Serves meat, vegan options available. Houses six eateries. The coffee shop has museli and soya milk for breakfast, a vegan cheese sandwich, a vegan salad, plus vegan cake: you could eat here without paying to go into the Eden Project. The kitchen has vegan main dishes (such as aubergine pea lentil curry and tofu fritters. The restaurant offers Mediterranean food with option for vegan antipasta and salads and possibly other adaptable for vegans. All serve coffee with soymilk option. Open Mon-Sun 09:00-16:00.

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First Review by rachelwilson1


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27 Jan 2024


The cafe had a few vegan cakes (such as carrot cake and biscoff cake) and soya milk which were nice, however they are all from a large supplier is sold at many cafes throughout the country. A shame that there wasn’t a sustainability focus at all would’ve liked more vegan/local/ethical options.



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01 Oct 2023

Family of vegans & veggies on 1st visit

We ate lunch in the Biome kitchen & were impressed with the options. 2 vegans had the curry which they enjoyed with the addition of chillis, 2 of us had tomato & coconut soup which was good & a veggie had a salad which he enjoyed. I asked for plant based spread & checked the bread was suitable. There was also vegan mayo in a dispenser. I was disappointed that the child’s option had plant based chicken that wasn’t on the main menu. But overall we were happy to eat there.

Pros: Good options

Cons: Would have liked to see more seasonal options.


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20 Jul 2023

Poor but delicious choices

Considering how this attraction is all about combatting climate change there are not nearly enough vegan options on offer here. There was a really delicious tomato, basil and coconut soup but they had not dairy free spread for the bread that was also cut on a board covered in dairy cheese. They did have a vegan carrot cake which looked nice but I decided against it as was trying to lose weight. Pleasant staff and nice food but they really need to up their game. Selling dairy and meat products is only contributing more to climate change


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11 Jul 2023

Average food, nice to have options though

It's nice to go to a tourist attraction where you have multiple options to choose from. I went for vegetable curry and rice, it was pretty average, does the job but wasn't very flavourful. Dairy free ice cream however was delicious, nice to have the option of an ice cream rather than sorbet.

Pros: Lots of options, Great ice cream

Cons: Expensive, Average food


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27 May 2023

Nice food - but agree with others about messaging…

I’ve been to Eden several times and always tried to eat at the restaurant in the Med biome. My tagine photo shows the lovely dish I had on my most recent visit. It was borderline price wise between reasonable and starting to get expensive. The service was good. Bonus points for little birds coming and sitting next to our table.

I do agree with many others about the fact Eden should have WAY more vegan options in light of their celebration of plants and pushing the message strong on climate change and our impact on the planet.

Pros: What options exist are nice, Great location to eat at, Good service

Cons: Bit on pricey side , Not consistent with their messaging as a whole, More options needed


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04 May 2023

Pretty average for the Eden projects ethos ❤️‍🩹

I did think there would be some more exciting options from the Eden project. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices being pretty normal for food, with a lot of people preparing us for large expenses. I had the vegan pasty and was very disappointed 💔 not sure what’s so hard about making at least a nice vegetable filling (I ain’t asking for any fancy faux fillings, just tasty veg!) but it was pretty dire which was a shame, and not worth the fiver in my eyes. There were other options like a coronation chickpea sandwich, and food in the other restaurant like a ‘biome bowl’ which looked like a Buddha bowl, but for a quick nice bit of lunch I would’ve loved something better.

Pleaseeee use your community garden to make something exciting to eat! I would have thought there would be lots of eco chefs from Cornwall that would love creativity in an amazing place like the Eden project but oh well aye

Pros: Yummy carrot cake we could eat!, At least there was some vegan food, Good prices in my eyes for an attraction

Cons: Pasty very boring, bad overcooked stew filling, Sad they don’t focus more on sustainable food


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26 Mar 2023

Expected more

I was pretty shocked at the amount of single use plastic that's used at the Eden project. I really thought it would be more aware and have a better recycling system. There was some items that it was really unclear whether they were vegan or not, there was a burger which was plant based but came with dairy cheese so that was a no go. Got nachos which were mediocre but was glad to be able to set something to eat. I think this place needs more vegan options overall to align with how environmental the place is meant to be.


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25 Sep 2022

Don’t understand why they don’t get it!

As you walk around the Eden Project they celebrate plants, they talk about all the wonderful benefits of plants, and they push the climate change message…why then are there so few vegan options! They whole place should be vegan or at the very least veggie. There are so few options and those ones are just meh 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Pros: Place is lovely

Cons: Limited options, 1 dessert option


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13 Jul 2022

Somethings not quite right.

Trying to teach sustainability and diversity but shocking food options for vegans / allergic diets. Gift shop filled with various meats and and dairy items … last I heard the one real thing a human can do to off set their carbon was to eat less meat… maybe the Eden project needs to learn this. Tiny cornet devotees to teaching how to reduce carbon footprints - amazingly though it does state there eating less meat!? Pasty was £1.50 more than the others and nice enough but over priced at £5.

Pros: Vegan ice cream £2.50, Could be a wonderful place

Cons: Wrong message, Lack of choice, Overpriced


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19 Jun 2022

Expected more

We were there for the Eden Sessions Nine Inch Nails gig and were initially excited to see what vegan options would be available. It was a bit hit and miss really - we had a vegan Cornish pasty, which was lovely but expensive for what it was (£5). The jackfruit burger and balti wrap with fries were pretty lacklustre and neither were labelled vegan, we had to ask. I would have expected more choice for a place focused on sustainability - there were definitely way more meat and vegetarian options, which was disappointing. It'd be nice to see veganism being better promoted there with a wider range of dishes. I know there were several other eateries we didn't visit, including the fancier looking one in the Mediterranean biome, so maybe they were better? The best parts for us? The Thatcher's fusion ciders and the mint choc chip / coconut, pineapple and baobab ice cream for sure!

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-19

Pros: Vegan ice cream!, Pasty was yum!, Cider flavours were delicious

Cons: Not enough choice, all things considered! , Food items not marked vegan, we had to ask, Burger and wrap were bland and unimaginative


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19 Jun 2022

Some good options, not terribly tasty

We had a few options here. Pasty for lunch, nachos and a balti wrap for dinner. The options were nice but just lacking in flavors or spice. Would have liked to have eaten at the med restaurant but it was only open at lunch time which we didn't know. The highlight was probably the coconut, pineapple and baobab ice cream from the upper floor of the main food court.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-19

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: Lack of flavour


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05 Jun 2022

Disappointed somewhat

I’ve been to the eden project for a few years and have always been quite excited by their vegan options but was quite disappointed to find only vegan mains to be chilli and pasta. However, we enjoyed some small plates in the Mediterranean biome and biscoff cake and flat whites with oat milks were delicious

Pros: Vegan options at all food outlets

Cons: Quite limited selection , Not very original


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04 May 2022

Not as many options as I expected

I went to all 4 cafes, I only found soup, cake and coffee in the entrance cafe, a vegan pasty at the 'Lunch Box', a few vegan main meals in the med restaurant, and a vegan rice bowl (curry) in the restaurant between the two biomes. Fairly underwhelming for somewhere that promotes veganism due to sustainability.


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26 Feb 2022

Hardly anything

For an attraction that prides itself on promoting climate change, the lack of vegan options is an embarrassment!

The guide book says it has a cafe selling vegan meals - it only sells cakes. Another only did a vegan pasty, and had other options but not today.

In the end I had to settle for a vegan burger as the only “meal” available.

If I’d known it was so lacking, I’d have brought my own food.

Summary : Great for cakes but not for a proper lunch meal

Pros: Decent choice of cakes

Cons: Expensive, Very few options


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21 Jan 2022

Good for what it is

Vegan pizza, butternut squash curry, jackfruit burritos and pasties. A nice selection at a reasonable price. Unfortunately a lot of their food outlets were closed due to COVID but we can't blame them for this, they are still putting out a good selection considering the circumstances

Pros: All the food is good quality, Good prices

Cons: Missing a lot of options from pre COVID times


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17 Dec 2021

Was good, now rubbish

Used to have tasty, creative vegan options. Now utterly disappointing. For somewhere that likes to shout about eco issues you would think there would be more plant based and much less meat and dairy.

Pros: Great to visit, except food

Cons: Food, Eco credentials


04 Jan 2022

Not as good as it used to be! We have a pass so come here often and always bring a packed lunch. Pizza with only about two toppings (and not very generous) and a pasty.. that’s it! Used to be all about vegan food hall and local supplies!


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18 Sep 2021


Vegan pasties tasted lovely. Expensive as expected but only a few available. Coffee was atrocious and 40p extra for a drop of oat milk.

Pros: One vegan pasty option - very tasty

Cons: Expensive. , Only a few available , Charged 40p for a dash of oat milk


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27 Aug 2021

Vegan Ice cream!

Mint choc chip vegan ice cream was amazing! And there were a few other vegan options such as sorbets! But the cone was not vegan so had a tub instead😊💗

Pros: Lots of vegan ice cream and sorbet options! , Helpful staff , Beautiful setting!

Cons: No vegan cones ☹️


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07 Aug 2021

Decent food, expensive but good portion.

Some nice options for vegans, whilst I didn't see anything labelled as such (though we only visited the burrito restaurant), it was easy to remove the dairy from the jackfruit burrito. Also had some good dairy free ice cream which was very nice!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-07

Pros: Reasonable amount of options, Not too expensive for a place like this.


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06 Jul 2021

Surprisingly good!

Didn’t know what to expect, we had lunch at the Biome when visiting Eden project. They have vegan options for cakes, ice cream, pastry, rice bowl and burritos. I had carrot cake, which was very soft, moist and not too unhealthily sweet. Mint chocolate chip and coconut pineapple ice cream were amazing. :)

Pros: Vegan treats 🍰 , Vegan ice cream 🍦


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26 May 2021

Lovely pie and veg ( edited to reflect changes)

Great facilities for families with both vegan and non vegan options. I had the mushroom, leek and tarragon pie which comes which choice of 3 veg sides.

*There above was not longer an option. We found 2 stalls serving food and had a pasty and a salad box. Despite tasting very nice, it was very disappointing as these were there only two vegan options available. Not the filling warm meal we could have had before COVID-19.

Pros: One or two vegan options.

Cons: Cake can be sat out for a while. , Vegan options have diminished.


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02 Mar 2020

Good vegan food at good prices

A few vegan options. Decent food at decent price. Would recommend

Pros: Good options, Decent price

Cons: Not fully vegan


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07 Feb 2020

Some yummy vegan options!

It was lovely to have a day out with some vegan options available onsite. We had pies for lunch, which were excellent and came with a good amount of vegetables. The only thing was that it wasn't completely clear if all the veg being served was vegan. When I asked, the member of staff didn't actually know what vegan meant, and I had to explain that sometimes carrots etc are glazed with butter for example. Meanwhile the queue was building up and I felt a bit embarrassed, when it should have been a straight forward yes or no. We were a little disappointed not to find any vegan cakes, but did enjoy a pasty at the end of the day. Overall, pretty good!

Pros: Tasty food, Reasonably priced, Decent portions

Cons: No vegan cakes!, Not very clear labelling of vegan options, Staff not knowing what vegan means


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07 Jan 2020

Lovely to have a day out and be able to eat yummy vegan food ON SITE

We ate in the seating area between the biomes, grabbing delicious vegan pies with all-vegan sides from The Eden Kitchen, a pasty from Eden Pasty in my mum's case, and a beetroot daal from the Vegan Kitchen (which may be a temporary winter thing while the Core Café is closed - not sure) in my dad's case.

The pies from Eden Café in particular were delicious. We thought 8.95 for a pie and three big portions of sides was quite fair. The daal was less good value. Pasty for 5 quid is pricy but standard for these places and not more than the meat one.

We were told that the Med Kitchen will do all pizzas with vegan cheese even though this is not advertised, and they also do a lovely vegan carbonara dish.

Very impressed with all the changes despite a disappointing visit for vegans back in 2012. I still think even more could be done - for example adding a carbon footprint indicator on the menu - but the improvements are very welcome and we will be back with our year-long passes.

Really made vegans feel welcome in a place that should have always been a natural habitat for people who tend to be far more active and doing far more for the environment than most!

Check here for their latest details on vegan food options:

Pros: All eating venues seem to offer good vegan options, Eden Kitchen's pies with vegan sides were great, Open seating area so groups can mix and match

Cons: Could always offer more vegan options :)


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27 Dec 2019

Nice Beetroot Risotto

The risotto was really nice and fast service with helpful staff.

Pros: 3 mains to choose from.


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10 Sep 2019

Loads of choice

We ate at the world kitchen and had the Indian wrap and the Korean jackfruit wrap, with a side of corn and cassava chips. Later we had a piece of choc and raspberry cake in the invisible world. I liked that there was mainly half and half vegan to meat options- so it felt like vegan options instead of meat options, rather than aswell as.

Pros: Lots of option, Cakes


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26 Aug 2019

Fresh and delicious!

Several vegan options in the “link” cafe between rainforest and med biomes. Cassava, slaw style salad, jackfruit wrap & cauliflower wrap (chutney has dairy, ask for one to be made without this). Dairy-free ice cream including mint choc chip upstairs!!!

Pros: Very knowledgeable chef was able to help us, Hot and fresh, Mint chocolate chip dairy-free ice cream!!!

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