Previously named Colour of Love restaurant but changed to Loving Hut in early 2010 as reported to happycow. Now it's part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Serves all vegan food, non-alcoholic beverages, and vegan desserts. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-9:00pm.

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19 Nov 2023

Love this place

We are rarely out this way being from Wollongong. When we get a chance we dine here. Amazing vegan Vietnamese food. Menu is extensive. You’ll never run out of options. So spoilt to have these options. Respect ❤️



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18 Aug 2023

Love this place

Have eaten here several times now and the food is always delicious. The menu is extensive and varied. Portion sizes are generous. Good value for money in 2023. The interior is quite charmingly decorated in its own quirky way. Service is so-so but that's OK because I'm here for the amazing food.
I really want to give it 5 stars but the handing out of disposable cups to every diner for tea, disposable chopsticks individually wrapped in plastic and dipping sauce for the fresh rolls served in disposable plastic containers even when dining in is a fail.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-18

Pros: Amazingly delicious food

Cons: So much single-use waste


19 Aug 2023

Yes. They say “Be Veg, Go Green…” but it doesn’t seem like they’re getting the second part right.


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28 Jul 2023

Vegan sponge cake

Love dining at Loving Hut and love the menu choices.
This time we purchased the plain sponge cake.
$15 for the fluffiest, airy sponge

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-06

Pros: Food , Service , Price


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11 Jun 2023

Best Wontons!

So much to choose from. I’ve missed my fried wontons and these ones were better than any I’ve had! Next fav was the eggplant dish. KFC chicken was too battered for me. Duck pancakes were pretty good. They ran out of the red velvet cupcakes so had the Biscoff one instead, was ok (little dry and super cold, warmed up would have been nicer). Had the very quiet back room away from the busy main restaurant area. Easy ordering from the table with the QR code.

Pros: Best wontons , Sweet and friendly staff

Cons: Parking 🅿️ is terrible on weekend around lunch


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07 Feb 2023

Must visit

There are pages of original and fully-vegan options here!
I went with my manager and we got the KFC chicken as a starter, he got the spicy sizzling chicken as a main and I got the Vietnamese pancake with a watermelon juice.
The KFC chicken is super crunchy and legit! There are four reasonably large pieces so it’s quite filling as a starter for two.
The Vietnamese pancake was massive! It was hanging off the sides of a large dinner plate. Super tasty with greens on the side. It did come with a lot of mint leaves which I didn’t really understand? But it was so filling, I couldn’t eat it all.
The watermelon juice tastes like the watermelon had been chopped up and juiced with nothing else added. It was so refreshing and made me a feel bit healthier after the KFC chicken.
The interior is super cute the lady who served us was very sweet.
Highly recommend!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Mixture of heavier and lighter options , Friendly staff

Cons: Parking nearby can be difficult


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23 Jan 2023

Delicious Authentic Vegan Vietnamese Cuisine

The Loving Hut Cabramatta has become our family meeting place for a delicious Vietnamese vegan lunch or dinner.

The helpful staff go out of their way to ensure you have a pleasant meal. Even my non vegan family members love the food here.

The recent renovations are great with comfy seating and a fresh new vibe to go with the always fresh tofu.

The generous portions, unlimited free green tea and reasonable prices are especially good with the current economic situation.

My favourite dishes are Lemongrass Tofu & Rice, Salt & Pepper Tofu, Cashew Braised Vegetables & Tofu and Royal Noodle Soup.

Pros: Generous Portions, Great for Sharing., Good Value For Money & Unlimited Free Green Tea., Excellent Tasting Food with the Freshest Tofu.

Cons: Customers Leaving the Entrance Door Open.


28 Jan 2023


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09 Jan 2023

Great option in Cabramatta

The roast duck with green beans was one of my favourite meals in Sydney. So good. Huge portions!


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04 Oct 2022

Best Vegan Food in Sydney

Great food and good prices.
Been taking my omnivore family here for a few years now. They like the mock meats, especially the shrimp. The soups are delicious and their tofu dishes are the best in Sydney. Kids love the fried ice cream and cute cup cakes.

Pros: Good Food, Great Value , Free Tea , Nice Staff


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28 Aug 2022

Friendly and Free Tea

Great rice - perfectly cooked. The mock chicken was yummy but a little too spicy for me, but I find most things are. Love the free tea on the table.


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05 Jun 2022

Loving Hut experience

Love the food…every meal is spot on. One of our fave places to eat vegan food.


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29 Mar 2022


A huge menu, friendly staff and great value for money. I've yet to order something I didn't like and I'm pretty sure I've tried half the menu.


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20 Mar 2022

Excellent little restaurant

Visited with family and friends all of whom are omnivores. We all had different vegan meals and they were all very tasty and very reasonably priced. I will certainly visit there again and try some more.


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13 Dec 2021

Com Chay in Da Cab'

Delicious! Amazing! Phenomenal! Avocado Smoothie? You bet. Fresh Chili? Heck yeah! By luck, in 2020 when travel borders closed, I landed in Australia. Nearly two years later and by further luck I finally made it out to Sydney's home of the lively Vietnamese suburb called Cabramatta. Missing Saigon, I was even more lucky still to satiate my stinging want for Com Chay (Vietnamese for Vegan Food) at the Loving Hut there. This location shot straight to the tippy-top of my list of favorite Loving Huts as I enjoyed an avocado smoothie, cold saigon salad, hot tea and samples of my lunch guests dishes of mock meats with noodles or rice. What a treat! The restaurant was clean and casual and didn't kick me out for being barefoot (my shoes were covered in mud from sanctuary work) and it was all a very nice reward for being vegan. Reminding me that maybe vegans don't get the best treatment from society at large, but we certainly get the best food! Make your way to Loving Hut in Da Cab for a homey reminder of the best flavors of Vietnam!

Pros: Avocado Smoothies, Fresh Chili, Enormous Menu


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13 Jul 2021

Great food!

The food here is great! One of my favourite vegan restaurants and the food is always consistent. Fresh, beautiful and delicious!


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26 Jun 2021

Loved it, will go back again!

Our friends took us to Loving Hut in Cabramatta. Being close to a big Buddhist Temple, there is a huge vegan food culture in Cabramatta which I didn't know anything about.

The here is Vietnamese and here's what we had:

As for starters, we ordered Peking Duck Rolls, Vegetable Spring Rolls and some dumpling. Dumplings never arrived though. As for the mains, we ordered Stuffed Rice Noodle Plate, The Vietnamese Pancake and Loving Hut Stir-Fry.

Pros: great food


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Mostly Veg
24 Jun 2021


The Peking duck rolls are amazing! The duck was very crispy and flavourful, and the sauce was on point 😍

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-24


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15 Jun 2021

Vegan Asian yum

Had lunch here, spring rolls and tofu/veggie stirfry was amazing, however our veggie and mushroom dumplings were still frozen in the middle, apart from that, food is very good

Pros: All Vegan , Delicious Mains

Cons: Frozen Dumplings , Extremely low Parking


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08 May 2021

Wonderful experience

We had such a wonderful experience at Loving Hut. The staff were so friendly and the food was great. We really enjoyed our meal and will most certainly be back

Pros: Friendly place , All vegan , Great food

Cons: Parking can be a challenge


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19 Apr 2021

Delicious and cheap

Lovely food and huge menu. I do have a few criticisms though: the soup options are served with limited veggies and too much mock meat, and I think the food is too oily; however, this is just personal preference.


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29 Jan 2021


Having only being vegan for not quite 12 months it has been a bit of a journey of discovery from the only vegan option being chips, a green salad or a grilled vegetable wrap to..... something like this where to much choice is a problem.

All the other review say it all really, fantastic food, huge menu with so much to choose from. Some dishes rely on a faux meat so generally not GF but many others are fine.

The use and integration of some of the faux meat products I found amazing. We had the All Out Special Salad (a mixed meat ( squid, pork, prawn)style Vietnamese/Thai salad). This was fantastic with circa 3 types of faux meat products ranging from a very convincing squid replacement to a multilayered pork belly replacement. This salad was lovely and probably a regular for us when we go back. We also had the Vietnamese pancake and fish hot pot.

If you are into Asian food then there is something here for you. There is even a range of western style dishes such as pies, burgers etc. if that’s what you’re looking for.

Pros: Amazing food, Train station nearby, Super friendly staff offering recommendations

Cons: Parking can be a challenge


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28 Nov 2020

Some of the best vegan food I’ve ever eaten!

Absolutely delicious. Only problem was deciding what to get off the very extensive menu with so many options. Ended up with the beef pho, lemongrass chicken, spring rolls and dumplings. Everything was exceptional! Oh and the iced coffee is amazing

Pros: All vegan, Huge menu , Affordable


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25 Oct 2020

Absolutely delicious!

I highly recommend everyone to try this restaurant. Everything is vegan and there are so many options it was hard to choose what to get. The soy based meat dishes were excellent (especially the duck pancakes) and the staff were lovely!


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26 Aug 2020


This has been our favourite place to eat since the first time we came. Chilled vibe with lovely staff. Extensive menu and everything we have tried so far has been delicious. Can get a “home cooked” meal or feel like you’re eating out. We love it here

Pros: Fully vegan , Friendly , Delicious

vegan louise

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09 Jul 2020

Pretty yummy

Great food and friendly, efficient service. We ordered the Vietnamese pancake, salt and pepper mushrooms, and noodle soup. All were terrific.
We ordered take away and for some reason, the noodle soup was served cold. It wasn't a cold dish. I have no idea why. Very strange. We mixed all ingredients and heated up when we got home and it was delicious.

Good prices.
Good decor.
One very bad thing, which puts me off from going again, is the area is so busy and parking is very poor.

We got takeaway: I usually bring my own containers but I didn't this day and we got containers from Loving Hut. I was disappointed to see that they were still using styrofoam and plastic. There are so many better takeaway containers these days, but they are about 10 years behind.

Pros: Great vegan food menu., Beautiful setting, Friendly and helpful service.

Cons: Food served cold , Parking bad, Takeaway packing is not eco-friendly


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18 Jan 2020

Great place. Great staff

Was a nice restaurant with a HUGE menu for everyone.


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03 Jan 2020

Great vegan place, recently renovated interior

Good pricing, quite clean and tidy place, recently renovated interior, great dishes!!


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15 Dec 2019

Delicious vegan food

Delicious vegan food. Some dishes can be a little on the oily side but they taste delicious. It is definitely a treat meal. No garlic or onion in their meals too.

Pros: All vegan, No garlic, No onions

Cons: A little salty, A little oily

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