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Everything in this independent store is vegan. Find vege meats and dairy alternatives, sauces, candy, chocolate, juice and drinks, spices, animal food, cleaning products, personal hygiene products and more. Takes special orders. 2015 relocated to this bigger space from Limmerstr. 89. Open Mon-Fri 09:00-20:00, Sat 09:00-18:00.

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First Review by AndyT


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17 Jul 2023

vegan supermarkets >>>

i love the fact that everything is vegan! it's just so nice to know you can shop whatever you want cause it doesn't contain any animal products.
they have basic stuff but also special things I haven't seen before. when i was there they also had several products for sale so go take a look:)

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Points +1211

05 Feb 2023

Most amazing shop

I freaking love this place, go there all the time. They really have everything you'll ever need.


Points +54

26 Jan 2022

Hier bleiben keine Wünsche offen

Alles, was das vegane Herz höher schlagen lässt. Zu fairen Preisen.


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22 Jul 2021

Ganz toller Laden mit wunderbarem Angebot

Der Titel sagt eigentlich schon alles.
Ein kleiner Laden, der dennoch alles hat, was das vegane Herz begehrt.
Sehr schön, um besondere vegane Produkte zu probieren, die Super- & Biomarkt nicht führen.

Pros: Alles vegan, Tolle Auswahl


Points +221

05 Dec 2020

Small store with a huge range of vegan products

I was really happy to find a vegan store in Hannover. Great range of products and very friendly staff. Will be back when I'm in Hannover!

Pros: Huge range of vegan food, Friendly and helpful staff


Points +82

01 Aug 2020

Wunderbar da

Entspanntes Einkaufen, da da gesamte Sortiment vegan ist. So schön einfach ohne tierquälerische Produkte einzukaufen. Dankeschön.

Pros: Komplett veganes Sortiment, leckere &, praktische Produkte


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17 Mar 2020

great store!

this store is such an important part of both Hanover and it's district Linden!
they offer so many vegan essentials and snacks that i never leave empty handed. equip yourself with vegan soy chunks, pasta, sauces, schnitzel, cheese, sausages - you name it. grab small chocolate bars (or go for the big ones)😄
this place has it all!

Pros: all vegan, whatever you need for the go, whatever you need for cooking at home


Points +2107

23 Jul 2019

One stop shop for vegans!

Great, fully vegan shop in Linden, Hannover.

There are lots of organic shops and even supermarkets in Hannover that sell vegan-friendly produce, but it’s great to come to Nature’s Food and know that everything is vegan.

It’s easy to get to from central Hannover; take tram 10 in the direction of Ahlem (get off at Leinaustrasse) and take a short walk in the direction of the tram. Once you’re in Linden, there are so many other great places to visit - for example, Burgernah (vegan burgers), Linden Backt (bakery cooperative with great vegan-friendly croissants), Centrum and Francesca & Fratelli (non-vegan venues with great vegan options).

Always happy to support independent, vegan businesses; this place makes it easy!

Pros: Fully vegan shop, Great area , Lovely people


Points +24

01 Oct 2018

I like it!

Best vegan food store in the city. You get everything, do you need.


Points +653

02 Apr 2018

Best vegan shop

I love to go there especially when I need some special ingredients.
It is quite expensive but worth it.


Points +94

28 Jun 2017

take my money

I loved this shop! They have everything. Needed to go back to the car to get more money.

Pros: lots of cheeses, lots of meats , nice staff

Cons: no international cards accepted


Points +44

14 Apr 2016


Anything you are looking for you will find it here. Such a huge range of products you will need some time to get to see them all. Fresh fruit and vegetable, faux meat and fish products, ice creams, milk, flour, cosmetics, household... everything is here!!! Such an amazing shop and wonderful service you will love it straight.

Valises Gourmandises

Points +82

01 Nov 2015

A must for every vegan!

I've been obsessed with this little shop since I first discovered it. It's good competition to bio market chains like Denn's.
They have a large array of anything one might need and the prices are similar to what you'd find in a "regular" store. They carry loads of pasta, legumes, chocolate, spreads, cheeses, egg replacer, etc. etc.
They moved a while ago and have now twice the space as before. I strongly recommend it!

Pros: Everything, Independant store

Cons: Small selection of vegetables, No B12-enriched yeast


Points +45

24 Oct 2015

Hannover's # 1 vegan store

This is where you get everything from basics like Tofu over some cosmetics to pet food. It just recently moved just to the other side of the street but it got bigger. You can also order online: http://www.hallo-vegan.de/Startseite

Pros: shop on- and off line, great variety

Cons: none so far


Points +88

23 Oct 2014

A rich source for vegan products

Unfortunately I live on the other side of the city, so I don't get to go to this wonderful store very often. Nature's Food offers a wide range of vegan products, including brands that can't be found in many (if any) organic food stores around Hannover. Considering how small the place itself is, the variety the offer is impressive.
The staff is well informed about their stock and very interested in fresh input (I came there on my never-ending quest to find lopino, which appears to be very uncommon these days).
Do have a look at the place when you'r ein the area!

Pros: uncommon brands and products, well-informed staff

Cons: kind of crammed


Points +60

27 Jan 2013

Great shop, great owner

I love this shop. I am from Hannover and its a gift to have it.
Christian, the owner is unbelievable friendly and knows almost everything about his products, he always has a tipp or an idea.
If there is something youd like to have and its not listed in his store, hed order it for you if its possible.

Pros: nice staff, great variety of food

Cons: NONE


Points +300

25 Oct 2012

Great selection, friendly owner

They had a great selection of items here - from gluten-free, to all manner of (vegan) chocolate and (vegan) cheese, meat alternatives, lip balms, animal food, and a friendly owner with an "anything else I should get in?" attitude. I hope the new place we're getting in Hamburg will be as good!

Pros: Great selection, Great attitude, A lot stuffed in!


Points +2071

13 May 2011

Great shop for all your vegan needs!

Shopping for food without having to read the labels!!! What could be more agreeable? Well, maybe meeting fellow vegans or having a little chat with Christian, the owner of the shop who is also the contact person for the 'Hannover Basis Group' of the newly founded German Vegan Society and the organizer of the monthly 'Vegan-Stammtisch'.

The shop is small but carries a wide range of vegan products, most of them foodstuffs. You will find most 'substitute' products here like vegan sausages, cheese and other products, vegan sweets (e.g. chocolate, cookies and 'gummibaers') and many products you can use for cooking and baking and vitamins and food supplements (e.g. Veg-1) Prices are ok and IMO it is always better to support a local vegan than some mail-order place.

So if you sometimes (or often) like to use these products, then the 'Natures foods' is your place to go (although, to be honest, nature's foods would in my eyes be a more fitting name for a shop selling fresh fruits and vegetables - but those you can get anywhere ;-)

Pros: Wide range of vegan products, Friendly atmosphere

Cons: a bit hard to find the first time

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