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601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, Florida, USA, 32789

Full-service vegan restaurant featuring home-style fare; weekend brunch menu 9am-3pm; regular menu 12-11pm. Free Wi-Fi. Current location since fall 2012; previously on N Orange Ave Ste 101. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by steroidicalkiwi

Garlic knots are da bomb - Edit

I've been to Ethos Vegan Kitchen about 3 times for both brunch and dinner and I love it. I've loved every entree that I've had, and the tofu scramble and garlic knots are both awesome. The service can be slow sometimes, but it might just be because I have gone at busy hours.

Pros: Great food, Waits are relatively short, Great portion sizes

Cons: Sometimes slow service, Seems like lots of added oils in a lot of dishes

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My favourite!!!! - Edit

I always leave with a food coma from eating wayyyyy too much. And that's taking a doggy bag home with me too! Just took dam good!

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Extremely rude, employees will make fun of you if you're different from them - Edit

The owner, Kelly, has no customer service value and is a moody, defensive little man (aka short man syndrome) in my opinion. The manager, Dana, actually does have managerial skill, but unfortunately, if Kelly hires people like him, she is going to have her hands full and want to rip out her hair. Customers should be aware that the staff may make fun of them while they are there, and that Ethos has hired some very catty, immature people. Here's what happened:

Monday, at 6:14 p.m, June 9th, my daughter was verbally belittled rather loudly by the transgender (no offense to transgenders, but Kelly seemed to think it was important that I know this since he told me) employee "Jenny" who was working in the kitchen. My daughter and I had a pick-up order. As my daughter entered Ethos, she was seen by this employee from the kitchen. She and the cook, Mike, (red beard, always stares and is so broody) seemed to acknowledge my daughter. Jenny stated, "Oh fancy blouse!" in a sarcastic manner. My daughter then sat down at the chair by the register. When she stood up to get the order, Jenny shouted at my daughter that I could even hear, "Oh SO PRIVILEGED!" twice. My daughter does dress extremely well and is very progressive in her fashion.

My daughter and I went to her car, and I asked her what that was all about. She told me what had happened, and I asked if she wanted to go back in and confront this employee. She wanted to release it, yet it did bother her very much. She has been vegan for many years and had been going to Ethos since 2007. When Ethos moved to the new location, there were issues with the oven and food was frequently under-cooked or burnt. We thought they would eventually work through this although there still seems to be quality cooking issues to this day. That wasn't enough to stop us from going; however, this surreal experience with the actual employees was and Kelly's defense of it was as well.

I am sure Ethos has customers from all walks of life, rich and poor and somewhere in between. Having a jaded employee obviously verbalize her own issues is very creepy. It really made us never want to go to Ethos again. Kelly responded by saying that it was a misunderstanding. He first said that we overheard the cooks talking in the kitchen. This was not true as Jenny practically yelled those things so my daughter could hear. We couldn't hear anything in the take-out area if they were just talking amongst themselves. Next, Kelly tells me that Dana the manager witnessed what had happened which was also not true. I spoke to Dana on the phone, and she said that she had not heard what was said or witnessed it. Third, Kelly tells us to call him where he still maintained it was a simple misunderstanding. On the phone he was snippy, and he actually admitted that Mike and Jenny were in fact talking about my daughter's outfit and "joking"!!!

He didn't seem to understand the gravity of that and how rude it was. He was more interested in arguing about their intent. He didn't hear the inflection in Jenny's voice. I did, and it was not nice. It was scoffing and mocking. He told me that Jenny was a transgender which I still don't know what that has to do with anything. If anything I would think Jenny would be less judgemental and catty then because she would especially know not to judge a book by its cover which she/he was obviously doing.

So all in all, I find it ironic that Ethos operates in the Winter Park area. Know that there are some employees there that will judge you for how you look, and if you don't look like them look out, you might be deemed, "Oh SO PRIVILEGED!" I have to say this was a most ridiculous experience. After seven years of going here, my family and friends will never go back. That's how bad it was. Since Kelly seems to think that this was okay and all that he needs to do is remind his employees not to talk about the customers while they are there, he truly doesn't see the fact that even having to tell his adult employees this at all is outrageous. That seems like such a no-brainer, but then again, if he is hiring and coveting his "friends", then there will be no objectiveness when his employees are acting like total jerks.

I would have given one star but because we care about animals, and the place is vegan, I gave it two stars. The food has been going down hill even since they moved in addition to hiring some really creepy people. "Ethos" my butt!!

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Great food. Went twice during my week long stay in FL! - Edit

I ended up going here twice and once was with my mother who is not vegan.

We got the sausage roll and green bean appetizers. Both were good, but I wish the sausage roll pastry was slightly crispier.

My Mother ordered the crispy chikun salad with vegan ranch. They use Gardein products which some people might scoff at, but being a midwest gal living in an area with hardly ANY vegan options, I didn't care...and my mom loved her salad!

I ordered their buffalo chickun wrap which was the special of the day with mashed potatoes and gravy. Mashed potatoes were -okay- a little dry, but nothing to complain about. I just prefer mine a little bit more whipped. The wrap was amazing!! Just enough buffalo sauce for flavor and not too spicy.

For desert we ordered the sundae. Nothing too fantastic about this, but it was vegan and good.

Overall, this is a great place to take vegans and non-vegans. With tip we paid around $45 for everything which seemed like an amazing price for all of the food we got.

Pros: Great atomosphere, Huge selection of food, Great place to take non-vegans

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Best for whole family - Edit

My family eats at Ethos 2 or 3 times each week, both brunch & dinner. Our favorites are the ice cream treats, mousse, cookies, crispy green beans, broccoli, sausage roll, chick pea sandwich. Salads are enormous with a variety of ingredients. It is a comfort that we don't have to ask if there are any milk products in the food. We were there the opening day in 2007, and have been there at least 500 times. It is a favorite place to invite friends to join us.
We have eaten at several other vegan restaurants none compare with the wide selection of menu items nor the quality of the food.

Pros: 100% dairy free, Excellent food,, Friendly staff

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Ethos does not cater to their customers - Edit

If you want to swap something out, you can't. So, we got up and left and never came back. My family and I have been dining at Ethos since they first opened on Orange. So, do not eat there anymore. Market on South or Dandelion has healthier choices.

Updated from previous review on 2017-04-13

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AnnieRay 22 Apr 2017 - After 10 years of enjoying some terrific food, you let one experience color one of the best vegan restaurants we have ever eaten at. The specials are usually not swappable, but the whole place is basically a la carte, order whatever you want.  

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if you are vegan, vegetarian or even a meat eater, you NEED to check this place out!! I am vegan and this is the best food i have ever eaten! I have told many of my non vegan friends about this place they LOVE it! I go here every weekend and I have tried almost everything on the menu. my personal favorites are the "sausage rolls" "all american burger" "kids pinweels" "pasta primavera" and MANY more! the only items that i have tried and not enjoyed were the "bbq empanadas" (simply because they were too sweet for me) and the "samson burger" (which didn't have enough flavor for me) but i have loved everything else i have tried!! CANT RECCOMEND THIS PLACE ENOUGH!! amazing food!

Pros: extremely nice staff, 100% vegan, so many delicious options

Cons: none

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Decent meal, but not fabulous - Edit

Tired and hungry after a day in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, my husband and I were desperate for some good vegan grub. We were excited to make our way to Ethos. The menu has large election--enough so that it was difficult for me to decide. We shared an appetizer of BBQ pulled "pork" empanadas. They were decent, but certainly didn't knock my flip flops off. They were accompanied by an odd dipping sauce, which seemed like a mixture of Vegenaise and horseradish. I guess the idea was to cool the palate, but this was completely unnecessary as the BBQ flavoring of the empanadas was sweet rather than spicy. The other thing that was out of whack was the amount of sauce. It was served in a small sauce dish filled to the rim, far too much sauce for two empanadas. Craving a good red sauce, I ordered the meatball sub for my main dish. It was okay. The roll was baked to a perfect level of crustiness, but had very little red sauce. The faux meatballs and the cheese were unimpressive. It's too bad the meatballs weren't homemade. The cheese seemed like Daiya, which I am not a fan of. Overall, the meal hit the spot after a long day of gross amusement park food. I'd go again and order something different.

Pros: 100% vegan!

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excellent! - Edit

Let me just say that I took eight people here for lunch, six of whom are meat eaters, and there was no food left on anyone's plate. Great place, clean restaurant, nice ambiance, trendy location, good service and innovative and varied food menu! I am 7 years vegan and to find all vegan restaurant this good is very rare.

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WOW - Edit

This place is probably the best vegan restaurant I've ever been to or seen. The food is delicious, the portions are gracious, and the price is great! The atmosphere and the staff are awesome as well. Only had the specials twice but have not been disappointed.

Pros: dessert, big portions

Cons: it's not a chain EVERYWHERE

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Definitely a favorite - Edit

We haven't had anything that was even meh at Ethos. Everything is outstanding. The vegans love it, the meat-eaters love it... wish we could bring Ethos to our town. They do good comfort food. It's always been busy when we've gone, haven't had to wait for more than a few minutes. My favorite is the calzone.

Pros: Atmosphere , Excellent food, Great service

Cons: Not in my hometown

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vegan heaven - Edit

This restaurant has just about any food type you could want! I could hardly get past the breakfast menu. My husband and I have had the breakfast burrito, cinnamon roll, biscuits and gravy, shakes, and homemade cookies between us and have loved every bite.

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Favorite!!!! - Edit

I live 3 hours away but I still consider driving here just for a meal! I've ordered many of the menu items and I've loved them all! They also sell cookies for very reasonable prices so I usually take some home with me to share. The service is always great and the place is always clean- I wish there were places like this in every city with vegan comfort food that appeals to the masses!

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Middling - Edit

Three of us came here for dinner on a Saturday night and were seated right away. Food was okay for the most part but lacked character. The menu is nothing special and too heavy on commercial imitation products for my liking. We could've done without the appetizers; they were kind of meh and too expensive for what and how much we got. The entrées were better. The chickpea "crab cakes" were actually quite tasty. Service was average. The place being very clean and spacious is really the only truly positive thing I can think of.

Pros: spacious

Cons: heavy on fake meats/cheeses, appetizers too small/pricey

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It's hard not to gush... - Edit

We were in town for a week from Colorado for my sister’s heart surgery, and came across Ethos the first day. Except for trying Orlando’s several other (also quite good) vegan/vegetarian places for lunches, we came back to Ethos every single night for dinner. My wife is a former vegan chef/caterer, and we both agreed that this is one of the best restaurants (of any kind, really) in which we’ve both eaten: without exaggeration, every single entre was utterly delicious, the vegetables and sides were cooked perfectly and superbly, interestingly seasoned (they have nothing fried, but after one bite, you don’t miss it one bit), and the sauces were simply amazing (the remoulade was indescribably wonderful). Add a great, helpful and attentive wait staff, a remarkably good $4 house wine (and some terrific local beers), and why would anyone even think to eat anyplace else? We didn’t and you shouldn’t. Not if you want some of the best food (and yes, all vegan food) you’ll find anywhere. It surely did our appetites good, but also our vegan hearts.

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fantastic! - Edit

So good! Great comfort foods!

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best vegan food - Edit

Let me start by saying that not only do I, a vegan from New York City, love this place, but so did my paleo-diet-meat-loving cousins. We went to Disney for a week vacation and ate here 5 out of the 7 nights even though it was a half hour drive away. The garlic knots were out of this world. This was the first vegan calzone I've ever had and it was great. We probably tried everything on the menu by the time we left Florida but some other standouts were the kids pasta primavera, kids pizza bread, rustic italian pasta, samson burger, and coconut curry wrap. The service here is great; everyone is so friendly. Definitely recommend.

Pros: great service, Friendly Staff, excellent food

Cons: food was so good I couldn't stop eating

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Love this place - Edit

Yumz ... pecan crusted eggplant ... Ruben ... chickun soup ... all delish.

Pros: Vegan, creative menu, cool space

Cons: bakery items a bit oily

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