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Scharnerweg 36, Maastricht, Netherlands, 6224JH

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family operated - this one est. 2013. Serves all vegan food, non-alcoholic drinks, and desserts. May 2016 it's reported to have re-opened. Open Mon 5:00pm-10:00pm, Wed-Sun 5:00pm-10:00pm. Closes winter months.

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36 Reviews

First Review by Marcelangelo

Loving eatery - Edit

The staff was very nice, they were about to close and they cooked for me and let me eat there. And the food was very tasty, im not a big fan of mock meats but their duck or chicken or whatever was fantastic. A mix of asian cuisines. See you soon

Updated from previous review on 2018-01-25

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amazing vegan food!! GREAT PLACE - Edit

Friendly staff, possibility to reserve for (big) groups, 'all you can eat' option, only vegan food, very (VERY) tasty food, oriental food, fast food, desserts, very large menu. Amazing place. A shame they don't sell some of the amazing ingredients / products they work with. Always open with Christmas (even if website informs you differently... Call them if in doubt).

Pros: Amazing vegan food, Friendly staff, alwasy open with Christmas

Cons: They aren't open during the day anymore :(

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Very extensive menu, lots of faux meats - Edit

This is from a visit in 2014, but we have good memories of this Loving Hut.
Many other Loving Hut's that we have visited are more fast food style restaurants, but this one is a real restaurant, with an extensive menu.
Asian style dishes, with lots of faux meats. All in all pretty cheap.
But very heavy in sauce though.

Pros: all vegan, lots of choice

Cons: long walk out from city center

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second visit, still delicious - Edit

As appetizer I had deliiicious saté sticks in saté sauce. As main course my boyfriend had the tjap tjoy (stir fried vegetables) and it was very good. I had the babi pangang as main course which was okay but the sauce was véry sweet. As side course I had some cooked vegetables which were delicous! I never knew vegetables could be this delicious (even as a vegan).

Last we were here I had the vegan peking eend (duck) which was really good and my boyfriend had the same dish as this time.

The staff was so nice!

Updated from previous review on 2017-11-26

Pros: So many vegan options, really nice helpful staff, not expensive for what you get (order 1 main dish,

Cons: location (not really in the center of Maastricht), Some dishes are tastier then others, it takes some

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Verschrikkelijk - Edit

Ik ging hier heen met hoge verwachtingen, maar helaas. Het is gewoon nep vlees met saus uit een potje en dan nog een bijzonder goedkoop potje ook. Eveneens dacht ik dat je niets aan loempia's kon verpesten, maar als je er de meest goedkope chili saus bij doet. Waanzin dat je hier geen 0 sterren kan geven, echt ranzig.

Conclusie: ga niet.

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nice place to eat - Edit

It's a very nice place to eat. The food takes some time to arrive. One of the only vegan restaurants in my surroundings. I have been there 3 times now and have enjoyed the food very much. If you like traditional dutch Chinese you will definetly like it.

Pros: all vegan, cheap, friendly staff

Cons: takes long time for food to arrive , ugly interior

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did we picknick the wrong day? - Edit

Went twice. First time was about 5 years ago and them it was Ok, but we went there last May and it was horrible: the food tastef horrible. All 4 of us had different dishes and they all were greasy and tasteless. Waitress friendly, but slow and served the wrong drinks and lied about it. A few weeks later my daughter and her boyfriend went there and were equally disappointed,

Pros: vegan

Cons: awful food

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Inexpensive & Yummy Vegan Chinese Food - Edit

After bikes rides we were so hungry..so I decided to bring my non vegan partner there. We had the "combinatie
geretchen E" (27,50 euros for two) and it was delicious and fulfilling. Big portions that I had to ask a doggy bag :D

Bring your non vegan friends there!
Lovely ambiance!

Pros: Inexpensive Menu to share, Quiet street and location

Cons: None.

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Chinese food even better without meat - Edit

Very nice restaurant with super friendly and helpful staff. Meat free alternatives to known dishes, even tastier knowing no animals were hurt. :-)

Pros: Everything but...

Cons: ... the interior lighting

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Huge menu - Edit

A lot of choice in a vegan only menu, cosy place, nice people, excellent food, good prices.
What else should I say? Take my money! :D

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coup de cœur - Edit

Accueil souriante et agréable avec beaucoup de douceur. Grand choix d'entrées et de plats. Des plats goûteux et très savoureux, des portions généreuses. C'est un bonheur ce restaurant.

Pros: 100% vegan

Cons: Pas de menu enfant

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perfect! - Edit

We had a great evening here. Friendly staff, abundance of choice, great ambiance! Yes we did find the ambiance perfect and very fitting for this type of restaurant. We could choose our own table. I ad this because we where a bit reluctant after reading the other reviews. If you enjoy this type Dutch/Chinese/Indonesian food I can think of no better place to go. 10/10 imo

Pros: all good!

Cons: can't think of one

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good vegan chinese food - Edit

I have eaten at the Loving Hut many times and love their chinese vegan food. All the staff is really friendly and I have never been disappointed by the food. Prices are mostly fair and usually the dishes are so big you have to take the rest home. Don't forget to try the chocolate mousse with cream on top!

Pros: only vegan dishes, many options to choose from, friendly

Cons: old atmosphere (room), desserts are a bit pricey

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Food always very tasty - Edit

This is the nearest by vegan place for us. So from time to time we have dinner here. Everything is already said in the previous reviews: great food but no so cosy setting. Great for take-away!

Pros: excellent choice of food, good portions, friendly staff

Cons: vibe could be better

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Lovely aubergines - Edit

I visited this restaurant just recently with my boyfriend, and we both loved it! He is not vegan but he is interested to try different options and we were not disappointed by this restaurant. I got the aubergine dish and he got something with vegan prawns. Especially the aubergine was amazing, it melted on your mouth.. try the dish to see for yourself! The atmosphere is not the fanciest but the staff is friendly.

Pros: All-vegan, Friendly staff, Great food

Cons: Atmosphere could be better

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nice food, bad ambiance - Edit

I ate @ the loving hut with my boyfriend and we loved the food! There were alot of nice Asian food options and the stire fried courgettes were really really nice!

The place itself tho wasnt that nice. It looked really old inside and we didn't get a warm feeling there. I recommend you to order take-out, but I wouldnt suggest dining there if you like a nice ambiance.

Pros: really nice Asian food , affordable

Cons: bad ambiance (not chique or cosy)

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just plain, ordinairy chinese food. But vegan - Edit

If you mis the ordinairy (dutch) chinese food, this is the place to be.
The food isn't spectaculair, it is quite bland. But this is how most (dutch) chinese restaurants are.
So if this is what you are missing as a vegan, it is definitely worth a visit! You can order basically anything you can order in a normal chinese restaurant, only here it is vegan.

Pros: simple (dutch) chinese food, made vegan

Cons: bland food, not a very welcoming athmosphere

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Misleading opening times - Edit

Visited September 2016 on a Wednesday evening, 8:30pm and locked up with lights off. Happycow and the times on their own door say they should be open. Disappointed.

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I love this place - Edit

I really love this place... the Plum juice was really nice and the food was great. They made everything fresh for you, you could even taste the fresh ingredients in the sauces. I ordered the spring rolls (the loempia's) as a starter (which were very good) and some vegan Chinese 'meat' dishes and 'nasi' as the main course. I especially enjoyed those balls with vegan chicken in a sweet & sour sauce and even the nasi was really good!
I skipped desert, but had the hot chocolate milk with whipped cream instead (again vegan off course). That was the best vegan hot chocolate I've ever tasted...
The service was good as well.
I will definitely come back here again!

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avondeten met mijn broer op donderdagavond - Edit

Aziatische keuken. Super gezonde drankjes. Inspirerende tent. Stukje uit het centrum vanaf het Wijck district. Locatie wat afgelegen. Was zeer rustig op deze donderdagavond. Voordeel ze hadden veel tijd voor ons:-). Eten was heerlijk, super genoten ervan.

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Review July 2016: Not impressed - Edit


We visited Loving Hut Maastricht because we still had an all you can eat voucher to use before the end of the month. Normally the all you can eat costs 22 or 27 euros per person but I strongly recommend against going there for an all you can eat (2hrs max). In the time we sat there (1hr 45min) we each ordered a soup, one appetizer, a main course and dessert which together were worth less than the price of a normal all you can eat. We asked if you could order two things at once and the waiter thought this wouldnt be a problem, but they only brought us one at a time. I think to stretch time so people won't order too much because when we ordered dessert we barely had to wait for it.

Food (per dish)

Noodle soup with vegtables: Allright but nothing spectacular.
Wanton soup: The broth was nice (I think miso) but the filling of the dumplings tasted a bit greasy and like it was supposed to be a filling for spring rolls. I never had wanton soup before though, so not sure if it's normal or not.

Spring rolls: Fine but nothing special
Boa boa: The steamed bun was cooked right but I personally didn't like the seaweed filling while I do love nori. The menu said it had a vegetable filling, which seaweed is obviously but I just didn't expect seafood.

Main dishes
Baked tempeh with vegtables in miso and hoisinsauce: Tasted good for the first couple of bites but I found it very greasy and hard to finish my plate. The bami (noodles) they served with it was nice though.
Babi pangang (roasted pork in sweet & chilli sauce): The veggie pork steak was nice but it was a very small portion, like the size of one burger you'd get in a supermarket. A lot less than the tempeh dish. The nasi they served it with was okay but nothing special, not what you expect from a normal chinese restaurant. Underseasoned and it was minute rice instead of the usual rice you'd expect. Not a lot of vegtables mixed through either the bami or the nasi we had with the main courses.

We both ordered chocolate mousse but it was far from a mousse, not even a pudding. It tasted like you were eating plain chocolate paste like the one you should put on bread. It wasnt bad for chocolate paste but far from what we expected.

The waiters were both really nice but I noticed later on that they made us pay more than the drinks we had (not included in the all you can eat) were worth. I definitely encourage every vegan initiative so still 2 stars.

Pros: Its a vegan place

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A 'Human' Restaurant - Edit

Loving Hut has a great variety when it comes to the menu, and the whole atmosphere is really relaxed and 'unorganized' – so take your time, it might take a while. It is difficult to put the food itself into a certain category, because of the mixed variety and different quality of certain dishes. I certainly have enjoyed the sushi and tempeh!

I have been at the Loving Hut several times hanging around and drinking freshly squeezed juice whilst my friends have had their workshifts, and the last time I had a 5-course meal with a friend of mine – it was a special offer for €14, and we enjoyed it a lot. I think the company played a great role, because the food itself was not that mind-blowing. You could choose all the different courses, which was fun. I had a bowl of corn soup that was blend and just uninspiring, followed by the conventional spring rolls with chili dip. Then a platter of mixed sushi followed, which was really nice! I had not had sushi in a while, so I really enjoyed this one – one with olives (?? Good!), avocado (surprising and tasty), cucumber, pickled carrot (???), and one with vegan 'fish'. The main was fried noodles with tempeh, and dessert was soy icecream. A good deal in good company.

Pros: Inexpensive menu with great variety, Nice staff

Cons: Distant location, Shabby, messy, unorganized, Greezy, uninteresting food

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Nice food! - Edit

Loving Hut Maastricht has nice food, but the restaurant itself is a bit boring. Nevertheless it has great food and if you ever visit Maastricht, do visit the Loving Hut!

Pros: Nice food, Cheap

Cons: Atmosphere

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I recommend - Edit

I recommend this place where all the dishes are strictly vegan. There is no problem to find something to eat, no fear, no doubts. Very tasty and peaceful people.

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Tasty, but not comfy - Edit

As I had visited the Loving Hut in Brighton before and liked it, I was curious to visit the one in Maastricht when I travelled to this city. But the experience was very different! This was not a relaxed, small place, but rather like a traditional Chinese restaurant. What I did not like was that I could not choose my table, but was seated in a corner quite separate from the rest of the room - although I was the first customer and during my dinner only a few other people arrived!

I chose a veggie rice dish and liked it very much, it was really delicious. However, I was bit disappointed of the menu because it relied heavily on fake meat - again, it was like a traditional Chinese restaurant menu, just with all the meat replaced by fake meat. This is not my idea of a modern vegan restaurant!

Service was friendly, but I had to wait really long to pay my bill, which I found unpleasant, especially as it was not crowded at all.

All in all, the food was good, but apart from that it was rather a disappointing experience and I have visited many vegan restaurants that were much better.

Pros: Tasty food

Cons: Not comfortable, Slow service although not crowded

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Loving Hut Maastricht, the 10th of January 2014 - Edit

The place was easy to find by car, not very far from the central station of Maastricht. It had a Asian vibe, but could have been a lot cosier in our opinion. There were a lot of options on the menu, which can be good or can be bad. The host was friendly though, and the dishes were served in a perfect pace; not too slow, not too fast. The music was ok, Chinese music we never heard before ;-)

We had tea the entire meal.
1. Our first course was soup. I ordered the spicy and sour soup, the rest had lentil soup. The portion size was small/medium and we all liked what we ordered.
2. Our second course was not something we could choose ourselves; it were 5 Vietnamese spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce. Very nice as always, but there was very little sauce. The portion size was again small/medium.
3. Then it was time for the main course. I forgot what our dishes were called, but we tried from each other. Everything was of course plant based, but our dishes did not taste alike. There was also tempeh, tofu, fake chicken, fake duck, fake shrimps and fake pork in there, which made everything even more interesting. I noticed soy sauce and sateh sauce in the dishes as well, two of my favourites! All dishes were served with white rice. The portion size was medium.
4. Our fourth course was desert, which was either soy ice cream or chocolate mousse. One of our dinner guests asked if it was possible to get 50/50. This was not possible, kind of weird. I had the ice cream, the rest had the mousse. The dish size was small.
5. Our last course coffee/something else to drink. 2 of us had tea, 1 of us had coffee and the fourth person skipped this course.

It was a nice experience, especially if you are looking for a vegan Asian place. It is something completely different from your average vegan restaurant where there is usually a completely different atmosphere. The atmosphere at Loving Hut Maastricht is more of an Asian place than something else.

Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Decor: 6/10
Cost: 8/10
Vegan-friendly: 10/10
Vegan bodybuilder-friendly: 8/10

Pros: Food, Service, All vegan

Cons: Decor

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Nice place, good food - Edit

A nice place with a surprisingly huge menu within walking distance from the central station.

So far I have been here only once, but I hope to get back some day to try more of their food.

I had a wonton soup as a starter which I personally did not like too much since the wontons were very soft, or rather even disintegrating and had no distinct taste. I also shared some mini spring rolls with a friend, those were nice and the sauce was delicious. As main course I had tempeh with vegetables, it was good although it had quite an overload of tempeh and not so many vegetables - as a vegetable fan my personal preference would have been the other way round...

My friend had a selection of satay with peanut sauce, "babi panggang" and stir-fried vegetables with tofu which was all very good. The portions were big and when the waiter noticed we won't make it all he brought us doggie bags which was quite nice. We also had yummy freshly made melon juice and a wonderful "dame blanche" (ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream) as dessert, of course all-vegan.

The service was very nice and helpful.

Pros: good food, friendly service, huge variety

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