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Ahornergasse 4 (at district 7), Vienna, Austria, 1070

Vegetarian cafe in a casual and colorful setting. All vegan except for cheese. Food is prepared daily and displayed in glass case at the counter. Organic beer and wine served. You could also order wines at the wine bar inside. Non-smoking. Directions: turn up the Neubaugasse from the Mariahilferstrasse, walk 4 minutes on the left side (you pass two roads off to the left in the proceeds) until you reach the Reformhaus Buchmaller store. Between this shop and the dry cleaners opposite is a covered pedestrian footpath that takes you up some low steps, past an apartment block complex & through to Ahornergasse, almost to the Landia front door. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-10:00pm.

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29 Reviews

First Review by aFormerClarity

traditionsl dishes made vegan/vege - Edit

too many options to choose from, most of them vegan(!), very fair prices and all around good place for a hearty meal. highly recommended!

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good food but - Edit

They charge for tap water. The stuff not so nice.
But the dishes are big and tasty.

Pros: big dishes. many vegan choices

Cons: tap water are not free the waiters are not nice

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decent food - Edit

Came here for dinner and ordered the beet gnocchi, the pumpkin stew, and the samosas. The food was a solid OK but nothing that special. The samosas were delicious. I wouldn't go out of your way to visit here but it was nice to have the large number of vegan options.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Not amazing food

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/Traveller_for_liphe">Traveller_for_liphe</a> <br/>Beet gnocchi <br/> September 29, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/178508'>Report</a>

Beet gnocchi

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Vegan dessert!!! - Edit

I ordered the hommemade pirogi filled with cabbage and mushrooms, served with mixed salad (9.20 EUR) and my boyfriend ordered the Vegan chicken with fresh ginger vegetable mix and baked potatos (11.20 EUR).
Both dishes were very large and looked very appetizing but the filling of my pirogi had a dominant sour taste and the ginger really overtook the other dish.
For dessert we took a fig cake and a vanilla raspberry cake with chocolate mouse, both were INCREDIBLE (especially the latter) and made with spelt flour.
The atmosphere is really nice, there's also outdoor seating. The waiters are reallt nice.
All of the menu is translated to English and vegan dishes are clearly marked. There is a huge selection of drinks and food.

Pros: Huge selection o vegan meals, Large Porions, Good service

Cons: dominant flavors in main dishes

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For veganized Austrian food - Edit

Extensive menu, we tried many different dishes and they were all amazing. The location is lovely, the interior not the best but hey - if the food is that good who really cares. Our waitress was friendly also. Come hungry, the portions are big!

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Great food - Edit

One of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Vienna. Their menu is extensive and offers many options for different tastes, from fake meats to basic plant-based options. The dishes that I ordered (samosas, gnocchi and salad) were delicious and very well cooked and seasoned.

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Great spot for authentic Austrian cusine - Edit

I really liked this place, and went 2 days in a row. Gulasch, pirogi's and schnitzel served with potatoes and some great sauce - it was so good I had to ask for a re-fill.

The coconut milkshake was not just a coconut-flavored milkshake, but was based on coconut milk, and there were big lumps of coconut milk in. It was a little too fatty for my taste. I tried a selection of all desserts available, and my favorite was one with peach on top. The rest were a little too heavy for my liking.

The food is a solid 5 stars, but the milkshake and cakes drag down my grade slightly. I would love to go here and try some other food again though!

Pros: Great vegan options, Authentic Austrian kitchen

Cons: Not all vegan, Cakes and milkshake a bit boring

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/piffelina">piffelina</a> <br/>Cake fiesta <br/> August 2, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/164484'>Report</a>

Cake fiesta

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/piffelina">piffelina</a> <br/>Schnitzel, recommended by the waitress. Tasted great! <br/> August 2, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/164483'>Report</a>

Schnitzel, recommended by the waitress. Tasted gre...

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/piffelina">piffelina</a> <br/>Pirogi with sauerkraut   <br/> August 2, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/164482'>Report</a>

Pirogi with sauerkraut

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Awsome austrian cuisine! - Edit

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy typical austrian meals in a vegan version, this is definitely the place to go! They also offer vegan whines, which is unfortunatly still not common at every vegan/vegetarian place. Also everything on their menu is clearly labeled, since they also offer vegetarian meals.
We tried the cordon bleau and the piroggen and were absolutly satifisied with the taste and the portion size. The only thing I have to complain about is that they already sold out all the cakes, so I couldn't try the dessert, but it was late on a Friday night, so I'll disregard that. ;)

Pros: Tasty food, Vegan whine, Creative menu

Cons: Desserts where sold out in the evening

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/Misanthropia">Misanthropia</a> <br/>Piroggen <br/> October 22, 2015  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/122159'>Report</a>


Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/Misanthropia">Misanthropia</a> <br/>Cordon Bleu <br/> October 22, 2015  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/122158'>Report</a>

Cordon Bleu

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Plenty of food and vegan cake! - Edit

I had dinner at Landia yesterday with a non-vegetarian friend. I had a vegan dinner consisting in seitan schnitzel (three pieces of seitan, potatoes, lemon, and a nice sauce), a natural juice (carrot, orange, ginger), and a piece of a vegan chocolate and coconut cake (there were 5 different cakes to choose from, and all were vegan!).

Everything was really nice, portions were generous, and staff was friendly (speaking to me in English and to my Austrian friend in German, of course). There were not many other customers, probably because it was Monday (in their website they suggest booking in advance, in fact). In terms of money, I spent 15.50EUR, which I think it's honest.

My friend had a vegan pumpkin-based dish (which he liked), a beer, a cocktail (mango dream), and a coffee and spent 20EUR.

We went away full and happy! :--)

Pros: Generous portions, Friendly staff, Reasonable prices

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good down-to-earth cuisine - Edit

landia has a large menu with lots of Austrian dishes, but also some non fake-meat stuff.
our dishes were served with some great salad and we all liked it.
the staff was friendly and helpful.

Pros: good food, reasonable prices

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Try some place else - Edit

My hubby and I went there one evening during our week in Vienna, as it had gotten good reviews on Happycow. The first bad omen of the visit was the gaudy color scheme of the place; imagine the most horrid yellow-neonish green, paired with a washed out brownish orange, mixed in with obscure patterns; that alone can make you loose your apetite! What food is concerned we were most disappointed. I ordered the veg gulash, that came with two scary looking lumps of old bread and something else undefinable. The lumps had awful consistency and no flavour whatsoever, the soy bits in the gulash tasted nothing, and the gulash itself was luke warm only and the only flavour was paprika, and not a nice one.. My hubby had seitan schnitzel, also tasteless, a pluss for the potatoes, that actually tasted of something; potatoes!The only good thing about this meal was the beer. We did not take our chances on desserts here, and also did not want to spend a penny more in this place. Staff seemed unenthusiastic, understandably so. If you want a tasty and lovely veggie meal this is not the place to go, there are much better places close by!

Pros: beer

Cons: the food, the interior, the staff

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Tasty and filling, great value - Edit

A bit hidden away but a little gem when you find it. I had the seitan schnitzel with parsley potatoes and salad, very tasty and a large portion so make sure you are hungry when you go...

They also offer a selection of vegan cakes, I joked with the waitress that I couldn't decide between banana or coconut and she suggested half and half, which worked well. Overall good value for money - main course, salad, cake and soft drink came in at under €20.

Decor is bright and colourful with background music that is cheerful without being overpowering. All in all, a good find and definitely somewhere I'll go again if I have the opportunity.

Pros: Large portions, Cake!, Friendly English-speaking staff

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Yummy food, pleasant atmosphere - Edit

This is one of my favourite vegan restaurants in my hometown! :) It is very comfortable and always calm there even if it is close to one of the biggest shopping streets in Vienna! :)

You can choose between two small rooms or a table outside :) The portions of the food make you really full :) They have a normal choice of vegan/vegetarian dishes and they are all really well cooked and seasoned in my opinion :) But the cakes, which change oftentimes, are the best there! :)

And the staff is also always very friendly!

Pros: Low/Fair prices for yummy food, Pleasent atmosphere, Friendly staff

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Not totally my cup of tea, but still done well - Edit

I first tried to go to Landia a year ago, and after schlepping around Vienna for quite a while trying to find it's slightly obscure location, I arrived only to be told that they were shutting early due to a lack of custom. However, on my next trip to Vienna, I managed to go again after much effort (it really is a bit tough to find), and found it in a much healthier situation.

The staff were very friendly, and patient with our poor attempts to pronounce things in German and our need to have certain bits of the menu explained to us. The food itself was...well, I feel that I can't be too harsh on it, as I am coming to the realisation that I'm simply not a big fan of central European cuisine. A lot of the food is vegetarian and vegan equivalents of traditional dishes from this part of the world, like goulash and schnitzel. In that sense, they were perfectly successful, I just find much of the local food a bit bland it seems. To reiterate, the problem is with me, not them, I think Landia did a good job of what it was trying to do.

Excepting my taste issues, the place was very nice, a cosy atmosphere, friendly staff, good beer, and a reasonable price. If you're up for potatoes, breadcrumbs, cheese and 'ham', this seems like a fine choice.

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nice vegetarian cafe - Edit

Vegetarian and vegan cafe with soups, salads, main dishes i.e. pita bread, falafel, noodles, veg curry, desserts.

Pros: nice food, nice staff, good location

Cons: small choice

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great place for vegans - Edit

We had a celebration there, and the staff was super friendly. They made a vegan menu for us with a choice of cordon bleu or Zwiebelrostbraten (Austrian speciality: pan-fried seitan and onion gravy). The servings were huge, and I don't think I've ever had a better vegan meal at a restaurant. Also: vegan cocktails!

Pros: super friendly, great food, vegan cocktails

Cons: a bit hard to find (but we managed)

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Good vegan selection of typical Austrian food - Edit

I am not a great fan of veganized meat dishes but wanted to try out this place. I had "Gulasch mit Semmelknödel" (goulash with bread dumplings) which was good but nothing special and a very yummy cake. I also also tried from the cake my friend had which was excellent too. The atmosphere is nice and the waiter was very friendly. Overall Landia left a good impression on me but will not become my favorite.

Pros: mostly vegan dishes, friendly staff

Cons: focus on meat substitutes

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Fine restaurant - Edit

Good menu, most meals are vegan or have vegan options. I do not drink wine but they offer a huge range of it.
Food is delicious, atmosphere is fine and some vegan cakes

Pros: delicious food, nice atmosphere, good prices

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Awesome cooking! - Edit

Every dish can be made vegan! -> big selection
Very friendly staff, and instead of just frying some veggies, served with rice, they have dishes that really make me think "Wow, I couldn't have made that myself"!

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Typical austrian dishes vegan-style - Edit

The restaurant is located close to the city's main shopping street, i was tired of all the bustle there and so i decided to go for this place.

It took me some time to find though, it's not too easy to find if you're not a local.

I like the style of the restaurant, it has lots of small nice tables, some are even outside the restaurant. You choose by menu card where you get offered several typical austrian meals vegan-style. I chose the "rinderrostbraten" with dumplings.
The taste was quite good, but nothing special.

The restaurant itself is mixed vegan-vegetarian.

Pros: close to mariahilferstraße

Cons: difficult to find for non-locals

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Favourite in Vienna - Edit

I only found this on my last visit in November 2010. Excellent vegan choice and good quality cooking, sort of gastro pub vibe, ie waiter service but relaxed ambience with a central bar you could also stand at and have a beer. Well worth the slight walk, even in November, and area is safe and pleasant. Looks impossible on Google Maps, but there's a pedestrian passage (past a health shop!) from Neubaugasse onto Ahornergasse. As almost everywhere in Vienna, cuisine is primarily mock-meat orientated.

Pros: Food quality, Vegan Choice, Helpful service

Cons: 20 minute walk beyond the Ring

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Local Foods Veganized - Edit

Our Viennese friends took us here, so we didn't have to worry about finding it! The people are really friendly and did speak some English, but it's really best to learn some food words anyway as a travelling vegan.

My husband got the Cordon Bleu seitan, just one of the best vegan main dishes we've ever had. Amazing. I had a schnitzel thing. Also fantastic. Can't remember the sides, but they were good too. Our friend got the celeriac breaded cutlet, which was incredible. Good beer selection, but only one on tap. Prices are super-reasonable, especially for Vienna. And vegan desserts! The chocolate coconut cake was very good, but not super-rich or gooey.

Pros: FOOD, Prices, Clean & Friendly

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Quite sweet - Edit

Tucked away in a side street off one of Viennas less touristy, but equally busy, districts. Very pleasant staff, one of the two spoke very good English. We choose two seitan-filled pittas which were delicious and filling. Extensive range of drinks and all for a reasonable price (cheap for vienna).

+ Vegan cakes!

We wish this place was in London

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Very nice place - Edit

It's a really nice place. Not easy to find when it's quite dark though.
The food is delicious and not expensive at all.
We had the meal of the day which costed almost 7 euros. It was couscous with a lot of vegetables. We also had a dessert. Chocolate cake (3 euros) and a sort of cookie cake (4euros).
They are really friendly and speak English very well.
The only con was that you can still smoke in there (in a seperate part of the place).

Pros: price, food, service

Cons: smoking area

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Delicious and friendly - Edit

There is no English menu here and only one person speaks English. However, you can get "menu" or plate of the day without much German. It's big and delicious, and usually vegan (if you ask, vegan is vegan in German :). They have a delicious hemp beer (Hanfbier), and the desserts are great, especially the blueberry pie with almonds MMMMM (also vegan). The food leans towards Indian, but also has some traditional Austrian things like fried onion. They will make almost anything vegan here. It's also affordable. Plate of the day with a beer and a dessert runs you only 12 euro (pretty cheap in Vienna).

Pros: Delicious, Good value

Cons: Smoking allowed on one side, No English menu

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/roxette521">roxette521</a> <br/>Plate of the day with salad, lentil curry, vegetable stew and rice <br/> January 8, 2010  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/3317'>Report</a>

Plate of the day with salad, lentil curry, vegetab...

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/roxette521">roxette521</a> <br/>Vegan chocolate-coconut cake <br/> January 8, 2010  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/3316'>Report</a>

Vegan chocolate-coconut cake

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/roxette521">roxette521</a> <br/>inside - the Non-Smoking side <br/> January 8, 2010  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/3315'>Report</a>

inside - the Non-Smoking side

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Great food, relaxing place, perfect! - Edit

Landia is a great place. The food is lovely. I remember we tried the Landia pita with aubergine and saitan which was delicious and a soup. We tried the lassis (mango and raspberry) which were very tasty as well, though rather like milk than like lassi.
We paid around 18€ for two people including drinks, so not bad for Vienna.
There is a non-smoking area! So good.

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/wildfang">wildfang</a> <br/>Pita Landia <br/> February 13, 2010  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/3658'>Report</a>

Pita Landia

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/wildfang">wildfang</a> <br/>vegan Cordon Bleu <br/> February 13, 2010  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/3657'>Report</a>

vegan Cordon Bleu

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Austrian, Vegan - Edit

Great little place. Menu is very Austrian with gulash, schnitzel, sausages etc almost everything is vegan or can be made vegan. Food very tasty and service was great :)

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/Powerbex">Powerbex</a> <br/>Vegan Schnitzel with salad <br/> November 30, 2009  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/3039'>Report</a>

Vegan Schnitzel with salad

Photo of Landia  by <a href="/members/profile/Powerbex">Powerbex</a> <br/>Lentil Balls with pumpkin and potato wedges <br/> November 30, 2009  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/18004/3038'>Report</a>

Lentil Balls with pumpkin and potato wedges

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