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Goethestrasse 5, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany, D-10623

Vegetarian Indian cuisine menu with some Ayurvedic dishes. Vegan options are marked with "V." Sunday is brunch buffet. No egg, no microwave oven used. Features a garden with Shiva temple and Ganesha temple. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am, Mon-Sun 11:00am-12:00am.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian, Buffet, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Reviews (51)

First Review by A.Z.P.

Pure Enttäuschung - Edit

Wir waren Silvester in Berlin und haben nach einem veganen Restaurant gesucht. Da uns die indische Küche gefällt, sind wir auf das Satyam gestoßen. Anschließend bewerten wir das Restaurant nach den Kriterien Ambiente, Essen, Service und Preis/Leistung.

Der Platz zwischen den Tischen war leider viel zu klein. Zum Einen musste man sich mit dem hinteren Sitznachbarn um den Platz für die Stühle fast streiten. Oder man hat versucht, einfach auf seinen Stuhl zu klettern. Zum Anderen hatten wir das Gefühl, dass unsere Sitznachbarn jedes unserer Wörter mithören konnten.
Außerdem hatte man eher das Gefühl, dass man in einem Wohnzimmer sitzen würde, in das gerade Tische gestellt wurden, um den Zweck einer Bewirtung zu erfüllen.
Die Dekoration an den Wänden war auch leider sehr lieblos aufgehängt. Zum Beispiel gab es kaum ein Bild, das gerade an der Wand hing.
Das Ambiente hat uns leider so wenig überzeugt, dass wir nach dem Essen unsere nächsten Biere in einer nahegelegenen Bar getrunken haben.

Zu Silvester gab es ein veganes Buffet, bestehend aus einer Vorspeise, vier Hauptgängen und zwei Nachspeisen. Die Auswahl war ganz gut und typisch indisch. Die Vorspeise, bestehend aus Ingwer-Orangen-Suppe hat gut geschmeckt. Uns war die eine Hauptspeise zu scharf, während eine andere fast geschmacklos war. Der Nachtisch war wiederum ganz gut.

Service: Für uns gibt es leider nur ein Wort für den Service: Schlecht!
Die Bedienungen am Anfang waren ja ganz nett und freundlich, nur wars das auch für den Rest des Abends, was wir von Ihnen gesehen haben, bis die Rechnung kam. Die Teller wurden nicht abgeräumt, die Getränke wurden nicht aufgefüllt und generell war nicht einmal jemand bei uns am Tisch um obligatorisch zu fragen, ob alles 'in Ordnung' sei.

Der Preis von 12,50€ ist für ein Buffet unschlagbar. Nur hat uns das Essen nicht gut genug geschmeckt, um diesen Preis rechtzufertigen.

Insgesamt war es leider ein enttäuschender Abend! Wir können natürlich nicht sagen, wie es an einem regulärem Abend á la Carte geschmeckt hätte. Das was uns dort aber geboten wurde, ist gerade so einen Stern wert! Die App gibt uns leider vor, dass wir 2 Sterne vergeben müssen!

Pros: Preis

Cons: Der Rest

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Bad Service - Edit

I will start with a positive point that food was worth all the money and tasty.
The service I received (actually no service) was bad. No one came to the table for 20 minutes, although I could see they were attending some other (may be special to them) people. Then I decided to go to the counter to order the food, it took long (25-30 min) for just a single dish to arrive. Even when I complained, they were least interested and reluctant to accept that it should not happen.
I felt highly disappointed, worst part of my Berlin Trip !!!!

Pros: Tasty food, Cheap food

Cons: Bad Service, Long waiting time, Impolite behaviour

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Best Indian food in Berlin - Edit

I love this place! The food tastes fantastic, the staff is very friendly. There are many vegan dishes and almost any vegetarian dish can be veganised. I recommend the Sambhar soup. The Sunday brunch buffet is fully vegan, sometimes one of the two offered deserts is non vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-11

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tasty, spicy and healty: the sunday's buffet - Edit

A very nice selection of currys, salades, soup and bread. Mostly vegan and just a little spicy. Veggies and mango curry, lentils, tofu in a creamy sauce and potatoes with curry leaves so delicious. Chutneys. Tipically the tastes and colors of south india. Ayurvedic herbal tea. Feeling full and happy for 9,50 euros plus beverages.

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Ehhh… adequate - Edit

We visited Satyam one evening in Autumn 2015. We found it to be very average. The food, the price, the service, the range – all were okay, but not great. We had no complaints, but haven't been lusting to go back since.

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The best indian food EVER! - Edit

I ordered vegan tofu in cream sauce, and wow!.. It was the best indian meal!
I also tried vegetables in curry, and that was also amazing. Will definitely go back!

Pros: vegan and vegetarian options

Cons: normal

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Used to be Great Sunday Buffet - Edit

Old Review: I love Satyam. Some days the food is excellent, sometimes it is just good to very good. The buffet dishes change every week, but there is always a nice selection of pickles and chutneys. Always a lot of vegan options and everything is clearly marked. The regular menu has lots of interesting looking options, but I usually only go for the buffet! Good value at €7.50. Cosy place with helpful and friendly staff.
Updated from previous review on Thursday May 10, 2012
New Review: Visited again after a hiatus. Was displeased to find one of the advertised main vegan options on the buffet had been changed to a cheese dish. Also, as usual, the vegan dessert came out periodically on a small tray of tiny cups, while the veggie dessert was in a huge bowl. The vegan dessert was snatched up quickly and not replenished for a very long time, most intentionally. The daal was bland and lackluster so I was left with one ordinary dish. I regretted the visit. I don't begrudge them the 2 Euro increase, but I do mind the waiter not wanting to give me free tap water, and the toilets stinking of piss. Unacceptable. Will likely not return.

Pros: Can be good value, Usually friendly staff

Cons: Big furniture, cramped, Hospitality needs improvement, Vegans get shafted

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It was okay - Edit

I went here in the early afternoon(around 2pm), so it wasn't so busy and service was quick. I love okra and order it every chance I can. The okra here was ok, though it wasn't in a tomato curry sauce as indicated, and was in a gravy type sauce with dark chickpeas, which was good, just not expected. It also was not spicy at all, but I also didn't ask before ordering. I would go back to try the thali or Sunday buffet. The menu is quite extensive. The only thing I would question is the labelling of vegan items, because I saw a paneer dish labeled as vegan. You can also choose the have organic brown rice for an extra 80 cents.

Pros: lots of choices on the menu, Sunday buffet

Cons: not very spicy

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long wait, cold chai, good food - Edit

My husband and I went to Satyam last Friday at 8pm. The Chai I had was completely cold. We had to wait 40 minutes until we received our dinner (it was just 1 meal, nothing special). It tasted OK, but we didn't feel like visiting Satyam again after this first "hungry experience"

Pros: tasty food

Cons: long waiting time, only 1 waiter

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Outstanding - Edit

As you can see at my profile, i travel a lot and have been tasting numerous restaurants all over the world. And this one, i do definitely say that it's one of the most delicious tasting ones i've ever been to!
I was there on a sunday and due to that fact i had the buffet. All, and yes without exaggeration all of the dishes tasted amazing, absolutely yummy! There were such healthy things on the table. And i also had a medicinal herbs water from Kerala which was very tasty! Plus; super friendly staff!

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Waaah.. - Edit

I really love Indian food but it tends sometimes not to be that fresh, and a bit heavy as well. But we went to Satyam with my boyfriend who doesn't like indian food, and he was pretty amazed. The buffet (we went to the brunch on saturday) was gorgeous, there was a few things, like pickled things, that I really didn't like, but overall, what a nice experience! Currys, rice, soups, coconut Flan... I would defo recommend this place. People are nice too! I went there a second time for dinner and it was as good as the first time!

Pros: lots of vegan choices, explain well, very good and comforting food

Cons: no vegan lassi

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Great Sunday Buffet - Edit

We checked out the vegan Sunday Buffet on 10.08.14 and were absolutely satisfied! Officially it´s vegetarian and vegan-friendly, but in fact everything on this buffet was vegan exept one dessert and on joghurt-sauce. The assortment was sufficient and the food was good!

The only thing that disappointed us is that the shakes and lassis aren´t available in a vegan format.

We can´t say anything about the menu.

Pros: a lot of vegan dishes (buffet), sufficient assortment (buffet), location

Cons: no vegan shakes/lassis, stressed service

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Worst welcome ever - Cynophobia? - Edit

I and my friend wanted to eat at Satyam but unfortunately we couldn't... In a few words, we just sat on the terrace and the waitress came straight away to bring us the menu... So far so good until our dog tried to jump on her, wanted to say hello to her... and she was totally afraid of him (ok we can understand that) but one minute after, her boss came on the terrace and was very angry and rude, saying that our dog should be silent and should not try to jump again on her colleague... Anyway, reactions were totally disproportioned and absurd when we keep in mind that our dog just wanted to say hello to her... So we had no choice apart from going elsewhere... What a shame!

Updated from previous review on Thursday July 10, 2014

Cons: worst welcome ever, reactions out of all proportion, unfriendly staff

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best Indian restaurant - Edit

I've been to many Indian restaurants in Europe and this one was by far the best. Very extensive menu and a lot of (vegan) dishes I've never tried before! I had the grilled jackfruit which was amazing. Prices are very fair too and the service was super polite.

Pros: great service, fair prices, lots of variety

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Blandest in Der Land - Edit

I will make this short and sweet. The portions are large, the price is moderate but the food tastes bland. If you have no experience with Indian food this might float your boat but other than that unless someone else is paying, I really wouldn't bother.

Vegan dishes aren't always vegan. Maybe they don't understand that yogurt contains animal products.

They seemed to be lacking in cutlery and twice we had to get up and hunt for our own.

They were short staffed and the guy in the kitchen looked like he had a mixture of surprise and anger on his face at all times.

Not the worst food I have ever had but for the price a real disappointment.

Pros: They have a vegan platter, They don't serve meat, Vegan Desserts

Cons: It is bland, They don't seem to know what vegan means, You might get it in 60 min

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Just Okay - Edit

The food we ordered was a disappointment; it was just okay is what I can say for the highest praise. It definitely was not the best Indian food we've had. If you're vegan, make sure to specify even though the menu is clearly labeled vegan. They seem to be confused what vegan is. Our samosas came out slothered with yogurt. We had it sent back and only then did the waiter realize my dish, Aloo Gobhi, had to be made vegan, even though it was labeled vegan. My husband ordered the dal and the dish was lacking in flavor. My dish tasted burnt and was way too oily for me. Overall, we were full but not happy with our meal.

Pros: Cheap, Large portions

Cons: Oily, Vegan label on food is not accurate.

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Place Grand - Food a Bit Bland - Edit

So wish the food had been a bit better here. As it's the sort of place I'd love to be really enthusiastic about. It's a local curry house with a nice feel about it, friendly service and in a pleasant area.
But if you're a fan of Indian veggie buffets then you're likely to be a bit underwhelmed by the choice and more importantly the taste of the Sunday 'eat as much as you like' offer. The food was really fresh, and overall we enjoyed our visit - and would even go back. But it was just a bit bland. But if you fancy a curry in a local place then go anyway.

Pros: Welcoming, Fresh Food, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Okay buffet choice - but not massive, Somewhat bland food

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Most boring meal of my life - Edit

Well, think the headline says it all. Went to this restaurant with great expectations, because of all the great reviews in here. And then ended up with, honestly, the most boring meal i've ever had. There was just no flavour at all present in any of it. I ate there with my mum and her dinner was exactly the same, so unfortunetely not just bad luck with one thing on the menu.
Besides that a quite pleasent place, with a nice and smiling waitress. So maybe just cross your fingers and hope you get served some of the amazing food the others have posted reviews about ;)

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Best Indian in Berlin! South Indian food too! - Edit

What a joy to find well-made, authentic south Indian food in Berlin. They also offered many north Indian dishes. The menu was extensive, the staff was friendly and attentive, and the restaurant decor was relaxing and beautiful. This was probably the best place we found to eat for vegetarian food in Berlin, especially because we try to avoid soy. The food was great, the prices were very fair, and it was a lovely experience. This is the place to eat if you want Indian food!

Pros: south indian food, allergen aware, no soy, lovely decor and staff

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Amazing Sunday buffet! Must for veg*ns in Berlin - Edit

We went here I think every day since finding it on our first night in Berlin! Lovely, cheap, tasty Indian food with a southern focus (my favourite!). Really a must for any vegan or vegetarian in Berlin! The food came quickly, the service was very friendly and well-informed, the menu was clear. We found a great selection of vegan gluten-free options.
The real tip is to go on a Sunday - there's an unlimited buffet for 8.50 (4.50 for kids), which varies every week, and is mostly if not fully vegan. Check here for the following Sunday: http://www.mysatyam.de/index.php?menu=angebotsonntag
The Mittagstisch (lunch menu) is a great deal during the week, at 4-5 EUR.
I'm English, I know my curry and can cook pretty well myself, so I'm a real curry snob. But I LOVED this place. So it MUST be good!

Mains start from 5.50, there are a lot around the 6 EUR mark. Depends what you want to eat and how much you need to fill your tummy. So yes, the prices are good. Cheaper than some others - but remember this is a *restaurant* not an Imbiss.

Pros: Great value for money, Good ingredients, Amazing buffet

Cons: (more pros) Friendly staff, Great selection, A lot of vegan/gluten-free

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vegetariandood 31 May 2013 - For real Berliners: This is not a "cheap" restaurant but a mid-range restaurant, with dishes running 7€ to 10€.

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Worth a trip, especially for the Sunday buffet - Edit

This restaurant uses spices skilfully. It is worth a trip, even if you don't live nearby, if only for the Sunday buffet. It has some south Indian dishes not easy to find in Berlin. The decoration is nice, with beautiful tables and chairs.

Pros: Good use of spices

Cons: Not the fastest service

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Yummy stuff ! - Edit

My one-time experience with family was excellent! We ordered typical South Indian dishes Dosa & coconut rice. Must say both were delicious.
Waiting time was a dampner and the little lady who took orders didn't seem to have any knowledge of the food!
Nevertheless it's a "I will go-back" for me because of the taste + 100% veg service.

Pros: Excellent food, Value for money

Cons: Staff - where are they ?

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Okay but nothing special - Edit

Went to this place for vegetarian food, but as I am very familiar with Indian food I'm afraid it didn't really live up to my expectations. I ordered the thali which includes a variety of indian dishes and I must say the taste was average. Everything seemed to have been cooked in oil which somehow felt a little stale or old. Having said that I did eat almost everything that was on my plate but that's probably more to do with me being quite hungry at the time.

This restaurant is also desparately in need of more staff. The day we went there was only one poor guy running around looking after every table! He was friendly enough but it meant service was slow.

Cons: Not very tasty

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Good Indian food - Edit

Приятная атмосфера, доброжелательный персонал, удобная мебель, традиционная индийская еда, много перца (если не едите острое лучше сказать об этом), порции хорошие, скорость обслуживания на уровне. Один раз зайдя пообедать нас угостили прасадом.
Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, comfortable furniture, traditional Indian food, lots of pepper (if you do not eat spicy better to say about it), the portions are good, service speed on the level. One time we were treated to lunch by going prasadam.

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My favorite Indian restaurant in Berlin - Edit

The food is SOOOO good at this place, I don't know where to begin. They have so many vegan options and such a large menu, you'll have a hard time picking something, not for lack of options, but because there are so many! Not a bad problem to have.

The Sunday buffet is only about 8 euros and since Indian food is so filling and warming, you may not make it to a second or third helping due to being so happily full. Most of the buffet is not only vegan, but gluten-free as well, and everything has little labels. If you don't like a very busy environment, then Sunday might not be the best time during the buffet, but other than that, it's very cozy and inviting inside with soothing colors all around. Their prices are fantastic! I don't think there's anything over about 8 euros on the whole menu. I highly recommend it. Good location too. Not right in the middle of the city, but a close walk to Zoo Station or Savignyplatz. A lovely neighborhood to walk through to get there.

The cook (or he may be the owner) can seem a bit short sometimes, but I think it may only be that he's stressed sometimes. He is very sweet when it's not too hectic. All the wait staff are very nice and friendly.

Pros: delicious food, tons of vegan & GF options, low price

Cons: sometimes hard to find seating, seating by door in winter is too cold

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CAUTION: Items Marked Vegan Aren't Always Vegan! - Edit

On our first night in Berlin we stopped by here as it was close by to our hotel. We knew the German custom is to sit anywhere and not wait to be seated, but all the tables were full. So we waited until one left, and waited for the waitstaff to clean the table. We were told that we could sit there regardless of the dirty table. Eventually she cleared away the dirty dishes from in front of us but didn't wipe down the table.

We noticed the menu had items clearly marked vegan, but it was clear that *many weren't vegan*; items with paneer (cheese cubes), butter, and yogurt were marked as vegan. This is a serious issue as I'm positive many people who are vegan ate items that weren't because they were lead to believe they were.

So we ordered around the non-vegan "vegan" items, and asked the waitress to make sure there was no dairy products at all. After assuring us there were none in what we ordered, the appetizers (Mixed Pakoras--marked on the menu as Vegan) came to us drenched in yogurt.

After working around such disappointments, afterwards we tried to pay by credit card (stated on this site as being accepted), but was told they didn't accept them.

The food that were actually able to eat was fair--not the best Indian food I've had but not the worst. But if you are vegan, I would avoid coming here as they have no idea what vegan really means. Perhaps in India there is a different definition--back in Seattle a South Indian restaurant told us that their paneer and yogurt was "vegan" because "they made it themselves." Beware if you come here!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 13, 2012

Cons: Many itmes marked vegan weren't vegan, cleanliness wasn't a priority, staff didn't understand what vegan is

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Monique22 15 Jan 2013 - Hi iheartar,

I just wanted to clarify something that I recently discovered. On Santyam's menu, I thought the V meant vegan. But the V actually only means vegetarian. If there are parentheses around the V--like this (V), it says you can request it and they will make it vegan, using tofu in place of cheese and soy milk in place of milk in the cream dishes. On the Sunday buffet, most everything is vegan and gluten-free and marked. I hope if you ever come to Berlin again, you'll give it another try.


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Fantastic veg*n Indian cuisine - Edit

I've been here a few times and have really enjoyed the food. I like that the vegan meals are marked clearly as being or vegan on request. I also like the wide variety of dishes available and the atmosphere is great. The lunch-time deals are also quite good value-wise.

Pros: Vegan meals clearly marked, Wide variety of dishes, Lunch-time deals

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Lacking something... - Edit

The service was super friendly, decor nice and very clean. Lots of options on the menu, even for vegans. I really, really wanted to like this place and I did - the samosa was good (not greasy and a little bit of spice), the chai was spicy and warm. Then we got several main dishes, naan bread, mango chutney, etc. It just wasn't that great. The curry in both dishes was too thin and lacked the spices. I know it's Germany, but somehow I hoped or expected something more... at least it was better than the last Indian place I tried, and it was fairly cheap for Indian food here. Also, why the heck do they serve people individually? Indian food is meant to be shared around the table... I found it odd that we clearly ordered to share and were delivered with two very European-looking setups: small salad, small bit of rice, and main dish, on large individual plate. I'm not sure I'll return.

Pros: atmosphere, service, samosas

Cons: just OK

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some of the best food i have ever had!!!! - Edit

we came here for lunch, so got to enjoy the lunchtime "thali" (which btw. took a bit longer than the - on the website announced - 5 minutes) and the masala dosa. Since we were told the wait for the dosa would be about 20 min we decided to share the lunchtime thali in these 20 min. And amazingly we were actually pretty stuffed by this plate for 4,90 Euros. It was really well spiced, a great balance between very spicy, sour, ...
And the dosa .... just amazing (and ridiculously big ;))
altogether a great experience.

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dosa and chai - Edit

I ate here twice, on Saturday and Sunday, I believe. The first day I one masala dosa and one butter dosa (price approximately €5.50 and €3.90, respectively). I also tried the chai, which was surprisingly good. One pot of chai was only €2 and provided several cups for two people to drink. The presentation is nice and the dosas are big enough, but not very filling. The sambar and coconut chutney were tasty. On Sunday they have a very large lunch buffet. It included soup, curries, rice, vegetables, salad, and 2 kinds of desert (one vegan). It cost around €8.50 per person and I found it to be good value for my money. The menu can be found on their website. There's also a small temple in the courtyard.

Pros: vegan, South Indian, nice ambiance

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My Berlin favorite so far:) - Edit

Great place!
There are many vegan dishes on the menu, which are clearly marked too.
And while enjoying their fine cuisine you have view on their cool paintings.
Friendly and quick service, though their English wasn't to exciting, but well I'm the one not speaking German right..
The food is quite cheap, as mostly in Berlin, though their drinks are relatively expensive, but it's the total that counts right(y)
Too bad I couldn't try their Sunday buffet!

Pros: clearly many vegan dishes, friendly, nice paintings

Cons: drinks relatively expensive

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ayurvedic-ascetic food - Edit

I find it difficult to write a fair review about Satyam. I have been there three times and I never really disliked it, but yet I was never really satisfied. The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere and the food does not taste bad. But the WOW! effect I had in other restaurants, such as Veggie (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=24276), Chay Village (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=32227), Boussi Falafel (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=24981) or Lucky Leek (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=26241) is missing. To be honest, I found the food at Satyam a little inexpressive or ayurvedic-ascetic or even somewhat boring. BTW: I did not have that experience with the ayurvedic food at the place once called Electric Lotus in Dresden (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=26184). If I want to enjoy some delicious Indian food, I would actually rather go to Chenab (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=31258), even though it is not a vegetarian restaurant. Satyam is certainly not the place I would bring my carnivorous friends for convincing them that veggie food can taste like a deadly good sin. I would rather take them to Veggie (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=24276), Falscher Hase (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=28876) or Sfizy Veg (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=28222). Nevertheless, I did never regret paying the food at Saytam.

Pros: 100% Vegetarian, Vegan dishes are declared, Nice athmosphere

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Best Indian Dishes and very Vegan Friendly - Edit

My husband and I went to this restaurant because it wasn't too far away from our hotel downtown. We don't usually go to Indian restaurants as I don't like spicy food, but I was very glad we came here. We went twice actually during our stay.

The express menu is not vegan, so we ordered from the menu and got a potato cauliflower dish in tomato sauce, lentil soup, and vegetable soup. All of it was very delicious. It also was not the typical greasy, oil based dishes you commonly see, nor were a lot of the dishes dairy based. Best of all, not very spicy and you can request hotter if you want.

If you like south Indian cuisine you will love it here. If you also like healthier Indian cuisine you will love it too.

I wish we could go back, I have no doubt all their dishes must be delicious and are very fresh. I wish more Indian restaurants could make food as tasty and healthy as you!

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Satyam - Edit

We had high hopes for Satyam after seeing the menu, lots of interesting ingredients and dishes. The food was slightly plain. Whilst the service was friendly, it was a bit slow and seems like they need more staff at the front of house.

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Just Wonderful! - Edit

This place was an amazing find. Food was gorgeous and there was such a variety, I found it hard to choose (which, as a vegetarian, is wonderful to say!) Nice, warm and relaxed interior, very helpful staff, and the place was jumping, which is evidence of its popularity. I had the most gorgeous creamed almond soup to start (not as sweet as it sounds) and a potato & mushroom dosa, which was HUGE. My partner had veggie pakora to start, which was basically a whole bowl of various veg in batter. Gorgeous. He then had the veggie platter, which was a great way to try lots of different things. We would have loved to have dessert, but we were far too full. We strolled around the lovely neighbourhood to walk off our dinner, and wished we would have had time on our trip to go back. Great place.

Pros: Excellent Food, Large Portions, Good value

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If the house is near full expect wait - Edit

My partner & I dined here mid-week in September 2011. When we first arrived the restaurant was 90% full and then quickly filled up. We ordered a drink, entrees and a main. Each appeared roughly within hour intervals. We felt sorry for the overwhelmed waiter. They require more than 3 people to adequately serve this restaurant. One waiter and a chef & assistant in the kitchen is not good enough. We were there for over 3 hours! We live London and did not expect the same standard of vege Indian food in Berlin, and yes our expectations were confirmed. The shock was the slow service due to understaffing.

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Try. This. Place. - Edit

Satyam is an absolute gem among the veggie places in Berlin. I won't say much.
The prices are very low for very tasty and high quality food which comes in large portions. The service is very friendly and helpful. Everything vegan is clearly marked in the menu. There are several vegan desserts. There is a nearly completely vegan lunch buffet on Sundays for €7,50.
Enough said. Come and try it!

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incredibly affordable vegetarian gem - Edit

I have been going to this place for more than a decade and haven't had one meal I didn't like. Used to be a lifesaver more than once
The cooking is strictly vegetarian with vegan options and a very cooperative staff that caters to your dietary needs if asked. The dishes are mostly south-Indian, but very mild.
The patron is a funny, somewhat idiosyncratic guy, but superfriendly and very service-oriented. If full it can take some time though, as the dishes are freshly prepared. Express lunch is usually served within 5 minutes.
The prices are simply unbelievable. "Express lunch" is just 4.50€ and consists of 4 small curry dishes, rice and a small salad.
Brunch on Sundays is an all-you-can-eat vegetarian offering with 4-5 main dishes, 2 soups, two deserts, papadam and salad for just 7.50€.

The restaurant has been recently refurbished with new tables and decoration which added to the atmosphere.

Highly recommended in a nice neighbourhood just off Savignyplatz.

Pros: cheap, supertasty, superfriendly

Cons: are you kidding?

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Indian Delights - Edit

Nice place in Charlottenburg, serving a good range of traditional indian foods which can all be served as vegan. Pleasant staff, good seating and even a temple inside for meditiation if you feel the need. Don't expect the usual madras, jalfrzi etc the food is very fragrant, mild and light on the stomach. A little tricky to find but worth the effort for sure

Pros: staff, food choice

Cons: location

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Going back just for the lentil soup ! - Edit

The closest stations are on the U2 line (Ernst-Reuter-Platz, and Zoologischer Garten). From the Zoo, walking along Goethestrasse the awning of this cafe-style restaurant is just past the junction with Knesebeckstrasse.
The menu has both vegetarian and vegan options, and it clearly explains that many - although not all - of the dishes can be transformed into vegan ones, substituting tofu in place of paneer and soya milk/cream in lieu of dairy.
So far I've visited this establishment only once - thankfully not with any loud, thoughtless uber-heterosexual men - and I only shelled out twelve euro for myself. I tried the vegetable biryani, the gorgeous and light lentil soup (both mild and incredibly delicious), and a firm kind of almond sweet; all were washed down with some cola, although I was also presented with a pudding of some kind - possibly dairy.
In that sense if you're a long-standing/die-hard vegan it would do to be straightforward in clarifying your dietary habits. I'm sure that the friendly and jovial staff - as is the way with religious food - will try to stick to any prompts, but in their absence they might just presume an ordinary vegetarianism.
The servings are very filling, and twelve euro for three items plus a tumbler of coke is a definite bargain in my eyes - not least considering the food's quality, and the appreciative German patrons of this homely restaurant.

Pros: Quality of food., Value., Mild, not spicy.

Cons: Easy to walk past.

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pure indian veg - Edit

great place to eat, and so cheap. Main dishes from 4 euro, and a great selection. Mainly South Indian,hey, but thats great. Very nice staff. Home made chutney and sauces. If your in Berlin, give it a try.

Pros: big selection, great staff, cheap

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plain fare - Edit

i was a little disappointed in the experience, although i will allow that this might be partially down to my north american expectations. i ordered a cooling raita to tone down my anticipatedly spicy meal-- it was not required, which ironically was a good thing as a) no water was provided and b) the raita had the taste & consistency of a chip dip & not a delicate salad/sauce. the menu was lengthy but with few appetising options. cash only.

Pros: vegetarian menu

Cons: bland cooking, add-ons add up, slow service

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WOW! WOW! WOW! - Edit

The food here was outrageously good. After dragging around my non-vege friends to 3 other berlin vegetarian establishments which they hated, i finally found a place which EVERY1 loved! . the flavours were vivid and powerful. I was with a large groups so i tried an assortment of the main dishes. EVERYTHING was incredible. The gobi aloo was great and the stuffed tomatoes were amazing. the appetizers and soups were delicious too. The service was quick and friendly (our waiter could have been a comedian),with fluent english and we got meals of soup, salad, appetizer, bread, rice, and main dish all for about 11 euros. this is the best deal in berlin!

Pros: excellent food, huge portions, Great value!

Cons: a little noisy, fairly dairy oriented

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