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1298 Market St, San Francisco, USA

Fun Place

11 Nov 2007

I took my kids here and we really enjoyed it. The place is attractive, and the staff were very nice. The place was packed so we expected a wait. To our pleasant surprise, the service was extremely fast. We all enjoyed our meals. Being vegan, we were pretty limited on our selections, but my daugher really liked the BBQ tofu buger (not really a "burger", it was more liked three slices of tofu, layered, that had marinated in a sauce), my son liked his BBQ tofu, but liked to bite of my other daughters burrito even better. I had the vegan burger. It was pretty good. We will, most certainly, go there again (just be careful if you are a vegan...we asked which dressings were vegan and she told us two were--but one had honey in it).

10033 Saich Way, Cupertino, USA

really good

03 Apr 2016

We tried Blast Pizza tonight. It is set up where you choose your crust, sauce (and there are a few vegan choices), then pick from a variety of fresh, locally grown toppings and they have vegan cheese. They change gloves for vegan, and have a cutter for vegan pizzas. They have gluten-free crust, too. They bake at a high temp do pizzas are cooked quire rapidly. We were all pleased with our pizzas and will most definitely return. I try to go to vegan only restaurants, but I appreciate other places when they are knowledgeable and respectful of food choices.

10310 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, USA

very tasty

23 Oct 2013

Really tasty vegan pizza. it is also a pretty restaurant. Parking was easy when we went. They also deliver and it is is easy to order because the website lists all the choices. It is a bit pricy, but tastes really goodd.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

Depends upon what you order...

15 Apr 2007

We have been to Herbivore a number of times (both locations) and, for the most part, were very happy with the food. Whenever we go, my kids are thrilled they can order anything from the menu! However, the last time, we were less than happy. All four of us there that time felt the meal was poor. Most of the time we have gone, we've had breakfast. We'll stick to that and go elsewhere for lunch from now on. The burger smelled bad and had the look of raw meat. The burrito was good, but had an unusual spice and by the time she got to the end, it didn't taste good any longer. The macaroni and cheese was okay, but far too big. The noodles were the same. They give way too much food and charge too much. Stick to the brunch!

1910 P St, Sacramento, USA

Wonderful little shop

19 Feb 2011

There were five of us who went to visit this little shop and we all enjoyed it tremendously. One of the owners was working and he was enjoyable to speak with. There was a resident cat who was so very sweet and let me carry her around the shop as I broused at the variety of vegan items. They have food items, t-shirts, bowls and forks with "vegan" stamped in them, dog food, books, kitchen items...a nice variety. Some items are hand-made by friends of theirs. We all enjoyed the shop and highly recommend it for the merchandise, what they stand for, and to support this family-run business.

3442 30th St, San Diego, USA

Very Good!

13 Aug 2008

We went to this place on a recent trip to San Diego. I had the Very Vegan Burger. It was REALLY good and extrememly filling. My friend had the BBQ Chicken (not vegan) and he really liked it. This is a nice, small, friendly place. We both highly recommend it. We plan to return next time we are in San Diego.

1600 Saratoga Av Ste 113, San Jose, USA


18 Feb 2016

Falafel Bar is in the Westgate food court. You can order a bowl and they charge by the pound, or a pita with three falafel for set price. Then they have a salad bar set up where you choose from a variety of toppings and sauces. It is all made there, fresh, and organic. They also have regular and garlic fries. We ordered some of each to share. Both were delicious. The sodas are unusual flavors and are quite delicious and refreshing. They will let you try samples of the sodas. You can also sample toppings before you put them on your falafel. My family of four all were quite pleased and enjoyed everything. The girl behind the counter was sweet and helpful. We highly recommend Falafel Bar and we will most definitely return!

1245 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, USA


15 Apr 2007

We used to live in the area, so we went here as often as we could. About seven years ago, we moved to the central valley. When we go visit family, we often go eat at Garden Fresh. The staff is so nice! They always remember us. We also love the food. Our favorites are the Sweet and Sour "Pork", Curry "Chicken", and, especially, a tofu wrap (it comes with lettuce to wrap it in). Their appetizers are good, especially the "pizza" and spring rolls. We have taken many friends and family members there--most still eat meat--and everyone else has loved it, too. Garden Fresh is so tasty, friendly, and a nice little place to eat. Dinner is a bit pricy, so luch is a great option.

2315 K St, Sacramento, USA

Very nice food

19 Feb 2011

Five of us went yesterday to eat at this cafe. We ordered three different things and all tried each. The tuna melt was wonderful and came with a beautiful salad. The lentil loaf was a bit of a scare at first because the first bite was quite burned, but it became quite delicious after that part was gone. It came with mashed potatoes and gravy that were out-of-this world. The glazed carrots that also came with it were okay. They left the tops on an the burned twigs were a bit in the way on the plate and the outside of the carrot was a bit dry, but inside was good. The bacon cheeseburger was wonderful. The potatoes that came with it would have been just as wonderful if they had been less oily and didn't have so much salt. Overall, we loved the meal and were happy with everything we ordered.

We ended the meal by trying a peanut butter cookie. It was two large cookies with chocolate chips and attached by a "cream" filling. They dipped it in chocolate, but only enough for one bite. The filling was just too sweet and didn't enhance the taste of the cookies. One cookie alone would have been better. The cinnamon roll was okay, but we've had better.

It's a very small place with two tiny roomw with just a few tables and one couch with a coffee table. It becomes quite crowded very quickly, so just be aware of that. The menus eluded us at first. They are in a folder tacked to the post you walk around when you enter the door. And don't get your hopes up on your meal until you ask what they are out of because the had run out of our first two choices.

We had gone anticipating trying the nachos but they weren't being served the day we were there. She made it sound like they don't make them very often when we asked. The menu changes, but she said the sandwiches stay pretty much the same.

We decided the perfect meal would be the bacon cheeseburger with the mashed potatoes. However, you can't go wrong with the tuna melt.

We look forward to going back and we all highly recommend this cafe. Also, when there, don't forget to go upstairs to the vegan store. They are not the same owners, but are good friends. Great to have a vegan cafe and a vegan store so close together.

50 W Main St, Los Gatos, USA

Icing on the Cake

23 Oct 2013

Three of us tried the vegan chocolate cupcakes. They are delicious. The store was a bit small and crowded, but they are expanding so that may help. We got our cupcakes and walked to the park nearby to enjoy them. It was a lovely treat.

925 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, USA


23 Oct 2013

Have been to Loving Hut two times. The first time we just had the cheesecake. It was fantastic! The second time We tried some of the appetizers and a patty melt. They were all really tasty. The people who work there are nice. Service is extremely quick. Overall, we enjoy eating here.

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA

Tasty food and pleasant surroundings

15 Apr 2007

On special occasions, my husband and I enjoy going to the Millennium. Before they expanded, it was pretty small, to the point of being cramped inside. The last couple times we've gone, we've enjoyed the expansion and new decor. They have wonderful food, even better desserts, and it's a vegan restaurant where we dress up, slow down, and enjoy. It's pretty pricy, so we haven't taken the family, ut it's a nice place to go for a romantic evening. The food is great from appetizer to dessert.

511 Hayes St, San Francisco, USA


23 Oct 2013

We tried the Vegan Pizza right on the menu. It has vegan cheese and delicious toppings. We also tried a pizza with vegan cheese and toppings chosen from the list of toppings. We got the deep dish pizza which takes almost half an hour to bake. It was well worth the wait! This was probably the best pizza I have ever tasted. Our group of four all enjoyed it. The people who work there are really nice. The only downfall is the salad was small and way over priced. It was $10 and saiid it had beans and stuff but when it caee it only had lettuce and tomatoes. Not worth the price at all. Luckily for us, they forgot to make it so we got it for free. Aside from that I recommend their vegan pizza. Really great! Just use restroom elsewhere Only one and there was always a line.

10344 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, USA

Very Tasty!

15 Apr 2007

After reading the reviews, my family and I decided to try this place out for ourselves. All five of us were VERY glad we did! We all had the highly-recommended vegan Nut Burger with chips and salsa. It was very tasty! We enjoyed sitting outside at one of the picnic tables. The place constantly had people coming up and ordering (you order at a window outside). They weren't the speediest, but it wasn't a terribly long wait. We were, however, disappointed that we didn't see the chickens and roosters that others have mentioned. We did walk over to the park right next door and saw a whole bunch of roosters there. Next time, we plan to take the food to-go and eat at the park. We very highly recommend this place, and we are all eager to go back very soon.

3055 Olin Ave Unit 1030, San Jose, USA


23 Oct 2013

How great, as a vegan, to be able to go into a restaurant and order anything on the menu. On top of that, the food is excellent. It gets even better because the desserts are fabulous. We have gone a number of times and never been disappointed. You order at the counter then get a number and they bring you your food. They are very quick. Cauli-mashed potatoes are so good. Gravy is wonderful. Burgers, chickn-style, the sauces, ..all is really good. A number of people recommend the Buffalo Wings. Although we enjoyed them, we prefer the Chill Out Wings. Uptown Nachos are really good, too. They have fabulous teas and lemonade. Then...dessert. Wow. So delicious. Probably the best pudding II have ever tasted. So far, we have only tried the Chocolate Pudding Parfait. We are so full from the delicious meal. We split the Parfait. It was so good. I look forward to trying other desserts on future visits. They also have choices for on a children's menu. Just be aware, my daughter loves spicy food. She tried the chipotle ranch dressing on her salad. Although she liked it, her face turned red on her first bite because it was hotter than she expected. She still recommends it, just be aware it has quite a zip. We HIGHLY recommend Veggie Grill!

520 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, USA

really good and fun ambiance

23 Oct 2013

Large menu with great choices. They are good at recommending ideas if you don't know what to choose. Just leave room for dessert. Tiramisu is so good. We had five people and shared two desserts. The restaurant itself is really worth going for just to see. it has the feeling of something religious but they don't push it more than just having a pamphlet. They also sell vegan goodies by the cash register. If in San Jose, I recommend you stop by and try it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

2464 W El Camino Real Ste C, Mountain View, USA


22 Jul 2016

Wanting to try a new place, we headed to Veggie Garden. You know it is good when we are talking about our next visit and who we want to being here before we are even done with our meal.
Staff is very friendly. Restaurant is clean and pretty. They have two monitors that show pictures of all the food items. Food is tasty.

We tried scallion pancakes, Garlic Eggplant, and Curried Chicken and Orange Chicken. Our least favorite was the curry dish, but it was still really good. The meal came with a salad with Ginger Vinegar dressing. That was incredibly delicious.

We were very pleased with our meal. Prices are reasonable. Portions are good for sharing.

The smoothies look tasty, but we are just too full.

We are eager to return. We highly recommend this nice little place.

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