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Frederiksborggade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark


05 Nov 2011

We ate here on the last night of our holiday, as we figured we'd have ourselves a treat at a fancy restaurant!

This place is VERY swish and upmarket, lovely understated decor. They have fancy little touch-screen pads for you to order your food & drinks; you can see little pictures of the food, and there are 'service options' for you to call the wait staff should you need anything; a very good idea. I have to say the service at this place was very good.

I had the red curry & my other half had Channa Chaat. The flavours in both dishes were good, BUT the spices in the Channa Chaat tasted a little burnt and the dish was a bit too dry; and the red curry, although good, was a little bit pedestrian. There really wasn't enough variation in the dish and the rice wasn't flavourful. In addition it was tepid, almost cold. I wouldn't normally nitpick like this but when the prices are this high (main dish about 130DKK, beer 50DKK a bottle) you ought to have very high expectations.

Coming from the north of England where curries are plentiful and well done, I felt a bit let down by my dish. I thought it was too expensive for what it was (literally a massive dish of curry)... when we could have got something the same size for about £6 in Bradford. In addition a Bradford curry would have had more different vegetables in the curry - this literally only had sweet potato, pineapple, and edemame beans. It's not really enough considering the price.

For raw foodies this place might be a mecca - they had a bit of raw stuff on the menu. I didn't have any because I'm not into raw food really. If you want something upmarket with plenty of raw food this might be the place for you. However I thought it was slightly overpriced and a bit disappointing - it's not really my kind of place and I don't think I would eat there again.

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

Great review, great food

25 Aug 2012

We ate at the Gentle Gourmet while on holiday. It far exceeded our expectations. Very upmarket & tasteful decor, yet despite this service was very attentive and friendly and the prices reasonable. It's not super cheap - about mid price with most mains around €15. There's no wine list but you can BYOB and there is a great selection of organic soft drinks.

The food was fab. We both had the burger with chips and it was so good. The attention to detail and expertise of the chef was evident, as was the obvious high quality of the ingredients. Would definitely eat here again when next in Paris - highly recommended.

6250 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, Canada

Great little place!

21 May 2010

Myself and my other half were in Halifax recently and went to Heartwood for a late lunch one day. He had the Shooting Star Curry (a special!) and I had one of the rice bowls with Miso sauce. The food was great - vegetables very fresh, it was plentiful, and really tasty! The only slight bug in the ointment was that the sauce on my rice bowl tasted a little bit sharp, it looked and tasted like it had curdled slightly, but I'm nit-picking really - other than that the main courses were great! For afters, we had the Banana Toffee Cheesecake which, I am sad to report, was not as tasty as it looked. It had a gritty taste and was not as sweet or as creamy as other vegan cheesecakes I've tasted. Again, though, I'm nit-picking, as the dining room was clean and welcoming, the service quick, and the food in the main very tasty and filling. I would definitely recommend this place to others! GO THERE!

7 Rue la Martine, Nice, France

Ooh la la!

04 Nov 2009

It is not easy being vegan in France. Ask for a pizza with no cheese (something we ate often until finding this place) and you get some very strange looks from the waiters.

This is the only vegan place in Nice and oh, what a find. We ate there twice and enjoyed it very much. The lady owner was kind, welcoming, very interesting ! - and clearly very committed to her ideals, and creating good food.

She serves a different menu every day, very healthy food. To give you an idea, we had her homemade Provencale pate (very tasty), freshly juiced carrot juice, freshly made vegan pie with leeks and herbs, grains, an extremely tasty date and banana ice cream she makes on the spot in the tiny kitchen! I will definitely eat in this place again the next time I am in Nice and I highly recommend it to others.

33 North Lane, Leeds, England

Great place!

29 Apr 2012

This place hasn't been open long but I love it. Seems to be mainly middle-Eastern in its menu. Loads of good vegi & vegan options including humous, soup, salad platters etc. It's a cafe rather than a restaurant and it has plenty of pastries including french & greek specialities, and it always has soya milk. The guy who runs it is friendly and nice, and they always bring a jug of water along with your drink without you even needing to ask! I love this place. They also do a vegan buffet first Monday of every month although I haven't been to it so couldn't judge its quality.

Fabriksomradet 134, Copenhagen, Denmark

Good food, & cheap!

30 Oct 2011

Really enjoyed eating at this place. Several choices of hot dishc(all at price of 75DKK per serving - really cheap for Copenhagen!) - I Had brown rice, leek & creamy sauce with roasted veg and butternut squash. Portions were generous and you could taste the ingredients were fresh and good quality. We had popped our heads around the door the previous day and it smelt amazing then too, unfortunately we had already eaten that day! Really good quality food at a cheap price & would definitely eat there again. As others have said not all that easy to find, it is close to the folk art shop and the bring & take / free shop. Worth a visit!

137 Whitehall Road, Drighlington, Drighlington, England


31 Aug 2012

To be honest I think this place is well over-rated and can't understand why people rave about it. You can get far better curry other places in Bradford.

I went with a friend, the waiter brought us a huge bottle of mineral water which we didn't ask for. Apart from that service was slow and surly, and the food we had was virtually tasteless. Hardly spiced at all and well overpriced for what it was - I could have made better myself at home. We left most of our food and went home disappointed.

Give it a miss if you want good curry [edit by staff].

Stora Nygatan 18, Rorsjog 23, Skane, Malmo, Sweden

Amazing - so much choice

30 Oct 2011

We had the afternoon buffet which was 118 SKK. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the buffet trolley. There was so much choice and all of it vegan!!! Braised gluten, faux meats including chicken and beef, tofu and veg, different sauces from hot n' sour to peanut sauce, Katsu-style curry, miso sauce, chow mien noodles... Amazing! They even have a buffet where you can choose different noodles, veg and tofu and they will fry it for you fresh with your own choice from 6 sauces. Very close to the modern art museum & promenade. Sweden is not all that vegan friendly so this place is definitely worth a look especially if you want to have a lot of choice about what to eat. Very relaxed atmosphere And I found the wait staff friendly, not that you need much waiting on for a buffet...

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