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Reep 14, Oost-Vlaanderen (at Vlaanderenstraat), Ghent, Belgium, 9000

Sept 2015 reopened. Ghent vegan restaurant run by a worker's cooperative. All-you-can-eat vegan buffet includes soup, cold and warm foods, and dessert. Open Tue-Fri 11:30am-10:30pm, Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, Sun 6:00pm-10:30pm.

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Reviews (48)

First Review by Nickysr

Amazing - Edit

I finally went and boy am i glad i did. I found a new favorite restaurant in Ghent, every city should have an all vegan buffet. The food was SO GOOD they had this chickpea curry that was just delicious, also the best veganaise i've ever tasted. And the deserts 😍 make sure to bring cash tho, no cards accepted.

Pros: Great value, Perfect for bringing non-vegans, Super tasty

Cons: Cash only

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Vegan buffet is amazing - Edit

Last time I visited Komkommertijd I was just as amazed as the first time. I usually have trouble with portions because I find the best restaurants tend to serve for taste rather than 'having eaten' a good amount. Komkommertijd takes away these worries and gets you the best of two worlds. For the children who don't like to eat their vegetables, there's was a steady stream of loempia's coming in. For those who dared venture into the unknown, everyone was content. This is a good way to get introduced to a variety of unknown dishes as you can take as little as you like.
Highly recommended, suitable for big groups if you plan ahead.

Pros: Buffet, great variety, suitable for groups

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Great food and ambiance! - Edit

I loved this place! The food is very good, healthy and jummy! I couldn't stop getting more and more food. Until I felt like a cow. I could eat here every day if I would live in gent. I also like the ambiance. It's very cozy with a big chimney and nice background music. You have to come here with an empty stomach. Highly recommended.

Pros: Jummy food

Cons: None!

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Popular place, you'd better reserve (and bring cash)! - Edit

Visited in October 2016.

As mentioned in other reviews, Komkommertijd is a buffet restaurant, which means that you can fill your plates again and again. By the way, drinks are not included in the buffet.

In peak times they may be a time limit for each party (1 hour or so); however, it's more than enough for you to get stuffed with yummy vegan food.
Thus, I'd recommend you to reserve a table just to be sure.
Oh, and also bring cash, as they don't seem to accept credit cards.

The dishes were a mix of indian curries, salads, soups, deep fried vegetables and grains, so there was a good variety I must say. I noticed that as some dishes finished, new ones would arrive.

Some of the dishes were a bit spicy for my taste; but it was still enjoyable.
One thing they could improve would be the offer of desserts. On the day we visited they had some coconut pound cake which was ok, but they could've had something else.

In summary, it's a great value (€16!), so if you are in Ghent, I'd recommend you to try it.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-04

Pros: vegan buffet, great value

Cons: none

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Very good!! - Edit

We were there two years ago (I opened a happycow account just now). It was very good. Lovely place, and the food was not what you usually find in a restaurant, but rather healthy and very tasty food, in a buffet style.

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Delicious food but not favorite place - Edit

I went to Komkommertijd with my non-vegan family and we all loved the food. There was a lot of variety and you could go as many times as you want. It's really nice that this place offers traditional vegan food like rice, stews, curry and pasta, the only thing I can remark on the food is that they used quite a lot of oil, so it was not really as healthy as I hoped. Overall the food was really delicious and I liked every dish, especially the spring rolls, lentil curry and chocolate cake!

What really surprised me was that our dog was not welcome inside while this was not mentioned on the website. The staff wasn't friendly and understanding about it and this is something I would not expect in a vegan place.

Pros: Delicious traditional vegan food, Good price-quallity , All you can eat

Cons: Dogs not allowed, Unfriendly staff, A lot of oil

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Very nice place - Edit

I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the best food experiences in Ghent. The place is smart with a relaxed warm atmosphere, the food is very tasty and plentiful. And the service is attentive. I had one of the best slices of cakes I have ever had, it was very simple, but just the right combination of Apple, chocolate and cinnamom.

Pros: Food, Atmosphere, Service

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Great food! - Edit

When I think of a buffet, the words 'nauseous, fluorescent lighting and cheap seating arrangement comes to mind. Well, Komkommertijd is nothing like that! The place has a good vibe, the staff is friendly, your plate and cutlery doesn't look cheap and I sure as hell haven't had a stomach ache afterwards. The food was really good. The kitchen kept it coming, so there was plenty for everybody. 16 euros per person - all you can eat. You need to reserve a table because it was all sold out (saturday evening) - even if you're on your own.

Pros: Cheap, Great ambiance, Good food

Cons: Closed for lunch on saturday

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Tasty buffet - Edit

Delicious buffet with 8 warm options, a soup, salads and desserts for a reasonable price (16 euros in the evenings and weekends).
The options were varied: vegetables, starchy food, legumes, tofu, etc.
The staff was very nice. I have only been there once so I don't know how often the dishes vary.

Pros: tasty food, Options are varied, Staff

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Lovely buffet - Edit

Went to this lovely all you can eat buffet with my meat eating dad and sister and we all loved it! Great range of food from spring rolls, pasta, salad, stews and soup. All finished off with lovely chocolate cake and fruit. You can go up as many times as you like and the food is always being topped up! It was so busy in the late evening so we had to eat outside but it was a lovely courtyard and the waiter was really friendly and offered us a seat indoors when it was less busy. Highly recommended!

Pros: Great choice of food, Friendly staff

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First time - Edit

We had a take away meal from komkommertijd about a month ago. I really enjoyed it! I tried to put everything in the foodcontainer, so i could try all of the food.
We paid 2 euro's to much, but we were to exited to care about that.
The women behind the bar was unfriendly and not customer-oriented..
Updated from previous review on Friday October 16, 2015

Pros: New food to try

Cons: Little container for food, unfriendly staff

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Nice atmosphere, fresh food - Edit

I have been with my husband and our 2 dogs. Pets are only allowed in the veranda. The choice of food was excellent, warm and cold selection and some dessert too. Everything was delicious, very simple and fresh. Recommended

Pros: large choice, cold and warm selection, pet friendly veranda

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good - Edit

dinner with my husband at nighttime, super delicious buffet, they fill it up regularly, so you can taste it all. the place is a bit cramped tho, and obviously its a popular place, so there's always filled up, only downside to it. service is good :)

Pros: big buffet, variation in buffet, good for the price

Cons: always many people, little cramped

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Very good! - Edit

I've been there 2 months ago with my husband.
We both found their buffet really good: simple and really tasty vegan food! Everything prepared with good taste and with just the right amount of oil. The drinks choice is very nice, too.

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Tasty and plentiful buffet - Edit

I went to Komkommertijd twice over Easter weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the food. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet, and you pay when you're leaving. The dishes were all vegetable based and there's soup, hot dishes, a cold salad bar and dessert (one cake, plus fruit). Everything was fresh and delicious, with the exception of the soup which was a little bland.

Our only complaints were that we couldn't reserve via email, only by phone (which is pricey from the UK), and it was absolutely packed both times we went, so booking really is necessary. And we asked for tap water, but were told we could only have a glass if we ordered another drink first. I've never encountered that policy before and thought it was very poor.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly service

Cons: No tap water, Difficult to book

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simply the best - Edit

This was my first meal in Belgium, and when I left Gent for Brussels, I seriously considered taking the 30 minute to 1 hour train ride back just to have another meal here.
I sat down to eat at lunch, but I would recommend getting the containers togo, it is more cost effective and you don't have to over stuff yourself to feel like a good deal, coast wise. The soup was amazing. Overall taste of the hot food was savory, many creams I questioned were vegan and did not eat.

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Have Seen Better - Edit

Staff wasn't really helpful, at a certain point I felt that i'm bothering the guy. He didn't even take the time to explain how things are going over there so I ended up paying for food that I didn't even eat. Next to that, place is just too expensive for how it looks and what they offer.

Pros: Location

Cons: Price , Unfriendly staff

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Selection of lovely, reasonably priced vegan food - Edit

I'd done my research before leaving for Belgium, and this place was underlined twice in my planner as I'd figured we could get a takeout box and go eat at beautiful Korenlei. That's what we did! It was a lovely, sunny day so we skipped the €13 all-you-can-eat and headed outside as soon as possible. There were two boxes to choose from, one for €6 and a slightly bigger one for 8. We went for the small one and headed for the buffet. I filled my box with some bean&betroot stew, some garlicky, creamy potatoes, a seitan&veggie dish, some plain rice and as many sweet potato fries as I could get my hands on, all sprinkled with mixed seeds. My friend (not a veggie) also got some vegetables spring rolls which, she assured, tasted fab. We were very satisfied and, in my opinion, the price was reasonable as the rich dishes kept me full til the late afternoon. I would recommend this to anyone, veggie or not, and I hope I can visit again in the future!
The only thing I'd mention is that it's not right in the city centre, an 8 minute brisk walk from when we'd decided to eat, so the food did cool down a bit. But it's something I'll accept. :)
Updated from previous review on Monday February 09, 2015

Pros: healthy, nice choice, reasonably priced

Cons: location

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Good and healthy food! - Edit

I was in Gent during the 'Gentse feesten', which made having a healthy dinner a struggle. I was happy to find out that gent is considered a veggie friendly town (the tourist info even provided a 'veggie map' with several vegan restaurants). Many vegan and veg-friendly restaurants were closed for the summer, but not Komkommertijd. We arrived 10 minutes before opening and soon a queue developed in front of the door. We did not not make a reservation, but luckily there were still two or three tables available. The buffet is simple and not to big, but there was definitely enough to choose from: a salad bar with lettuce, beans, sprouts, and other raw vegetables and dressing. The warm buffet consisted of lentils with zucchini, kidney beans with squash, rice, stuffed tomatoes, spring rolls and the best dish: little fried multigrain croquettes. There was a lemon cake for dessert, really good but a bit too sweet. This was definitely worth 16 euros. We had a great and nourishing evening!

Pros: Healthy food, Affordable, Firndly staff

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Food that makes you happy - Edit

There's big difference between traditional cooks preparing vegan food and vegan/vegetarian cooks. At this restaurant you find real vegan food, lovely prepared and the all you can eat buffet is very nice, also when you're not eating huge portions. There's also a take away possibility. If I would live nearby, I would pop in a lot to take away my lunch or dinner.
I always feel instantly what the food does with me. In this restaurant it had a beneficial effect on my body and that makes me happy.

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Very nice experience - Edit

Went for dinner, no reservations, while visiting Ghent, and had no problem getting a table. There was a lot of buffet options to pick from, and there were all really tasty. The restaurant itself is really nice, which I was not expecting. Very filling too.

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Smorgasboard Vegan Restaurant - Edit

Lucky that I came by myself on a Saturday evening, otherwise, it was a full-house. Love the organic house-wine and service was very prompt.

Pros: Quality and selection of food, Selection of organic local wines, Price

Cons: Some staff was curt and unfriendly, Opening hours

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A vegan oasis city of chip stalls - Edit

A vegan buffet that was almost good enough to remind me of the legendary Heathers restaurant in Deptford. A soup and several hot mains with lots of healthy salads and creamy things to put on top followed by a piece of cake. And most importantly a buffet you can refill at till your belt needs slackening which is good because the price isn't cheap but is worth it. We Pogo Cafe folk were impressed and look forward to visiting Komkom again.

Updated from previous review on Sunday April 08, 2012

Returned on the 2nd March 2013 and Komkommertijd again fed us an excellent meal. They use a lovely rice/spelt/hazlenut milk mix that I've never tried before instead of soya milk in tea. And I discovered they are a co-operative :) If you want to eat on a Saturday night its worth booking in advance!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday March 06, 2013

Ate till I was stuffed at Komko again on Sat13th April and again very impressed. Some of my comrades thought the food too "samey" not enough variety amongst the hot dishes. And others thought the chocolate cake too sweet! Too harsh a critique in my opinion. I'll certainly return, though its a shame there is no other vegan outlet open in the evening in Gent!

Pros: A refill buffet, Healthy and tasty, Really good mayonaise

Cons: Closes early (10.30pm), Parking not easy!

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Amazing Buffet!! - Edit

Visited on 09/03/2014. This is probably the best buffet I've had. Every dish was super tasty. It is (understandably) very poplar, we went on a Sunday night and had to come back half an hour later to get a table, it's worth booking ahead. We had been warned that some staff at Komkommertijd could be a bit unfriendly/rude, I am happy to report that we found the total opposite. The chap who served us was very friendly and helpful, he explained how everything worked and spoke perfect English. The buffet itself is €16, all you can eat, beer and wine were €4 a pop. Don't let the fact that the restaurant is an 'all you can eat' put you off, the surroundings are elegant - if a little brightly lit. There is a nice courtyard to eat in during the day or when the weather is a bit warmer.

Pros: Superb food, Friendly staff, Good value for money

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Great place and food - Edit

One of the best all-you-can-eat vegan buffet places around. The food is really tasty - and while it's never the most elegant dining experience loading your plate up with things that probably don't go together but all look too good not to try, Komkommertijd does its best to get a vibe that's alternative enough to attract people who don't want too much formality but also smart enough for a nice night out. A vegan wine list is a big plus, as are the premises, which are spacious and clean. Deservedly gets very busy so definitely worth ringing up during the day - they will happily take a reservation in English. A must go to for at least one of your nights in Ghent.

Pros: Vegan , All you can eat, Selection of vegan wine

Cons: All you can eat

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come hungry - Edit

I've noticed some reviews said the food was bland, I went twice and one night it was a mix of bland and really tasty but the second night it was all fantastic. Really nice atmosphere considering it's a buffet. Very good with kids since there is no waiting and they can choose what to eat.

Pros: great staff, tasty food, good value

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Probably wouldn't go again - Edit

I was really excited at the words "all you can eat vegan buffet." This didn't live up to my expectations. I found only a few dishes from the buffet were really good, and overall, I thought a lot of the stuff was just kind of unappetising (for instance, there was a nice tasting curry, but it had pineapple pieces in it, and I'm pretty sure they were just the canned ones). The flavours weren't really to my liking and (maybe it's just because of the kind of person I am) I didn't really feel like the environment was that comfortable. That said, there was some of the best cake I've had in a long, long time there. I don't know how they got the texture so good, but that and the delicious apple flavour were really great.

Pros: Good deal in terms of price, Lots of choice, Very good dessert

Cons: Many dishes lacklustre, Staff not very friendly, Out of the way

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Western style vegan buffet - Edit

It is important to book at Komkommertijd, we arrived one afternoon without a booking to be turned away, but have since been back after booking a table in advance. This place is very popular. The food was average, definitely not particularly gourmet, but I enjoyed it none the less. Notably, the soup was delicious, but the items on the main buffet weren't as tasty... That said I'm not really a fan of the whole buffet concept.

Pros: Good value if you are hungry

Cons: Need to book

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A gem of a place - Edit

Don't be put off by the outside of this place - once through the corridor it opens up to a small open courtyard with tables, beyond which is the modern restaurant. We hadn't booked but were shown to a table in the courtyard by what appeared to be the only member of serving staff, but who was working hard and we didn't have to wait long for our drinks. They have a good drinks and wine list. The beauty of the buffet is that you can have as much or as little as you like, and go back for seconds or thirds of your favourite dishes. There was a tasty mushroom soup to start with, if wanted, (but sadly no bread to go with it). There was a selection of about 4 hot main courses, which were labeled but I can't read Flemish - there was a type of tofu sweet and sour, a gorgeous potato and onion dish in a creamy sauce, also a chickpea curry with a lovely kick of spice. A choice of rice, vegetables and potatoes, also a good selection of fresh salad. For afters, squares of delicious fruit sponge cake. Everything was vegan. The food was hot and fresh, and as the restaurant was busy, with a good vibe, it was replenshed quickly with freshly cooked food. Yes, I did go back for seconds and thirds. It cost 15 Euros a head and we paid about 20 Euros for a bottle of wine. Compared to maga expensive Bruges, it was very reasonable, especially being an all you can eat. The chap serving was friendly, cheerful and efficient. Highly recommended.

Pros: Delicious food, All you can eat, Everything vegan

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Fun Place for Lunch - Edit

My wife and I went for lunch buffet. The restaurant is vibrant with a lot of students. The wait staff is fast and efficient. Food comes out of the kitchen at a fast pace.

The buffet has soup, salads, main courses, and dessert.
The soup and desserts were excellent. The main courses were good. We had a fun time and good food.

The restaurant is CASH only. Do not try to use a credit card.

Pros: Good Food, Fast Service, Pleasant Atmosphere

Cons: Cash Only

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Good, but not my favorite - Edit

This restaurant was packed when we went. We snatched the last table, which was crammed up against another diner. That's alright with me, but it may bother you.
The food was delicious, particularly the soup which was so creamy and amazing. Truly the best soup I've ever had, which is surprising because it seemed so simple!
With the popularity of the restaurant came the brash service. Also, I was more than a little peeved when I realized after the fact that our food would have been much, much cheaper if we had gotten it carry-out. We certainly would have preferred eating elsewhere anyways.
Good restaurant, but I'd go to other places first, especially if you're on a time crunch.

Pros: good food

Cons: cramped

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good value for money - Edit

Buffet: soup, several warm and cold plates (salads, nuts, olives and vegan sauce) and dessert (usually a piece of cake).
After finding a spot in the restaurant (often full house on the peak lunch and dinner hours) you serve yourself at the buffet - as many times as you want. The waiter serves the drinks. Pay at the counter.
You can also ask for a box and fill it yourself to take out.

There is a small terrace on the inner court yard, but not so nice there, as it just next to the toilets.

Really good value for money. Actually pretty cheap, especially if you have a big appetite and serve several times.
Sometimes the warm dishes can be a bit bland or overcooked, but there are always about 8 to choose from, so lots of variety. No haute cuisine though, but fair.

Pros: varied buffet, good value for money

Cons: sometimes bland warm dishes

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Cheap vegan food but variable quality - Edit

There are three totally vegan places in Gent and at 12.50 euros for an 'all you can eat' buffet it is not surprising that this place is very popular, even on a cold weekday in January. Fairly easy to find, just a few minutes walk from the cathedral, this place is attractive in design with friendly, english speaking staff. There is no menu you simply find a table, take a plate and choose what you want from the large selection of hot and cold buffet items, a soup and a dessert. The soup (I'm not sure what it was as nothing is listed in english) was delicious and I was looking forward to enjoying the rest of the food. However, the main courses were very basic vegan 'cook in bulk' stuff, a curry, chilli, cauliflower cheese etc. I hate running a place like this down but none of it tasted that good. I normally love curry and chilli but this stuff just had an odd taste, not even sure what it was but just tasted bland. The cauliflower was practically raw, there's nothing worse than overcooked cauli but you can go too far the other way. The cold salads were fine but on a damp/cold day I wanted hot food. Luckily the walnut cake for dessert was great. Overall, fine if you want 'cheap and cheerful' but there are better placesd in Gent to eat vegan and not really for a lot more money.

Pros: All vegan, Great cakes, English Speaking

Cons: Bland food, Can get busy

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Amazing! - Edit

Went here yesterday with my nearly-vegetarian boyfriend, 2 carnivores and 1 person that doesn't really like anything :')

The concept is great, a warm & cold all you can eat buffet. Enough to choose from and lots of variety, so there's basically always something you'll like. The food itself was lovely, everything tasted great, and it's only 15 euros!

The restaurant was full and I was thankful I made a reservation, I don't know how it is during the week but if you want to go during the weekend I think it's a good idea to make a reservation.

We've already planned to go back next time we're in Ghent ^^

Pros: Great food, Great concept, Very cheap

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I love komkommertijd! - Edit

My boyfriend and I went here, and were amazed by the huge selection in the buffet. We suffed our faces with all kinds of excellent and tasty vegan food, oh boy were we full! The staff was nice and helpful, and they speak english. Komkommertijd is the place to go if you want a huge meal at a cheap price. It doesn't get any better than this. Note that you should probably reserve in advance if you're having dinner there. I had lunch, and there was no trouble finding a free table.

Pros: Cheap, Friendly staff, Excellent food

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Very filling and delicious! - Edit

My boyfriend and I were in Ghent this past weekend and Komkommertijd happened to be just around the corner from the B&B we were staying at. The dishes were varied and delicious! We would definitely go again!

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

Cons: few desserts

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Great all you can eat vegan-buffet - Edit

Probably the best place to go in Belgium. I haven't met anyone who loved it until this day. You can take as much as you like from the warm and cold buffet, soup and dessert for a fixed very decent price. My all time favourite restaurant.

Pros: Great food, Great price

Cons: None so far

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Perfect food - Edit

I have only had one time that I didn't adore the food.
Every other time was beyond perfection.
The juices are really good, the desserts are famous and the main dishes are so good they have cost me way too many calories. :)
Go and be happy that you went.

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Excellent food every time! - Edit

Go to Komkommertijd if you want a big meal. The all-you-can-eat buffet includes soup and dessert. There are usually about 8 warm dishes and several cold ones to choose from. Usually there are loempias (spring rolls), stuffed tomatoes, dal, some type of rice, and various vegetable and tofu dishes. The dessert changes every day. It's usually some type of cake and can be very good. The staff has always been friendly to me, and I believe they all speak English. Reservations are not needed, but are a good idea for large groups.

Pros: All-you-can-eat vegan buffet, Delicious

Cons: Too hot in warm weather

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Yummy - Edit

This vegan resturant was lovely. The staff were very friendly and helpful as we didnt speak a word of Dutch. The food is delicious. There are a few mains and lots of salad. You could eat as much as you like for £10.

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cucumber time is over - Edit

In the komkommertijd, me and my boyfriend had the best vegan food we ever had in a restaurant. Everything was delicious, from the creative entrees to the sweet desserts. The komkommertijd became our favourite restaurant. We would take people to eat there and go there on special (and not so special) occasions. However, we had some bad experiences with extremely unfriendly staff. They were annoying because we didn't make a reservation (even though it was obvious we were the only customers that night) and just plain unfriendly. It made us feel uncomfortable and after a few times that this happened we decided not to go back. That made me sad, i guess it's not the only place in Gent for vegan food, but it's really the best one.

Pros: delicious food, great choice, self service

Cons: unfriendly staff

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XspeedyX 24 Aug 2008 - It happened to us one day too, but every other visit was perfect. I guess everyone has his off-days.

A gem of a place!! - Edit

Arriving in Ghent on Easter Sunday, we thought we would struggle to find anything open, never mind a vegan restaurant. How excited were we to discover this great little place, open and serving some of the best vegan food I have ever eaten!
With the most friendly staff and modern, crisp decor we really felt welcome.
The food is served buffet style and with six or so mains and a wonderful array of salads, we really indulged! A tofu and mushroom Stroganoff, Soya Bolognaise, Spinach and Potato curry, Nutty couscousand a Celeriac bake gave us so much choice we were up and down to the hotplates more times than we really should have! But as everything is vegan, we really were spoilt for choice and it seemed rude not to sample everything!
The staff were really chatty and fun and the food was fresh and really tasty.
The lemon sponge for dessert was possibly the most yummy pudding I have ever had.
One of the best vegan places I have had the pleasure of eating in. Perfect!!

Pros: Amazing food, buffet style, friendly staff

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