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Zenhouse Vegetarian Yum Cha

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17-19 Bent St, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000

Teahouse and cafe offering a vegetarian menu with a variety of meals, from burgers and satay to yum cha. Has ice cream and an assortment of teas. Est. 2003 originally in Alice Springs. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-8:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-9:00pm, Sun 11:30am-4:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Western, Fast food, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (34)

First Review by krock

Broad Range - Edit

Zenhouse has a broad range of food from Western burgers and not chicken nuggets to Asian stir fries and curries. Generally tasty, but unfortunately the service is almost always inattentive.

Pros: Wide variety, Tasty

Cons: Poor service

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Cafeteria feel, good options but food hit and miss - Edit

I tried Zen House on a business trip to Adelaide and had high hopes given the good reviews. Unfortunately the food was hit and miss for me. The SFC Burger was good but not amazing and the satay sticks were not so good (dry). Service was helpful but not warm or friendly. Atmosphere was quite like a cafeteria. It was ok but unfortunately I wouldn't rush back.

Pros: Lots of choice, Well priced

Cons: Cafeteria Feel, Hit and miss food, Service only ok

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Very good burgers - Edit

This Zenhouse location offers really good burgers and fries. The entrees are also delicious, many vegan and some gluten free options.
The burger was pretty greasy, but filling and full of flavour.
Noodle dish was rather boring and nothing special.
Would go for burgers and entrees.

Good location in town!

Pros: convenient location, good burgers and entrees, fast service

Cons: greasy, boring noodle dishes

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delicious but contaminated :( - Edit

My partner and I visited on a Monday night, we enjoyed and shared many vegan dishes on the menu, however that night we were both realising we got a case of mild upset stomach [edit by staff- see tos]. We hadn't eaten together before or after so unfortunately Zenhouse must have been the culprit. So disappointing because I loved the rice paper rolls more than anything!

Pros: Delicious, Variety

Cons: Not many GF meals

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The most popular veg place in Town - Edit

In all the years I've been going to Zenhouse i have never had a bad experience, they have never messed up my order or given me vegetarian instead of vegan and the staff are always lovely and food great. This has been one of my favourite veg places since before i was vegan, and it still is one of the best in Adelaide.
I'm a creature of habit so usually just go for the vegan SFC with chips, but all of their dishes are winners!

Pros: cheap food, vegan options

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Great location, great food - Edit

If you're anywhere near Rundle Mall then definitely head to Zenhouse! It's just off a little side street. I really enjoyed the food here - a good choice and reasonably priced.

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So Good - Edit

SFC for the win. Went there on a public holiday. I had the BBQ steam buns and SFC with rice and satay sauce was amaze-balls. Prices were excellent too.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty, Heaps of vegan options

Cons: Lunch specials not available on public holidays, Service was a little hit and miss

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Lots of Vegan Choices - Edit

One of first entirely vegetarian restaurants I ever went to. The food is an interesting mix of western, Asian, and Indian. You can have anything you like really.

The Yum Cha options are all delicious, and the Tofu Clay Hot Pot is really good.

Many options at different prices.

Food delivery and service can be a bit slow.

Pros: Yum food, Lots of Vegan choices

Cons: Slow service at times

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Delicious food - Edit

I absolutely love Zenhouse they have quite a good selection of gluten free and vegan options. I haven't been able to find anywhere else that does such tasty mock meat. I really love the Satay Sticks and the Sweet Corn Soup. The service is always friendly and the food is always tasty.

Pros: Vegan/Gluten Free, Mock meats, Tasty

Cons: Not so good for you, Salty, Can't alter recipes for you sometimes

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great food, but... - Edit

Went here for tea and the servings were huge. I got extra noodles on my hokkien black bean and they were probably not necessary, although for 50c I was able to take the last quarter home in a plastic container. The patties come with quite a large plate of salad. It was very loud between music and other people so it was difficult to have a conversation but the food and icecream after made up for it. There is a fridge with some vegan packaged food available as well, and the choice to share plates with others.

Pros: great food, able to share, good range

Cons: large portions, noisy

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Decent food - Edit

I had been to this place a couple of years ago just to have their vegan ice cream but remembered little about it (except that I learnt the hard way that I really don't like durian ice cream). We went there again this weekend and had dinner, as it was the only vegan-friendly place open after 4pm in Adelaide. The setup is very simple, with plain furniture, Lino floor, Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, as well as calligraphic wall hangings and a wide variety of teas on display. The menu includes a number of yum-cha-style entrees, four each of western and Asian main dishes, several burgers. (although there is also a special on the blackboard). On this occasion we started with the Fried Spinach Dumplings. These were nice and crispy and not too oily, but, although there was a pleasant subtle savoury flavour to them, they were a bit dominated by a 'spinachy' (or even 'silverbeety') taste and texture. My partner ordered the Red Roasted Slices, which is mock roasted duck accompanied by cucumber and tomato. I tried it and the 'duck' was chewy/crispy, quite tasty but a little sweet. My own order, Zenhouse Claypot Noodles, consisted of tofu and vegetables and hokkein boodles in a savoury but slightly bland broth and ultimately didn't have a lot of flavour. These meals were reasonably priced at around $14-$15. However, I was slightly appalled when I ordered three different-flavoured scoops of vegan ice cream and they cost $15 - more than either of our mains. Strangely, according the woman serving me, if I'd ordered them all the same flavour it would have been $12. I queried the price but was told it was correct. We returned the next evening and discovered there was actually an entire (extensive) other dinner menu (as opposed to the Daily Menu we had ordered from the night before) that we had not seen because it had not been on our table, so make sure you don't miss this. This time we ordered a mild coconut-based vegetable curry which was quite delicious, as well as a steaming mushroom and vegetable stirfry - a tad sweet for my taste. The food is generally fine and the opening hours mean I'll be back next time I'm looking for dinner out in Adelaide. (Four stars means 'good' not 'very good')

Pros: Decent food and mostly vegan

Cons: Extraordinarily overpriced ice cream

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A Veggie Thai Place - Edit

Just because its veggie doesn't mean its healthy. Loaded with noodles and other carb overloads. But at least they have other veggie options besides the myriad veggie burger joints that dot the surrounding area.

Pros: Choice

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great variety - Edit

We went here a few times while in Adelaide. I loved the variety, like being able to have pie and chips or a green curry or sweet and sour mock pork was pretty awesome.

Pros: great vegan variety

Cons: bit pricey, small portions

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Hit and Miss - Edit

We've been here many many times and had some really good and some really bad nighs at Zen House. The vegan SFC Burger with Satay and vegan Mayo is amazing and the Yum Cha are great - however like a lot of Asian places - don't expect the entree to be served before the main. It really depends on the staff it has been a lot better lately but in the past orders were forgotten and take away orders took up to 45 min. It still is a great place to enjoy a burger, some yum cha and tea!

Pros: location, vegan SFC burger, cheap!

Cons: can be hit and miss

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Incredible! - Edit

My husband and I ate here last night and it was wonderful. We couldn't decide what to pick as there are so many great things on the menu. In the end we ordered a few different things to share. We ordered : Vegan SFC, Cream of corn soup, Samosas, Dim sim, Chickpea burger. Everything was vegan and everything was just incredible! So much flavour. We were both very impressed with this place. If you like tea then you're in for a treat as they have an extensive tea menu. I'd go here again in a heartbeat!

Pros: Great menu, Good prices, Good portions

Cons: More cakes would be nice.

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Yes Please! - Edit

I would got to this place for every meal if I could. Pretty much! It has a huge range of food from burgers to herbal tea to Malaysian style curries and I've never been disappointed. The satay tofu salad is light and refreshing. The burgers are great if you have a junk food craving. Those are my favourites

Pros: Healthy, Location , Vegan SFC

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Teas to Please - Edit

Zenhouse offers a wide selection in a comfortable, friendly and clean atmosphere. A massive tea selection made the experience a delight for me, with the "smelling pots" to sample the different blends. For meals, I loved the SFC and Ginger not-chicken.

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zenned - Edit

We have been to Zenhouse on many occasions - our favourites are the ginger not chicken, curry not chicken and the original fried rice (no egg).
Meals are usually consistent but one thing we were not great fans of is their burgers - a little dry and lacking flavour.
Overall a great place with a huge range of vegan dishes available.

Pros: lots of options, tasty main dishes, lots of vegan dishes

Cons: average burgers, gelati is expensive

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A great Adelaide restaurant! - Edit

I have been to Zenhouse several times and ALWAYS enjoyed it! If you're a tea drinker, you will be spoilt for choice with their huge tea menu!

They offer Yum-cha which is delicious but most of it is deep fried, so I wouldn't order too many! The meals are a mixture of east and west delights. I find the mains are always GOOD but not always GREAT. Their Laksa cannot compare to 'Vegetarian Garden' But I'm a big fan of the Vegan crispy fillet burger!

If you want something sweet after your meal they even offer vegan ice-cream. I highly recommend the Durian ice-cream if you want to try something different!

Friendly staff, lovely decor and atmosphere, and reasonably priced (I wouldn't call it 'cheap' but definitely affordable) I always look forward to eating here!

Pros: good opening hours, beautiful teas, lots to choose from

Cons: some dishes need improvement

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It is a Zen's house ......... indeed!!! - Edit

My first time ever in Adelaide and Zenhouse has been the biggest part of my beautiful holiday memories! The staff are very nice, understanding, and accomodating. The varieties are excellent, from Chinese food to Malaysian to Thai and Northern Indian to Western fast food ...... all here in one place!

The best thing is, it is the ONLY Vegetarian Restaurant that opens for dinner in Adelaide (others closed at 3-5pm). So being a strict vegetarian, Zenhouse has also saved my life while in Adelaide. Otherwise where else can I get a pure vegetarian dinner every night?

During my 6 days and 5 nights stay, I have maximised my visit to Zenhouse by trying many dishes in their menus, which are: SFC burger & fries, King fillets in Assam sauce, Assam curries, Red mock duck, bakuteh soup, Fried Rice in zenhouse sauce, satay, samosas, roti, Tofu pillow with sambal sauce, mee goreng, etc. But the winning menu so far would be: MALAYSIAN PETAI (Satir Nuts) with ribbon fish fillets and belacan sauce! WOW!!!!! It is smelly for people who are not used to the smell of petai (sator nuts - equivalent to the smell of durian). But my God it was divine.... it brought me back to my childhood, to my mum's cooking...... I would strongly suggest you to try this dish (but brave yourself for the smell).

Everything was cooked to perfection, really well done. Eventhough not a cheap restaurant to dine in, but it is definitely worth a visit (or more)! This is one of very rare Malaysian Vegetarian Restaurants in Australia.
And after all the over-indulging, their selections of teas would rescue you....... try "Digestion" tea and "Detox and Cleanse" tea as they would really help your stomach to get back in balance after all the heavy indulging.
Thanks again, Zenhouse for making my holiday memorable!

Pros: many variety, divine food, great service

Cons: closed on Sunday, Closed on Monday night

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awesome deliciosities! - Edit

Zenhouse is wonderful...in all aspects:
...the main meals, drinks, loads of energizing and delicious teas to choose from, their homemade ice cream of rice milk and fruit i can't get enough of & quick preparation...

the owners and employees are real super humanbeings :D
five star restaurant all the way, you must go and definitely get a teapot or two!

Pros: the food, the service, the feeling

Cons: not open long enough, no brown rice, no chopsticks!!

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Zenhouse - Edit

I live in Adelaide and I have been here plenty of times. It isn't my favourite Vege Restaurant in Adelaide but it is very nice and the people are friendly, but it doesn't open that late unfortunately and it isn't a large venue, but it's nice if you're going alone, or with a couple of people.

Pros: yummy food, nice staff

Cons: small place

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Excellent - Edit

This is the best vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide and perhaps Australia. We travel around Aus regularly and this place is always fresh, clean and the owners are very nice. The best dish is the fried chicken and the laksa. Definitely worth visiting.

Pros: great food, nice owners, always clean / fresh

Cons: none

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Good Vego Fare - Edit

The satay was really good and nice Asian touch. The Tofu and Tempeh salads, whilst good, are a little bland with just some lettuce making up the bulk of the salad after the tofu or tempeh. The tempeh would be improved by being marinated. Overall though, worth a visit and good wholesome vegetarian Asian food.

Pros: Pleasant setting, Pure vegetarian

Cons: Salads a bit bland

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Zenhouse, a true Zen experience for vegans - Edit

Zenhouse, a place with a true Zen experience, is such a relaxing place to be in. I tried many of their recipes including SFC (salty fried chicken), chickpea & lentil patties burger, vegetarian curry, frozen ice cream to their takeaway cinnamon tea. As there's a limited number of high quality vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide, I have found myself going back to Zenhouse to try out more new recipes and their delicious Asian main courses.
I disagree with krock's con review (bad outdoor seating) because one can always request to be seated inside instead.
For serving size, I believe that it's based on personal preference. For example, the chickpea & lentil patties burger has the ability to fill an empty stomach more than just a snack. Probably I am bias because I am a vegetarian monk and I don't use lots of energy doing physical work like others do.
All in all, this is a vegetarian place not to miss out when you visit Adelaide. Highly recommended!

Pros: Fantastic range of tea, fresh food every day, awesome service and price

Cons: None really

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Hello Zenhouse - Edit

Awesome yummy vego food. The chicken nugget sandwich with vegan mayo is delicious as is the salty fried chicken, its just like KFC. The atmosphere is okay, the room is pretty bland and the seats not so comfortable so i prefer to do a big take away order. The staff are really nice and happy to help you decide. plus the sell great frozen foods and ice cream to go. Enjoy Zenhouse its delicious.

Pros: Cheap, in the city , great staff

Cons: small serves, bad outdoor seating

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Reviewer Avatar

yum - Edit

easily one of the best and most professional vego/vegan restraunts in adelaide...delicious food, great menu selection and great dining experience and atmosphere....SALTED FRIED CHICKEN is famous now! the big buns are the best things ever and the whole menu is really nice..try the soya rib king for a bbq treat...they are also the local distributors for alot of vegetarian products- which they sell in their store (freezer in the corner) great food...highly recommended

Pros: food, food

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