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4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Love this place!

27 Apr 2008

My fiance and I (both vegan) visited Aux Vivres in May 2005 while visiting Montreal and fell in love with this lovely restaurant. I can't remember how many times we ate there but it was more than twice. The food was excellent and so was the selection and the service. We will definitely return.

Quay Brae, Portree, Isle Of Skye, Scotland

Very Accommodating

27 Apr 2008

My fiance and I ate at the Cafe Arriba on the Isle of Skye last May and although they didn't have any vegan options available when we were there, they made us both a special vegan meal which we thoroughly enjoyed. We were quite impressed with their willingness to accommodate us. They didn't just give us a bland veggie sandwich or something like many places would have, they gave us a plate with vegan chili, a lovely salad and a delicious fritter of some kind that was sweet and a nice surprise. I would recommend this restaurant to vegetarians, vegans and just the generally health-conscious. It's a cool little place and very popular so be prepared to wait for a table at peak times.

25 Hayden St, Toronto, Canada

Love this place!

27 Apr 2008

Camros is one of my favourite casual restaurants in Toronto. The food is 100% organic and the entrees and most of the desserts are vegan. Everything tastes amazing and makes you feel great since it is filling but not heavy. The food items change according to the day of the week. Wednesdays are my personal favourite for the amazing cabbage rolls, but despite the day of the week, the food is always great. There is not a lot of seating as most people seem to get take-out, but for a quick bite, this is a great place to stop. It is not a full-service restaurant. You order and take your food to a table (or leave with it in a biodegradable container). I love that Camros is not only 98% vegan, but that they are also very ecologically responsible. The staff are very friendly and helpful as well. A smiling face always greets you at Camros.

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

Good buffet style veg food if you're in a hurry

10 May 2009

We've been to Commensal many times over the years and it is consistently good, though not every item is terrific. It's a good place for a relatively quick meal if you're busy or in a hurry due to the buffet, self-serve style. Lots of variety and vegan options. It it quite expensive for what you get, but the convenience factor makes it worthwhile sometimes. I've eaten at comparable restaurants elsewhere in the world that are equally or more expensive.

1204 Av McGill College, Montreal, Canada


27 Apr 2008

We visited Le Commensal in May 2006 and found it to be far better than the Le Commensal in Toronto where we live, although that location is also quite good. We thoroughly enjoyed eating there and would return again the next time we're in Montreal.

478 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

Great special occasion restaurant

27 Apr 2008

I have been going to Fressen for years now and as a vegan, it is still my favourite restaurant in Toronto for a slightly more 'upscale' dining experience. Most vegan restaurants in Toronto are very casual and although Fressen isn't a fancy restaurant, it is classier than most. We tend to go for birthdays, anniversaries, when guests are in town etc. Whenever it is important to have an excellent meal with beautiful presentation, this place is a safe bet. We have never had a bad experience there.

I'm not quite sure why so many people on here have complained about the servers. I've probably eaten there over twenty times and I've never encountered a rude server. They may not gush or attempt to become your new best friend, but they are pleasant and helpful and generally very nice. I think the approach of the restaurant is to provide good service, while leaving you to enjoy the food and the company of the people you're with. Perhaps that is why some interpret the servers as standoffish or rude. They just aren't bugging you every ten minutes, which personally, I appreciate. If you want something, or your drink gets low, they are there immediately but they don't hover. I actually find the servers to be very genuine since they don't force toothy grins and overly bubbly personalities. They are calm, professional, polite and courteous.

I highly recommend this restaurant for both brunch and dinner. Reservations are a good idea for a special occasion or a Friday or Saturday night. Showing up early is also a good idea on weeknights as this place fills up after 7:00 or so.

72 Rue Cardinal-Lemoine, Paris, France

Energizing food after a long flight

09 May 2009

My husband and I ate at Les Cinq Saveurs d'Anada the first night we arrived in Paris and it felt sooooo good to get a plate of healthy, tasty food into our bellies. Yes, the food isn't the most imaginative or 'gourmet', but it is fresh, well prepared and after we ate there we felt like we had been revitalized. I also had what was probably the single best cup of espresso I've ever had and I'm very picky about coffee. I'll admit that we may have been influenced by our degree of fatigue, but nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal there. Would definitely return.

1263 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada

Great little place

27 Apr 2008

My fiance and I ate at M and B Yummy recently and had a great time. The owner is a very kind and sincere lady and the food was great. We had a huge plate of food with enough to take home for dinner the following night. All of the main food items are vegan, though some desserts are not, but everything is clearly marked. We really enjoyed being able to eat Ethiopian food that was entirely vegan. M and B Yummy is a great little gem of a place.

646 Richmond St, London, Canada

Vegan Fish and Chips!

10 May 2009

This place was an annual ritual when they were located in Stratford, Ontario. We would go see a play and then have dinner at Veg Out! Sorry to see them leave Stratford, but now we just need to visit London, Ontario more often! Really friendly staff and the food is always terrific. I've never had anything I didn't like.

7 Bridge Street, Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland

Good option for vegetarians and vegans in Kirkwall

09 May 2009

My husband (then fiance) and I ate at Dil Se when in Kirkwall a couple years back and thought it was quite good. Nice atmosphere, good variety and attentive staff. There are a lot of vegetarian options on the menu and everything is clearly labelled. If vegan, like us, just mention that you can't have dairy and they will help you with the menu.

147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Good but not great like it used to be

10 May 2009

I'm torn when reviewing Fresh. It used to be our favourite casual restaurant. We went there a couple times a month, sometimes more and it was always a great experience. Unfortunately over the last couple years, there has been a steady decline in the quality of the food and the staff as well. Servers used to be VERY friendly and helpful and the food was always consistently great. Now, it's hit and miss. Their very popular crispy tofu is about one tenth as good as it was a few years ago. They seem to be cheaping out on everything. They also substitute items that aren't comparable without letting you know. My favourite rice bowl used the be the Ninja bowl. It was brown rice with fresh spinach, sun dried tomatoes, pea shoots and crispy tofu. The last time I got it for take-out, they substituted baby romaine for the spinach. Ever had WARM slightly wilted/slimy lettuce??? Yuk. It was disgusting by the time I got it home to eat it. The crispy tofu is less than crispy these days too. it's like they're trying to stretch the batter to cover three times more tofu. I also hate that the kitchen staff don't wear hair nets. I've gotten a hair in my food more than once? Why go back at all you might ask? Nostalgia. It was once terrific. I guess I'm hoping they'll fire someone and return to their glory days. Haven't been in a while so maybe they've improved. For those who've never been there before, you'd probably really like it since you don't know what it was like before. It is still good compared to many other restaurants.

9 Rue la Cerisaie, Paris, France

Healthy food

09 May 2009

This is a nice little spot. You need to have cash! My husband had to walk to a cash machine (we felt bad but the lady who was working there didn't seem to mind at all). Good, healthy food. We shared a large bottle of fresh apple juice which was very nice. The food is more healthy than 'gourmet' but if that's what your after, it will hit the spot.

94 Hanover St, Edinburgh, Scotland

Nice place in Edinburgh

27 Apr 2008

My fiance and I ate at Henderson's last spring when we visited Edinburgh. We enjoyed it, although there was definitely more for vegetarians than for vegans. The food seemed a little expensive to us for what you got, but it was our first day in Scotland and we may have still been adjusting to the exchange rate (We're from Toronto, Canada). It is a cozy place though and the food was quite good. We had a nice evening there and I would definitely recommend it to others who are visiting from out of town.

155 High Street, Fort William, Scotland

Lucky find!

09 May 2009

When in Fort William a couple years ago, we were originally looking for a restaurant that I researched online that had veg options, but we couldn't find a parking spot nearby so my fiance parked where he could. While he was fussing with the car (I think paying for parking - I can't recall) I wandered up to a chinese restaurant (Highland Star) and started reading the menu - too my surprise, they had a HUGE section of vegetarian options! I was stunned! So, we scrapped our plans and ate at Highland Star instead. Lots of faux meat options (if you like that sort of thing). We were running a bit short on protein over previous days and were happy to get some here. We really enjoyed our meal and will definitely be back if we're ever in Fort William again.

Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich, Switzerland

Amazing food and atmosphere

10 May 2009

This place was amazing. Really great food. Lots of vegan options. We thoroughly enjoyed eating at Hiltl. The atmosphere was really nice too. Modern, clean and attractive. Would definitely return.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Our favourite place to eat in Paris

10 May 2009

We had an incredible meal at Le Potager du Marais. I had the seiten bourguignon and my husband had a quinoa and tofu burger with curry sauce. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I liked mine so much that I've tried to replicate it at home. My attempt was good, but not even close to the bourguignon at Le Potager. We tried to go back again before leaving Paris, but they were very very busy, not surprisingly. We will definitely go back (with reservations) the next time we're in Paris. GO!

2 Post Office Ave, Inverness, Inverness, Scotland

Good food and selection

09 May 2009

The Rajah has good food and a nice atmosphere. Staff is attentive and helpful if you tell them you are vegetarian or vegan. They will make suggestions and recommendations as to what you can have with your dietary restrictions. My husband and I enjoyed eating there when we were visiting Inverness a couple years back and would go again if we return to the area.

Bahnhofplatz 10, Berne, Bern, Switzerland

Great food. Excellent variety.

10 May 2009

We loved this place. So much to choose from! Very large buffet of delicious food. Not everything is vegan, but items are marked dairy free or egg free etc. Busy place, but it's understandable since the food is so good.

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