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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England


I would agree with the reviewers who've said this is one of the best vegan places ANYWHERE -- I am also a well-travelled vegan and this place goes straight in my all-time top 10!

My bloke and I headed to 222 for dinner, firstly. We were seated by a friendly and helpful waiter and were spoilt for choice when it came to the menu! So many tasty-sounding options! In the end, we went for 1 x artichoke hearts and 1 x pitta/dips as starters. The artichoke hearts were so flippin' delicious! We spent ages trying to figure out what they were cooked in, herbs-wise, because we wanted to try and make them ourselves! So delicious! And although it's a pretty standard starter, even the pittas came with GREAT guacamole and a delicious red pepper dip, all beautifully presented, too.

For main course, I had the seitan stroganof, because the menu said it was a customer favourite. I can see why! It was gobsmackingly good! It was one of those dishes where you're not quite sure HOW it can be vegan, it was so creamy and rich... amazing. My bloke had the vegan roast and was similarly impressed... it comes with A TOWER (that's really the only way to describe it) of crispy mashed potato, and the seitan is perfectly cooked. WE WERE SO HAPPY.

We were way too full afterwards to have dessert right then, but the dessert menu looked so good that we felt we had to try one... so the staff very kindly packaged up two desserts for us to take away :) We both picked the raw option, unfortunately I can't remember its name, but it was a cheesecake-type affair, I think with 'spice' in the name? Anyway, it was just as good as everything else and just topped off the excellent experience!

Our only complaint was being sat in a far corner, miles from the air con and right by the kitchen, on a roasting hot day! The place was nearly empty so it seemed a bit cruel!

Running out of characters (SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS PLACE GUYS), but we came back a couple of days later for the buffet lunch. This was also fab. Amazing to find an all-you-can-eat affair where EVERYTHING is vegan! Highlights: the curried chickpeas, the carrot tart and the avocado and pea salad. We ate so much that we could barely walk, but it was all too good to pass up! We had to try everything! Once again, the staff were lovely, friendly and suprisingly attentive for a serve-yourself-buffet set up. IF I COULD GIVE THIS PLACE SIX HAPPYCOWS I WOULD! I defy you to find a better vegan meal in London!

Nikis 30, Athens, Greece


My partner and I visited Avocado TWICE in our four-day trip to Athens, we loved it so much!

First visit: I had the Island Fusion juice from the extensive juice and smoothie menu, and it was amazing, so refreshing! I then ordered the vegan pizza and my partner ordered one of the rice dishes... it has Breeze in the name? I forget. Anyway, he thought it was delicious and very filling. Unfortunately the waiter mixed up my order and brought me a cheese pizza by accident. However, he was SUPER lovely about it and the owner came to apologise too. I was given a free dish to make up for it. I had a side of guacamole with crispbreads and it was DIVINE. Normally I am a guacamole purist and don't like too much additional stuff put in but this stuff was magical! Make sure you have it!
My vegan pizza arrived quickly thereafter and I have NO IDEA how other people in the reviews are able to criticise it?! It was SO GOOD. Grated courgettes on the base keep it moist as so many vegan pizzas taste dry -- it has very chunky veg on as toppings and big slices of avocado! Maybe if you're squeamish about vegetables it might be too much? But I thought it was hearty, healthy and delicious!

Second visit: this time I had the Living Lemonade which is literally about four lemons and an apple. So fresh and very tart. Yum! My partner had the Island Fusion as I'd liked it so much last time. Think it is the best think on the drinks menu! For food we had more of the magical guacamole, and then the spinach avocado salad and the Om Shanti curry to share. The salad dressing was quite lemony but the salad itself was huge and tasted super fresh. The curry was very mild, again tasted very fresh and was really delicious!

We loved both our visits and raved to the staff about the food, and we heard others doing the same. Both times the place was quite quiet but there was a nice atmosphere. The staff are lovely, friendly, knowledgeable, and super pleasant! We were welcomed warmly, waited on attentively and always had our water glasses refreshed! The decor is simple and beautiful with nice vibrant paintings on the wall. There's a nice small patio outside with a couple of tables too. Nice bathrooms. And we were really pleased with the very reasonable prices. Everything is brilliant! Highly highly recommended if you're a vegan in Athens! We love you Avocado!

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Thanks, CatBar Cats!

Visited CatBar over Easter weekend. It was fantastic! We arrived quite early as I'd seen from the reviews here that it was tricky to get a table, but there were a few tables free as well as seats at the bar. They have a smart ordering system where you get two pieces of paper and a pencil, you pick which menu you want on one and then give your exact specifications on the other. It's also order-at-the-bar service which is good in a busy place where the staff have to rush around :)

My bloke and I both had the Menu del Dia, which starts with soup -- it's only a small soup, but that's good, because there's tons of food to come! The soup was broccoli, cauliflower and lentil and SO GOOD! Then second course is a small salad... nice that it was not just from-a-bag leafy salad, it had lots of raw veggies in it as well as tasty polenta. Then you get the main event, which for us was the veggie burger and patatas bravas. Warning: it is a LOT of food! But so tasty. I agree with the poster below who says these are the best patatas bravas in Barcelona... I would be inclined to agree. The burger was also really good and came with heaps of salad, raw veggies and vegan mayo.

By pudding we were totally stuffed, but our very sweet waitress happily packed up our chocolate brownie dessert for us to take away. We sampled it later and it, too, was delicious.

The furnishings etc are funky, retro, a bit shabby and basic but it doesn't really need to be any fancier. They play cool music -- not overly loud -- and have a piano, too! We heard there are also quiz nights there in English? But we weren't in the area long enough to go :( The staff are also super cool, friendly, attentive. They were patient with us when we spoke Spanglish at them! We loved the place and will definitely go back next time we're in Barcelona. Thank you, Cat Bar Cats!

43 New Oxford St, Holborn, London, England

Bread-ish awkwardness redeemed by vegan affogato.

My bloke and I came to Amico Bio for lunch, quite early in the day we thought, but it was already pretty busy -- a good sign! We were seated by a very friendly waitress and waited on by her and her colleague -- they were both pleasant and cheery throughout :)

We weren't too hungry and we knew we were going to be eating a fancy dinner in the evening, so we decided to just order a main course option each, even though the menu is classic Italian style with lots and lots of courses. However, our waitress had other ideas and seemed totally baffled by the idea of ordering just one course! I'll admit, this did bug me a LITTLE, as we felt kinda bullied into ordering the bread-basket starter. Again, our waitress was friendly and nice but really, we didn't WANT bread! But bread we ended up getting... and actually, it was very nice. There was a LOT of it and we didn't want to finish the whole thing, but we did enjoy it! Unlike your usual bread basket there was a lot of variety... however, we were a bit leery of the fact that there seemed to be cheesy breadsticks in there, when it's marked as vegan on the menu!

Anyway, after the slightly awkward bread-basket course (would've been better to get everything at once TBH), we got our mains. I had the tofu sausage dish and my bloke had the roasted pepper with puy lentils. When the plates arrived we kinda realised why the waitress had been so insistent about the bread -- the portions are not large. However, by this time we were full of carbs, so all was well. The tofu sausage was really delicious, well cooked and in a lovely arrangement with beetroot etc. I liked it a lot! My bloke was less impressed with his roast pepper -- the pepper itself was kinda lukewarm when it arrived (had maybe been sitting under the hotplate waiting for my dish?), and the puy lentils could have done with more flavour.

Being full of bread I HADN'T WANTED DAMMIT, I couldn't try dessert :( However, aforementioned bloke was EXTREMELY excited by the vegan affogato, and claimed it made up for his less-than-fabby main dish. Yay?

(Fun unrelated anecdote: While we were eating, two women came in and were seated. Upon realising the place was veggie, they looked horrified and started to leave. A waiter very pleasantly tried to convince them to stay, and one of them snootily announced, "WE DON'T EAT VEGETARIAN FOOD BECAUSE WE DON'T LIKE VEGETABLES!" The waiting staff looked so sad and baffled! It made us giggle, so thanks, Snooty Lady!)

3 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, Scotland

Thank you Hendersons!

This place is so lovely, and a regular dining spot for me!

The place itself is gorgeous, in the basement of an old church with vaulted/arched ceilings. Sometimes this means it feels a bit dark, but hey, it's ambient! They also have a nice outside space so you can eat on the patio in summer.

The food is always great and there are almost always vegan options, even cake! The only time there isn't is towards the end of the day when they might have run out of something... but they will try to accommodate you if you ask! Everything is fresh and delicious - I particularly love the hummus platter, which consists of LOADS of their great homemmade hummus with toasted flatbreads, salad, roasted veggies and olives. So lovely! The cakes are always great too!

The staff are great people -- especially Barry, he is awesome! They are very helpful and generally friendly too, although sometimes it's super busy and they're rushing about. Hendersons is also a great venue for cultural stuff, I particularly recommend the Shore Poets, a live literature night that happens that last Sunday of every month. The lovely Hendersons staff are on hand throughout to serve beers and cakes, which is always a nice accompaniment to a bit of poetry!

8 Iakhou Street, Athens, Greece

World-class vegan food! & the uncheesecake!!!

My partner and I ate here a few nights ago and were absolutely blown away by Improv!

We arrived and were served immediately by lovely, friendly, chatty waiting staff. We were brought a big frosted bottle of water which was constantly topped up, to drink with our beers. We also got a free appetizer of toasted pitta and red pepper dip of some kind, which was delicious. What a welcome!

We then ordered a starter to share, the meatless meat balls. These were SO GOOD, the portion was small for two from first glance, but actually they were very filling and I don't think I could have managed a whole plate to myself. Served with a delicious minty/coriandery kind of dip. Yum! They arrived very quickly too!

Next, mains -- my partner had the 'add it up,' which is a tofu/veggie/tomato concoction with salad bits and fries. He was VERY HAPPY. The tofu was beautifully cooked, we're going to try and replicate this ourselves at home! I had the Rooster which consisted of bean patties with mash and gravy. All of it was super amazing -- the gravy was totally delicious and the mash (so easy to get wrong!) was fluffy and creamy and so good! The portions were generous and we struggled to make it to dessert.

BUT do not leave this place without trying the uncheesecake. Seriously, it is the experience of a lifetime. It is the best dessert I have EVER eaten, even before I became vegan! The hype is all true! Try it! Heavenly!

The whole experience was amazing and a total bargain. We paid 39 euros for two of us to have three courses and drinks. We were chuffed! The service was brilliant, too -- the waitress was very friendly and accommodating, and the barman (who I think is also the owner?) came for a chat and was also really cool. We greatly enjoyed the soundtrack too, although it was really blasting so if you're not into loud music then bear this in mind (we liked it!). I was wearing a Metallica t shirt so they played some Metallica for me! Awesome! The atmosphere was generally great. Nice decor, very very fancy bathrooms. We loved it! I would give it 20 cows out of 5 if I could! Thank you ImproV, we love you!!!

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England

InSpiring :)

I came here on a really hot sunny Saturday just as all the hungry vegans were heading out for dinner, so it was super busy. There were three of us in my party but we still managed to get squeezed in at a shared table, and we all got served pretty quick. I ate the delicious cheez-y lasagne, which was really great, and one of their salads, also lovely. We all treated ourselves to raw cake afterwards too, which was fab. Yep, it's a bit crowded and noisy and busy but that kind of adds to the cool atmosphere and as someone else here said, it's because it's such a great place! We all really liked it and plan to return next time we're in London :)

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain


I really don't know what to make of this place.
Positives: awesome place with amazing funky murals on the walls. SO MANY JUICES/SMOOTHIES, I have never seen so much choice! The hummus was absolutely delicious -- I always thought hummus was pretty much the same everywhere, but this was magical hummus. So good! My partner had one of their sandwiches which was HUGE and he was extremely happy with it. I had the seitan pinxos (skewers), and loved those too, lovely sauce, beautifully cooked, good portion size. The staff were very pleasant and attentive but not too attentive. Prices were decent for the starters and mains, all of which were pretty massive. Yay!
OK, negatives: the place was FREEZING COLD for some reason. It's kind of underground, don't know if that's why? The puddings are utterly mediocre - no other word for it. We all ordered different ones and no one finished theirs because they were just not pleasant. The apple tart sounds delicious but is actually cold, slimy and pretty awful. Sorry Juicy! Has to be a middling three cows from me :(

UPDATED from previous review on Saturday July 21, 2012

OK, I went back to Juicy Jones this week, ONE year on, and I've decided what I think of it now... and it's not good :( This time my bloke and I went in to have breakfast -- we were really excited as we don't know of any other vegan/veggie places in Barcelona that have a breakfast menu. Breakfast starts at 10am, we got there at around 10.45am and the girl at the counter told us, "I don't have muffins, I don't have gofres, I don't have toastadas." That is THE WHOLE BREAKFAST MENU. She wasn't apologetic at all, just gave us the lunch menu to look at instead. She also told us we couldn't take a seat to discuss/think about it/look at the menu because "you have to order and pay first." Needless to say, we left. Sorry JJ, there are just too many other good vegan places in Barcelona. Downgraded to two cows :(

34, Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris, France

Thank you MOB!

My partner and I called into this funky little place in the mid-afternoon on a miserable grey Paris day. We were so happy we'd walked all the way over to this neighbourhood to try it out! We were after desserts so we each had a slice of their cheesecake -- he had the vanilla and I had the chocolate. Both were pretty delicious, not the very best vegan cheesecake I have had but probably in the top 10! They were served with vegan whipped cream which was a new one for me! We scouted out the rest of the menu and although we didn't try it looked great. It was also SUCH GOOD VALUE! We got two slices of cheesecake and two drinks (a coffee and one of their fizzy fruit juices) for ten euros!

The guy behind the counter was lovely and forgave us for our terrible French. He was friendly and chatty and keen to tell us all about the vegan menu. The place was bright and cheery even on a grey day, and we liked the customised wall art by our fellow customers.

There is not much seating -- just one big communal table, which was occupied when we arrived, and some bar stools at the counter, where we sat. You do feel a bit awkward on the stools as you are sitting between the cafe floor and the counter, so when people want to pay they have to reach over you. But it's good that they're providing as much seating as possible, it's a pretty small space and nice to sit down!

Like others here, I also found the only real flaw was the BLARING and horribly offensive misogynist rap music that was playing throughout the time we were sitting there. Don't get me wrong, I like hip hop and I am no prude, but this was nasty gangsta type rap with icky lyrics. There were some small kids in at the same time as us and I was cringing at the fact that they were having to listen to it! Change the soundtrack, Mob!

Junta de Comerc 11, Barcelona, Spain

Best vegan paella in Barcelona

I ate here with my partner (who'd been before on a previous trip and really liked it) and we were greeted by the owner, who's a totally lovely, warm, funny gentleman -- very nice welcome! The waitress who was working seemed a bit weird though - she would not come near our table and we wondered if maybe she was nervous serving foreigners as she only seemed to serve native Spanish/Catalan speakers. This did mean that more than one group who came in after us were served before us... we were a bit miffed. But it was OK -- we went for the menu del dia which has a cool self-service system and you can go for as much/little as you want, pick your own salad etc. I had vegan paella and I'd say it MUST be the best vegan paella in the city... so freaking delicious. Worth a visit for that alone! The desserts, unfortunately, were awful -- nothing for vegans except a bowl of mushed apple which looked like baby food, I declined. In fact, all the desserts seemed to be pureed/liquid. My partner had one but found it slimy and odd. Sad times :( We did like the place -- quite quiet when we went in but it's funky and the decor is cool. I imagine it's a great lively place when there are more folk there! Worth a visit but some negative aspects.

56-58 St. Mary Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

More vegan desserts please? But I still love you.

As a (newish) vegan who goes here A LOT, I can tell you: DAVID BANN'S IS HEAVEN.

Firstly, the service. In my experience the wait-staff are super awesome -- obviously there's some rigorous staff training because they all have *impeccable* manners. It's above and beyond, really great. I mean, they always make sure you have a replenished water jug on the table, you're never sat for too long with empty plates cluttered in front of you, and if you have questions about what's vegan, what contains nuts or anything else dietary, they *never* have to say 'oh wait, let me check' -- they are extremely knowledgeable about every single dish, all the wines... I genuinely have no idea how anyone can fault the service.

For vegans the choice is AMAZING. Seriously -- it's not just pasta with olive oil or a baked potato like we're used to. There are actually starters and desserts that vegans can eat! And wines that vegans can drink! The dishes are all creative and original and delicious. In other restaurants I'm sometimes a bit apprehensive about trying new things, but at Bann's I will try anything they put on the menu with total confidence, because I know it is guaranteed to be delicious.

My only faults with this place are: 1) that they could change the menu a bit more often. But then... my veggie partner was DISTRAUGHT when they took the chocolate souffle off the menu for a while, so maybe the old favourites stick around due to popular demand! And 2) there is only one vegan dessert, and though it's nice it's very sugary-sweet. It would be nice to have even one more on the menu so I could alternate. But otherwise...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE -- if you haven't yet, go there now!

60 bd Voltaire, Paris, France

Quick, cheap, cheerful, tasty, greasy!

My bloke and I headed right across the city to check this place out, as it was a Sunday and lots of other vegan places are closed on Sundays in Paris. Unfortunately this meant it was super, super busy (especially as it was raining out), but fortunately we got a small table in their tiny downstairs seating area.

He tried the "tofu steak" burger with tomatoes and peppers and I had the Forestiere burger which was mushroom-based (I'd wanted their Oriental burger but they were sold out). We each had the menu du jour so our burgers came with fries and a bottle of water. Both burgers were good -- sufficiently greasy and proper fast food style! They came with vegan cheese which was nice and flavoursome and melty. The fries were nice if a little overdone, but we *did* come in right at the end of the lunchtime rush. Overall we thought the food was great, and the price was good too -- nine euros for the menu option of burger, fries and drink.

This place is hot, hectic and noisy but that vibe is kinda cool. The soundtrack while we were there was alternative covers of classic oldies which was pretty cool. The seating space is cramped but simple and clean, and the toilet facilities are very clean and really good! There are also a few seats outside under an awning.

Our only error with this place was heading across town specifically to go there... there aint much else of interest in the area AT ALL! So if you're Metro-ing out there for a burger you may just want to Metro right away again. But this aint the restaurant's fault!

Final note: the staff were nice, spoke English, and had badass tattoos. The service was remarkably prompt given how busy it was. Yay!

30 Nikis, Athens, Greece

Thank you Four Seasons!

Right next to Avocado veg/vegan restaurant, so very handy as we were already in the neighbourhood. This place was a real life saver as we were about to go off island hopping and we were able to stock up on vegan necessities for the trip. Has everything you need -- soy milk and other non dairy milk, tofu, vegetables, snacks, biscuits, toiletries etc. The staff seemed friendly and lovely and spoke great English (thank you!). We went twice to get bits and pieces during our trip. Really handy place and seems to be one of only a few in Athens, so make sure you visit!

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

Love love love love love!

This is *the* place to go for a fancy, upmarket vegan dinner in Paris.

My bloke and I arrived at about 7.50pm, technically ten minutes before their doors were due to open for dinner. We'd been advised to arrive early and we were right! They kindly let us in and seated us early, and within twenty minutes the place was basically full. Get there early or make a reservation, especially on the weekend -- it's popular!

The first thing we noted is that the place is super chic -- lovely clean decor and a great layout. We were seated by a LOVELY friendly, smiley waitress who spoke English really well and asked immediately if we'd prefer the English or French menu. As soon as we were seated we were brought a basket of delicious crusty bread and a jug of chilled water -- both were replenished when we finished them!

For starters we both had salads -- I had the chickpea salad which was very simple, leafy and delicate. Definitely the healthy option I think! It had cranberries in it which I was intrigued by, but it was really delicious. My bloke had the potato salad which looked heavier but also delicious.

For main course we both had the veggie burger -- and so did LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE in the restaurant! It is obviously quite famous and rightly so -- is is great! The burger is quite soft and squishy but very flavoursome. It is dressed with vegan mayo which I am normally sceptical about, but this stuff was good. Also has vegan cheese on it, plus lots of veggies and salad. It's a HUGE handful and we took great delight in watching how everyone tackled eating it! It comes with yummy moreish fries and a side salad.

By the time we were done we were WAY too full for dessert, in fact we could barely walk back to the Metro station. The place is a little more expensive than your average vegan eatery, BUT I think it's good value for the quality and big portion sizes -- plus the very attentive, lovely service and the little extras like bottomless free sides of bread.

Final note: the toilets are down a tiny, slippery spiral staircase which was a bit hair-raising for me and would be a nightmare for anyone who was in any way infirm, I'm guessing. But they were clean and of a good standard :)

Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

One of my fav restaurants IN THE WORLD

Oh my goodness, I wish so so badly that there was a Gopal in my city! I absolutely loved this place and visited many times during my stay in Barcelona. The food is all absolutely delicious; I tried several of the various 'menu' deals and all of them were great. Crispy deep fried cauliflower OH MY GOODNESS. Went back pretty much every day for vegan croissants for breakfast. The vegan donuts and cakes were the stuff of dreams. While we were there we also got them to custom-bake a birthday cake for one of our party. They did so quickly and it was amazing! The staff are great - one guy in particular served us a few times and was super friendly, patient and attentive. The only downside is how small the place is and often all the chairs are taken. But we got take-out a few times and it was really no bother. A few chairs outside might be a good improvement as there seems to be loads of room in the courtyard outside. Oh also, they are great for sandwich fillers (fake cheese etc) and other bits and pieces if you're self catering, as we were. In short, Gopal was vital to our enjoyment of our trip and we utterly loved it! I daydream about it still... we'll be going back for sure!

Kinmont Barn, Treasury Court, Carlisle, England

I love this place!

I just visited this cafe for the first time having searched on Happy Cow for vegan places in Carlisle. My parents live nearby and I'm always bummed about not having somewhere nice to go for coffee and cake when I visit. I'd never heard of this place before so was pleasantly surprised when it came up -- finally this town has a vegan cafe!

It's really cool, too -- located in a really sweet little courtyard, so it has a nice outlook. Lots of windows make it light and airy and it's painted in nice bright colours. The furniture etc is all quite basic but it's a cheery little place. The service was really really great -- the bloke who served us was super friendly and chatty and made us feel very welcome.

My parents ordered coffees -- there were cow milk and non dairy options for the milk -- and I had tea with soy milk supplied at no extra cost. We also had a vegan scone each which came with vegan margarine and jam. The scones were delicious and the coffees were apparently great too. We felt able to sit and chat for as long as we wanted, to chill out and enjoy the nice background music :)

I'll definitely be coming back here whenever I visit Carlisle and I'd highly recommend it!

139 King's Cross Rd, London, England


Headed to I-Z for dinner on a Saturday night with my partner. We arrived at 5.30 as soon as they opened, which was fortuitous, because all the tables except for two were already reserved: a pretty good sign! We both ordered the Itadaki set meal, which consisted of an appetizer, a sushi course, main course (spring rolls or tempura) and a dessert.

The starter was really unusual -- quite small, amuse-bouche almost, but really good. Quite unusual, unexpected stuff but all cooked PERFECTLY and really good. When the sushi arrived, we both thought it LOOKED a bit disappointing -- we'd noticed on the menu that they don't serve dishes with soy/wasabi and actively discourage diners from asking for them. I was miffed... but then I actually TASTED the sushi.

It was amazing. Cooked beautifully, and flavoured in such a skilfull way that extra soy/wasabi was totally unnecessary. Although the primary ingredients of each sushi piece seemed to be fairly similar (lots of types of seaweed), each one had its own unique and delicious flavour. I found myself feeling really 'present' as I ate, savouring each small piece and taking care not to rush. Amazing to find myself eating like that just because of the sheer quality of the food! Clearly lots of thought went into it! We were both properly blown away by this sushi. Best I've ever had, by far.

For the main, my bloke had the tempura and I had the spring rolls, and we split each other's so we could try everything. The spring rolls were, yaknow, veggie spring rolls... but well cooked. The tempura was a cut above, really great. This course DID come with extra soy, noodles on the side, and really great fresh veg. Again, all lovely.

For dessert my partner had the sesame pudding, which I thought looked a bit wet but was actually really good. I had the small cranberry cake, which was light, fluffy and a good end to the meal. In short, this place is EXCELLENT. I have no complaints.

I would like to answer some of the other reviews though, in case they're putting folk off. The place is NOT hard to find (er, WHAT?) if you know how maps work, and to slag off a place because of the ethnicity of the owner is frankly racist. The chefs are clearly extremely capable, thoughtful, careful and produce excellent, authentic-tasting Japanese food which is also original, unusual and 100% vegan. Who cares where they're from?! The staff we encountered were also lovely and don't deserve such unfair criticism. WE LOVED IT!

C/ Sant Antoni Abat, 52, Barcelona, Spain

Hello vegan chocolate fondue!

I went to Sesamo as one of a party of four. It is kind of hard to find as it's easy to walk past the small door without noticing it, but we got there eventually! The place opens out at the back into a nice intimate restaurant with great hip decor and lighting. There was only one waiter working when we were there but he was friendly, funny and pleasant. We ordered gin and tonics (a different one each) off the extensive menu and they were all TOTALLY LUSH and came in impressive glasses! To start I had the potatoes, which when they arrived looked literally like uncooked potatoes on a plate with some sauce next to them! A bit odd, but I thought they were delicious - my friend who got them too found them too plain, though. Main courses were all gobsmackingly delicious. Vegan options are a bit predictable, I was stuck with a Thali while my vegetarian friends got more inventive stuff, but I'm kinda used to that happening! The dessert situation was odd - like others in these reviews, we were all excited about the peanut butter cheesecake, only to be told there was none. Does it actually exist I wonder? My veggie friends had the Baileys brownie which was apparently very delicious but HUGE and very rich so hard to finish! I got the vegan chocolate fondue and may I say I was one happy lady! So delicious and served very elegantly (not eaten so elegantly though...!). One big con was the loo -- kind of outside and really rather stinky :Z I made use of it and then advised my companions to avoid at all costs! But perhaps they were just having plumbing problems that day? I don't know. We all thought the price was good. It was a special birthday dinner and it definitely felt like a special, classy place to go. Kind of sketchy neighbourhood but we were OK leaving quite late at night. Recommended!

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