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First Review by simplyrawbakery

best vegan place - Edit

Lovely place, very invested in the interior and serving design and the food is equally invested. Excellent raw vegan versions of traditional Austrian dishes. pleasure!

Pros: Great vegan food, Wonderful design, Excellent friendly serving

Cons: High prices

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Overpriced, tasteless rip off food with lovely staff. - Edit

The waitress was very sweet, helpful and polite. The dish she recommended was 8.90 a small bowl of green mush with extra avocado, unseasoned quinoa. I was starving and this left me still hungry. I don't think raw should mean bland. I could make it at home and it would taste better. I also couldn't get over the prices. 3.50 for water!

Pros: All raw. Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive, terrible Xmas music on repeat, bland f

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Don't visit Vienna without coming here! - Edit

What a little Gem of a place ❤️. Delicious, beautiful food in elegant surroundings and lovely service. The only problem with it was that I literally wanted to try everything as it all looked so good. The chai latte was the best I have ever tasted and I have tasted a lot. For all health conscious vegans this place is a must. The only down side for me was the fact that they don't have a customer toilet, however they were happy to let us use the staff toilet. I would also have loved to buy their cookery book as it looked amazing but sadly they did not have an English version. I will definitely go back when I next visit Vienna 😋

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Very cute place! Good options - Edit

Loved this place- wonderfully decorated- reminds me of a sweet lil tea party. They have so many deserts to choose from and a few meals, smoothies, juice. I had the quinoa bowl- it was delicious but very small portion for kind a pretty expensive price. I paid about 20euro for the quinoa bowl, a juice and a desert. The quality is definitely there. Very friendly staff. I highly recommend this place.

Pros: yummy!, CUTE place

Cons: expensive, small portions

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Exquisite from start to finish. - Edit

Tucked away in a beautiful square downtown, this bakery offered so many delights that I had a hard time choosing among them. The homemade almond milk was naturally sweet, the pesto zucchini noodles were far better than their glutinous counterpart, and the banana chocolate cupcake made from cashews was a pure delight. I can't wait until their cookbook comes out next year.

Pros: Excellent food, Central and beautiful location, Extra friendly staff

Cons: Too many delights to choose from, Relatively small seating area, Not located in my hometown

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great bakeries salads... less tasty - Edit

We enjoyed so much the sweats bakeries.
The XL salad was nothing exceptionnal... And expensive. My salad was probably not well cleaned and got few crusty salad pieces in my mouth. W decided to eat raw sweet bakery and waw, so good and healty!

Pros: great bakery, original and tasty!, great service, comfortable seats

Cons: crusty salad.... nothing original....pricy, price bit high

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Hmmm.... - Edit

Ok, I'll start by saying that I'm a bit open-minded when it comes to raw food. I don't only eat raw food, I'll eat cooked food as well, but this place came up with great reviews on here so we thought we would try it, being in the centre of Vienna as we were.

I ordered a quinoa salad, which came with rocket, tomatoes, avocado, and a bit of quinoa (very little of it, if I'm honest.)

The ingredients were very fresh and very well put together, and when I'd finished eating the interesting bits of my meal - the leaves, the tomatoes, the avocado and the few grains ... I then encountered a sort of ... what shall I call it? ...green mulch at the bottom.

At first I started eating this enthusiastically. It was a sort of zuccini blend I believe, and to be honest I had to eat it because I was still pretty hungry after eating the few interesting ingredients which had been on top, and I had a lot of space left. Reader, I was still starving.

But to be honest, there was a lot of this liquid stuff, and after a few mouthfuls, I realised that what I was eating was a sort of cold, green, vinegary... soup. After a few spoonfuls, I couldn't taste the zuccini at all, just vinegar. But there was still a lot of it left, and I was still hungry, (hell, I'd paid the best part of 12 euro for this, I was going to get my money's worth!) so I kept eating.

Until.. eventually, my mouth started to sting from all the vinegar, and I started to get a bit of a tummy ache. Surely, I thought, no food should contain this much vinegar? I mean... it was probably one of the sourest things I've ever eaten... I felt that the dish would have been much improved for having much more quinoa (which was listed as a main ingredient on the menu) and much less vinegar. Honestly, eating this thing was pretty much like drinking a bottle of Balsamic with a cider apple vinegar chaser.

So no, I can't recommend this place to others, especially not given the fact I was hungry again less than an hour later...

Pros: Fresh ingredients

Cons: Not much choice, Overpriced, Too much vinegar!

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amazing!!! - Edit

I had breakfast there and I absolutely loved it. The place is very cozy and it has outdoor seats. I had the açai bowl and a a matcha latte (with delicious homemade almond milk) and they were both very good. My boyfriend had a chocolate-chia pudding and a cappuccino and they very great too. IUnfortunately I didn't have the chance to go back there and try the raw cakes but they looked really good, Great place to visit and very conveniently located.

Pros: great breakfatst, location

Cons: closes early

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Not mindblowing, if you are a fan of raw kitchen.. - Edit

The restaurant itself is very nicely decorated and the food displays are really rising the apettite.
I tried a wide selection of their desserts, but could'nt order anything from the menu, since they close the kitchen half an hour before closing time and was also told immediately while ordering, that they want to close on time, so we should keep that in mind if we dine in.
As someone who is a real fan of raw desserts and makes them myself a lot I was slightly dissapointed. I could taste the overusage of coconut oil and if I hadn't known what I ordered I wouldn't be able to tell if it was a chocolate chip cookie or just a plain granola bar.
To be honest, the dates I bought later on were much more satisfying...

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Wide choice

Cons: Plain taste, Service

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Fresh, organic, delicious, beautiful - Edit

The food here is the best raw vegan I've ever had. Everything is a hit, it's so healthy, and so tasty. The decor is so beautiful, and the fact you can get a full meal for less than 10€ is a bargain.

Pros: Taste, gourmet, Price, Portions

Cons: some smoothies are a bit watery, not open very late

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Great food, beautiful decor - Edit

This cafe is a gem.
Delicious food for lunch or to indulge your sweet tooth by having cake and vegan hot chocolate.
My husband had the avocado bread and I had the salad.
We'd have to say they were small portions so we didn't feel like we'd eaten enough, so of course had to try the raw saschertorte - brilliant.
The place is small but beautifully decorated, it was a treat for the eyes to take a good look around.
You won't regret making a visit here.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 09, 2015
We subsequently had breakfast here and can highly recommend that too.
I had the chia pudding with mango (€5.90) and my husband had the Bircher muesli (€6.90) both with homemade almond milk - very delicious.

Pros: Delicious food, Beautiful decor, Large sweet selection

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Best restaurant in the world!! - Edit

Really, this is the best restaurant I have ever been to. It's all raw vegan food, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free and organic, could you ask for more?? I went there three days in a row to eat all of my meals. For breakfast my wife and I had de Franz and Sissi breakfast for two. For lunch we had the clubhouse sandwich, zucchini noodles with pesto, guacamole, big salad, bruschetta, among others, they were all amazing. For desserts we had the tiramisu, sacher torte, brownie and others. It all tasted very good and it was super healthy. The ladies serving the food were all very friendly and spoke perfect English. Do yourself a favor (and your health) and go to this place, you won't regret it.

Pros: Tasty and healthy food, all vegan, sugar-free, soy

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Healthy and Delicious - Edit

I was so delighted to find this little gem in the Jewish Square in Vienna. It was wonderful to have a fresh juice and to find someone making their own almond milk - the almond milk cappuccino was wonderful as was the raw Sacher Torte. I highly recommend it for the food and the atmosphere and the location.

Pros: Excellent food, friendly, great location

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Vegans needn't miss out on local treats - Edit

We went to this place last thing before leaving Vienna and were pleased to be able to try vegan versions of Sachertorte and Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes with plum compote) - both of which were very good, can't say how authentic as haven't had the originals but don't really care :) I also had a cappuccino made with almond milk which was good and not too sweet.

The savoury dishes on the menu sounded appealing too, must try them next time.

The place is dainty and pretty, with vintage cups and saucers and little sweets on the counter, which made me feel rather elephantine, but again who cares. The ladies serving in there were very friendly and spoke good English so I didn't have to embarrass myself by attempting German.

The location is central and near to many tourist sites. (Try the Roman museum in Hoher Markt.)

Pros: All vegan, Viennese-style desserts, Friendly service

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Exquisite environment, divine food - Edit

Beautiful environment--exquisite and charming. The mother and daughter team of Gabi and Shanna, are warm and embracing. The food is divine. It is all raw and all vegan. My spouse and I had three sandwiches, the avocado, the bruschetta, and the onion lard. The latter was surprisingly rich and delicious. We then moved on to the zucchini pasta and salad bowl (both of these are generous portions). Yes, we do eat a lot :) These were fantastic and although we do not get enough opportunity to eat raw, this lovely little place certainly lets us know it is a wonderful way to eat. We then had dessert--these were terrific. I had a chocolate cake with coconut whipped cream and my husband had Kaiser Schmarrn dessert that tastes like cookie dough but better. This is definitely a place to go to if you are vegan and are interested in raw food. You will be in heaven. (There are not many tables and so you may not be able to get a seat if it is busy--but it will be worth the wait.)

Pros: Delicious food , Wonderful owners, Lovely ambience

Cons: Small seating area

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A beautiful delicacy. - Edit

I have never known as much excitement for a bakery as what I felt when I walked into Simply Raw. The elegant, sweet, and chic interior was like something from Marie Antoinette's decadent lifestyle; very beautiful and very lovely. There was a lunch menu, however I had nothing but sweets on my mind upon walking into the heaven. My partner and I elected to share a blueberry cheesecake and a chocolate almond cupcake. Served in cute china teacups and plates, these treats were so sweet and so precious it was nearly a shame to have eaten them. All options are also gluten-free (among a range of other clearly labelled restrictions such as sugar-free, lactose-free, etc). Coffee and juices were also on offer. The staff were lovely and hospitable, providing such a friendly atmosphere it felt like being at a friends home for afternoon tea. Despite being slightly more expensive than your average slice of cake, the cost is definitely worth it's weight as we have never had such a sweet delight (and we all know that vegan sweets are always going to be more expensive anyway).
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 01, 2015

Pros: The treats satisfy any sweet craving imaginable, lovely staff, beautiful environment to sit in.

Cons: None

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Overpriced - Edit

Whilst the atmosphere of this cafe and bakery is very plesant, and the staff are friendly and efficient, I really do not think that the quality or portion sizes justify the prices. I was very much looking forward to trying a piece of vegan Sachertort, and was prepared to pay the high price as a one-off as it is a speciality item. However, the server then proceeded to cut what I thought was a quite standard sized slice of cake into two! Yes, my small piece was quite rich, but not so much that such a slither was all that I could of eaten. Unfortunately it was also relatively dry, so whilst I do not want to completely judge on one item, I would hesitate to recommend this place

Pros: fully vegan

Cons: very expensive

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Amazing! - Edit

We ate here twice during our stay in Vienna and absolutely loved the food. We had the salad, zucchini pasta, avocado bread, and bruschetta for lunch. For dessert we tried their version of a traditional Viennese dessert (I think it was Kaiserschmarrn). For breakfast we had their breakfast special which consisted of chive bread, veggies and dip, chocolate pudding, and granola with fruit and homemade almond milk. We also had their cupcakes and some of the cookies/bars. Everything was amazing!!! The "best cookie in town" could probably be renamed to the best cookie ever! My absolute favorite was the nougat bar with a chocolate layer on top which tasted like a KitKat. I would go back to Vienna just to eat here. I should also mention that the ladies working here are very friendly and speak good English.

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice outside sitting area, Delicious food

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Great raw, vegan bakery. In farmer's market and holiday markets (found them at the Easter Market) but they are opening a store front this month! Congrats to them. I went a bit crazy at this stall...cupcake was amazing as was the cookie. Got lots of little truffle like options all of which I really enjoyed. Lovely selection and lovely people. Make a point of stopping by.

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BIO small street market, which is open on Fridays and Saturdays! We easily found him! small stall on wheels with sweets RAV! we tried the pistachio nougat (it is excellent), brownies (very typical, more disliked than liked) and truffle bounty. great place, sorry, that only work 2 days a week! we liked it!

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