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395 King Street, Newtown, New South Wales, 2042

Family business, relaxed atmosphere. Dec 2017 reported fully vegan. Previously named Vina Vegetarian Restaurant. Open Mon-Sun 5:00pm-10:30pm.

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30 Reviews

First Review by InJessT

Get the duck rolls! - Edit

Nice casual place without the wait of other places in the area. Vina salad and duck rolls were our favourites. Nuggets are great if you’ve got a craving. Good prices and BYO.

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100% vegan. Good food but struggling on service - Edit

The restaurant has just reopened (we were there on opening night). It's 100% vegan and nice fresh food but service was hopeless with orders going missing, food coming at different times by over 30 minutes. It's their opening night so room to improve!

Pros: all vegan, nice food. nice ambience and pleasant s

Cons: service

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Their "curry noodle soup" is the bomb - Edit

These guys have been around for ages and have only improved over time. They have a "curry noodle soup" on the menu, which is essentially laksa by another name, and it is my favourite vegan laksa option in the Inner West. It's not as popular as it's vegan neighbours Golden Lotus, Gigi or Lentils, but that's kinda of a bonus because it generally means your don't have to wait for a table. All of the dishes that I've tried are delicious.

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vina - Edit

I settled on steam veggies brocolli, carrots, bok choy, mange tout, celery. Was cooked had a crunch not boiled away. Had fresh spring rolls (3) came with a peanut dip. Then had a fresh coconut lovely and sweet. Has fairly extensive menu to select from.
Bill a modest $20
Service by a great waiter. Atmosphere was great NO muzak.
Got the happy cow sticker

Pros: 100% plant based, great atmosphere & service

Cons: lot of mock meats

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Best Vietnamese food in Sydney, possibly the world - Edit

I eat here about once a week. Everything is vegan (they used to have non-vegan but now they are 100% vegan). I pretty much always get the pho, which is awesome, but everything else I’ve ever tried is also awesome.

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Vegan food should taste better than this - Edit

First off, the staff were absolutely lovely, courteous and friendly. What a shame then that the food was so tasteless and bland. Both I (omnivore) and my girlfriend ( who is vegan) were amazed that food could be so tasteless. Apart from a chili hit, both our dishes came floating in the same grey soup. Hers was a satay (no hint of any peanut flavour), mine was lemongrass - just the subtlest hint of anything lemony. I think the problem might be the lack of fat used in the cooking - fat adds flavour guys! From my (non-vegan) perspective, the philisophical/ethical/environmental basis of veganism makes all kinds of sense. It just makes it tough to be enthusiastic when the food is as underwhelming as this.

Pros: Friendly service, Quick ordering and cooking time

Cons: Flavourless food, 2 different dishes indistinguishable from each oth

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OMG! Authentic and Delicious! - Edit

first time I've been here since I spent a few months in Vietnam (and since Golden Lotus opened)... seriously delicious! Feels like I'm back in Vietnam! - no other place in Sydney has made me feel that..
we had the Crispy Xui Cao, eggpland hot pot, fried tofu, Ku lor sweet and sour sauce, vegies with ginger and mushroom sauce.
All so good. All just like it is in Vietnam! YUM!

Pros: All vegan, soooo good!

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friendly space - Edit

I stopped by for a snack while waiting for my friend for dinner, so just got the rice paper roll (without mock meat) and wanton soup. Not a big fan of mock meat but the rolls were nice and fresh. Wanton soup was ok. The staff is nice and would happily go back and try other stuff if in the area :)

Pros: friendly staff, affordable

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Unassuming but delicious - Edit

I've been here a couple of times, and really enjoyed it: they have a great selection of Vietnamese dishes, many with well-prepared mock meats. Everything has fresh, rich flavours. Having said that, the few times I've taken other people (in particular non-vegans) here, they've generally been less impressed, so maybe not the best place to bring your non-vegan friends.

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One of my favourite vegan restaurants - Edit

If you are a fan of mock meats then you'll like Vina.

All the meals are vegan, it's just some of the desserts that have dairy.

Really friendly staff.

Our favourites are the Tom yum soup, the combination fried rice and the mock chicken dishes (esp the sweet and sour).

Pros: Great value for money, Great food

Cons: Can be busy, Not open on Tuesday's

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Great portions for mock meat Asian dishes - Edit

I really liked Vina but the food is way too salty for my palate now and I get a few little hives afterwards I probably hadn't noticed before. I'm not sure if their menu states no-MSG or not either. It's a great little place to dine-in and has lots of really good options, I'm just not a fan of processed or mock meats anymore. Service is wonderful and friendly, prices are decent as are the portion sizes.

Pros: Cosy vibe, Lots of options

Cons: Very salty and oily, Processed

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YUM! - Edit

Sister and I went for dinner. I ordered rice paper rolls (carrot, tofu, black fungus and lettuce filling) and pho. Next time I would suggest to order more fresh veggies as the mock meat could get really hefty. The bean sprouts were in the pho but I like it outside better (more crunchy!) Sister ordered mock fish hot pot and steamed tofu. All dishes were yummy. Pho was filling and more meaty than others. The standout for me was the moist rice paper rolls with the beautiful sauce at the side. The mock fish hot pot was amazing too. Good food :) Would come again!

Pros: good service, yum food

Cons: not enough veggies in pho, live too far away :( , bean sprouts in pho

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Nice family run restaurant - Edit

We usually eat our Vietnamese vegan/veg food in Cabramatta but happened to be in Newtown the other night and tried Vina for the first time. It is pretty much exactly the same as our favourite vegan Vietnamese places in Cabramatta, decor, set up, menu etc except for the prices (slightly higher, but understandably because they have to pay Newtown rent, not Cabramatta rent!).

Good experience, the food was really tasty, we had a vermicelli noodle bowl and a sizzling plate, both were really tasty with a lemongrass flavour, really enjoyed the food. We then had some fried banana and pineapple with soy ice cream - when we ordered I forgot to ask for soy ice cream and they had the foresight to ask which kind of ice cream I wanted - dessert is the only non-vegan thing on the menu apparently!

It seems run by a family, very nice people, not pushy or intrusive at all like some other places can be and very approachable.

All-in-all a very nice experience, and for those living closer to the city this is a great option for Vietnamese vegetarian food - pho without beef stock!

Pros: Nice staff, Great food, Close to city

Cons: Parking (Newtown is always hard)

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Pretty Good! - Edit

I went there a long time ago. Can't remember what I got, but it was pretty good. =]

Pros: Vietnamese

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Family owned Vietnamese vegetarian - Edit

Excellent vegan Vietnamese, very reasonably priced, but service can be slow when busy.

My personal faves are:

The Vietnamese Pancake
Wonton noodle soup
The 'roll your own' rice paper rolls with mock fish (ask them to fry this with lemongrass for extra flavour)
The mock beef curry

But yeah it's all good!

Pros: Vietnamese, Fresh, inexpensive

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Excellent - Edit

Always tasty and friendly. Brilliant mock meat dishes. Well presented

Pros: Excellent food, quick service, cheap

Cons: toilet is thru kitchen

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very good food - Edit

My fiance and I visited this restaurant in June 2011 and I must say I was very happy with our experience there. The food turned out to be great with an extensive menu to choose from. The prices were great and the servings were generous. The service was fast and friendly considering there was only the one waitress that night. The only negative thing was being sitted close to the door, being winter there was nothing more annoying than people coming in and out of the restaurant.

Pros: great food, great value, extensive menu to choose from

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Yum - Edit

With good food and great service, Vina provides an enjoyable dining experience. Located at the un-vegan end of King Street, it is also usually quiet, having the feel of an undiscovered (and under-appreciated) nook.

The staff are ready to provide honest advice about choices, and are very attentive. The menu is interesting, and provides a welcome change from Green Gormet up the road. The mock BBQ buns were good, as were the "fish" nuggets. We were also pleased with the chili-lemongrass tofu, curried "chicken", and "pork" with potatoes. Didn't try dessert, as we were already satisfied, but will be going back again for more.

***Update: See TheVeganOfAus above: not all of the mock meats are vegan, so it's best to ask before ordering.

Updated from previous review on Sunday January 03, 2010

Pros: good food, friendly staff, good value

Cons: repetitive background , Vegans should take care when ordering

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NOT VEGAN!! Pretends to be but not! - Edit

Very unhappy about this.

Although they call themelves vegetarian they do sell themselves as vegan - apart from the deserts. The first page of their menu says as much and I have always trusted this.

Went there last weekend with the family and ordered a bunch of things including a coleslaw salad. This coleslaw salad was topped with a couple of mock products, one of which was described as ham but closely resembled chicken/turkey. (At least I think it did - it's been years so I may be wrong!) I thought this ham would be handy to entertain non-vegans when they come past so I asked the staff if I could purchase some to take away and they happily obliged.

On coming home I checked the ingredients. It then hit me in the face: "whey protein." The label even warned "contains dairy." Apart from eating this rubbish in the restaurant I paid to now have a bunch of it at home.

Vina's staff always seem nice. And this weekend I noticed one of the staff wearing a "Supreme Master" shirt - they are/should be vegan and that gave me extra comfort. Honest mistake or otherwise, this episode has shaken my trust in all these (predominantly Asian) places that seem to think that dairy is somehow acceptable, even if only for deserts.

From now on if it's not **exclusively** vegan I'm either asking a million and one questions or otherwise outta there.

I thought about not posting this before speaking to the staff but I hope all vegans who read this make their intents and desires known to them too.

In this review the overall rating reflects my disappointment with the fraudulent vegan identity. If you are after a vegetarian restaurant heavy on mock meats you will like this place.

Cons: Not vegan!, Pretends to be vegan!

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Lanky 07 Dec 2011 - Thats an extremely harsh review. You say nothing positive about the place; no pros; only cons. You have also slandered them as fraudulent. This implies that they are deliberately misleading you, which would almost certainly not be the case.
In what way to they "sell themselves as vegan"? On this site they are clearly listed as lacto-vegetarian. You made an incorrect assumption about something, and now are coming to falsely and unfairly slander a great business that is doing their best according to their worldview.
Its vegans like you that give us all a bad name. I hope I never end up in a restaurant with you, as clearly you would be a very annoying person to spend any time with at all, especially in a restaurant.  

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TheVeganOfAus 28 Dec 2011 - I hate to argue but please consider:

1. If you visit them and look at their menu it quite clearly states that all their food, except some deserts, are vegan. Read some of the other reviews which indicate the same.

2. The fact that they are listed on this site as lacto-veg makes complete sense since they are not exclusively vegan because of said deserts. This does not nullify what is stated on their menu regarding the vegan-ess of the meals. If I go to an omni restaurant with advertised vegan meals then I expect the vegan meals to be vegan.

3. I *have* actually said a number of positive things about this place: first that their staff always seem nice and second that as a vegetarian restaurant heavy on mock meats it is quite good. I expected that the last two sentences in my review indicated the overall nature of it.

I would think that any bona fide vegan would agree that selling something that is not vegan, as vegan, is fraudaulent in *any* worldview. How that gives vegan's a bad name is a little beyond me!?

I would love it if Vina changes and makes this change public knowledge - I would be back.

Also, I would actually love to end up in a restaurant with you! Methinks it could be quite an interesting conversation.  

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VeJo 18 Jan 2012 - I agree with the reviewer that there needs to be clearer signposting if items on the menu are not vegan. I'm a longtime diner at this restaurant, and my assumption has always been that the non-dessert food is all vegan. I think this is a reasonable assumption, given the text in the menu, and this is extremely disappointing to hear this.  

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Love it! - Edit

This is my favourite vegetarian restaurant in town. It's cheap, quick and delicious - and the service is always pleasant and efficient. My regular choice is the vermicelli noodle salad with mock meat, tofu, lemongrass, vegetables, mint and dipping sauce. Refreshing, tasty and very filling. We also tried the make-your-own spring rolls, to much delight. Don't get me started on the Crispy Xuo Cao entree (deep friend vegie pockets with dipping sauce) and the lightly fried crispy tofu with yummy sesame flavour. The soups are fantastic on a cold day and the salads ideal for summer. Look, you can see I'm rambling but I just love this place SO MUCH! It's right near Newtown station and all the King St buses. The decor seems to have been improved since the earlier reviews here - I see lots of dinner parties here and there is elegant low lighting with cute paintings (including a charming one of the four seasons). Enough of my talking. Go and eat there.

Pros: Reasonable prices, Fresh food, Delicious

Cons: Not open for lunch

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Yummy! - Edit

I really like Vina. Great tasting fresh food and the service is always lovely. One of my regular places to eat. It is nice because it is in the quieter part of Newtown and has a very pleasant atmosphere.

Pros: tastes great, friendly service, lots to choose from

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Great Soups and Steamboat - Edit

This is an almost vegan place -- everything is vegan except for the desserts, which use regular rather than soy ice cream. It's also an almost Supreme Master place, having the literature but not the TV or the branding.

The food is quite good, especially the soups and the steamboat (which is made on a tom yum base). I also like the numerous entrees. There are a couple of different fake beers in the fridge which is nice also. Service is good, though you can wait a while when it's busy.

All up a good place eat eat or order home delivery from.

Pros: Friendly, Good food, Many fake beers

Cons: People who done shut the door after them

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Amazing - Edit

I have dinner at this place every second night due to how convenient it is for me from being just around the corner. Food is fresh, well priced, generous and most importantly, delicious!

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OK - Edit

Didn't try too much as i was put off by prices and sitting too long. I am not a restaurant goer really and prefer my food now. Impatient he he. Nice people and the food is clean

Pros: Clean, Location, Clean place

Cons: Not exceptional tastes, More natural food would be better

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Lovely vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant - Edit

We just discovered this restaurant recently, and it seems there may have been some decor changes since the earlier reviews below. It is still very clean and zen looking, but there are some nice pictures around the walls and the lighting was soft. Most importantly, the service was friendly and fast and the food delicious and very good value for money.

We have tried the fresh spring rolls, noodle salad with spring rolls, tofu-vegie curry, pancakes, stir fried vegies with ginger sauce and several others. All were excellent. There are a lot of mock meat dishes and also plenty without and a note on the menu saying the mock meat can be omitted on request.

Being nice and local to us, I can see dinner here becoming a weekly event.

Pros: Great food, Great service, Great prices

Cons: Not open for weekend lunches

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Just like the best we had in Vietnamn - Edit

This place is a good find and worth seeking out. It's well placed in newtown and there is a large fully vegie menu. It is authentic vegietarian Vietnamese (we travelled there recently and sought out vegie restuarants and this is very comparable). We had the pho, the pancake (entree) and roll your own rice paper rolls, as wanted to try evrything. What we ordered could have fed 3-4 and was under $50. I would have given it 5 cows but the decor lets it down. Because of this its not a place to go for a fancy night out. But... the food is delicous. Plenty of mock meats.

Pros: Delicious food, Authentic Vietnamese, Lovely people

Cons: Average decor

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Loved this little place - Edit

Vina is a cute, family-run place that offers great food, great value, and is perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

We had a delicious meal for six people for under $100! There is a selection of fake meat for the adventurous, and good tofu and vegetable standards for everyone. Definitely worth a visit for a delicious meal and a casual night out.

Pros: Delicious food, Great variety, Great value

Cons: Fluorescent lights

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