food prices are average, not out of the ordinary for dining in this part of Santa Monica (high end). It is creative raw cuisine, in a very nice part of Santa Monica.

The presentation is incredibly attractive and colorful, like art. And the different sauces used in the food is pretty awesome. Eating this food is like an extraterrestrial adventure for my taste buds.

I like the pumpkin tortellini, apple tortellini, spring rolls, pumpkin "salmon" sushi, kleem smoothie, and there is an delicious chai smoothie with goji berries and cacao nibs garnish.

Yes, I agree that Juliano is a controversial figure, but I don't care. I never see him there anyway. If you are curious about or like RAW food and you are in the Santa Monica area, definitely give it a try. At least once.

Pros: original raw cuisine, nice location, good food

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Decent - Edit

For my overpriced, scant meal, it was decent. The presentation was great. Most of my meal was the salad the put on the side. I ordered the lasagna and I was still hungry after. The pumpkin ravioli was good. Overall, it was not worth the price. The seating was cramped and it was full of people with their nose in the air.

Pros: presentation, location, freshness

Cons: honey? (not vegan), too expensive, cramped

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False advertising. aka Lying. - Edit

Ate here a few times before I ordered tea and was given a side of honey. I asked if that was indeed honey and our server informed me that the only sweetener used in the restaurant is honey. I asked if there was a vegan option and she said no. At this point I was confused because I thought this place was vegan and I didn't have to worry about what I ordered. The menu has no marks or key to indicate what has honey and what does not yet the word 'vegan' is everywhere. I am not a purist and I am not trying to wage a "war on honey" (their words, not mine) but I personally don't want to eat honey and would appreciate some indication on the menu so I can avoid it. I also would appreciate all the "ALL ORGANIC RAW VEGAN LIFE ENERGY" banners to be taken off their menus and their website since that is a lie/false advertising/misleading. And why can't we have a raw agave option again? I contacted the restaurant via email with my concerns and the replies were beyond arrogant/rude/insulting - when all I wanted was clear labeling. Why is Trader Joe's better at labeling their vegan products than a celebrity chef? Luckily Better Life Cuisine is down the street. It's cheaper, lacks the rudeness, and is actually vegan. It's a shame because the food was stellar and I didn't mind the pricing.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Rude, uninformed staff, not vegan, tad pricey

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Santa Monica raw - Edit

Solid raw cuisine. Excellent quality. Was there a couple of years ago so I don't recall the specifics.

Pros: Good food, Healthy cuisine

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Used to be ok good now just plain bad - Edit

I'd been there on many other occasions but now the place looks as if it's dying. It's not fresh and alive but dead, not crowded and a bit stifled. The food tasted the same. Wait staff kinda rude and not super knowledgeable. Won't be back again.

Pros: none

Cons: really dead, food not great, wait staff kinda bad

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Won't be going back any time soon - Edit

The food was good but overpriced, the portions were small and the staff came off as very snooty. Don't think I'll go back.

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Nice but dont think I be in a rush to go again - Edit

The restaurant was ok, there was seating inside but it was so cramped and dark it didn't feel very inviting. It was a beautiful day so we chose to sit outside. The hostess who sat us didn't seam thrilled about our presents and asking to be seated out side. Kind of odd might have just been her personality.

The menu was nice yet the prices reflected a meal that should come with a much higher level of service and ambiance.

The food was good and the plating ok it just wasn't worth it.

The service was friendly enough but again at the price. I am vegan and enjoy raw food but this restaurant really wasn't worth it for me.

If someone were to take me there I might suggest another place in the area. Not that I wouldn't try it again I just wouldn't be up to paying for it and really wouldn't want for someone else to treat me to it unless they insisted we go there.

Pros: they have food? , the company I was with, The outside seating

Cons: The value, The inside seating

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Raw delight - Edit

On my venture to check out raw cuisine, I decided to try Planet Raw. I truly did not know what to expect. I tried new things each of the 6 times I visited and everything was delicious, except I did not care for the spring rolls. The macho nachos, zucchini fries, kelp pasta, and chocolate mouse are my all time favorites.

Pros: delicious, location, parking

Cons: pricey

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Great Food / Ify Service - Edit

Juliano is brilliant in his knowledge of food as medicine and I'm so thankful for the information he shares about his innovative findings through his experience with food. You feel like you're beiing nourished through and through eating this stuff.

I hope that in the future Juliano finds a way to staff the restaurant with people who carry the same integrity as the food. Servers truly wishing to grant good service would be a great addition. Patience, invitingness, etc.

Pros: Excellently nourishing food, Healing food, I feel my body get stronger every time I go

Cons: More care, goodwill from waitstaff would nice

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Planet Snob - Edit

Despite the horrible service, my husband and I eat here fairly often because we just LOVE certain menu items (Macho Nachos, Cheesy Kelp, and the Endive appetizer). As long as you stick to the menu, and avoid the specials (which are usually around $18.95 - $23.95 for no more food than you would get for $12 on the menu) the prices are generally higher than most, but OK. We have always been of the opinion that the quality of the food made up for the absolutely terrible service and ambiance. As for the service they get two big thumbs down and a big ol' :-PpppPppppp There is ONE helpful employee there. Her name is Chalyse and you will recognize her by her cute platinum blonde bob, facial piercing, and her SMILE (the only one in the whole place who is friendly and helpful!). If she isn't your server, I'd get up and leave and try again later. Seriously. For your health, don't let anyone else serve you. We were there on Sunday and Ariel, Ariana, and Ally were working. Ally was our server. Ally and Ariana were busy stuffing their faces on the floor, using the wine rack by the register as a table, taking huge, unladylike mouthfuls which caused them to have to use their fingers to get all of their bite into their mouth all while facing those of us dining there, and then licking their fingers. They were doing all of this in between running food to tables, and they DID NOT WASH THEIR HANDS between bites and running food! Juliano didn't care or didn't notice. He's too busy being pretentious to care about silly things like hygiene and good service. To top it off, we then saw Ally wipe her nose with her sleeve while talking to customers at another table! Not to mention she was dressed in daisy dukes, 4" wedges, a tank top and a sweater. Not appropriate server-ware at all. On another occasion, Ariel was serving us. She never once noticed when our water glasses were empty. We'd sit for what seemed like ages trying to get her attention to ask her for more water. Then she saw some friends of hers on the sidewalk through the side door and ran to the door to call after them to come see her. Then she and Juliano and their friends stood around several inches from the tables and gabbed while she continued to ignore her tables. As far as the vegan issue, they are not 100% vegan. They use honey. From what I've been able to learn, it's only in the desserts, smoothies, shakes and kale chips. Smoothies & shakes can be made with agave.

Pros: Yummy!

Cons: Pretentious, Poor Hygiene, Expensive

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Great Evening Out - Edit

Had a date night here and had a great time! The ambiance was amazing, the food was fresh, the service was adequate but friendly enough. I think people complaining about the price forget the value of fresh, organic food. I think our server temporarily forgot about the drinks but no biggie. The food wasn't mind-blowing, but still really good. Definitely worth a trip back to try a few more dishes.

Pros: Ambiance, Freshness, Friendly Servers

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Juliano's is Alive! - Edit

This place is a close second to my favorite raw food restaurant. I had the lasagna and apple pie. WOW! If you are within 50 Miles of this place it is a must do.

Pros: Outstanding Food, Service is top notch, Hey It's Santa Monica

Cons: Not \

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Beautiful Food, Abundant Attitude - Edit

This restaurant is set in the shabby chic motif. Open ceiling, lotsa artistic designer touches; Love it. The food selection is wonderful, very beautifully prepared and presented, a signature of Juliano. I agree with the other posting, the service has serious attitude. Hey, all I want is good service and a wonderful meal. Service was fair, I found the flavors to be a bit conflicting in the dishes. Pricing is a bit expensive, to go with the attitude throughout. I hope next time they cheer up!

Pros: great menu selections, beautiful presentation

Cons: Lotsa Attitude, Fair service

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Julianos Santa Monica - Edit

Staff was unpatient and unfriendly. Every time I went felt like I had to kiss ass and always made me feel like I was a bother when I ordered. I was always nice and kind to them all but even Juliano and Ariel were not friendly and looked unhappy to be there. You would think when eating clean you would be happy and happy spiritually. Food was ok, some food and smoothies I will say are very good. Just very small portions and way overpriced. To make your own smoothie came to 17.00 dollar for a small cup! Not including dinner. They should also state when there are specific nuts in what meal. Should be a requirement so it makes it easier to order because of a few but allergies not only for myself but for other people who are allergic to a certain nut. Parking is convienent.

Pros: Parking, Food was overall good

Cons: Overpriced, Small portions, Unpatient/Unhappy staff

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Creative Cuisine - Recommended - Edit

Two friends and I ate at Juliano's Planet Raw restaurant today. We all had been here a few times before separately though a long while back. Our past impressions varied (good and not so good), but we were eager to give it another try.

Today was a nice sunny day, so we sat in the back patio area. We took a while to examine the menu, and our waitress was very patient with us. All the other staff (waitress and kitchen people) were also very gracious with us.

The prices are average/typical to Santa Monica sit-down dining, not expensive not cheap. The fact that it's pure veg and organic is worthwhile to me.

I had a Chai smoothie which was an interesting blend of berries and chai spices topped with bits of walnut, cacao, goji (very tasty - I especially enjoyed the topping bits).

For appetizers, we shared the Spring Rolls, which had interesting wrap and filling accompanied by a creamy sauce (attractive, okay taste) and the Bruschetta which was olives and baby tomatoe halves over a savory nut cheez on top of cracker/bread (rich, delightful, but salty for my liking).

For main, a friend and I shared the Thai Salad (very delicious dressing, nice greens, avocado) and the Monster Wrap (many flavors in a nori wrap, filling, tasty, spicy).

Overall, we all enjoyed our meal. The presentation of the food was artful, attractive, and colorful. The portions were good (fair), and the taste somewhat complicated and very interesting though a few things a bit on the salty side (I usually eat low salt at home).

I definitely would recommend Juliano's Planet Raw to anyone interested in gourmet raw food cuisine.

Pros: friendly service, beautiful and flavorful cuisine, fair prices

Cons: gossip about owners

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