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70 Reviews

"Healthy and clean vegan window shop"
Rome, Italy on 23 Apr 2016

"No vegan options"
Cavalese, Italy on 07 Jan 2017

"Delicious cakes, really nice place and kind owner"
Milan, Italy on 13 Jun 2014

"Great lunch break"
Milan, Italy on 26 Feb 2013

"High quality cuisine in an elegant environment "
Ravenna, Italy on 10 Sep 2017

"Really rich vegetarian (almost vegan) lunch buffet "
Rimini, Italy on 06 Dec 2013

"Lovely spot if you're looking for some street food"
Milan, Italy on 01 May 2016

"Very good vegan pastry"
Milan, Italy on 12 Nov 2015

"Nice place, very attentive with food"
Milan, Italy on 18 Jun 2013

"Nice burgers in a peculiar place"
Porto, Portugal on 08 Jun 2016

"Cultural association with good food and better company "
Porto, Portugal on 08 Jun 2016

"Nice resource if you're hungry"
Florence, Italy on 10 May 2016

"Very good gelato, very kind staff"
Milan, Italy on 01 May 2016

"One of my favourite restaurants in Milano"
Milan, Italy on 19 Sep 2013

"Definitely The best Vegan Aperitivo ever"
Milan, Italy on 03 Oct 2015

"A nice place for a relaxed dinner"
Milan, Italy on 28 Mar 2013

"Cozy, lovely Vegan restaurant"
Florence, Italy on 19 May 2013

"Nice vegan spot in Padua"
Padua, Italy on 28 Nov 2015

"Great Burger, staff really nice"
Barcelona, Spain on 09 Aug 2015

"A bit busy, but healthy food"
Milan, Italy on 05 Apr 2013

"Average food, tired staff, good value"
Barcelona, Spain on 04 Aug 2015

"Nice place, very friendly staff"
Parma, Italy on 06 Aug 2013

"Delicious vegan cheese"
Arona, Italy on 02 Apr 2013

"Lovely buffet ate on swings"
Porto, Portugal on 06 Jun 2016

"A good pizza at a homely place "
Barcelona, Spain on 13 Aug 2015

"Vegan aperitivo!"
Bergamo, Italy on 23 Apr 2016

"A place where I would shop if it were in my town"
Barcelona, Spain on 08 Aug 2015

"Very nice food, fair price"
Barcelona, Spain on 13 Aug 2015

"Good falafel"
Barcelona, Spain on 14 Aug 2015

"Very good home made hamburgers"
Milan, Italy on 29 Nov 2015

"So many options!"
Rome, Italy on 23 Apr 2016

"At the moment my favourite vegan Gelato in Milano "
Milan, Italy on 07 Jun 2015

"Nice place, atmosphere spoiled by waiter"
Milan, Italy on 26 Feb 2013

"Lovely spot for a Vegan break"
Santa Maria Di Leuca, Italy on 25 Jun 2015

"One of the best vegan ice creams evee"
Turin, Italy on 08 Sep 2013

"Needs improvement"
Gallipoli, Italy on 24 Jun 2015

"Lovely lasagna in a lovely place"
Seregno, Italy on 25 Apr 2016

"Healthy and tasty food"
Milan, Italy on 27 Jul 2016

"Amazing high level vegan food"
Milan, Italy on 24 Mar 2013

"Very nice place"
Livorno, Italy on 14 Jun 2014

"Great macrobiotic school, good lunch"
Milan, Italy on 28 Mar 2013

"Best vegan pizza"
Berlin, Germany on 22 Jul 2017

"The best vegan Amatriciana ever"
Rome, Italy on 23 Apr 2016

"Excellent gelato, but why is this place on Happycow?"
Florence, Italy on 05 May 2015

"Awesome food beautifully served"
Piacenza, Italy on 29 Aug 2016

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