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1a Cannon Court, Longrow West, Nottingham, England

Cheap, decent vegan food with some yummy deserts!

08 Sep 2012

I used to eat and drink here all the time when I lived in Nottingham. They have a great range of sandwiches, which are good value, and a few decent mains. The smoothies are pretty tasty, too, but I am sure not very healthy! The deserts are REALLY good! Especially the regularly changing experimental vegan cheesecakes.
I agree with the negative comments, though... The place CAN get a fair few posers, and the ethics are a little questionable. I doubt they have changed their supplier since Swedish Glace was taken over by Unilever, either. The owner is a meat-eater in it for the money, not the ethics, after all.
If veganism to you means more than just a diet, you might have a better time at Aubergine Nottingham, but if you are stuck for a vegan snack or fancy a naughty treat in the middle of the day, the Alley Cafe is a good option.

Weiskopffstr. 16-17, Berlin-Kopenick, Berlin, Germany

Tasty, healthy buffet in relaxing surroundings

16 Feb 2016

I went there with my boyfriend after an event at the hotel in the evening. The food was very nice, and at 10-15 euros for the buffet - all organic - not a bad deal.

All allergens are marked by every dish, and tonight everything was gluten-free and there was also gluten-free bread available at no extra cost.

Connections are not as bad as people say - there's a tram right outside the door and two or three more lines three minutes up the road. There's even a night bus... But yeah, okay, it's not in the town centre, but it's also a relaxing spot around the river, which is a nice change.

We will definitely be back!

23-25 Heathcoat St, Nottingham, England

Absolutely excellent food! Amazing improvements!

03 Oct 2013

I went here on a visit to Nottingham the other day. The place has really improved since my last visit a few years ago - when it was good, just not excellent. It is now matching the standard of my favourite restaurants (think Tibits or Vitao in London, that sort of style and standard).

Really absolutely delicious food and for quite a reasonable price. The service was also first class and fast.

This is now the standard of restaurant that makes it a must visit, worth a day trip from nearby Derby, Mansfield or even Sheffield!

Balduinstrasse 24, Hamburg-St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany

Finally, a vegan shop for Hamburg!

01 Nov 2012

Very new, so definitely needs support (i.e. custom) from both Hamburg's resident and visiting vegans. You'll be greeted with friendly and dedicated true animal lovers, as well as a great and ever-expanding range of vegan products. Make a little detour from the Reeperbahn and scoff some vegan munchies!

Wedekindplatz 1, Hannover, Germany

Alright food, awful staff

25 Oct 2012

This place has quite a good health concept behind the food, with homemade gluten-free bread and vegan versions of nearly everything available on the menu. So far, so good.
The prices seem okay, but the portions are really not big. Don't expect a main to be enough. My Flammkuchen was more of a flat pizza without the tomatoes, but very tasty. My boyfriend's burger was a bit dry.
Now for the problems: Right when we walked in, we were a bit confused because of all the heavy vegan food promotion on the window - so we asked if everything was vegan. They said yes. Then I noticed some things contained eggs, so pointed out eggs aren't vegan. Then, no, "Most things are vegan"... she says, looking at us like we're moronic vegan freaks. Right, glad we sorted that one out. The attitude continued when we asked for vegan items, or enquired what brand the soya milk was (we boycott a couple of brands).
Then, in my salad, I felt a clunk - the walnut shell had not been removed. Bit dangerous, but fair enough, it can happen. But can it happen twice...? My boyfriend's sorbet still had a huge, sharp chunk of plastic in it! Very authentic, and very dangerous! Not acceptable AT ALL! Kids eat that stuff!
When it came to paying, we mentioned the plastic. The waitress attempted to bat her eyelashes at my boyfriend "Ahh es tut mir leid!", but that's not really enough. I told her, no, he's not paying for the sorbet. She spun some line about the manager not being there... I told her tough, he's not paying for it (and at this rate, they were lucky we wanted to pay for the rest). Reluctantly she edited the bill, we paid, and were glad to leave.
The staff clearly did not give two hoots about the place and the concept, and definitely not the customers or the concept of veganism. Clearly in the wrong job.
How to improve? Get better staff, get people who actually understand what vegan means and don't treat your customers like freaks. They also need some basic health and safety training - walnut shells and plastic do not belong in food to be given to customers, and should they arise, satisfactory recompenses must be OFFERED.
Won't be going there again!

Kirchenweg 22, Nuremberg, Germany

One of the best Loving Huts, easy to get to, tasty!

07 Mar 2014

I went here last week on the end of my trip to Nuremberg. A real shame I only went there on the last day, because I had been working in the evenings on the other days and didn't realise just how easy this place was to get to, that they have wifi, and that the food is really, really great.

The place is owned and run by a lovely Vietnamese family. I ate some tasty food from the buffet - will attach pictures. I especially liked that the options were not overly greasy like some Loving Huts and that there was a lot of veg on offer. The majority was also gluten-free. Spices were just right - just enough to be tasty to someone who loves their spice but not over the top.

A note regarding the location and public transport:
This place is less than fifteen minutes including walking from the town centre (Opernhaus or Hauptbahnhof) - get directions from the official Nuremberg transport site, not Google, as Google indicates it is a lot further than it is! Fifteen minutes or less door-to-door from my accommodation at Opernhaus.

If you are in Nuremberg, it would be a great shame not to come here. As a vegan, going to conferences and trade fairs can sometimes be a hassle because of the food. But now I know about this place, trips to Nuremberg will be a much more viable option.

Sachsentor 58 (Neuer Mohnhof), Hamburg-Bergedorf, Hamburg, Germany

Good German Biomarkt

25 Oct 2012

As Biomarkts go, it's good for all the standard things you need. The selection of vegan items is relatively good. They also stock vegan-friendly brand Voelkel, which has great drinks. They also occasionally have vegan items in the fresh delicatessen.
Updated from previous review on Thursday October 25, 2012

Revaler Strasse 99, Berlin, Germany

Nice curry - not everything is vegan

05 May 2016

Not a posh place, but friendly and the Cambodian amok curry is good. Portion size is sufficient as the coconut milk is filling.

Be careful as although they call it vegan street food, and the word vegan is all over the place, they serve cheese and cows' milk and there is a 20 cent surcharge for soya milk in the coffee and chai.

Price for the curry was 6.80, so cheapish but not really cheap for Berlin.

Grindelallee 159, Hamburg, Germany

Worst place we have ever been. A family joke!

17 Feb 2016

We went here a few years back, and we just checked today to see if they were still in business. Really surprised. Back then, I think we were too shocked and disgusted to write a review.

When we came in, as two vegans, we asked what was vegan. "Everything can be made vegan!" the man promised.

So we ordered.

Then we were served thawed frozen vegetables with powder on top. No sauce. Just vegetables and powder.

And we paid more than 10 euros for each dish! My boyfriend was an overeater at that time, so he had ordered two!

We did say something at the time but the guy insisted this is what we had ordered. Unfortunately we were too timid and only really expressed surprise at the lack of a sauce. He acted like this was the vegan way to do it... Urm, no. I've been to India, and I'm British to start with. It's definitely NOT how you do Indian vegan cooking!

We considered properly complaining, or just not paying the bill, or complaining in the following days, but it was just one of those situations where you don't know where to begin, and you end up feeling so beaten you end up saying nothing.

Ah well. It's now a family joke about the worst vegan cooking we've ever seen in a restaurant. And we go to a lot of restaurants...

Nożownicza 40 Wrocław, Wroclaw, Poland

nice food, friendly staff, cosy place

16 Oct 2015

We went here a few times because we were staying opposite. It was very cosy and welcoming. Food was nice - could have been a bit spicier for my tastes (as a Brit) - but it was comforting and nice. The sweet things were also nice - not overdone on the sweet but still plenty sweet enough - good balance. My boyfriend loved the kofte. I liked the thali - just might have preferred more spice. There's wifi here, too, and the staff are friendly.

Limmerstr. 80, Hannover, Germany

Great selection, friendly owner

25 Oct 2012

They had a great selection of items here - from gluten-free, to all manner of (vegan) chocolate and (vegan) cheese, meat alternatives, lip balms, animal food, and a friendly owner with an "anything else I should get in?" attitude. I hope the new place we're getting in Hamburg will be as good!

Mainzer Strasse 18, Berlin, Germany

Lovely quiche and salad, cakes TO DIE FOR

12 Nov 2013

I had a quiche and salad there recently - which was beautiful. Even gluten-free! The salad was great with seeds and a nice dressing - not cucumber and a few lettuce leaves! Then we went back on Saturday for cakes. Oh my. The best, lightest gluten-free cakes I've had in... ever? Amazing quality, presentation, and friendly staff. I moved not too far away so they will be seeing me not infrequently...
Prices were quite fair, too. A gluten-free quiche and salad came to 6.70 EUR (more because it was gluten-free), the cakes were 3 EUR.

Updated from previous review on Sunday October 27, 2013

I feel the above needs a little emphasis: I've now been there a few times, and each time the cakes have been truly amazing. I had the Trésor today. Truly amazing. Best cake ever in my life! Soup was good today, too!

19c Well Lane, Church Street, Falmouth, Falmouth, England

Unbearable attitude from the boss

08 Sep 2012

My boyfriend and I are vegan and gluten-free so decided to give Pea Souk a go, even though we'd already eaten. There was not much for vegans and only one option that was also gluten-free, but we decided to order one of those. We sat down and I had a look at the drinks menu and spied a vegan hot chocolate - which would have been great, but when I asked, I found out they use Provamel - owned by Dean Foods - which owns the biggest megadairy (as in, no grass) in the U.S.. No thanks! (Plamil is a great UK vegan organic fair business to support). With that in mind, nothing else took my fancy, so we asked for tap water with our main that we intended to share.
The owner, the woman described in the review below, came out the kitchen and spoke to my boyfriend and I like schoolchildren, telling us that it was by exception okay for us to sit there today (how gracious, as paying customers!) as there were no customers. (At all. At 11.45am on a sunny Saturday in early September. Wonder why...) but normally I would have to buy a drink. It was not so much WHAT she said, but HOW she said it. Honestly, if it was okay, why bother saying anything at all?! Business sense also seems a bit lacking - people are much more likely to enter a cafe that is not obviously empty when the rest of the town is buzzing! We WERE paying customers and not happy with the attitude that SHE is doing US a favour. Sorry, no, we were not that enticed by the cafe or menu, but thought we should support a vegetarian business, especially one that seemed so sad and empty! But really, the rudeness makes it pretty clear why! So, we just walked out.
Reading the short reviews here, I really think they either walked into a different place, caught the place on a day when only the owner's long-suffering staff were there, or they are fake. In fact, we mentioned our visit to friends when we got home, and it turns out they also observed a similar incident to ours a year ago! Friendly and helpful are certainly NOT the words that sprang to mind in our experience.
The owner/cook should keep her charming manners to the vegetables and leave customer service to those better suited to it.
This is the first vegan/vegetarian restaurant I've ever walked out of, especially before even ordering. Avoid.

111 Mayflower St, Plymouth, England

Really impressed!

28 May 2014

Lovely food!

We had a vegan breakfast when we arrived in Plymouth. That was lovely and tasty. That evening we took my parents out and enjoyed the FREE CORKAGE on some alcoholic drinks brought in - and a free hot drink (tea or coffee) at the end because we had booked a table. They also gave us a jug of free tap water with cucumber in when we arrived. That is really friendly - both to us and the environment! ;)

The food was lovely. They make their own vegan cheeses, which are worth trying either separately or in something. My dad especially was thrilled with his burger and loved the tempeh we had as a side. My mum enjoyed her tart and my boyfriend and I enjoyed our rather filling fish and chips. Chips were very good here, and the fish was homemade with seaweed and soya protein and in cider batter. The brownie and caramel cheesecake we had after were both to die for...

The girl serving was in an amazing, friendly and helpful mood all day! No idea how she keeps it up but it was nice to be served by someone so happy and friendly (even if my mum and I feel weird about someone calling us madam ;) ).

The only thing that was a bit odd about this place was the decor. It was quite folksy café-ish, so I was expecting a certain standard of food. But it was actually really, really good with great service and presentation. It is not like it is shabby, it is just not as high class as the food, presentation and service. It isn't unclean or anything. I'm just saying that the food is more fantastic restaurant than café standard.

One little detail we loved: fresh herbs in pots on the table. So much more appropriate than dead flowers! There was also an unobtrusive collection of animal rights, veg*n and local interest leaflets and booklets downstairs outside the toilets. It made me feel more welcome and at home. ;)

We came here because Veggie Perrin's was shut, but I think we actually had a better time here than we would have had there. Both are excellent, but for me, this place slightly has the edge.

Goethestrasse 5, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany

Amazing Sunday buffet! Must for veg*ns in Berlin

20 Jun 2013

We went here I think every day since finding it on our first night in Berlin! Lovely, cheap, tasty Indian food with a southern focus (my favourite!). Really a must for any vegan or vegetarian in Berlin! The food came quickly, the service was very friendly and well-informed, the menu was clear. We found a great selection of vegan gluten-free options.
The real tip is to go on a Sunday - there's an unlimited buffet for 8.50 (4.50 for kids), which varies every week, and is mostly if not fully vegan. Check here for the following Sunday: http://www.mysatyam.de/index.php?menu=angebotsonntag
The Mittagstisch (lunch menu) is a great deal during the week, at 4-5 EUR.
I'm English, I know my curry and can cook pretty well myself, so I'm a real curry snob. But I LOVED this place. So it MUST be good!

Mains start from 5.50, there are a lot around the 6 EUR mark. Depends what you want to eat and how much you need to fill your tummy. So yes, the prices are good. Cheaper than some others - but remember this is a *restaurant* not an Imbiss.

19 hs Sint Jacobstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great vegan food in a great location

08 Sep 2012

I've been to TerraZen a few times - well, I think, every time I went to Amsterdam when living in the Netherlands. I brought a vegetarian there and he left a vegan, so that was a success... ;)
The food is very tasty, I guess a little expensive if you are used to very cheap, but for Amsterdam it is actually pretty reasonable. (Have these other reviewers seen the rents?!)
The main downer is the opening hours - which seem to be "when we feel like it". If you arrive too early, you might find they are closed. It's not a bad idea to call up first to check they are open before trekking your way over to them.
The portion sizes were fine for me, but perhaps a little small for some people like my high-metabolism boyfriend. But the food itself is really delicious and varied, so it makes up for it.
It is run by a vegan couple, she's Japanese and he is from the Carribean (I gather?). He is the one who deals more with customers, and is really friendly and has a great sense of humour. He really believes in veganism, too, so you won't see him making any "milk for tea" compromises like some places!
YES, the place is a bit "rustic", it's no posh restaurant, but it's nice, homely, and good food made in a 100% vegan environment. Nice! Recommended.

12 Old Vicarage Place, St Austell, England

Great independent store with vegan necessities!

28 May 2014

Really great independent health food shop with a surprisingly good range of vegan products. They also pick up on new and local products that you won't always find elsewhere. A real asset to St Austell and Falmouth (the other branch).

Krupnicza 3, Wroclaw, Poland

Creative and delicious sushi! Plus raw cake!

16 Oct 2015

This place is small but perfectly formed! The food is just fantastic - beautiful presentation, great variety, sushi of the month for the regulars, gluten-free options available for no extra charge, and so, so tasty!

We went here a couple of times - the second time we loaded up with a few things for our journey home. Just so delicious! The cake is also great.

I think it's one of the two best places in Wroclaw. Our other fave being Vega.

Staff are friendly, too, and will explain what everything is in English.

Only downside is the wait and small size of the place - it's pretty good so clearly popular with non-vegan locals, too.

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