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Geldmunt 32, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Organic vegetarian restaurant where, as of 2016, all food is now vegan except for coffee with dairy milk option. Serves soup, quiche, pasta, lasagna, salad, daily dish, and dessert. Reported closed, Jul 2017.

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26 Reviews

First Review by Koi

amazing food - Edit

We ate here on Saturday lunchtime. I had the platter which was simply amazing. My husband had the lasagne which was equally as good. We couldn't manage desert but we took away a piece of tarte tatin. Unfortunately this place is due to close in a few weeks which is such a shame as I understand it is built up a really really good following. Lovely terrace outside. Wish it was near me I would go so deserves the rave reviews it gets

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Best vegan(-friendly?) restaurant in Ghent - Edit

This place is amazing. This is truly fine cuisine. Everything was prepared with such care, the flavours were distinguished and the portion was exactly right. I feel that this place might be the best and most efficient full-service restaurant there is in Ghent.

Pros: Great cuisine, Full portion, Lovely setting

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Best vegan place ever - Edit

I visited Avalon over 50 times already and they did not disappoint once.
Friendly staff, honest and vegan food, delicious soup, cosy, childproof and best sugarfree desserts ever! This is a must taste when you are in Ghent!

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Delicious desserts

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Great Lunch Place in Ghent - Edit

Visited in October 2016.

Avalon is nowadays 99.0% vegan; as, according to the staff everything but the coffee with milk is free from animal-based ingredients (hope someday soon they'll stop serving milk).

In their menu they have plates such as a seitan stew, a lasagna or a daily plate. Price is around €18; but I think it's fair.
We had the daily plate and the seitan, and both were yummy.

Staff was friendly and attentive; and the atmosphere was nice too. Too bad it only opens for lunch.

Avalon is located behind the Castle of the Counts, so if you get a window seat, you'll get a nice castle view too. :)

All-in-all, it's a great place to go if you're in Ghent.
If they were fully vegan, they'd get 5 stars...

Pros: location, service, yummy

Cons: not fully vegan

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great vegan restaurant - Edit

i had a great experience at Avalon's. it seems that it changed to be a vegan restaurant.
the place is just so cosy with an interior terrace really peaceful. The food was amazing. I had a mix of many vegan "incontournable".

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NOT vegan - Edit

I came to Avalon because happy cow marked it as vegan so I didn't double check when I ordered. Afterwards my boyfriend ordered a coffee and it came with cows milk...makes me questions whether my meal was actually vegan.

I checked the menu and it says vegetarian so I don't know why it is marked as vegan on Happy cow :(

Pros: good soup and bread

Cons: NOT VEGAN, expensive, bad salad

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Pilongi 09 Sep 2016 - From their menu, translated from Dutch :
'All our meals are sugar and lactose free. Only with the coffee you will get cow milk or a plant based alternative, on request.'

I asked a waitress once and she said customers complained when they got plant based milk so now they give cow milk by default. Which is confusing when you think of it as a vegan restaurant.

In any case, the food is vegan and I like it.

Expect a descent meal for a descent price, ask for plant based milk when you order a coffee.  

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RestaurantAvalon 20 Sep 2016 - Hi there! Just to reassure you, all our dishes are prepared 100% vegan and sugarfree, also with a gluten free option if asked. As you remarked, we do serve milk with the coffee, but never use it in any of our preparations. We do offer soy, rice, oat and spelt milk on request. We are sorry you were confused about it!
For the love of good food,
Restaurant Avalon  

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Loved it - Edit

We were lucky enough to visit when Ghent Festival was on so the restaurant was open in the evening. Nice terrace to sit out and enjoy the warm weather and lovely food. I had a seitan stew which came with loads of sides and it was all delicious. Dessert was a trifle, which want quite what I'd call a trifle in the British sense but was tasty nonetheless. Very enjoyable.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-01

Pros: All vegan with good choice, Outside terrace, Welcoming service

Cons: Not always open late evening

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Love the terrace! - Edit

Beautiful green patio!

Prices are around €16. The stew had a nice taste : )

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Excellent - Edit

Avalon has been around for a while now and offers a real vegan restaurant experience - not just a few snacks, but a complete menu. The place is cosy and the staff is very friendly.
Assuredly the first place to test in Gent.

Pros: Dish of the day varies, Friendly staff, Cosy atmosphere

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Really Delicious - Edit

We had lunch at Avalon today. It was really delicious and the staff was nice. The price is okay, espacially because it is local organic food. In addition the restaurant looks really cozy and the people I saw seemed to be really friendly and down-to-earth. So if you visiting Gent have lunch at Avalon, you will not regret it!

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Just really good food - Edit

I don't have to use much words to rate this restaurant: the food is really good, fresh and every bite is a tastebomb in your mouth. Prices are good.

If you want to be certain that there's a choice in menu, come early as some of the dishes may be sold out if you're late.

Pros: Tasty food, Lasagna!, Good price

Cons: Only open for lunch

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Yummy vegan lunch - Edit

Had a lovely wholesome vegan lunch. Two options either lasagne or daily dish, i opted for the daily dish which consisted of chilli, polenta, roast squash, fritter & celeriac slaw all lovely and filling but not too big for pudding! I had the chocolate mousse which was also yummy. Friendly staff and nice decor.

Pros: Good presentation, Wholesome food

Cons: Need more options

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Find food in Ghent - Edit

Avalon was one of our culinary highlights of Ghent - I can't understand why it's only open at lunchtimes! It was full when we visited, so I'd recommend booking a table. Despite how busy it was, service was fast and friendly and it was a nice relaxed dining experience.

The food was really fresh, and everything was colourful and well-balanced. I had bourginon seitan, and my partner had the vegetable pie - both were delicious. We also had the desserts, which weren't quite in the same league as the mains. We also got a tiny pot of chocolate mousse with our cups of tea, which earns it the full five stars!

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Great for lunch - Edit

It’s difficult to understand why Avalon don’t want to make use of their nice premises (which would suit an evening meal), and talented chef(s) to open more hours. As it is, unless during the festival, they only open at lunchtimes, and even then only on 5 days. The service and atmosphere were great. We had a pleasant but unremarkable onion soup (slighly thin), but then an exceptionally good dagschotel (which translates as dish of the day but in Flanders and the Nethelands is really a combination of small amounts of many different items put together by the chef to work as a whole. Avalon’s was really unusual, perfectly cooked and well presented, and made us very glad that we had finally managed to find oursleves in the centre of Ghent at lunchtime. Would definitely go back.
Updated from previous review on Sunday October 05, 2014

Pros: Good cooking, Nice premises, Central

Cons: Limited opening hours

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Fantastic Vegan lunch today - Edit

Our party of 4 travelling from US located this place via Happy Cow.They had 4 daily specials but one was sold out (@about 1:30 PM)so we ordered 3 specials for the table and a large bowl of freshly made soup.Interesting chai latte pudding. She spoke perfect english.
Place was fairly full but waitrees spent a lot of time answering questions.We left with her reccomendation for dinner.

Pros: nice atmosphere,stove , wall tiles, large portions,varied flavors, local organic ingredients

Cons: not a problem but is ""CASH ONLY

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Great Veggie Restaurant - Edit

This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants I have been to in Belgium. Prices were reasonable for the quality of the food, and the servings were generous. They were super busy when we went, but the service was still prompt and staff were attentive. The vegan chocolate cake they had was really really good, and what's more, there were 3 vegan dessert items.

Pros: Extensive Menu, Nice location, Vegan desserts!

Cons: Can be very busy- book ahead

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Creative and tasty - Edit

My husband and I ate here for lunch yesterday. We are both vegetarian but my husband does not eat anything that contains egg. Avalon catered for our requirements as it is vegan.

It was nice to eat somewhere where we were spoilt for choice as to what to eat! We had one platter which consists of a bit of everything. It had a pastry pie, vegetables with delicious dressing and chick peas. We also had a tofu vegetable pie which came with vegetables and salad. The food was absolutely delicious and very filling! The portios were generous.

We are from the UK and have a great rang of veggie/vegan places to eat but this was one of the nicest places we have been too. The food was tasty and service was great!

We had the chocolate brownie for pudding which was delicious! Very soft and tasty,

All in all a fabulous dining experience!

Would strongly recommend.

Pros: Excellent food, Great service, Lots of choice

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Great stuff here... - Edit

Very much enjoyed our meal at Avalon, and the previous reviews have done a nice job describing the place. It is a beautiful resto, ina great location. Though i dont share an earlier reviewer's notion that this is the best place in Europe - not close, really - it is a very solid option. It is very close to being vegan, and we had no trouble finding things here. The plat du jour was a little dull, though everything was well cooked. Not exciting with plain lentils and such. Better was the grilled seitan steak with roasted potatoes. Yum! Desserts sounded amazing but we were full. Would definitely come back.

Pros: Location, Great atmosphere

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Delicious, creative and wholesome lunch spot - Edit

I loved my lunch at Avalon, everything about this restaurant put a smile on my face- the friendly and helpful staff, the homely decor, the location next to the castle and of course the very delicious, yet real and wholesome food. My partner and I shared a table with two locals who informed us that Avalon is indeed the best vegan restaurant in Gent, and I would say that it could be one of the best vegan restaurants I've ever eaten at! What I liked about my lunch (the tofu pie/ quiche) was that it was served with a variety of sides, each with a distinct flavour that brought out the original taste and goodness of the ingredient. My partner loved his tempeh rueben, which was also served with the various sides. The deserts were also really great... I couldn't resist the walnut tart! All in all, I'd highly recommend eating at Avalon, its the type of restaurant you could fall in love with, the food was made with so much care and thoughtfulness.

Pros: delicious, thoughtful, nice ambiance

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The best vegan food in Belgium! - Edit

This is my all time favorite place in Europe. Open only for lunch. The Tempeh Reuben is the best thing ever.

Deanna and I reviewed it on our blog with photos!

We were there again in 2011 and it was still the best.

Pros: Insanely good food., right across from a castle., Best Reuben ever.

Cons: Open only for lunch.

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Avalon - Edit

So much more than soup, quiche etc. A lot of attention given to bringing balance on the plate, conceptually, visually, & most importantly taste. The desserts are to die for but no sugar in sight. There is a walled garden at the back - a lovely retreat from the streets of Ghent.

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Fresh & wonderful food. - Edit

What a lovely restaurant. Be sure to sit on the back patio--it's incredibly lovely with fresh herbs growing amongst the tables and lovely buildings.

I, sadly, wasn't super hungry so I had the miso soup. It had fresh spring onions, tofu & cauliflower. It was just ok.
My partner had the daily plate special. OH MAN! As we dined plate after plate of these specials came out. It's basically a sampling of veggies and dishes they have made. It made us both excited about beets! Dish: cauliflower with pesto, saffron rice, roasted beets, cabbage salad with sunflower sprouts, beets and a mustard dressing, roasted parsnips and collards, fried risotto cake(!) and a few other yummy dishes. These are just a guess at what they were, but I can tell you for certain: they were all quite amazing!

Pros: excellent food, lovely patio

Cons: just lunch, pricey

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best vegan restaurant in the whole area - Edit

I highly recommend this restaurant. It's one of the few veg* places in Belgium that can actually be called a 'restaurant' (meaning it has a varied menu, offers more then just a 'plat du jour' and is culinary creative).
The food is delicious and always very varied and something new. The chef is very creative and uses flowers, cactus, specific spices, combinations... And delicious vegan desserts.
You can choose a soup/plate of the day, or some other options on the menu, like a tarte or lasagne. The Tempeh Rueben is absolutely fabulous!!. Lunch prices are +/- 15-20 euro pp (with drink)

Sadly, it's only open for lunch. However, every first weekend of the month on Friday and Saturday, and on special occasions/holidays (Valentines, New year's Eve etc.) there are gastronomic dinners (about 50 euro/pp). You definitely need a reservation for those. (and reservation is also recommend for normal lunch!)
I think this is the best vegan restaurant in Flanders. I would suggest people visiting Bruges to take a day trip to Ghent (it's only 25 minutes on the train) and have lunch here!

Pros: culinary experience, fair price

Cons: slightly uncomfy chairs

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Excellent and very busy vegan restaurant - Edit

Vegan food is surprisingly easy to find in Gent, there are three vegan places and several other veggie ones but this, to me, is the best. Very near the castle, so easy to find, this is a busy restaurant with a frindly amosphere. The staff all seem to speak English and they have an english menu. There seems to be different menus for summer and winter so for us it was the winter one. We didn't bother with the starters but had a wonderful Tofu Pie with salad and other vegetables, very tasty and a huge portion. For dessert I had a delicious Tofu Cheesecake but there was also apple crumble or rice pudding to choose from. Everything was freshly prepared and beautiful to look at as well as to eat. The place was very busy, even on a cold and damp weekday lunchtime in January so it might be a good idea to book. The place also is very child friendly and there were quite a few families eating there. We paid just over 30 euros for two main courses, two soft drinks and dessert which seemed prety reasonable.

Pros: All vegan, English Speaking, Delicious food

Cons: Can get very busy

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Avalon review - Edit

I went to Avalon in December 2010. It is a beautiful building next to the Castle of the Counts and has a medieval feel to it. Very cosy and warm inside when it was freezing and snowing outside.
I had the special of the day with was a tea, soup, main meal, desert and coffee for 19euros. Bargain! The main meal was typical 'Belgium style' that seems to be common in veggie restaurants there: a plate with many different dishes on it. The dishes on the plate were salad, vegan coleslaw, pie, curry, vegetables, a nut roast type ball, rice. Very nice to have such variety, all delicious.

Pros: cosy, location, delicious vegan food

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Homemade lasagna! - Edit

My girlfriend and I had lunch at Avalon in early September 2009. When we saw they had homemade (vegan!) lasagna, we both wanted it. The friendly waitress informed us it had to be baked in the oven and would take 15 minutes. About 20 minutes later we both got our steaming hot lasagna in a nice ceramic bowl. It was *very* good. I'd say it's the best vegan lasagna I've ever eaten at a restaurant, but it's also the only time I've had the opportunity to.

Avalon also has a daily special that looked very yummy, as far as we could judge that from sneakily looking at other people's plates.

The interior is very cosy. It's an old building with lots of wood and with different rooms in different sizes. You can even sit outside.

It's located right next to the castle in the center of Ghent. Follow the castle wall to your right when you face the entrance to the castle. It's across the street when you're at the end of the castle.

Pros: vegan lasagna, plenty of seating, cosy

Cons: not open in the evening

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