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Rataskaevu 8, Harju, Tallinn, Estonia

Original and heart-warming

16 Nov 2013

I went to Aed today for lunch. The place is beautifully located, and the menu clearly distinguishes the vegetarian/vegan menu. The staff greeted me warmly and led me to my table to sit. A glass of water was for free, which is a great plus in Tallinn at least. I ordered the green salad with fried tofu and oven-tomato sauce, and while I waited I was served some multigrain bread with creamy, green, non-dairy paste. Delicious.

The place is very cozy and attracts different kinds of people. There were families with children, loving couples, old ladies, and me doing a school assignment. The music at the background was just perfect - not too distracting.

I cannot imagine that the salad was so huge and that it only cost 5 euros?! It was the most delicious, prepared with care and talent. The ingredients tasted fresh and vibrant.

If Aed should improve in any way then they should incorporate a raw menu! ;) That salad would have rocked as a raw version! However, I already booked a date for a dinner in the near-future - definitely the place to go in Tallinn!

Sint Amorsplein 1, Maastricht, Netherlands

Best Vegan Sorbets in Maastricht!

02 Nov 2014

Chocolates and sorbets at Australian are hand-made quality. I never feel disappointed going there for coffee (excellent cappuccinos with soy milk) – the atmosphere is nice and the location is perfect for observing busy people passing by. Sorbet flavors include mango, strawberry, passion fruit, coconut... All of which I highly recommend, they are the best!

Plus, you get discount for take away drinks if you bring your own Keep Cup! ;)

Oxfordlaan 55, Grote Gracht 90-92, Maastricht, Netherlands

The Best (University) Café

17 Nov 2014

Bandito Espresso is a cafeteria located inside the Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts with a beautiful garden and a common room where you can sit down or have a (study) meeting with others. Or just chill alone and enjoy the good atmosphere.

Bandito serves mostly organic and sustainable products, with vegan delicacies like banana bread available (if in luck). The price-level is budget friendly and furthermore the coffee is of really good, high quality. I really would recommend having the soy latte with saffron syrup... Bandito is also a good place to have soup or sandwiches for lunch – soups are naturally vegan and there are good options for sandwiches as well.

Uus 32/43, Tallinn, Estonia

Cozy atmosphere, food mere average...

13 Dec 2013

The outlook of the restaurant is just lovely and the sofas and candles invite you to relax and enjoy the good food. The waiters smiled and greeted you, which is a huge plus (in Tallinn, at least)! Their English was good.

The menu had many vegan and vegetarian options available. The main course options are served with flat bread (which wasn't as fresh as preferable) and either rice or fried potatoes (definitely recommending the latter option!).

I tried a dish with eggplant and tomato, which was served beautifully in a small casserole. Spicy and wonderful. Cheered up the late-autumn evening.

They have a great variety of coctails, smoothies and juices – I highly recommend to try, balances nicely the flavors of the food.

However, the overall experience was nothing special and did not leave me super satisfied and content. The vegan food, or the food in general, was nothing so special, you get to eat good food in other places as well in Tallinn. Ofc, depends a lot on your preferences, but for me this one time probably was just enough.

Rechtstraat 37, Maastricht, Netherlands

High-quality vegan burgers, definitely worth it!

26 Apr 2015

Burgerlijk is a hip restaurant with an amazing atmosphere, which makes it a really pleasant place to enter into. It is excellent to go with friends, family, the special someone, or just on your own – if you just manage to find a free seat. The place unfortunately does not take reservations and is usually always full (especially in the evening at dinner time).

I have visited Burgerlijk two times (within one week, which tells just enough about the quality!). The tofu burger, which was the first dish I tried there, ranked as my personal favorite – the crunchy tofu patty was seasoned really well and it was a thick, but moist and tasty serving. Seaweed (wakame) burger was good as well, if you like the strong taste of wakame – it was in a great balance with the patty formed of soy crunch I believe (crunchy outside, moist and juicy inside), avocado, vegetables and vegan mayo.

Although vegetarian on the menu, remember to ask for a vegan portion!

Parnu mnt. 28, Tallinn, Estonia

Plain, not interesting

19 Oct 2013

I visited Cafe VS today for the first time. There are two different menus, Indian and Vietnamese.

The restaurant is from a bit distance from the centrum, but anyways quite near to the Vabaduse Väljak. The place seemed trendy and personal - a mixture of nightclub and Asian inter-decor. The place was big and consisted of several rooms and two floors, so it was easy to find a peaceful corner to enjoy the music playing at the background.

The staff spoke excellent English, smiled and were very happy to help to choose from the menu. You could see to the kitchen, which was a great bonus and ensured me that the sanity of the place was also taken care of.

I had to wait for my dish around 30 minutes, even though there was only few other customers on a Saturday afternoon. I chose from the Indian list Red Lentils (7,50 e) with naan bread.

My dish looked plain and was nothing special – lentil curry served separately from a tin bowl, a HUGE pile of naan and some side salad from a plate. I'm glad I didn't take the tofu salad, because the side salad didn't taste fresh and looked just... Sad. Naan was crispy but not oily, which was nice. The lentils were tasty since it was cold outside but there was not enough spices in my opinion. It was nothing special, tasted pretty much like vegetable broth...

I think that the quality did not match the price. I get so much better Indian food and experience with the same price from other Indian restaurants in Tallinn!

I don't think I will come again unless I urgently want to try some Vietnamese or will get started for the night with friends.

Viru Väljak 4/6, Tallinn, Estonia

Raw food menu

09 Nov 2013

The menu for Raw food and smoothies was separately and clearly displayed at the counter, and it had a good variety to offer. The staff was nice and delivered the food to you on the table. I chose nori rolls and a smoothie, and the visual outlook of the dish was just beautiful and tasty!

The cafe was surprisingly peaceful and I actually enjoyed that the space was shared with the bookstore. I definitely will come again to try some special coffees and other raw dishes and smoothies!

Kauppakatu 11, Jyvaskyla, Finland

A place full of light and good health

08 Nov 2013

Säde is located alongside the main street between the city centrum and the University Library. Despite its small size, the place is always full of light and has a fresh atmosphere to offer. The interior decor is very original and neat, and the staff is always polite and happy to have a chat with you, recommending you a smoothie or just talking about the superfoods or weather.

The super smoothies don't contain dairy and the list contains 4-5 good quality smoothies (e.g. Green, Choco...) in different sizes. I also recommend trying the super coffee, goodness! Raw goodies and fresh-baked goods vary on a daily basis, depends on your luck, what you're going to have that day. :)

Vainonkatu 28, Jyvaskyla, Finland

Top-quality fast-food in Jyväskylä

01 Aug 2014

Vegemesta deserves always a visit when going around in Jyväskylä. The restaurant is small but its super cozy style and colorful atmosphere ensure that you enjoy your time waiting for your dish being prepared. Moreover, Vegemesta is a great place to catch some takeaway home or to the close parks, but it is fun to sit at the shop's window sill on top of the pillows, sipping some organic soft drinks with your friends, too. 8)

The staff is super-nice and friendly, and they master their field when it comes to vegan cuisine. Even though many of the hamburgers on the list include dairy (i.e. goat cheese or halloumi or ordinary cheese), they have vegan cheese sometimes to offer, if you just care to ask. For certainty there's on the menu one hamburger dish that is 100% vegan and the vegan kebab (and the big potato wedges and sweet jam wedges). The dishes come together with all seasonings, if you wish.

I rarely eat any fast-food that is so high-in-fat, but when such rare occasion happens, I'm more than glad that I had so amazing and unique food that almost could be labelled as 'healthy' (especially in the weekends, when you want food after the nightclubs at 4 a.m.... Vegemesta's open!

Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 7, Berlin, Germany

Every bite was amazing!

25 Oct 2013

I visited Dolores last spring with my father and we both were very satisfied with the food. :)

I myself liked a lot of the service and playing around with different vegan alternatives. The black beans in my burrito were a perfectly smooth and tasted amazing with avocado and lime-marinated soy bits. The burrito was huge and satisfying and the ingredients seemed fresh. Also the strawberry-coconut drink that I picked was tasty and fresh, perfectly balancing the spices of the burrito.

The restaurant was clean and big. Location was good and easily-accessible.

Kauppakatu 31, Jyvaskyla, Finland

Good for a coffee break, too!

19 Oct 2013

From Ekolo you can also get with 1 euro organic, fair-trade coffee or tea while sitting on their cozy sofas and e.g. reading the books and journals they have to offer. You also get vegan milk if you want to in your coffee, which is a huge plus, since you rarely get it anywhere else in Jyväskylä.

Vene 5, Tallinn, Estonia

My favorite place in Tallinn!

12 Oct 2013

To begin with, the Elevant restaurant is in a good location in Old Town. The dining rooms are wide and comfortable with arm-chairs and pillows. The style is warm and unique with pieces of art hanging on the ceilings. The big windows offer you an amazing view to the street from the 2nd floor while you're having your meal.

The service is quick and polite. Waiters speak English well and are happy to make recommendations.

Soups are super-tasty, include a basket of naan bread and are inexpensive (5€ for the whole goodness). The main dishes are big and served with rice and naan bread. I was a bit disappointed that they served only white rice on the side but I might ask next time if it's possible to have a more eco-friendly alternative, e.g. potatoes.

Flavors are authentic and fresh, in a great balance and I'm sure that even a bigger group can find something to have in this place!

Only minus comes from the fact that they charge ridiculously much for a glass of water. But who said you have to drink while you're eating, I at least always have my own glass bottle of water with me or continue to another place for drinks, if that's the case. ;)

Rechtstraat 48a, Maastricht, Netherlands

Good variety, fresh items and friendly service

13 Aug 2014

Bread is baked fresh every day and sold at the counter. All fruits and vegetables are displayed in a nice manner (and discount items, e.g. ripe bananas are available). All the common, everyday items can be found at a normal price. So happy to have this store right around my corner!

Telliskivi 60F, Tallinn, Estonia

Amazing place, but food only moderate

09 Apr 2014

F-hoone locates in a huge, old warehouse in the district called Kalamaja. The neighborhood there is so bohemian, artistic, and rustic, which alone is a good reason to go there with your camera.

The interior of the restaurant is functioning and beautifully unique. The big windows and the tables on the window sills earn special remarks. The atmosphere is active, but friendly. Music is good, fits the context very well.

And then the food. The menu itself separated the veg-options as their own topic, but only few vegan options could be spotted. Soy latte was good as expected, but the "creamy" red lentil dish (requested as vegan) was a disappointment. Paying 6 euros for a bowlful of (half)cooked lentils with tomato paste seemed like a waste for me, since I could have prepared the same dish better at my apartment only for a fraction of the restaurant price... Moreover, there was no taste or anything special apart from the two strands of rucola.

In comparison to the recommendations and wonderful experiences that I had heard others to have from F-hoone, I felt slightly betrayed with the food, but I'm sure to go back for the atmosphere to sip latte on the window sills... And I want to give a chance for the mixed salad where you can choose your ingredients, e.g. hummus, lentils and roasted mediterranean veggies. :-)

Brusselsestraat 93, Maastricht, Netherlands

Good lunch offers!

14 Feb 2015

Fresh Cooked is managed by one lovely lady, who is ambitious to serve fresh and real food without any artificial additives to the customers. Lunch offer consists of a vegan-friendly soup inc. few slices of fresh bread for €3,50, and the menu has to offer some main courses, e.g. noodles with a lot of vegetables and mushrooms. The menu changes weekly. Most recently I had amazingly velvety cauliflower soup, really good!

Take-away and pre-ordering are possible. Last time I visited there was not a lot of seats/tables (not a lot of customers either sadly).

Maasmolendijk 24, Maastricht, Netherlands

A Real Livingroom for Everyone

15 Nov 2014

Het Landhuis is located on the riverbank of Maas, pretty close to the Market and Mosae Forum at the same location as the LBB – this one big industrial garage that has been transformed into a squat (in a highly sustainable, green and innovative manner). You simply cannot miss this place with its artistic outlook and expressive personality.

The interior has even more dimension. You can enter the café on the ground floor either from the street or from the inner yard. Livingroom is basically ran by volunteers and the code of conduct is really chilled, nice, polite and warm. There are many tables and chairs, and especially in the afternoon it may become bit crowded with "hipsters"/students/locals.

One of the volunteers for Landhuis repaired an old espresso machine, which makes absolutely wonderful coffees. Order an ordinary espresso (1€, double 1,50€), coffee (1,20€) or a cappuccino with soy milk (1,80€) and you'll get it in a precious, unique cup (and you'll be sure that no one else has a similar one). Or have tea (0,50€) and you'll get the whole tea can for as many re-fills with hot water as you want to.

While you wait for your drink, sit down and look at the art work around you, decorate the place by your own contribution, engage in a discussion with other persons in the room or just read a book or have a moment of study on your own. If you're in luck, there might be a theme day going on – Sunday Jazz Jam, Friday Food Bank, etc...

Livingroom always has something to offer for vegans. On Sundays fresh, hand-made bread of excellent quality and taste is sold for a good decent price. You may even volunteer to help with the baking. At the café you can have a piece of cake (1,50€) or other goods, even soup or bread, etc... The options always are different, but the atmosphere remains fixed and amazing!

Kauppakatu 11, Jyvaskyla, Finland

Every students favorite

19 Oct 2013

I love Katriina and used to visit the place almost every day when I studied for my high school's final exams at the university's library.

The place has an interesting and cozy decor, which makes you feel comfortable. The system is simple and quick, you get your food immediately after payment. Soup includes a side-saland that usually was sprouts, which is a huge plus, in my opinion! There were normally at least 3 different sorts of soups, all amazing (e.g. beetroot-coconut, lentil-curry, Mexican beans...). You could top your soup with peanuts and have the delicious, legendary fresh buns!

To finish the meal, have a coffee/tea or a cupful of some dessert they have to offer.

Scharnerweg 36, Maastricht, Netherlands

A 'Human' Restaurant

17 Jun 2015

Loving Hut has a great variety when it comes to the menu, and the whole atmosphere is really relaxed and 'unorganized' – so take your time, it might take a while. It is difficult to put the food itself into a certain category, because of the mixed variety and different quality of certain dishes. I certainly have enjoyed the sushi and tempeh!

I have been at the Loving Hut several times hanging around and drinking freshly squeezed juice whilst my friends have had their workshifts, and the last time I had a 5-course meal with a friend of mine – it was a special offer for €14, and we enjoyed it a lot. I think the company played a great role, because the food itself was not that mind-blowing. You could choose all the different courses, which was fun. I had a bowl of corn soup that was blend and just uninspiring, followed by the conventional spring rolls with chili dip. Then a platter of mixed sushi followed, which was really nice! I had not had sushi in a while, so I really enjoyed this one – one with olives (?? Good!), avocado (surprising and tasty), cucumber, pickled carrot (???), and one with vegan 'fish'. The main was fried noodles with tempeh, and dessert was soy icecream. A good deal in good company.

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