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Burger bar offering a range of vegetarian burgers served in bread rolls with lots of salad; also desserts including vegan waffles, fruit juices and hot drinks. Open Mon-Sat 11:00-21:00.

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First Review by Koi


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18 Oct 2023

Vegan waffles

Nice waffles. If you’re in Belgium and there are vegan waffles, you know you need to go there. Can’t go wrong here.



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21 Sep 2023

A good fast food restaurant

The food is decent (the burger was good, the sweet potato chips were just ok) and fast, the location is very central, the prices are ok. Not a highlight for me personally, but it’s still a good address if you are hungry and in the middle of the city. The guy at the counter was not over-friendly but maybe it was just my impression.

Pros: Very central, Good burgers, Prices are fair

Cons: The chips were not great


Points +91

02 Sep 2023

Good and fast

Tasty World is good for a fast dinner. The burgers were tasty and quickly done, the fries were okay. The shakes were good - if you like surprises you should try the recommended shake. It was really nice! It might be obvious, but note that it's more of a fast food restaurant, so be prepared to eat with your hands.

Pros: Fast, Friendly staff, Surprise Shake

Cons: Could be a bit cleaner


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02 Aug 2023

Tasty world

Por fin un sitio con waffles veganos! Riquísimo 🤤


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21 Jul 2023

Okay waffles

Restaurant is almost 100% vegan. The waffles were already cooked so they weren’t the freshest. Also the toppings were just syrup.


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16 Jul 2023

Vegan waffles!

Given we were in Belgium, it felt important to have waffles. The vegan waffle here was delicious!

Pros: Vegan waffle, Sauces, Ice-cream


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27 May 2023

Prima wafels

Mijn vriend en ik bestelden een Luikse wafel met banaan, vanilleijs en twee zoete sauzen. Het was smakelijk en zag er goed uit, maar het was niet van bijzondere kwaliteit.

Pros: Meerdere zoete vegan opties, Je kunt zelf kiezen hoe je je gerecht samenstelt

Cons: Kwaliteit niet fantastisch


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18 Apr 2023

Burned buns

I ordered a burger and got buns that were complete burned, and I mean burned black. Staff clearly was not interested if you serve this to any customer. Very disappointing.

Cons: Burned food, Uninterested personel


Points +513

27 Mar 2023

Delicious vegan waffle 🧇

Delicious vegan waffle in Ghent 🧇 several vegan options available and possible to eat inside.

Pros: Many vegan option, Tasty, Friendly


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27 Jan 2023

Not impressed

The food tasted fine (though nothing special) and was cheaper than many other vegan options in town. However the person assisting us was unfriendly and the seating area was dirty (stained cushions) and shabby. Disappointing especially since I was initially happy to support at least a fully vegetarian cafe.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-27

Pros: Cheaper than other vegan options in town, Fast

Cons: Unfriendly staff, Run down and dirty, Basic burgers and chips


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06 Jan 2023

Good burgers

Burgers were tasty, fries were average. The soda was nothing special


Points +192

19 Oct 2022

Most things are Vegan!

The most things are Vegan. Good for fast and cheap eating. Really good burgers!

Pros: Fast, Good flavours, Good protions


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03 Oct 2022

Nice pancakes and milkshake

We ordered from a machine with three different languages (English, French and Dutch) We both ordered pancakes, I had caramel topping, ice cream and bananas. My partner had chocolate and whipped cream. They were more like crepes than pancakes but we enjoyed them. We also shared a large strawberry milkshake. This was nice and not sickly sweet. The large was definitely large.


Points +18

01 Oct 2022

Not so tasty

Unfortunately the two burgers and fries we had really tasted bad in our opinion. The vegan mayo had a vanilla flavor, the fries tasted boring and the burgers Patties were sofort and mushy.
No recommendation from our point of view.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-01

Pros: Central , Friendly owner

Cons: Tastes bad , Boring fries, Plastic cups, burgers rapped in paper


Points +93

30 Aug 2022

Various vegan dishes

I had the vegan kapsalon which was so-so. The owner(?) was friendly and the atmosphere nice. There even seems to be a cat. I didn't find the kapsalon especially tasty. The fries were quite soggy and the portion wasn't too large. BUT it was quite cheap. What I didn't understand: I got disposable wooden cutlery even though I ate at a table. This seems like quite a waste and made it hard to eat (the wooden knife isn't very sharp for example).

Still, I would come again and try other dishes (and ask for metal cutlery)

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Nice staff , Cheap

Cons: Bland taste , Wooden cutlery


Points +49

29 Jul 2022

Lekker eten, vuil restaurant

Het vegan kapsalon was heel lekker. De zoete frietjes paste er goed bij en de seitan was lekker gemarineerd. Groentjes proefde ook heel vers. MAAR het was vuil binnen. De zetel was duidelijk nog nooit gestofzuigd of gepoetst alsook de muren niet en de keuken zag er ook niet fris uit...

Pluspunten de restaurant kat was ons heel lief komen begroeten


Points +544

27 Jul 2022

Delicious but not 5 stars

We came here for a Hot Dog, unfortunately Hot Dogs weren’t made that day. So we had a salad and a Kinder Burger. Both were delicious however the atmosphere was not that cozy overall. For a quick snack it’s fine


Points +140

23 Jul 2022

Best vegan place in Ghent

Their vegan kapsalon and vegan Belgian waffles are an honest dream!

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-23


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10 Jun 2022

Nice food

Tasty world is a nice place to sit. We visited for lunch and had a waffle with soy whipped cream and a kapsalon. We also had a smoothie. All were super nice and tasty. The kapsalon had awesome cheese on it.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-10

Pros: Fully vegan restaurant, Nice dishes to choose from

Cons: Not super cheap


Points +109

25 May 2022

Great vegan burgers

A lot of vegan burgers. We had the quinoa burger and the mushroom/vegan cheese burger. With sweet potato fries, Made in the airfryer. Very tasty. A lot of fresh pressed juices, lemonade and smoothies too


Points +239

12 May 2022

Quel plaisir de découvrir cet endroit !

Très bon, vegan, un chat, personnel accueillant.. Que demander de plus ? 💚

Pros: Le chat 🐈, Pas loin du château , Horaire pratique


Points +985

01 May 2022

Seitan was good

The seitan was good, unfortunately the rest of the wrap was rather boring. Not a lot of taste and no nice bite. Portions were on the small side


Points +691

16 Apr 2022

Ein günstiger Snack

Zunächst wird sich nicht wirklich an die Öffnungszeiten gehalten. Wir waren kurz nach Ladenöffnung dort und niemand war da - etwa eine halbe Stunde hatten wir dann "Glück".

Wir hatten eine Waffel und Pfannkuchen. Die Waffel war okay aber nichts besonderes. Einer der beiden Pfannkuchen war angebrannt.

Letztlich war es sehr günstig.

Pros: Günstig, Option zum Draußensitzen

Cons: Desinteressierter Service, Wenige Toppings


Points +163

13 Mar 2022

Awful waffles

We were hopeful that we could finally find some legendary (vegan) Belgian waffles here, but it was such a letdown. First they have half a dozen toppings on the menu, but they were out of everything except powdered sugar! The waffles were premade and in a case on the counter, which was a red flag, but tried them anyway. One bite and my partner blurted out "these are objectively terrible!" They were dense and doughy (her's even looked uncooked inside), no hint of crispiness, and bland flavor. We had a smoothie too, which helped me get down the dry, doughy waffle, but it was not otherwise remarkable. Maybe other items are good but sadly I wouldn't go again. The waffle mission continues!


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02 Mar 2022

Lots of salty and sweet vegan options

I liked its wide range of vegan options (kebab, falafel, burguers, waffles, smoothies...). Even if they weren't the best I had tasted, they were pretty good.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Well located in the city, Cozy atmosphere


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12 Feb 2022

Not great

Some of the food was really not that good. The kebab was very chewy and didn't taste good. The burger was okay but lacked flavour and was a bit too greasy. The fries were good but the mayonaise with them didn't taste like anything.

Pros: Decent meal

Cons: Bad hygiene, Moderate food


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22 Jan 2022

great vegan kapsalon!

offer only vegan good?

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