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94 B John Street, Cabramatta

Beautiful Pho but make sure no onion no garlic

Beautiful pho, really nice hearty soup, great noodles. But be careful to keep reminding them no onion and no garlic if you are on a strict Buddhist Vegetarian diet like me. I ordered summer rolls with mock prawn and ham which are so divine and huge servings (4 big rolls for only $6.00). But the sauce was suspiciously garlicky. Very strong unidentified smell. But when I asked for their confirmation, they told me definitely no garlick inside. I bought another take away summer rolls home and finally I learnt that the same sauce they gvae me earlier on actually contained garlicks! A disappointment for me. It gets me thinking if someone allergic to peanuts and were told no peanuts in their dishes (which is unlikely - most dishes has some sort of nuts) - then it would be dangerous if they dont tell the truth. But I guess all it takes is better communications with the staff next time.

7 Compton St, Adelaide

Wonderful Place!

My first visit to Adelaide and I was pleasantly greeted by Cassha, the lady owner of Bliss Organic Cafe. She patiently answered my questions about other vegetaraian and vegan places in Adelaide and gave me valuable inputs. Thanks to her, I have maximised my visit to Adelaide.

Her husband, Shane was fantastic too. He brought personalised friendly service to everyone, making me feel very welcomed. He was humorous too. When I asked which is no. 1 vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide according to him, he answered, "Bliss Organic Cafe"..... hahhaha well I have asked the wrong question indeed!

I tried their BIG BREAKFAST FRY-UP and was delicious!!!!! It was a really huge portions, with 2 thick slices of turkish toast, beans, sausage, bacon, and potato wedges. The great thing in here as well, they also look after vegetarian/vegan who does not eat onion and garlick. Most other western vegan restaurant only caters for onion and garlick eater. So I am so greatful I have found this place.

They also serve fresh organic juice and it was really fresh! There is also outdoor seating at the back, wonderful for those sunny day and private functions.

All in all, a wonderful place to visit!

182 King St, Newtown

Curry in a Hurry

This restaurant is a great choice for those in a hurry. Food are displayed on bainmarie and there are quite a good 8-10 selections. 3 choices with rice or noodle approx $10.50. It's inexpensive. The food is OK however I think rather quite greasy. It maybe best to choose from their ala carte selections. Best winning dish from their bainmarie is the "Temple in chillies and mushroom sauce".

Shop 11, Belvedere Arcade, 66-68 John Street, Cabramatta

Quick Service and Yummy Pho

Don't be fooled by the humble looking interior of this place, it serves one of the best vegetarian pho (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup). The broth was beautiful and balanced, the noodles was al dente, the fillings are yummy with fresh vegies and herbs as accompaniment. Very generous serving at only $8.50 each, it's definitely good value!

The vegetarian prawn & ham summer rolls (fresh rolls) are generously large serving and at $6.00 for 4, it's a great value! Very tasty rolls with tasty peanut sauce accompaniment. But stir away from its shredded pork version, they are very greasy - not my favourite.

The bun bo hue (spicy pho) was nice too, but not as nice as the original pho. It is too greasy for me.
BE CAREFUL for those Buddhist vegetarians who avoid onions, garlics, leeks, chives, and shallots because all dishes would be with those herbs unless you let them know in the beginning not to use those.

Quick service with a smile too, which is a plus side. I am not quite sure about their other dishes, but I have the feeling they are specialising in noodle soups, because soups are most dominant in their menu.

A must visit when you are in Sydney, especially Cabramatta!!!

10/117 John St, Cabramatta

Disappointing Broken Rice Combination

I had a rather disappointing meal here. The broken rice combination I ordered was really greasy. The rice was not tasty, the shredded porks, pork chops, etc were all greasy, tasteless, and fried with bad oil. The service was great though.

Shop 12, Renaissance Arcade, Adelaide

Fabulous Malaysian Laksa

My last day in Adelaide when I tried their Malaysian Laksa and my God ...... it was just divine! The curry was well balanced (not too thick or too runny). It was how a Malaysian Laksa meant to be. Inside, the hokkien noodles was al-dente, and the tofu, mock meat, and the vegetables are cooked to perfection. It was a good but also sad day for me, since I have to leave Adelaide that afternoon. Otherwise I could have come back for more.

The owner was lovely, she helped me to find other vegetarian restaurant which opens dinner time. I have also tried their Malaysian Mee Goreng and hainanese chicken rice on another day, but was not too keen on them. Maybe just my taste, I am used to Indonesian mee goreng which is sweet and spicy. However their mee goreng was too sweet and sour, it feels like eating long strings of lollies! The hainanese chicken rice was also too greasy.

But definitely try the Malaysian Laksa ......... you'll know what I am talking about! At only $7.50, it is a fantastic value!

4 Burwood Road, Concord

Satisfied Cravings

I have been to Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, twice and often had cravings for the Taiwanese cuisines. Taiwan is the heaven for vegetarians and vegans, with so many places selling delicious vegetarian dishes from just every corner, ranging from market food stalls, food court kiosks, cafes, to 5-star fine dining restaurants. The food are fresh, simple, but tasty. Unfortunately, there is no real Taiwanese vegetarian restaurants in Sydney which served specialty "little dishes". So when I found out about this restaurant, I was really excited!

This family owned and operated new cafe (mother, sons, and daughter) adds new freshness to the vegetarian restaurant scene in Sydney. Serving Taiwanese specialty vegetarian "little dishes" such as vegetarian pork chops, dumplings, salt & pepper vegetarian oyster, cheese and vegetable omellette crepes, spicy french fries, etc (no onion, no garlic), in small entree servings with prices range $3.50 - $8.50 each, this cafe is surely a hit for many young patrons, while the locals love to drop by for their superb espresso coffees.

Main courses such as tomato noodle soups, vegetarian salted fish with rice in hot pot, vegetarian chicken and rice pot, etc are also delicious. The service is friendly, the seats are cosy, the kitchen and toilet are very clean, reflecting their high standard of hygiene. Various magazines are provided for customers' convenience. Soothing background music (Chinese flutes) is faintly playing in the background, adding extra comfort. I could just spend 2-3 hours easily here, reading magazines while enjoying my food.

This cafe is also easy to reach by buses and cars. From Burwood area, just walk past Westfield and the Burwood park until the end (towards Parramatta Rd). From city, take the 461 bus to Burwood and set down at the cnr of Parramatta Rd and Burwood Rd and walk around 200m to the cafe.

My cravings are truly satisfied here!

Shop 22, Market Plaza, Gouger St, Adelaide

Great Organic Juice

My first time in Adelaide and I was pelasantly surprised that there was a vegetarian and vegan health food store right in the middle of the biggest market in the city. Well done guys on promoting vegetarian and veganism cause!

I stop over here almost everyday to get my organic juice fix. Most fo their fruits are organics. My favourite was apple,carrot, spinach, and pinapple juice for only $7.50 X-Large size. $4.50 regular size and $5.50 Large Size. Great value!

Great service with a smile too by the staff. They all looked happy to work in this store. Everyone treated the store as their own business. One day I didnt see spinach left on their bainmarie and they were happily finding me spinach from the back storeroom. Nothing too difficult for them.

This store is situated in the big Adelaide Central Market and somweher in the fringe. There are many entrance doors to the market and can be confusing even for someone who has been visiting many times.
A must visit when you are in Adelaide.

112 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst

Fantastic & Addictive Dining Experience

I must say I was pleasantly surprised that Govinda is a beautiful restaurants with elegant chic interior, romantic lighting, friendly and professional staff, clean and beautiful selection of food in clean presentation. I thought this place would be like the typical Indian take-away places, but it is more like fine dining. The buffet is sumptuous with selection of mouthwatering "kofta balls in tomato sauce", vegetables curry, yellow saffron rice, salads, raitas, pickles, penne pasta in tomato sauce and cheese, potato wedges, and more. The interior is dimly lit and very romantic for fine dining experience. THere is also a balcony for those beautiful summer nights al fresco dining. There are great selections of beverages to die for. Definitely an amazing dinign experience and the food is addictive. I must go back for more!

Shop 3, 227 Cabramatta Rd, Cabramatta

Great value beautiful Vietnamese cuisines

Recently refurbished, this restaurant is nice, modern, and clean looking. The pho (Vietnamese Noodle beef soup) was delicious and balanced and only $8.00 for a huge serving. The fresh summer rolls with vegetarian prawn and ham was divine and great value at only $6.00 (a serving of 4). The Vietnamese pancake was nice too and at only $10.00 for a huge serving. Great quick service with smile. Warning: Sunday night dinner service is always a long queue, so make sure you arrive early to avoid long wait. This restaurant also serves all day yum cha, and there are varieties of dishes on offer in their menu. You will keep coming back for trying other dishes. No onion and no garlic.

Shop 1, 86-88 Dixon St, Haymarket

Conveniently in the Heart of Chinatown

This eatery is conveniently tucked in the heart of Sydney's busy Chinatown. On the window, some kitchen hands are busy making dumplings, yu-tiaw (Chinese donuts), and other snacks. They mainly serve meat dishes, however do ask for a separate VEGETARIAN MENU, which includes vegetarian fried rice, fried noodles, noodle soups, congee (Chinese rice porrridge), stir-fries, etc.

The food taste good but doesn't have the "wow" factor, but the prices are good value, ranges from $1.20 for snacks/entrees and from $7.50 for main meals. The location is also very good, in case you are around Chinatown and hungry, especially if you are with non-veg friends - you would be able to sit down together and order what everyone prefer. There's always something for everyone here. This place is always buzzing with customers especially lunch and dinner time.

A must try: their Taiwanese snacks which they are famous for, e.g. dumplings, yu-tiaw (chinese donuts), vegetarian buns, pancakes, congee, and soy milk drinks (hot or cold).

Shop 8, Market Plaza Food Court, Moonta St, Adelaide

Quick, tasty, satisfying, value, & unpretentious

My first time in Adelaide and I was quite impressed with Pure Vegetarian food ..... because they are quick, tasty, satisfying, value, & unpretentious. 3 choices from a good selection of 8 different dishes from the bainmarie + rice or noddle and a glass of FREE soya drink - only $7.50! Such a great value! The food is very tasty too - choose from curry vegetables, sweet & sour glutens, chilly eggplants, mapo tofu, deep fried pumpkin, vegetarian seaweed fish fillets, stir fried hokkien noodles, fried rice vermicelli, curry puffs...... Yum! Their serving is very large, too .... therefore it is very satisfying and unpretentious yummy food at the price any traveller can afford.

My favourite from this place is their CURRY PUFFS ($2.20 ea). Large serving and the filling very yummy! A MUST TRY!

110 Gawler Pl, Adelaide

Yummy, Quick, and Cheap!

My first day in Adelaide after 2 hours flight from Sydney and I went straight away to Thea for lunch. I tried their Hainanese Chicken Rice and was automatically sold! Really crunchy pieaces of bread crumbed soy mock chicken on bed of warm rice and salad. Hummmm!!! The price surprised me too, only $10.50. The portion was just perfect, not too much or too little. It leaves me just anough room for dessert.

Great interior and lighting. Fantastic 2 split levels of dining room, especially the underground one, was great and big enough for functions. The only vegetarian restaurants big enough and stylish enough for conducting functions in Australia. Clean and tidy restrooms too.

However I feel that the staff are not that friendly. They were there just to do their jobs. Most I would suspect were not vegetarians/vegans themselves, thus the attitude was a bit "I don't care". The service was quick but lack of personal touch, maybe because the place is too big and the staff are used to heavy traffic of lunch time diners.

I have also tried their BBQ pork buns and the BBQ pork rice but were not too fuss about them.

Overall, a great place to for vegetarians and vegans! But hopefully they will extend their opening hours to dinner and weekend in the near future!

1006 Victoria Rd, West Ryde


I went to Tian Ci on a strong recommendations of a friend who said they have the best vegetarian yum cha in Sydney. So off I went with a great expectation, but the yum cha dishes fell awfully short. Firstly, you have to wait more than 30 mins to get the dishes out. When the dishes finally arrived, they don't look as good. The har gau (vegetarian prawn dumplings) looked frail and the pastry looking not fresh and broken, then the taste was just absolutely bland and not fresh. The same thing happenned with their sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, vegetable dumplings, and the vegetable BBQ pork buns. Really disappointing. Later I had a strong feeling that those yum cha dishes were probably already frozen and heated as ordered. But why took so long to serve? I have tasted much better - the best yum cha is still Green Gourmet at Newtown!

Another day I came at around 2:30pm and the waiter told me that the kitchen already closed (well they wrote their closing time is supposedly 3pm) and the chef could not make anything for me. After I begged (since I had to travel 1 hour to get there), the waiter finally agreed to cook one dish for me but not to dine in, but only to take away. I chose the lunch special, crispy soy chicken with rice. It looked good and tastes good too. But I felt disappointed by the service and the yum cha.

This is a thought:
Opening a vegetarian restaurant is supposedly not for profit, but more to promote vegetarianism/veganism by giving convenience to fellow vegetarians/vegans and people who started to learn to be a vegetarian. We are doing our bits to contribute to this earth, and since we know being vegetarian is still quite difficult for most people, vegetarian restaurants are there to provide convenience so more and more people will be willing to be vegetarians, right? But why, most vegetarian and vegan restaurants have to open late at 11am and then to closed between 3pm-5pm? This is not a total convenience for some who did not have time to lunch by midday. Maybe because there is only one chef in the kitchen? But it does not make sense...... Think about this, restaurant owners! You carries a noble task to propagate vegetarianism to everyone! So do it with all your heart! If your motivation to open a vegetarian restaurant is profit, then you are absolutely lost!

395 King Street, Newtown

Fresh, Clean Tasting Vietnamese Food at its Best

Opened just in May 2009, Vina offers a friendly, homely environment with food made fresh and clean tasting. The spring rolls and fresh spring rolls are fantastic. The steam buns are just lovely. The Vietnamese spicy noodle soup is just divine! The broth is really beautiful, tasted almost as the original pho. A must try! Great value for money too. The location is easy to access by bus or train.

14, Beiping East Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Truly Amazing - Sensationally Magical!

This swanky vegetarian restaurant is one of its kind! Everyone is treated like royalties. I was lucky to get a taste of their 10 course lunch meals (NT 1,080.00 pp), with an extensive range of appetisers, main meals, and desserts. Every dishes was like beautiful dreams - very nice. And the main meal - steak - was really awesome! Every dish was cooked to perfection and explained by the lovely waitress the name, ingredients, and the health benefit for the diners.
An unforgettable lunch - a must when you visit Taipei!

Shop 2, 48 Hill Street, Cabramatta

All You Need for Vegetarian Cooking, Snacks, Gifts

This shop is any vegetarian's heaven! Perfect place for all you need for vegetarian cooking, snacks, breakfast, sauces, sweets, mock meats, health food, and even gifts! A place like this we must support! Shop with confidence that everything stocked here are not only cruelty free, but also onion and garlic free! So I always get my gift giving done from shopping here. What better way to introduce and promote vegetarianism then start from our gift giving routines?

17-19 Bent St, Adelaide

It is a Zen's house ......... indeed!!!

My first time ever in Adelaide and Zenhouse has been the biggest part of my beautiful holiday memories! The staff are very nice, understanding, and accomodating. The varieties are excellent, from Chinese food to Malaysian to Thai and Northern Indian to Western fast food ...... all here in one place!

The best thing is, it is the ONLY Vegetarian Restaurant that opens for dinner in Adelaide (others closed at 3-5pm). So being a strict vegetarian, Zenhouse has also saved my life while in Adelaide. Otherwise where else can I get a pure vegetarian dinner every night?

During my 6 days and 5 nights stay, I have maximised my visit to Zenhouse by trying many dishes in their menus, which are: SFC burger & fries, King fillets in Assam sauce, Assam curries, Red mock duck, bakuteh soup, Fried Rice in zenhouse sauce, satay, samosas, roti, Tofu pillow with sambal sauce, mee goreng, etc. But the winning menu so far would be: MALAYSIAN PETAI (Satir Nuts) with ribbon fish fillets and belacan sauce! WOW!!!!! It is smelly for people who are not used to the smell of petai (sator nuts - equivalent to the smell of durian). But my God it was divine.... it brought me back to my childhood, to my mum's cooking...... I would strongly suggest you to try this dish (but brave yourself for the smell).

Everything was cooked to perfection, really well done. Eventhough not a cheap restaurant to dine in, but it is definitely worth a visit (or more)! This is one of very rare Malaysian Vegetarian Restaurants in Australia.
And after all the over-indulging, their selections of teas would rescue you....... try "Digestion" tea and "Detox and Cleanse" tea as they would really help your stomach to get back in balance after all the heavy indulging.
Thanks again, Zenhouse for making my holiday memorable!

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