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Pilestaede 32, Copenhagen, Denmark

Delicious and unusual

01 Aug 2011

Sort of stylish snack bar serving a limited, but I thought uniformly excellent selection of vegan main courses and an amazing chocolate cake. Food is all raw but flavours are sophisticated and it is NOT just a salad bar. Vegan "lasagne" and pizza are not lasagne or pizza, and the better for it. Clever and different. Very clean, very central, not much seating but if tables are full you can sit further up the pyramid (you will see what I mean).

Geldmunt 32, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Great for lunch

06 Oct 2014

It’s difficult to understand why Avalon don’t want to make use of their nice premises (which would suit an evening meal), and talented chef(s) to open more hours. As it is, unless during the festival, they only open at lunchtimes, and even then only on 5 days. The service and atmosphere were great. We had a pleasant but unremarkable onion soup (slighly thin), but then an exceptionally good dagschotel (which translates as dish of the day but in Flanders and the Nethelands is really a combination of small amounts of many different items put together by the chef to work as a whole. Avalon’s was really unusual, perfectly cooked and well presented, and made us very glad that we had finally managed to find oursleves in the centre of Ghent at lunchtime. Would definitely go back.
Updated from previous review on Sunday October 05, 2014

Hauptplatz, Graz, Austria

Brilliant place

23 May 2012

Graz is a very vegan-friendly city and obviously this place has the disadvantage that it's a market stall (with a couple of stand-up tables) not a sit-down restaurant. However the food quality is excellent, staff are friendly, and it's in the main square. It has changed it's name since the 2011 reviews and possibly also its management as all was vegan as well as delicious in April 2012. The vegan cream of asparagus soup was the best soup I've ever had anywhere - could finally see why the Austrians and Germans go crazy for the start of the asparagus season. Also do loads of interesting fresh burgers - polenta, puszta (hungarian), falafel burgers etc, hotdogs, linzer biscuits etc. Open every day except Sunday, and very difficult to walk past without buying something!

Via Teodosia 9/r, Genova, Genoa, Italy

Worth the walk

21 Jun 2011

We went here for 3 consecutive evenings in March 2011. Very nice, lots of clearly marked vegan options, service good, english menu, food quality good. Ambience relaxed but definitely "restaurant" as opposed to take-away atmosphere. Looks a fair way out on the map, which put us off initially, but actually a pleasant 25-30 minute walk through a nice and safe area even in the dark, along the main new town shopping street.

Annonciadenstraat 4, Ghent, Belgium

High Quality and very vegan-friendly

15 Apr 2013

We went here twice in September 2012. Ghent must be one of the best cities of its size in Europe for vegans but we found Cuisine Ouverte the best quality food we had anywhere in the city in the week we were there. While the all you can eat buffets at other locations are cheap and delicious, CO is a proper small restaurant with a limited but high quality selection which changes about once a week. We found the staff very vegan-aware, able to advise (in English) what was and wasn't OK, and what could be adapted, and everything we had was clearly vegan. There were two options on each course that were vegan or could be made vegan, I think we had all of them between us over the 2 visits - and all excellent. Highlights were an amazing Chervil Soup with Dumplings and a really good chocolate cake. Nice atmosphere and fairly central.
Updated from previous review on Monday April 15, 2013

Via Roma 74 C, Bolzano, Italy

Nicest meal out of the year

18 Nov 2013

We visited Bozen on day trip from Verona and found both the city and Il Punto Vegetariano well worth the effort. The restaurant is about 20 mins walk from the lovely alpine-vibe city centre in a nice, if unremarkable, neighbourhood. The food however was delicious, really well cooked and prepared, and overall top quality. The nicest quality meal I've eaten out in 2013. There's a full restaurant menu, on which almost everything is vegan (basically everything is vegan unless indicated) and sit-down tables both indoors and outside. One tip - we arrived just as the restaurant had opened and easily got a table but within an hour all the tables were full - clearly with locals - so think about reserving in advance.
Updated from previous review on Monday November 18, 2013

Via Filippini 29, Verona, Italy

Unusual but nice

18 Nov 2013

A very simple place but really nice vegan fast food. The format is unusual in that you are meant to fill out a bit of paper ticking which of large number of vegan burgers / hot dogs etc you want (my tip: the vegan wurstel), whether you want croquettes, salad etc and hand it in. Just a few side benches to sit at, so you tend to just eat and go, but nicer food than most standard vegan imbiss-type places you find - and of course nice knowing that everything's vegan. Manager is friendly. Note that the opening hours seem to be a bit flexible round the edges - it wasn't open at the time it was said to be when we first went round - we thought it had closed, but it was worth going back to check - and we then went back more than once. Definitely not the poshest place to eat vegan in Verona but probably the one I left feeling warmest towards.

Minderbroedersrui 52, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

Pleasant Raw Food

05 Oct 2014

I think this is the best place in Antwerp but I can see why their are a few strongly negative reviews mixed with the very positive ones. This isn’t the place to come if you are really hungry and want a huge, and cheap, plate of lentils and brown rice. It’s raw food, the portions are quite small and it’s not the cheapest. However the food we both had on a return visit in 2014 was really delicious, great flavours and well presented, in particular the raw “pizza” and the desserts. The staff were freindly and helpful and the location is also central and easy to find. Definitely recommended.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 12, 2012

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

Top Class

26 Sep 2012

Went here in early September. This was the best meal, in the nicest locale, of our stay in Paris. The feel of the place is up-market - a good choice to impress your date or to go with colleagues. The food was absolutely excellent - in particular my starter which was a salad with some kind of Breton themed vegan cheese balls deep fried in a cider batter - amazing!. Main course was tasty and sophisticated; my sweet was pancakes with fruit and whipped cream - pancake texture could perhaps have been a fraction lighter, but still lovely - and all 100% vegan. It's also BYOB. There's a bistro section of the menu for lighter meals, including the mushroom burger, but my advice would be to try something more interesting than a burger when you have the chance. All in all well worthwhile and it will be the 1st place we go back to next time we are in Paris.

Grazbachgasse 33, Steiermark, Graz, Austria

Great place

07 May 2012

A buffet format where you select from a wide range of hot and cold foods and pay by weight. The food quality at Ginko is very good indeed. Most items were vegan and very clearly marked. Great selection of desserts - the vegan tiramisu was one of the nicest luxury cream cakes I have ever had. Clean and reasonably spacious premises a quick and safe walk from the centre. So good we ate here on two of our nights rather than exploring the surprisingly wide choice of vegan alternatives in this lovely city.

Nederkouter 42, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Good concept, disappointing food

05 Oct 2014

It’s always nice to see a new veggie chain, and the vibe at Greenway is nice: a relaxed, helpful, vegan-friendly setup where you order at a “fast food” type of counter at the back of the restaurant and then your food is brought to you. However the quality of the food was really disappointing. On the first visit I had a tempeh dish which was overwhelmingly lettuce with a small amount of tempeh, but was pleasant enough. However on a second visit I ordered the spaghetti bolognese which had almost no flavour. I left half of it (I almost never do that) and noticed others doing the same. Would be an OK addition in a town with no veggie alternatives, however in Ghent and Leuven, I’m not so sure. Having got the concept right they need to urgently improve the quality of their recipes if they are going to hold their own against a lot of competition.

Linnégatan 21, Göteborg, Gothenburg, Sweden

We kept going back

01 Aug 2011

All vegetarian art cinema restaurant. Menu all swedish but staff happy to say what was vegan(and, reassuringly, go and check with the chef). When we were there there was a vegan "tofusill" variant on the traditional swedish herring dish (delicious and my favourite), a thai curry, a chinese hotpot and an aubergine dish. Deserts not on menu but ask; the apple pie is usually vegan, was excellent, and came with tofu ice cream. If it's hot they seem to decamp to the outside bar, we thought they were not serving and nearly left, but persevere as food is worth it. Nice vibe and 20 mins pleasant walk (or 5 mins tram) from city centre.

Reep 14, Oost-Vlaanderen, Ghent, Belgium

Great place and food

15 Apr 2013

One of the best all-you-can-eat vegan buffet places around. The food is really tasty - and while it's never the most elegant dining experience loading your plate up with things that probably don't go together but all look too good not to try, Komkommertijd does its best to get a vibe that's alternative enough to attract people who don't want too much formality but also smart enough for a nice night out. A vegan wine list is a big plus, as are the premises, which are spacious and clean. Deservedly gets very busy so definitely worth ringing up during the day - they will happily take a reservation in English. A must go to for at least one of your nights in Ghent.

Ahornergasse 4, Vienna, Austria

Favourite in Vienna

21 Jun 2011

I only found this on my last visit in November 2010. Excellent vegan choice and good quality cooking, sort of gastro pub vibe, ie waiter service but relaxed ambience with a central bar you could also stand at and have a beer. Well worth the slight walk, even in November, and area is safe and pleasant. Looks impossible on Google Maps, but there's a pedestrian passage (past a health shop!) from Neubaugasse onto Ahornergasse. As almost everywhere in Vienna, cuisine is primarily mock-meat orientated.

Castello 1341 Via Garibaldi, Venice, Italy

A good option in Venice

18 Nov 2013

A great place for a quick lunch. Effectively a kind of deli-counter with a small but interesting selection of well prepared salads, pizzas, soup and other items which the very helpful owner will serve you, and let you know what's vegan (most of it). You pay by weight and there are group tables where you can sit an enjoy. Oh and the muffins (endearingly pronounced 'maffins' across Italy) looked rather ordinary but were so moist and delicious we bought another two to take away with us. Tasty food and friendly locale and we were glad we went.

As no one other than Venetians can make sense of Venetian addresses, what you need to know is that it's on Via Guiseppe Garibaldi near the corner with Calle Schiavona. An easy walk from the Giardini or Arsenale vaporetto stops.

Maria-Hendrikaplein 5-6, Ghent, Belgium

Yet another nice place in Ghent

15 Apr 2013

The trouble with Ghent is that there's too much choice. Lekker would easily be the best place in town in most cities twice Ghent's size in say France or Spain. It's a typical "load your plate up and pay by weight" hot and cold buffet. Food is tasty and varied and great for vegans - while you are in the queue you can order a portion of excellent,piping hot freshly made frites with mayonnaise (or ketchup) so as to feel you've really been in Belgium. It's literally opposite the main train station, so a little out of town but it's realy easy to jump on a tram to the station.

Lombardenvest 78, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

Ginger tea has milk

06 Oct 2014

Returned visit after a couple of years. The place is essentially the same, though the cultivated scruffiness is, I think, starting to look just scruffy. There are a number of vegan labelled things on the menu, indicated with stick-on stars, some of which seemed to have fallen off some items on my version of menu but not my partner’s, so we checked and were told what was OK. There is a tasty vegan burger. However I ordered their Himalaya desert (vegan icecream with their signature ginger tea) only after double-checking with the waiter that it was vegan (it was labeled so on one menu and not on another) and was told it was. Saw their Ginger Tea in a shop later in the week and saw that the ingredients included milk products, which didn't inspire confidence in their vegan advice.

Grazbachgasse 35, Graz, Austria


07 May 2012

Just to note it was very much trading as of April 2012. Looked fine but was temporarily closed for holidays so we didn't get to try. Conveniently almost literally next door to Ginko.

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