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Vegetarian House

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520 E Santa Clara St (at downtown), San Jose, California, USA, 95112

Vegetarian restaurant established since 1994. Features a vegan food menu with an extensive selection of Asian and international cuisine prepared with organic ingredients. Large dining space. Open Mon 11:00am-2:00pm, Mon 5:00pm-9:00pm, Wed 11:00am-2:00pm, Wed 5:00pm-9:00pm, Thu 11:00am-2:00pm, Thu 5:00pm-9:00pm, Fri 11:00am-2:00pm, Fri 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm. Closed Tue.

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Reviews (31)

First Review by veg4life

Super great - Edit

The food here was absolutely amazing, full of flavor and couldn't have asked for anything better. They had such a wide variety of foods to choose from. I got the Dancing Asparagus and highly recommend it. I'm newly vegan and also tried their cheezecake out as well and it was great!

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SO GOOD - Edit

If I lived in San Jose, I would go here all the time. Their Thai Iced Tea was the best I've ever had. I also had the vegan BLT sandwich with Tempeh Bacon and OMG was it delicious. The bread was heaven. It also came with a side soup and salad - which were both SO GOOD I DREAM ABOUT IT.

Pros: Adorable - It looks like you're inside a dollhouse, All vegan!, Knowledgeable staff

Cons: It could be cheaper, but I'm not complaining

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Good food! - Edit

Highly recommend you try this place! Not only is this restaurant 100% vegan, they are environmentally conscious: They use solar energy, energy efficient lighting and appliances, and provide either biodegradable or compostable take-out food packaging. Oh, and the food is great! With so many options to choose from, everyone will find something they like.

Pros: Allergy labels, Friendly staff, Environmentally friendly

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Vegetarian House delicious - Edit

The food at Vegetarian House was fantastic. We went for my daughter's birthday. At the end of the meal the staff brought out ice cream for her. The staff was very friendly, attentive and helpful. We are training a puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind. The server offered to bring her water and vegan treats. The atmosphere is a throwback to the 70's , well maintained and clean. We enjoyed the food so much we came back a few days later and placed a large order to go so we could enjoy the food over the next few days.

Pros: great staff and food

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100% vegan place ! - Edit

We went for dinner on a Saturday evening.
The place was packed and we had to wait 10-15 minutes to be seated (the place is so big, I would say it can sit 70-100 people).

The restaurant can seem fancy because of the very polite waiters and you having to wait to be seated.
But surprisingly the prices are really good, I dare to say they are the same as in a fast food (except the fact that here you need to tip).

This place is also loved by non vegans. While waiting we talked to a couple that were not vegans and came here regularly to dine.

All that we ordered was delicious and fresh.
We will be back for sure.

Pros: Everything was delicious, All vegan menu, Good prices

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Similar to Loving Hut, good selection - Edit

I've been here a few times and have always liked the food. I take my non-vegan friends here and they enjoy it too :) The selection of food is similar to the Loving Hut. I like their pad thai and spring rolls. I think I've gotten a curry here before too. It's close to SJSU so that is good for students.

Pros: large selection of food

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Awesome place. - Edit

I absolutely love this place. The Gurus Curry is amazing. Their veg meat is AWESOME. Also, try getting the curry chow mien with rice noodles. Oh my, so, so good. I haven't been disappointed with anything yet!

Pros: Yummy veg meat, Excellent food, Good value

Cons: Strange atmosphere

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Terrific food, nice atmosphere - Edit

The criticism that this is a cult may be valid, because as others have mentioned there is a large portrait of the "Supreme Master" in the lobby, but there is no proselytizing or even religious pamphlets as far as I could see, and no TV extolling said the said master as exists in some "Loving Hut" restaurants. We ddi not feel uncomfortable in any way, except perhaps on the drive there (see below). One gets the impression that their veganism is from an religious/ethical point of view rather than purely health, but that is fine with me. The food however, is wonderful (we especially liked the "Rainbow" dish - presumably a vegan take off on a sweet & sour version of Rainbow trout complete with non-fishy delicately textured vegan protein wrapped in a seaweed skin decked with misc. vegetables and pineapple smothered in sauce). The staff are attentive without being intrusive. The neighborhood is rather sketchy however, with homeless people pushing carts and the restaurant parking lot is surrounded by a wrought iron fence with a gate that closes at 10pm IIRC. A sure sign of urban decay. However, all of the negatives are forgotten once you taste the food -- everything was good, servings were generous, and although I am not a foodie and seldom get too excited about any specific food, this place was memorably good.

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welcome to the vegan cult - Edit

when you first walk in there is a life size portrait of the Supreme Master... Then the staff stare at you the whole time... Thing going for this place is that the restaurant has a nice, almost "date night" feel and the food is really, really good. If you want to-go or need a doggy bag....there is a sign suggesting you bring your own. Its sad but this place actually makes vegans look bad. My 2 cow review is based on the atmosphere, if it wasn't for that very uncomfortable feeling I would give more cows for the food.

Pros: ample menu, good food, nice atmosphere

Cons: not much parking

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Great Place - Great Food - Edit

Was in San Jose on business and went to Vegetarian House with a friend who is not vegan. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was great - we were not rushed and the wait staff made sure to recommend some favorites and even gave us a "picture" menu to help us decide. My non-Vegan friend even said she needs to try more vegetarian/vegan restuarants!

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Favorite spot in San Jose - Edit

This is hands down my favorite vegan restaurant in San Jose! There are some menu items that are better than others, but for the most part, you can't go wrong with your order. I go here so often, the staff all know me and feel like friends. The menu is large, almost everything can be made gluten-free, and it's all delicious!

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Large menu

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really good and fun ambiance - Edit

Large menu with great choices. They are good at recommending ideas if you don't know what to choose. Just leave room for dessert. Tiramisu is so good. We had five people and shared two desserts. The restaurant itself is really worth going for just to see. it has the feeling of something religious but they don't push it more than just having a pamphlet. They also sell vegan goodies by the cash register. If in San Jose, I recommend you stop by and try it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Pros: variety of food, decent prices, all vegan

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good food - Edit

Most vegetarian restaurants, especially Asian ones, tend to serve greasy and salty food. The food at Vegetarian House is tasty without the extra grease, which appeals to my health conscious attitude. We've tried the flying Buddha, wonton soup, happy BBQ, curry noodle, happy crispy rice, raw pad tai, and quinoa sushi. They were all delicious! The best part I love about this place is the variety of vegan desserts! I've had the carrot cake, key lime pie, carob mousse pie, and the tiramisu. Loved the key lime pie and the carrot cake. The other two were also very good. Can't wait to try them all! BTW, my non-vegan hubby also likes this place. :)

Pros: taste

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The best of the best !! - Edit

After eating at many vegetarian restaurants, I simply vote this one because is the best of the best.
From service to the foods.
The foods are perfect. They are very tasty, fresh, well-prepared and delicious!!!!
If you work in Downtown San Jose area, you must try eating at this restaurant.
From now on, I switch to vegetarian. much more healthy!!


Pros: Great foods, Many dishes to choose from, yummy desert

Cons: None

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Always come here when in the San Jose area - Edit

We love the food here. The service is excellent and the atmosphere is bright and friendly. I love big soups and they have a great selection of them. My favorites are the Flying Buddha and Bun Hue. And I always start with the Heavenly Salad which is as it is named. This is one of the first places we go to whenever we arrive from New York.

Pros: execellent food, friendly staff, big selection

Cons: Sumpreme Master Posters

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Great Food / nice setting - Edit

We came here on a Groupon deal; it was Saturday at lunchtime.

The place itself is quite nice. It has its own parking lot - nice feature in the downtown area. On the outside, it has this sort of light blue motif which initially seems kind of weird. Inside, the main dining room is nice, with good sturdy tables and colorful window glass.

The lobby area has the typical Supreme Master doodads, but that's OK. They're completely passive and you can just ignore them, or not, as you wish.

We had spring rolls, mushroom noodle soup, quinoa sushi (beautiful and tasty), and wild rice mix. and vegetable curry masala. Everything was very good.

We'll go back soon - Vegetarian House definitely deserves a place on our regular restaurants list.

Pros: good food, clean, friendly staff

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EdGauci 18 Feb 2012 - We've been to Vegetarian House a couple more times since that first visit. The latest was Valentine's Day. Discovered two things: 1) they have another whole dining room I hadn't noticed before. 2) Even so, they were packed for dinner that night. I guess Vegans can be romantic too. :)

Anyway, Vegetarian House does not disappoint. The crispy mushrooms dish was incredibly delicious. Great desserts too.

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Amazing food, great service, quirky ambiance - Edit

I love this place. This veg restaurant has the best ambiance by far - quirky and colorful while still relaxing. There is quite a bit of information about the owner's particular beliefs but I'd rather see that stuff which talks about helping the environment, animals and people than go into a restaurant that doesn't have any info. about what you can do AFTER you're done with your meal.

The service is great as well. They are very laid back but professional. They aren't pushy or fake or overly happy. They're calm and get you the things you need in a reasonable amount of time.

The food is SO awesome. We feel so lucky to live near a place that serves such amazing vegan food. While it's not the healthiest thing on the menu, their ocean basket is insanely good. I haven't had fried shrimp since become veg over 10 years ago and their version tastes JUST like the real thing! And their exotic mushrooms taste a lot like calamari (or what I remember them tasting like way back when...)!

Their raw Spicy Thai Wrap was AMAZING and you get so much for the price. You won't think you're eating raw when you try this!

Today, we tried a slice of their tiramisu and, let me tell you, this was probably one of the most decadent, delectable desserts I have EVER HAD. I don't remember seeing it on the menu before, but, OMG, if they have it, GET IT. And get it with their coffee too - it's smooth, strong and delicious.

Obviously, I highly recommend this place. If anything, I wish they would start serving breakfast (tofu scrambles, waffles, French toast, etc.), even just one day a week because I know it would be absolutely delicious and we definitely need something like that in San Jose!

Pros: AMAZING food - everything looks good, Quirky and colorful ambiance, Calm and professional service

Cons: Wish they would start serving breakfast!

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Delicious, Can't Wait to Return - Edit

I only get down to San Jose about once a year, and I have seriously been craving this food ever since January, 2010! While we were staying there for a week, we ate at Vegetarian House several times.

Everything is vegan, which is absolutely delightful, it's such a freedom to be able to order everything on the menu without worry.

I had the Thai iced tea bubble tea every time. I just love that I can get a vegan Thai iced tea, and added tapioca balls is a bonus!

We had many different meals while there. The portions were large and satisfying.

My husband and I shared a huge bowl of their International House Special Soup. It was light and delicious, a classic in the style of egg-drop soup (egg free of course, but with silken tofu giving it that same sort of feel).

Twice I got their Avocado BLT, which is made with tempeh, on the most delicious bread, crusty and flakey on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

Remembering their Fettuccine Alfonzo is making me salivate as I write this review! The alfredo sauce was the best vegan alfredo I've tasted so far. Even my husband liked it, and he didn't like alfredo sauces before he went vegan! This is definitely the first thing I'll be ordering when I go there next.

We also splurged one evening and got fried ice cream for dessert. Vegan. Fried. Ice. Cream. Seriously! It wasn't just vanilla either, it was delicious cherry chocolate ice cream! Drizzled with syrups and served with fruit. Holy Happy Cow!

The staff were extremely friendly. By the time we left for Portland at the end of our trip, they knew us quite well! As we left for the last time, one of the staff actually ran out the front door to wave goodbye as we caught our taxi! They were extremely helpful and attentive.

Yes, the restaurant is run by members of a New Religious Movement. However, they never once tell you to join their religion. The pamphlets and posters are there, but they do not force you to read them or believe them. I have never once felt pressured when visiting a restaurant run by the followers of this religion (and many vegetarian restaurants are).

Excellent food, I can't wait to go back!

Pros: Tasty Food, Western and Asian Choices, Friendly Staff

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Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant - Edit

I've been going here for longer than I can remember (I think about 10 years now) and I STILL think it's the best Vegetarian restaurant in the South Bay Area. Some people are turned off by the association with Master Ching Hai, but the staff has not once tried to 'convert' me. It's there if your interested but that's all.
So on to the food. I've tried just about everything on the menu so here are my recommendations of the best dishes to get:
Tom Kha Thai Soup
Spring Rolls
Heavenly Salad
Tasty Glory
Kung Pao Wow
Golden Era
Mum's Stir Fry
Crispy Mushroom Delight (just scrapes in to the list; I don't order it often but I do like it)
I also had the Tofu Club sandwich one time which was decent.
They've had problems in the past with getting your food out at the right time (i.e. appetizers show up after the entree's, one entree comes then the other 10/15 minutes later, that sort of thing). I think recently they've been better about that though. I would give them 5 stars if they were a little more consistent with bringing out the dishes and if it were a little cheaper but I only say that while putting on the 'let's be like a food critic' hat.

Pros: Best Veggie Food in South Bay Area

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yummy, but it is a cult? - Edit

we found this place by Googling 'vegan San Jose' & were pleasantly surprised by our expereience!

GINORMOUS menu-- everyone will find something they like. We stuck to the Chinese & Thai items on the menu & everythign was tasty. Chocoalte cake was AWESOME.

we were a bit put off by all the Supreme Master propoganda...

Pros: good food, huge menu, good value

Cons: religious propoganda, slow service

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Great Food, but Service Was Lacking - Edit

On our drive back down the Californian coast from San Francisco, we stopped in San Jose for dinner at The Vegetarian House.

The restaurant was very easy to find, right off the freeway. (Here's a map.) However, once inside, we were confused. The restaurant is odd. The entrance is blocked by a baby grand piano used as a table for various health literature. To the left is a bar/bakery section. A food server greeted us and walked us back to the right portion of the restaurant, which looked to be an enclosed patio.

We were seated, given menus, and water and then we waited. The service is not great. They were rather busy and things seemed a little hectic. Maybe someone called in sick, maybe their management sucks, who knows...? But we weren't the only ones who had to wait. Later, the place got even more busy and one poor guy sitting near us had to wait nearly 20 minutes before someone took his order.

However, the service, when it came, was great. Everyone was very friendly. They brought out the correct items with proper utensils and refilled our waters when needed. And the food was great! Just wonderful. The selection is terrific. I could eat every meal for a month there and not have the same thing twice.

We had a Thai curry potato soup and something called an "ocean plate", which was bean curd wrapped in seaweed served with rice, sauce, and scallions.

I recommend the Vegetarian House in San Jose if you're ever in the area. Just plan ahead and give yourself a little time. That, or order take out :)

Pros: wide variety, good food, vegan

Cons: slow service

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So Interesting! - Edit

This place was great! When the food arrive, everything was so meatlike that I was hesitate to eat it! But it was really good. Esp the "yam cresents" which were supposed to be like "shrimp-a-likes" - we had these in the Ocean Basket appetizer. I would definatley get a full order next time. My bf had a soup which had pieces that look so much like real shrimp that I had to ask "Are you sure these aren't real shrimp?" I had the vegan Fettucine Alfredo which was OK - a bit peppery but still good and the Vegan Fried Ice Cream. Never had vegan fried ice cream before! It was pretty good - the crust part could have been crunchier. Definately recommend this place!

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Loved it! - Edit

Some things are excellent, like the clay pot and others are mediocre but I love this place because the menu is huge (and all vegan!) and the staff is really friendly. If you go on a Saturday try the chai. The cake is also very good.

Pros: Huge menu, Staff is great

Cons: A little noisy

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SO amazingly good - Edit

All Vegan and yummy. There are nice spins on traditional omni favorites such as the fettuccine alfonzo (which I ordered). The side salad for it was amazing! I ordered the Curry Soup to go and it was so incredible. For dessert I had the coconut cake that I still dream of today.

Pros: All-Vegan, Desserts

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Some very good dishes, some boring ones - Edit

The dishes here are not gourmet, but down-home mostly Asian cooking. Some are quite good here; you just have to know what to order. I highly recommend the 3-cup wonder,which contains "soy protein chunks, Chinese berries, dates, herbs, ginger, shitake and fresh basil braised in a metal pot." (It tastes better than it sounds.) I also highly recommend the Thai curry soup, which is not very spicy, but quite flavorful. I also like the Heavenly Salad (their most popular salad) which is a lot like pad thai, but with a shredded raw cabbage base instead of cooked noodles. The 1000 layer tofu is good too.

A boring dish is the au lac chicken chow fun, which has a non-descript boring sauce. Overall, however, I highly recommend this place, as does my omni fiance and his omni friend.

In addition to good, reasonably priced food, they have friendly staff and free parking.

P.S. The fortune cookies here are vegan. :-)

Pros: Delicious food, Reasonably priced, Free parking

Cons: Not organic, A few boring dishes

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groovyvegan 18 Dec 2007 - Update: I was there in November 2007, and a staff member told me they are moving in the direction of making their menu all organic. :-)

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not bad, but need ventilation inside - Edit

I am an avid cook and wanted to see their versions of some of the vegetarian dishes I make. For example, their version of tofu broccoli is very soupy, nearly more of a soup than true tofu/broccoli. Very bland tasting dishes, even for those who are vegetarian and also cook vegetarian dishes at home. In addition, the indoor ventilation was not good on both occasions, hence the restaurant was swathed in various scents, some of which do not go well together and make the experience slightly negative.

Pros: good parking

Cons: poor ventilation

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Best restaurant in SF Bay Area - Edit

Amazing food selection - love the Queen's Chicken, the Fried Chicken, the Organic Salad and the Fried Ice Cream. I've eaten at over 100 veg restaurants in Bay Area. This is, hands down, the best there is. Warm atmosphere - helpful waiters - free parking!

Pros: awesome selection, fast service, reasonable prices

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