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Bismarckstr. 14, Bremen, Germany

Mostly convenient

19 Oct 2012

Nice, clean and well-assorted organic supermarket with lots of vegan products, as described above under "Info". The range of products is large, but the aisles are somewhat narrow -- so better use the smaller baskets. I particularly like that most fruit and veg are labelled with their origin, which is often close to Bremen for regional produce such as apples. Same for a large part of the flour range -- by Bauckhof. There's a "wanted/for sale" wall next to the checkout.

Bahnhofsplatz 15, Bremen, Germany

Convenient location, but a bit on the crowded side

12 Oct 2012

This place is right in the train station and offers a range of products similar to the "Reformhaus" shops throughout Germany, including many vegetarian and vegan alternatives to standard supermarket food. In contrast to those, it offers more items that meet travellers' needs, such as juices in smaller bottles. I wouldn't describe the atmosphere as "pleasant calm" because the aisles are narrow, and the store can get quite frequented by customers in a hurry. But if you compare it with the whizzy remainder of the train station, then yes, it's indeed quieter. There's a large bakery counter with lots of fresh bread, rolls, pastries and cookies whose ingredients are clearly declared. Unfortunately, most of the pastries are not vegan.

Frederiksborggade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark

Delicious, fancy, fully vegan

27 Aug 2012

This is an excellent place for vegans -- they have a large vegan menu including raw food. We went there for one dinner and one breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed the brunch plate with vegan chorizo, refried beans, "omelette", soy yogurt, porridge with apple sauce, bread, rhubarb jam and a mini fruit muffin. They also have delicious drinks such as fallude, cocoa-carob shake, strawberry lemonade and different smoothies made from what tasted like fresh ingredients. Staff was friendly and prices are ... well ... just ok for the general price level in Copenhagen and the fact that you are in a restaurant that definitely doesn't use animal ingredients (e.g., 350 DKK for two brunches and two smoothies).
Updated from previous review on Monday August 27, 2012

Andreas-Hofer-Platz 3, Graz, Austria


28 Jul 2012

It's a pity I only spent two days in Graz and managed to eat at Cafe Erde only once. The carrot curry soup and muffin were delicious, the service friendly and fast. The menu seems to be small, but changes daily. Looking forward to the next visit!

adjacent to Mersey Valley Visitor Centre, Sale Water Park, Manchester, England

Simple and good

10 Mar 2013

This is a nice place to refresh after a stroll around Merseyside. A small and simple cafe, with friendly staff behind the counter who readily name the vegan options -- of which there were many on the day I visited. I had the soup of the day (mushroom & tarragon), with a freshly baked, still warm, compact and very tasty bread roll, and two pieces of cake (almond & cherry, ginger & fruits -- both yummy). The menu contained sandwiches, lasagne and other items which I can't remember. The interior is simple but clean. There aren't too many tables inside, so it might get crowded when many people are around -- but there's the outside seating area too, for warmer days. I enjoyed my stay and would have gone again if I had stayed in Manchester long enough.

Hans-Boeckler-Strasse 18, Bochum, Germany


14 Sep 2013

I can just confirm what the previous two reviewers said: most dishes are vegan, food was delicious, staff was very friendly. We enjoyed the Turkish tea (not shown on the menu).

Seating is rather limited (4 seats indoors, a couple of small tables outdoors, weather permitting).

Baldestrasse 21, Munich, Germany

A great place for breakfast!

10 Mar 2014

My missus and I came here in the morning at 9, when the place opened, and were greeted by two friendly members of staff. They were preparing fresh sandwiches, but we started with the sweet option: two "Genießer", which is small menu consisting of a croissant with jam and vegan "butter", and a hot drink. We haven't had croissants in ages because they usually aren't vegan, and these two were finger licking good. There was still butter and jam left, so we ordered two fresh "Steinofen-Weckerl" (stone-baked white bread rolls), which were just the right mixture of crisp and fluffy. Greedy as we are, we continued with soy yoghurt and fruit, and had a piece of blueberry and blackcurrant cake -- very delicious too. Now we were full and very happy, but we didn't leave the place without taking out one of the fresh sandwiches ("salami" and "cheese" with salad), two more of the addictive bread rolls, and an amply marzipany almond crescent. Next time in Munich will be breakfast at Max Pettchen again. :)

Istedgade 98, Copenhagen, Denmark

Great for vegans

08 Sep 2012

This branch seems to offer the same range as the Frederiksborggade branch, so I'll more or less repeat my review: This is a great place to shop for breakfast or picnic. They list ingredients for all items they sell -- in Danish, but staff appears helpful and willing to explain in English. So it's easy for vegans, diabetics, people with coeliac disease etc. to make their choice. The bakery sells bread, rolls, cake, pastry, and a small range of other organic food such as spreads, margarine, milk. Items I enjoyed: risboller (rice flour bread roll -- very tasty, even after two days), marcipanguf (marzipan tuck), bananmuffin (doesn't need translation ;-)), hindbærsnit (raspberry slice -- thin wholemeal base filled with raspberry jam and topped with pink icing).

There's only one "but": when we shopped there, the shop assistant suddenly tried to impose his philosophy of life on us, which included the dangers of tap water and homeopathy.

Oehlenschlaegersgade 12, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sophisticated creations

27 Aug 2012

I had a delicious spaghetti-shaped zucchini with Indian sauce, cashews, plenty of coriander leaves and fresh chili slices, with "lentil beef" and raw bread. The latter was an interesting crispbread-like experience, and the "lentil beef" was a raw patty made of lentil sprouts and a bit too much salt. The carrot-spinach-avocado-lemon smoothie with extra ginger was refreshing. Staff was helpful and friendly. Seating is limited. There is a brunch offer on Sundays and holidays 11:00-16:00 which I haven't been able to try.

Vor dem Steintor 152, Bremen, Germany

delicious and fast

28 Jul 2012

After eating at Tom & Karo's three times, my sweetheart and I can report that their burgers, falafel and desserts are incredibly delicious and served fast. No trace of the poor coordination mentioned here half a year ago. In addition, the menu is rich and fancy, and almost every non-vegan dish is prepared vegan on request. We'll come back! Well, perhaps some more seating around tables would be desirable, but we're aware that space is limited.

Horner Str. 1a, Bremen, Germany

Live long and prosper, Veganissimi!

10 Mar 2013

This little shop is great for vegans: it is packed with goodies such as pasta, sauces, savoury and sweet spreads, fake meat, sausages and cheese, chocolate and other sweets, biscuits, books, clothes, toothpaste etc. The friendly owner seems happy to provide any information about the products - she always did when I had a question, and she even added products to the range that I missed and asked for. You can also get fresh hot drinks (which I haven't tried yet) and sandwiches. And meet people you're surprised to find shopping in a vegan grocery. ;-) I sincerely hope Veganissimi will hold its ground and thrive!

Personal favourites: Schakalode white chocolate spread, Zero Zebra allergene-free chocolate, Soyatoo tofu butter.

16-20 Turner Street, Manchester, England

Down-to-earth food and friendly staff

10 Mar 2013

I visited this cosy place with a friend and enjoyed the stay: we both had a plate with almost all hot dishes available that day (roast potatoes and parsnips, red cabbage, Mexican chili pie with sage and onion gravy, and spicy dhal. They make their own chai, and it comes with soy milk. There were cakes behind the counter, but I didn't have space left to try any of them. My food and drink were tasty, and the counter staff was helpful to explain the hot options. The seating area resembles a mixture of a simple canteen and a Buddhist temple. It would be great if the opening times were more generous, particularly since it's so close to the city centre.

111 Oxford Rd, Manchester, England

Vegan shopping made easy

10 Mar 2013

This small shop has a surprisingly wide range of vegetarian products, including many vegan options such as soy milk and yoghurt, spreads, fake cheese, fruit, biscuits, chocolates, ... My personal highlight is the fresh deli counter: you can find numerous kinds of pasties and cake there, with the ingredients listed and the vegan ones clearly marked - in fact, most of the pasties and cake slices were vegan when I visited several times this week. They also sell breads from the Chorlton-based Polish deli and bakery Barbakan, some of which are quite tasty. Overall, a goldmine for veg*ns close to Manchester city centre.

Aboulevard 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

Delicious but not without remorse

27 Aug 2012

My wife and I went there once, had a great vegetarian dinner (two curries with rice, a soup with bread, poppadum, one juice for 160 DKK ~ 22 EUR) but were disappointed about the single-use plastic crockery and cutlery used even for guests dining in. There is a daily menu consisting of two vegetable curries, one preparation of rice, one soup and one starter, and the webpage lists the daily options for the whole week, as well as the prices for the different combinations. There are also juices, lassis, tea and sweets. Staff was helpful and multi-lingual. The place has limited seating -- a couple of tables and a few bar-style seats facing the window.

Ludgeristrasse 62, Muenster, Germany


16 Nov 2013

The weird but lovely name Krawummel holds an easy-going café with serious food and serious ethics. They're fully vegan, though this cannot be seen from the outside -- great for attracting unbiased non-veg*ans. The savoury part of the menu is displayed on a blackboard and contains salads, sandwiches, soups, lasagna, falafel, burger, potato wedges and more mouth-watering dishes. You simply order at the counter, get your food within a couple of minutes and then sit down somewhere -- that's not too common in this country. :) My dearie and I shared a spicy pumpkin soup, a falafel plate and wedges, and luckily left ample space for desert: yummy cherry-choc muffins and raspberry cupcakes, followed by a strong dark hot chocolate. Being hooked, we had to come back the next day, whose highlight was Belgian-style hot waffles with cherry compote and vegan cream. We're already looking for a pretext to get to Münster again, so we can have the next Krawummel feast.

Frederiksborggade 29, Copenhagen, Denmark

Great for vegans

27 Aug 2012

This is a great place to shop for breakfast or picnic. They list ingredients for all items they sell -- in Danish, but staff appears helpful and willing to explain in Danish, English, or German. So it's easy for vegans, diabetics, people with coeliac disease etc. to make their choice. The bakery sells bread, rolls, cake, pastry, and a small range of other organic food such as spreads, margarine, milk. Items I enjoyed: risboller (rice flour bread roll -- very tasty, even after two days), marcipanguf (marzipan tuck), bananmuffin (doesn't need translation ;-)), hindbærsnit (raspberry slice -- thin wholemeal base filled with raspberry jam and topped with pink icing).

75-83, Oldham Rd, Ashton Under Lyne, England

A hidden gem that deserves more awareness

10 Mar 2013

This is a paradise for veg*ns and lovers of Indian food: a huge choice on the menu; more than half of the dishes are marked as vegan. Staff is helpful and makes sure you get vegan food if you ask for it (we were advised against masala chai, and given vegan desert options that were not on the menu).

Food was delicious and hot - the two of us shared Bhel Puri (cold starter with pieces of deep-fried flatbread, chickpeas, onions and spicy marinade), vegetable Manchurian (deep-fried vegetable dumplings with chopped peppers, onions, ginger and chili), Aloo Jeera (potatoes with cumin) with sauce, masala uttapam (spicy rice pancake with the usual lentil-based sauce and coconut relish), rotis, and vegan sweets from the counter.

I lived in Manchester for three years, and only learn't about Lily's now, when I came back for a short visit. If I had known about them earlier, I would have come more often. Looking forward to the next visit!

Berliner Strasse 22, Bremen, Germany

Marianne has a piece of cake for you

16 Nov 2013

Tucked away in a quiet side street of Bremen's shopping and café mile "Das Viertel", this café offers delicious cakes (and advertises them using the above slogan), waffles, breakfast and savoury food. My dearie and I had breakfast here twice, and our personal faves were the vegan Belgian waffles with plum-rosemary sauce, all made on the premises. The jams that came with our bread rolls were self-made, too, and very fruity (rhubarb, strawberry). Each time there were at least five cakes, some of them marked vegan, but we didn't have enough space left to try all of them. Those we tried were great. Marianne's furniture is simple but welcoming. We're looking forward to the next breakfast or brunch. :)

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