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Kaiserstraße 45 (at near Westbahnhof, Area 7), Vienna, Austria, 1070

Taiwanese restaurant and buffet near Mariahilfestrasse shopping district. Offers a la carte menu and lunch buffet. Menu is vegan-friendly and consists of some mockmeat dishes. Location has a beautiful garden. Open for lunch and dinner. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-11:00pm.

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40 Reviews

First Review by carnilius

delicious food - Edit

I was there with a group of around 15 persons on a Sunday evening. There were gladly tables for a such a big group. Previously, we made a reservation. When we’ve taken our seats, and got the menu card, were all surprised, that there were a huge number of vegan choices. Not everything was vegan (some meals were with hen eggs, which were well declared), but almost everything! Tap water is available too!

The food was very soon served. The size of the meals was decent! I really liked the food, the vegan meat tasted really like animal meat. Some of us was really irritated because of it. But the meals were all very well prepared and tasty. Noodles, rice with vegetables and different kinds of “meat”, noodle soup and many more – well spiced. A big variety of delicious stuff!

The interior was beautiful. There were some other guests, but there were still many seats.
The staff were very friendly and helpful. Very lovely! We've been a little bit under time pressure because of our train departure. But the staff stood calm and the payment was very quickly finished. She even gave me a box to take away the leftover food, so nothing had to be thrown away.

I would of course visit Xu's Cooking again!

Updated from previous review on 2017-12-04

Pros: delicious meals in filling size, affordable, friendly, helpful staff; take-away leftovers, many seats, also for groups

Cons: not everything vegan

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Good plan B restaurant - Edit

The buffet is a good deal (price wise), especially since you can see the food beforehand and choose what you want. However, if you go there for dinner or you simply chose an item from the menu, it can become pricey. The food is not particularly amazing and every time I went to Xu's, it gave me the impression that they (deep) fry almost everything in oil and/or add glutamate to some items. Xu's is always a plan B option for me, in case I happen to be nearby and hungry or if for some reasons other veggie restaurants are closed.

Pros: Easy to veganize everything

Cons: They could improve their interior design

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One of Viennas best value for money restaurant - Edit

I recently ate lunch at Xu's Cooking and had the buffet. There was a large choice of mostly vegan dishes and the buffet was continually re-stocked. It was my most reasonably priced lunch of the trip and one of the most delicious.

The sushi and the dumplings were my favorites.

The staff was very friendly and attentive. The interior and decorations are on the plain/basic side, perhaps not the most stylish place in the city. For those on a budget who want a great value for money and want to be full when they get up from the table, this is a great place to visit.

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Nice dinner and service (but lots of mock meats) - Edit

We had a nice dinner here. Non-vegan options clearly indicated on menu.

Although no fan of labelling and especially shaping vegan foods as ‘fish’ or ‘chicken’ (I understand it lowers the treshold for people wanting to try vegan dishes, but I also think it perpetuates the objectifying view on animals, seeing them as ‘edible parts’), the food in itself was nice.

Service was also friendly and swift, and although the interior was a bit depressing and dull, everything seemed clean (toilets also).

Wrote a review about it on my blog: https://brugesvegan.com/2017/02/10/xus-cooking-vienna/

Pros: friendly and swift service, lots of variety on menu, vegan, good value for money

Cons: lots of mock meats

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Usual Chinese Fare - Edit

We ate in this place because it was convenient for where we were staying. There's a huge choice of dishes, lots of mock meat, and service was fast & friendly. I really enjoyed my dish (mock-chicken in pepper sauce) - it was good for the price and certainly no worse than I've had at other Chinese restaurants of the same ilk.

The one thing I didn't like about it was that we were seated in the outside dining area, where other people around us kept lighting up & we could smell cigarette smoke throughout our meal. This does seem to be the norm in Vienna though so perhaps we can't blame the restaurant for that. In retrospect I might have asked to sit inside, away from the smoke.

This is a good place for reliable, cheap Chinese food with lots of mock meats, and it's pretty good value for the price.

Pros: Huge choice, Good value , Good food

Cons: Cigarette smoke outside , Not many vegetables in the noodle dishes

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Excellent value for money - Edit

We visited on a Sunday and although we first wanted to order à la carte, the buffet won us over: a lot of choice and most dishes were vegan for a very reasonable price. The sushi and the dumplings were delicious, as was the pan fried mock meat and some dishes with tofu and aubergines. The dessert choice was also wide, although mostly for vegetarians, not vegans. We found the overall quality to be very good and the staff to be very friendly and would definitely recommend a visit.

Pros: Very good value for money, Rich and varied buffet, friendly staff

Cons: Not very central

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Fast service, good variety - Edit

I was in a rush, hungry, and I saw the signs for this place, so I came in for a quick lunch. I was happy with variety of dishes in the lunch buffet, not every dish is a winner, but some are. It depends on your taste. There was this fake chicken curry dish that didn't win me over--but there was a mushroom dish I grabbed another platefull. The lady was so cute, I don't she realised I was in a rush when I paid, she asked me, "you do know it's all you can eat." (I already ate three plates). After I typed her well she even wanted to give me a take-away box to take some food home. So adorable. The lunch buffet is also on weekends, and a great deal. I haven't yet ordered from the menu.

Pros: Good variety in lunch buffet, Well priced

Cons: No evert dish is a great

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Typical tasteless Chinese food - Edit

One thing I cannot criticize this place for is offering you a great selection and price value. When I was there I tried the buffet since I wanted to taste everything they had to offer since everything seemed diverse. However later I ended up regretting it because most of it [edit by staff] tasted just cheap. The problem is the excess use of oil batter, msg, salt and soy sauce in their food. Noodles especially were difficult to swallow due to that. A lot of the deep fried stuff tasted very similar and nothing tasted fresh or different most of the time. If you are not picky about Chinese food I guess this is your place but if you want some effort put into your food and your taste-buds you should avoid going eating here.

It could be that their single meals taste better than their buffet. That is a possibility but after tasting at least 20 different types of stuff through the buffet I was just disappointed. The reviews do not really reflect the quality of the place. Avoid this place at all cost if you do not like cheap bland Chinese food. I have eaten a lot better Chinese food and this was just disappointing.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 05, 2013

Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 05, 2013

Pros: Location, Price, Selection

Cons: Taste, Generic, Salty

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An unexpected treat - Edit

An excellent evening. Ambiance, service, food,

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Never want to eat anywhere else - Edit

This restaurant was so amazing. I was solo traveling for the first time, to vienna last week and felt homesick. on my second day i ate here and all was cured, seriously this food was so delicious that i just forgot my worries. now that i am home again, i am looking forwardvto visit vienna again just for this food!
i had the lunch buffet. lots of options and all of them delicious.

Pros: cheap, amazing food, friendly staff

Cons: none

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Perfect asian food. - Edit

The first thing you notice upon entering this restaurant is the amazing and authentic asian atmosphere and the friendly staff. Even though it is actually a vegetarian restaurant, the possibilities for vegans are numerous, which is not something you see in every vegetarian restaurant. The food was amazing, the portion sizes huge, and all that for extremely cheap prices - an all around great experience!

Pros: Amazing food, Friendly and forthcoming service, Cheap prices

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good restaurant - Edit

i like xu's cooking very much, although i prefer ordering à la carte, because the buffet is not that special in my opinion.
but we sometimes choose xu's (at midday) for family or birthday meetings, because the buffet and also the garden is good for kids - relaxing for the adults ;)

Pros: various choices (ordering from the menu), garden, friendly staff

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Excellent - Edit

We visited it twice, and were so happy we discovered this place. On both occasions we used the "all you can eat" buffet (check out their website for buffet hours, they also function as a regular restaurant). It was a great relief to us to be able to try many unknown dishes (but totally safe from meat) and discover new foods. We really stuffed ourselves with everything from appetizers, main dishes, salads to desserts, and chose from dozens of dishes. And for a very reasonable price. Also, they have a very nice terrace. If we ever visit Vienna again, we'll definitively come to Xu's!

Pros: Value for money, Diversity

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Great Asian food - Edit

This is one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Vienna! They have a really big choice of many different vegan dishes including fake meat. Everything I ate there was quite good!

The prices are totally okay for the portions and the staff is very friendly.

So if you are a vegan of Chinese food in vegan version, you have to go there! :)

Pros: Excellent food, friendly staff, fair prices

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Great vegetarian Chinese Buffet, many vegan option - Edit

XU's cooking is a vegetarian buffet place that offers both a la carte and buffet lunch and dinner.

The food might not necessarily be very healthy, but it definitely is tasty. I have been there a few times with meat-eaters, and they enjoyed the food and were impressed. Also my kids liked the choice and the taste, which is not often the case in vegetarian or vegan restaurants.

Staff are friendly and knowledgeable as to which options are vegan, and they make a delicious coffee with coconut mil,.

Pros: Great taste, good variety, Many vegan options, Price moderate

Cons: Some food might not be very healthy

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YUMM - Edit

Delicious lunch buffet at a very good price.
It is hard to stop eating, everything is so good.
I have eaten a la carte too and have never been disappointed.
Definitely worth a visit.

Pros: great lunch buffet, good value, large variety of dishes

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My pig out restaurant in Vienna - Edit

I've tried only the lunch buffet so far. It's cheap, the food is delicious, there's a great variety, and only a few of the dishes aren't vegan. The staff is friendly and there's always somebody who speaks English.

The receipts are weird though (hand-written and only numbers, no item names) but the food is cheap, so I have never felt ripped-off.

Pros: delicious food, great value, friendly staff

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Our most beloved restaurant - Edit

Great food, nice staff, nice atmosphere, almost everything is vegan! (Truth told, we don´t understand why they need those few vegetarian dishes? Everything else tastes just fine :o)) No glutamat, which is somehow standard in Vianna's chinese restaurants.

Pros: Plenty dishes, meat substitutes

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Very good - Edit

Everything Vegetasia done wrong, Xu's does right :)

They have a huge load of dishes, much fake meat, but much genuine vegetable dishes too. Not everything is vegan, but they tell you right away.

Try Mixed Starters, Grilled Jiao-Zi, Mango Curry Chicken and the great Aloe Vera Cocktails (non alcoholic).

Never tried the buffet so I cannot judge.

Pros: Many many dishes, Good fake meat, Outdoor garden dining area

Cons: Restaurant is very dark

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Very tasty Asian style food - Edit

The menu has an impressive selection of different dishes.
I took the (fake) chicken in basil...it was delicious!
I also had a soup...also very nice.
Probably one of the best vegetarian restuatants with Chinese food I have been to.

Pros: Tasty, Vast selection

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Perfect!! - Edit

Great service (very, very helpful), very fast, great food, big choice of vegeterian and vegan food. Maybe 90% vegan and 10% vegetarian. Not expensive and very big portions!
A must to visit in Vienna!!!!

Pros: helpful, great choice of food, excellent service

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Best vegan restaurant ever! - Edit

Really, Xu`s cooking is the best restaurant I`ve ever been. Excellent food - especially from the menu-, big portions, friendly staff, nice outside area... not the cheapest but it is enough to have another full lunch the next day and they give you boxes for to take away what you couldn`t eat. I can really recommend it!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, big portions

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love it! - Edit

The menu is very big, the prices are fair, the food was delicous! There's a nice atmosphere as well.The staff offered to pack what I couldn't finish.
I came back for the lunch-buffet and it was great! I ate as much as I could (and maybe a bit more) for 6.9 Euro's. I am very critical when it comes to food, but honestly, I liked everything. The meat loving friend who joined me couldn't stop eating either.

Pros: Excellent food, Great lunch-buffet

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Great place! - Edit

Went here a few years ago in a large group (approx 15 people), and the staff was still very friendly to us, which sometimes doesn't happen with a big group.

The food was exactly what I expected at a vegetarian Asian buffet, but it was really good.

I would definitely go back here. Everything I tried was delicious.

Pros: All-vegetarian, Friendly staff

Cons: None

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All you can eat - Edit

This review is for people who come from a background of NOOOO vegan or vegetarian places to eat where they live.

Whenever I am in a 100km radius close to Wien i go there for lunch. The lunch buffet is awesome. Almost all food is vegan. All food is delicious. I regularly take non-veg friends with me and only get compliments and questions whether we will make it in time to have dinner at Schillingers, too. :D

Yes some food is greasy. But that is only "some", the choice is outstanding. It's dead center wien. Has free underground parking first hour, next hour is 1 euros each. Park there, go eat, pay extra 5 euros and you can roam around the city for the next 5 hours while your car is buried safely in teh underground.


I forgetz to mention the drinks list!! ZOMFG! both the alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are chinese specialties. the soft drinks are wonderful mixtures with aloe and mango etc, while my drinking buddies swear the creamy wines are second to none. So make sure to drink their specialty beverages instead of generic globalisation crap.

Oh and the garden is just wonderful too. Not big but lovely to sit outside during a hot summer day to eat and relax.

Pros: all you can eat for dirt cheap, wonderful drinks, great location and parking

Cons: some food is greasy, poor english speaking staff

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- - Edit

I went there once in August 2009 and we ordered from the menu (no buffet for dinner?). Lots of mock meat dishes and plenty of pictures on the menu, to be honest though I didn't quite like the food, it was too meaty for my taste. My omnivore boyfriend loved his (vegan) mock-meat dish. I even asked the waitress if it _really_ was mock meat - apparently it's made from a mushroom base or something. I had a variety of "meats" in my dish (don't remember what exactly I had, sorry! Some kind of stew, I think) - "duck", "beef", "pork".

I want to go there again for lunch some time, I do think I'd find myself something yummy at the buffet.

Pros: mostly vegan, friendly staff, nice outdoor seating

Cons: no dinner buffet, mock meat too close to the real thing

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very good faux meat - Edit

Fantastic! It has a great choice of (fried) vegan food. On the menù is written what is vegetarian (10%) and what is vegan (90%). Parking in the basement: tell them you've parked there, they will give you a discount card and pay directly at the restaurant.

Pros: good choice, value, friendly staff

Cons: fried

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