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646 Richmond St, London, Ontario, Canada,

vegan restaurant. Menu includes a range of juices, smoothies, hot and cold appetizers, salads, sandwiches, hot entrees, and desserts. Brunch on Sunday. Try the soy fish and chips and the spanakopita. Casual and comfortable. Previously located in Stratford. APR 2016 REPORTED SHUT.

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Reviews (34)

First Review by funkypeach

Feel comfortable eating at VegOut - Edit

I enjoyed my meal at VegOut very much! I had the pate sandwich and was surprised by how much flavour it had :)
I will be going back as soon as possible!

Pros: Lots of options for vegans, Quick service, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Small space

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Sparkle Unicorn Restaurant - Edit

Everything is amazeballs. We order 3 dishes (app, salad, entree) and it never disappoints. Price point is great, staff kicks ass and you can see right into the kitchen YUM FOOD. We go here as often as we can afford, you should check it out!

Pros: Everything is shazam good

Cons: Patio gets annoying with drive by faux "sports" ca

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Can't Wait to go Again!! - Edit

Although I am not vegan, I do enjoy eating it as much as I can. Vegetarians options aren't usually very great in restaurants so I decided to try Veg Out. My sister and I just wanted something small so we split 10 mild tempeh wings and a poutine. The poutine was AMAZING!! I love mushrooms so the gravy was delicious, the fries were yummy, and the daiya cheese was good (first time trying vegan cheese). The mild wings weren't spicy at all which was a bit disappointing but overall it was a great experience and I look forward to trying these "fish" and chips everyone is talking about next time!

Pros: Amazing Poutine, Gluten free options

Cons: Squishy restaurant when full

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Great Stuff - Edit

Veg Out is a wonderful option (in a place with very little vegan options) in London.

The fish and chips are wonderful, along with their desserts. It is by no means healthy though, as most stuff is deep fried and full of fat. It's a great Vegan Junky Food menu though.

The staff tend to be hired based on how feminist/vegan they are, which isn't a bad thing, except that some of them aren't the best wait-staff.

The location is wonderful, right downtown in an adorable renovated old London home.

Pros: fish and chips, location, patio

Cons: staff, crowded at times (slow service), not the cheapest

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The one great vegan restaurant of London - Edit

Having moved to London from Toronto, we really missed all the great options that Toronto offered us as strict vegetarians. We were really happy to find VegOut in London, because it really is the only true vegan restaurant out here. We've dined here twice and really enjoyed our meals. We've had fish and chips, the chickpea burger and a noodle special with mushrooms and other yummy stuff.

Great service, great food, coffee, everything! And locations is amazing - in the heart of Richmond Row.

Oh and in the ladies room, the full-length captain Jean-Luc Picard from the Star Trek is as scary at first (before you turn the lights on) and amazing when you do turn your lights on. :))
Updated from previous review on Thursday July 03, 2014

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diverse and delish - Edit

This place was a lovely surprise, I wish it hadn't taken me so long to visit! It's not a huge menu but there is nice variety, so hopefully something for everyone. The only negative is I would have liked more drink options, like juices and smoothies. Overall though, pretty great.

Pros: YUM, tempeh and tofu options, interesting dessert

Cons: not many drinks, small menu

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My Go To Place When I Visit London - Edit

I have visited this restaurant twice now with my daughter and son-in-law. We are all vegetarians but not always strict vegans. We have enjoyed both of our meals here. Last night we started with the Chili Fries and a small Caesar salad. I had the Portobello Wellington, my daughter had her fav Fish & Chips and my son-in-law enjoyed the Tamarind Miso Tofu. Normally the noodles in that dish are served cold but when he asked if they could be warmed up it was no problem! We love the food, the staff are good. My only complaint is that we never have room for dessert!

Pros: Excellent food, Nice variety, Good serving sizes

Cons: Restaurant gets filled up quickly!

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Unsure - Edit

I have been to veg out several times, and I have never been blown away.
Florine does an amazing job when it comes to selection, quality, and availability. I am always disappointed by the servers, and find that they are either uninterested or uneducated on what is being served (don't know what is in some of the dishes or even joking about not knowing the special). The food is organic, local, and vegan- something rare for London. Definitely worth visiting, but sadly not organized enough to be worth frequent trips, at least for me.

Pros: vegan, local, organic, delicious food, lovely owner and ethics

Cons: a little pricey for small portions, immature and uneducated servers

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Great choice no matter you are - Edit

It's too easy to say that this is the best place to eat in London or Stratford - it's the ONLY good choice in either of those towns. But, it compares highly with any vegan restaurant anywhere. Only one waitress and the restaurant was almost full. She was busy but friendly and still stopped to talk and listen briefly several times. Tempeh wings and BBQ sauce were very good. The stuffed squash daily special was recommended and was terrific. I topped it off with fantastic cinnamon cupcake with icing - best ever.

From now on, when I go to Stratford, this is where I eat.

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My favourite vegan place in London! - Edit

Veg Out is so cool! Staff is incredible, you can always see that they are enjoying their work in the kitchen - even on busy days!
The food is sooo tasty! I dream about the chilli cheese fries in my sleep. The cheesecakes are absolutely divine - I could probably eat the whole cake in one sitting. The atmosphere is always inviting and cozy. I love it here!

Pros: Food that is to die for, Excellent service , Reasonable prices

Cons: Odd hours sometimes

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Sensational! - Edit

Just passing through London for a few days, so I can only base this on one meal, but I will definitely go back if I have the chance! The place was not too busy, the staff was friendly, and the food was incredible! Everything on the menu looked amazing, but unfortunately I only have one stomach. So... The spicy wings were nice, with a delicious tzatziki dip. The sunflower seed pâté was out of this world! Maybe I don't get out enough, but I swear I've never seen that anywhere. And even though I was already a bit full, the cheesecake was phenomenal. They were a little apologetic about the purple colour (it had blueberries), but nothing would have dampened my enthusiasm at that point.

If you live nearby, or are just passing through, you definitely have to try VegOut.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, Vegan

Cons: Not located inside my kitchen, Can't sleep outside by the entrance, I totally would

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Service was cold and uninterested - Edit

I purposefully made a One Hour Drive with my Meat Loving husband(he was willing to try it out) to try out this new Restaurant. After stopping to get some Vegan shopping done at our fav market we struggled to find the Restaurant. This left us with a time limit. I came in at 4:15 and asked if I could do take out. I was told kitchen doesnt open for 15more minutes. I explained how excited I was to make the one hour trip but time wasnt going to allow me to wait to long. The server wasnt to excited that anyone would take the time to drive an hour just to try their food. Never offered anything not even a sandwich something to leave me satisfied and wanting to come back. I asked if I could get a smoothie to go. I watched her put frozen fruit and No Name apple juice in a blender and charged me $5 for it. Tried to strike up a conversation and still nothing. Looks like the consensus on the reviews that the service is cold and distant. Although excited to try the fish and chips wont likely make the trip again. Will stick to the local friendly cafe in Sarnia.

Cons: Hard to find, Service, unfriendly

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We need more restaurants like these! - Edit

From the Cold Beet soup, to the massive veggie burgers and Tempeh wings, this place has gourmet vegetarian/Vegan food for everybody.
Even those who still eat meat cannot resist those Tempeh Wings.

Pros: Variety, Delicious, Vegan

Cons: Martinis are a bit pricey, Inside could be bigger, Can get really busy

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One of my new favourites - Edit

Thank god for Veg Out. I really love everything about this place and my two meals there have been vegan perfection. The veggie burger, while not as firm as I like, was deliciously seasoned and "decorated". Lovely sweet potato fries, as well. The tempeh "buffalo wings" were amazing. Totally hit the spot, and I can't wait to try the fish and chips. Don't miss this place!!

UPDATE: have now visited over 25 times. Great food, great service, great people. An absolute gem. If their special fake tuna is on, dont miss it!

Incidentally, I realize that a person will have different experiences every time they go somewhere, but in my two visits, I had excellent service. Not just good - but better than good, so perhaps management has heard the complaints and acted. Or perhaps I just got lucky....

Updated from previous review on Saturday January 15, 2011

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We were hestitant on trying VegOut, thinking it would be a "fly by night" type of business....we were so wrong!
When we got there, there was only one other couple eating. So I thought, is this an indication of what we're in for? With some doubt, we sat down and looked over the relatively small menu. (Don't be fooled by that though.)
As for the food. From the beet drink that we had, to the raw zucchini wrap appetizer, to the falafel collard wrap main dish and followed by the oreo "cheese" cake...EVERY single bite was delicious! My family had other items and agreed that it was the best vegan restaurant meal we have ate! The food is amazing!!!
By the time we were part way through our meal, the restaurant was quite busy, and the waitress (only one), was still smiling and did not seem overwhelmed or frazzled. She still took the time for little things such as fillig our water glasses without us even asking. She answered ALL our menu questions and was VERY knowledgeable. She went above and beyond excellent service!
We were pleasantly suprised by this small little place. I can honestly say that it is the BEST vegan restaurant we have ever ate at, and we've ate at some good ones in different cities near and far. I would highly recommend it.
I hope that someday they are able to expand in size, to accomodate more, so I would suggest making reservations to guarantee a table.
The prices are bit on the higher end, BUT for the quality of a great vegan meal, it was well worth it.
VegOut is now our first choice when eating out.
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 18, 2012
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 19, 2012

Pros: excellent food, exceptional service, healthy

Cons: limited seating

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I love to Veg Out - Edit

I go to Veg Out whenever I'm in London. I love that they have raw and gluten free options. I find their food full of flavour and a good variety of different dishes. Their "chicken wings" are great and I love their bean burger and pate sandwich. I think the portions are decent sizes and decent prices.

Pros: gluten free options, take out discount if you bring container, bike delivery service!

Cons: it isn't closer to me, there arent pictures of their food

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Love Veg Out!! - Edit

First off, the people that work there are always great, polite and attentive to customers. The food is always great as well, have tried multiple dishes and am always happy. The faux fish and chips is a favourite and the the deserts are tremendous.... especially the cookies. For vegan guilty indulgence there are the sweet and oily options, and for healthy guilt free, but still incredible tasting, there are many options to choose from. Great atmosphere, clean and always a positive place to visit. Prices are less than, or on par with other Richmond Row restaurants. Happy such a great vegan option exists in London!

Pros: Service, Food, Atmosphere

Cons: Not open 24hrs a day

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Great food great location - Edit

The restrant is very quaint, it has about eight tables but the atmosphere is amazing. The sandwich I had was one of the best I have eaten in a while, I definitely reccomend the tempeh bacon mushroom melt! They also have some soups and salads that sounded really good as well and a full display case of tasty vegan desserts. I would quickly revisit this place I had a great experience. Dine in and take out

Pros: Great food, Good atmosphere, Nice service, very accommodating

Cons: Small

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OK food, not too pricey. - Edit

I'm visiting from out of town and this place was only a few blocks from where I am staying. I got the special sandwich which was on a baguette that would have been better if it were toasted and wasn't terribly flavorful but it hit the spot. The meal I ordered was a decent price, but I got some sweet potatoes to-go which were basically 10 or so strips of sweet potatoes and it was almost $5. I might eat there again and try something different, but I would sooner go to another vegan restaurant if I had time to go somewhere else.

Pros: healthy options, outdoor seating, organic beer

Cons: not flavorful, slightly overpriced for portion size.

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Kind Cusine at it's finest! - Edit

I am a hard working, professional Vegan. Due to the demands on my schedule, I find myself dinning at Vegout far more than I find myself at my own kitchen table. I feel very qualified to write an informed review on this gem of a restaurant.
Each day the Vegan chef's put a whole lot of love into a pipping hot cauldron of soup; even a Vegan Granny would have a hard time competing! Very warming and lovely, like a big old hug to make you feel all happy inside (I kid you not, the soup is that flipping good). If you are looking for a party for your taste buds, you must sample the buffalo tempeh "wings" (spicy) They are get down, get down, off the hook yummy!! Do yourself a flavor and get them every time. I would also recommend that you try the daily specials. Why you ask? Because in the case of Vegout, the dishes are truly special. Flavorful, in season and typically local. That my friends is the holy trinity of Vegan kindness cuisine. Lastly, you have been a really good vegan and you deserve a treat! It sure is a challenge to get crazy yummy cruelty free deserts to treat you or is it? Veg out has some of the very best deserts I have ever had period..I pinch myself each time because of how decadent these little baked treasure are.
Wow, writing this review made me hungry!
Bottom line: just give vegout a go, take your friends who have not yet migrated to the kind side so that they may discover just how tasty vegan cuisine can be :)

Pros: Excellent food, great value, friendly staff

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Great food and experience - Edit

After learning about Veg Out on this site and reading the reviews, I tried Veg Out for the first time today. The service and atmosphere were both exceptional, as was the food itself. I had the 'fish' cakes special, which were cooked perfectly with just the right amount of flavoring to keep them interesting. The carrot miso soup was very tasty but a bit spicy. Our server was very friendly and attentive. It was clear that she was trying very hard to do a good job. I will be making Veg Out a regular spot and look forward to returning soon. I recommend it without hesitation to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Pros: Food is awesome, Very friendly staff, Engaging atmosphere

Cons: Small - might need to reserve

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Both good and bad.... - Edit

I brought a vegan friend here since I had been many time and have usually loved it. We saw the specials board outside and were excited!

The fish and chips were great, and a roasted potatoe spinach salad we good too. When we asked for the dessert advertised outside, the waitress gave a funny look and said they had just sold the last one......but there was only one other table which was just looking at the menu. It seemed very odd, like she was lying? I mentioned that maybe they should not advertise things they didn't have outside, she was also odd.

When we left, I checked the sign outside and realized that they were the specials from THE DAY BEFORE. Why had the waitress not just admitted this?! It made me think she was a bit incompetant or else just didn't care.

We will go back b/c the food is generally just right. It's a place my (very non-vegan) parents love coming to with us, and if you can convince them, you win in my books!

Pros: price, variety

Cons: staff

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Good food, nice place. - Edit

I had dinner there while I was visiting London a few days ago. People were really friendly and the food was promptly served. What I ordered was good and was happy to see a menu with many options (something that doesn't exist where I live). I would recommend the place to anyone wanting to have a nice and healthy vegan meal.

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Terrible Service - Edit

After sitting at a table for more than 20 minutes we left without being served. Both servers walked past us several times, never once acknowledging our existence. They did not greet us, did not bring menus, and did not say they would be with us shortly. Nothing. Not even eye contact.

This poor service (beyond poor!) is unacceptable.

We went to Addis Ababa for Ethiopian food instead. The service was warm and the food great.

Cons: Service

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Needs Improvement - Edit

The food ranges from so-so to really good, depending on what you order. I would recommend trying the wings (spicy!) and the spanokopita. Smoothies and lemonade are always delicious. I hear good things about the fish and chips, too! Entrees are a little slow coming out so don't arrive famished :)

The consistent problem is the service and I'm not the only one who has expressed this concern. There is a general coldness and sometimes attitude from the servers. I'm sure they are all nice people but that is not coming across. I hope this aspect improves so that everyone can really enjoy the veg out experience.

Pros: some great food, very creative

Cons: unwelcoming service, pricy

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Newbie Vegans - Edit

We are newbie vegans and thanx to Veg Out we will be vegans for life. The menu is amazing!!! Absolute must haves are: Avacado Salad, Sweet Potato Corn Bread and the Fish & Chips. Not to mention the desserts wow!!! Go now hurry!!

Pros: Amazing Menu, Amazing Staff, Amazing Atmosphere

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Good Food, Ok Service - Edit

I was excited to find out that London has a new vegetarian restaurant, so I tried Veg Out early on a Saturday night. I had the Wings to start and the Fish and Chips, my friend had the Fettuccine Alfredo. All the food was good, I really enjoyed the wings. I saw some of the other food that was being served to others, and am looking forward to going back to try the Tempeh Special and Soup.
The only area that was a bit lacking was the service. The service was adequate and the server was polite, but he did not check on us much. After he dropped off our food he didn't check on us until he cleared the plates, and didn't check to make sure we were happy with our food.
Overall it was a good dinning experience. I will go back and recommend it to others.

Pros: Wings, Food Variety, Location

Cons: Service

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Some good some not so good. - Edit

First timers here for a Sunday brunch. My partner had the tofu scramble and the avocado salad which she quite enjoyed. I had the coconut tofu and the pancakes with fruit which for me were some of the worst food I have had in some time. The coffee and tea were good, the service challenged at best, and although not the fault of the restaurant an invasion of flies and assorted flying things inside. The place could be a bit cleaner. There was great potential for both my dishes and I suggest that whomever owns this place invest in a couple of decent cook books. Perhaps the one from Rebar in Victoria B.C. for a start. The coconut tofu was beyond bland and didn't need to be as such (the dipping sauce didn't help) and the chewy pancakes lacked any flavour even with a generous slathering of maple syrup. The "fruit" that was supposed to be part of the meal was barely a garnish (two small wedges of watermelon and one sliced strawberry) the same as on my wife's plate (it seemed like a garnish on her plate). As with any eatery it's hit or miss and subjective to one's palate. I likely won't be back, my partner, she may give it another try. For $44 with tip there are so many much better options as far as quality of food and level of service. I hope they make a go of it. I just won't be betting they will.

Pros: Some interesting menu items, Fresh alternative, Great potential

Cons: Very bad service, Poorly prepared dishes lacking flavour, Needs a real good cleaning

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Veg Out is Fantastic! - Edit

My family and I have been navigating london restaurants for years, attempting to enjoy vegan/vegetarian meals, so we were thrilled when veg out opened just a few blocks from our home. We've been there on a weekly basis, often enjoying our meals on the patio, ever since and are not disappointed.
Service is always excellent, answering questions, bringing items promptly (a must when dining with a 6 month baby and 5 year old!), and making recommendations, despite how busy the restaurant is. We've sampled the majority of the dishes and have found them all to be fresh, flavourful and generally delicious. The pate sandwich is amazing, especially with their green salad. My daughter loves the soba sesame noodle bowl, although I find it a little heavy on sesame oil. Its nice that the menu isn't too heavy with faux meat. The desserts are fab too. In fact, we have yet to order something we were unhappy with!

Go now, go often, and enjoy with a nice glass of organic wine on a sunny patio! Thanks for relocating to London!

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Vegan Fish and Chips! - Edit

This place was an annual ritual when they were located in Stratford, Ontario. We would go see a play and then have dinner at Veg Out! Sorry to see them leave Stratford, but now we just need to visit London, Ontario more often! Really friendly staff and the food is always terrific. I've never had anything I didn't like.

Pros: Excellent food, "fish" and chips!!!, very friendly staff

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Reviewer Avatar

First impression - Edit

Busy restaurant with great staff. We were there on saturday night and the place was obviously hectic but the head waitress was great, very gracious with excellent service. The food was okay, we wondered what's organic, soup was bland, but the coconut tofu is delicious. Atmosphere is beautiful with the soft textured walls and intriguing photos.

Pros: Service, atmosphere, food

Cons: half empty menu, soup, loud blender

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Florine 22 Feb 2013 - Just wanted to let everyone know that it was our first week in business and yes, it was VERY hectic!!! We were overwhelmed, and sold out of many things that week! Fortunately, we are getting better every day and things are running much more smoothly and efficiently.

As far as organic goes, we get organic flour and oats from the Arva Flour Mill, organic produce from Pfenning's Organic Produce (bananas, apples, carrots, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pea sprouts, beets, etc...), and many ingredients from the Ontario Natural Food Coop (tofu, soy milk, lentils, black beans, quinoa, sugar, soba noodles, etc...), But these lists do change depending on what is in available. We were going to post a list of organic ingredients but it is too large and varies too frequently to be useful. If you are concerned about which ingredients are organic, feel free to ask your server.

Thanks for writing, and look forward to seeing you soon!
(Sorry if you didn't like the soup, we are always trying out new exciting recipes!)

Florine Morrison,
Owner - VegOut Restaurant


This place is quite a treasure! London's first and only (I do believe) fully vegan restaurant. I haven't tried the entire menu yet but I do recommend the coconut tofu, fett. alfredo, and the "fish"...for sides you can't go wrong with avocado toast or sweet potato corn bread. Dessert is also very delicious here! EAT HERE!!!

Pros: food, staff, atmosphere

Cons: closed mondays :P

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Florine 13 Apr 2009 - Thank you!

Florine Morrison,
Owner - VegOut Restaurant

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