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Cultura Dos Sabores

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rua de Ceuta 80, Porto, Portugal, 4050

Veggie buffet restaurant, opened Apr 2014. Food changes every day and the selection is larger on the weekend. Vegan-friendly. Bright interior with seating on 2 floors. Open Tue-Sun 11:00am-11:30pm.

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Reviews (43)

First Review by RubyFriel

Lovely Buffet options - Edit

We had a lovely healthy lunch here, which was great as the rest of out time in Porto we mainly ate cheese and pastry!

There is a variety of different meals and you go up and serve yourself, we ate a range of salads, brown rice dishes and stews. There was also a fresh mint tea included in the set price meal.

The staff were really friendly and helpful and we definitely had enough to eat. It was easy to locate with the swings in the window.

Pros: Healthy veggie options, Nice space , Easy to locate

Cons: Informal setting

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First impressions - Edit

Cultura dos sabores is a good vegetarian restaurant where you can serve yourself and eat as much as you want. I like the fact they have swings inside!! Recommend it!

Pros: Good food, Calm, Near

Cons: Expensive, Could have more options

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The price is not justified - Edit

We had the dinner buffet which was over 12 euro per person. The cold dishes were nice, it had really good vegan sushi and nachos with a vegan cheese dip, but other than that it was a wide selection of fresh veggies that you could combine into a salad. The hot dishes included creamed soup with no flavour, bland seitan skewers with overcooked veggies, very dry hummus crockets, a filo dough parcel stuffed with tofu and just potatos and rice as sides. Very, very underwhelming for the price and we didn't enjoy the evening because of this.

I considered trying the vegan franchesina on the next day but I was informed that the price was a little shy of 13 euros. That's 13 euros for a sandwich covered is cheese and a tomato sauce. Are they kidding?

Pros: Staff was friendly the interior is nice and it&#39

Cons: Very overpriced for what you get, the food was bla

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delicious food, great restaurant - Edit

never ate food on a swing before :)buffet was almost fully vegan and really varied, all very tasty, very friendly staff as well... vegan sushi was a standout

Pros: almost all vegan, reasonably priced

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cold food in a hot buffet - Edit

Went twice.
One lunchtime the food was fairly tasty but hot buffet a bit cold.
Told us no francesinha available, buffet only.
Next evening we got turned away after being left in cafe entrance 15 minutes while staff talked outside.
Initially offered francesinha, the response was yes but she changed her mind and asked us to think about hot buffet.
We returned at 7pm and got several cold dishes allegedly in hot buffet.
Food was almost completely cold. All in all it seems a place reliant on passing tourists and they couldn`t care less about the hot food.

Cons: cold dishes in hot buffet, no flavour, expensive

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Don't go there late at night - Edit

We visited this place quite late in the evening during some festivities in Porto and it was packed with people.
There was a buffet offer for 11,5€. The offer was not very big (I assume because of the amount of people that had passed through before us?). Some stuff that I had was great (the green pea hummus was excellent), but other was just plain "normal" food like rice, potatoes, corn salad, lettice, etc.
Overall for 2 people dinner buffet and 2 0,3 beers we paid 27€, which I found very overpriced for what it was and for Portuguese prices in general.

Pros: The deco

Cons: Small space in busy hours, Small food offer in busy and late hours

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Absolutely fantastic restaurant - Edit

A great vegan buffet restaurant in the heart of the old town. Such a lovely clean energy vibes through the two floors and the gentle music together with the smiling employees makes every visit a recharging experience. The design is very appealing, the food is delicious and very affordable. A place to go everyday to support your health and mood and an important movement. You won't regret your visit here. 5 stars recommended!

Pros: Every day changing buffet, Nice atmosphere, Central located

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Great spot - Edit

We visited Cultura dos Sabores twice on a recent visit to Porto. The first time we had the buffet - there was a good range of cold salads and hot items included soup, baked seitan, lentil burgers and a traditional Portuguese dish made with tofu rather than fish. Only one hot item was not vegan. It was a smaller range than I have seen in other buffet places but all was delicious. The second time we had vegan francesinha - another traditional Porto dish but stuffed with seitan, tofu and soy sausage rather than pork & cheese. Completely overindulgent and delicious! My omni parents were very impressed and happy with their meals - in fact, it was their suggestion to go back the second time as my dad didn't think he could face the meat francesinha but wanted to try one! Bright and cheery atmosphere, really great staff (even under pressure - the second time they were short staffed, the electricity kept tripping), good value.

Pros: Tasty food, Fantastic food, Really cold beer (important in 35°C!)

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nice buffet - Edit

This place has a nice buffet with many cold and hot options.

It's not strictly vegan, but at least an half of the options are.

The taste is very good and the price was around 9Eur at the time I visited.

The decoration is very nice and ambience is relaxed.

For me one of the best vegetarian options in Oporto city centre, specially if you are hungry :)

Pros: taste, a lot of options, decoration

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A nice cosy vegan find! - Edit

Lovely fresh deco with swinging chairs by the window. A good selection of salads and cold starter bits. The hot food options had soup, tofu, soya, rice, a mini burger, bean stew, filo parcel and some cooked vegetables, which were all tasty and fresh. It was a good lunch selection for €9 that also included a cup of tea.

Not to miss the desert that was very tasty and the staff were very friendly to accommodate our different coffee preferences too!

Pros: mostly vegan options, central location, comfy seat

Cons: none

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Excellent veg(etari)an buffet - Edit

All-you-can-eat veg*an buffets seem to be very popular across Portugal. I went here twice in a recen trip to Porto and all the dishes happened to be vegan on both occasions. Really nice and helpful staff, great variety of salads and cold dishes, also 8-10 hot plates to choose from. Price is really inexpensive, less than 10€, but includes only the foods. Drinks (except for a herbal tea included in the price), desserts and coffee must be paid separately. Easely accesible at the top or Rua da Ceuta, barely 5 minutes walking distance from Avenida dos Aliados, the main city centre.

Pros: amazing food, inexpensive, extra nice helpful staff

Cons: located at the top of a steep slope, but well, tha

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Great place! - Edit

Great place, great food (very fresh and colourful), great atmosphere. Very friendly lady who was explaining all to us. She was good fun too.

Pros: Staff, So much to choose from, All very delicious

Cons: No terrace

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Lovely buffet ate on swings - Edit

We went to the place for dinner.
Buffet was 12 euros, all you can eat.
It is a bit higher than average around the place but worth for the food quality and attention, with a creative hint.
Place is cozy and some tables have swings instead of chairs.
Overall a very good place, and buffet turned out to be 95% Vegan, sol lots of choice.
Would definitely come back to taste their vegan francesinhas.

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Swingers Special - Edit

We visited here for dinner and we chose to sit in the swings (sadly it is impossible to actually swing on your swing whilst having your dinner, otherwise you bounce off the window of the shop). This modern and bright restaurant serves vegan and vegetarian fare in a buffet style. The menu was varied with a mixture of hot and cold dishes, all very fresh and we suspect it will be a different range every night. The staff were polite and friendly and we were not rushed at any point. The food was delicious with some intelligent combinations of flavours and the puddings are worth paying extra for!

Pros: Swings

Cons: can swing and eat

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Cool Place! - Edit

It's a very cool restaurant! Really in the city center! You have some variety of food (not much but enough) and it's tasty. It's not vegan but I would say probably half of the food is. We can have some meals sitting on a swing with a view to the street, it's different and funny!

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Cultura - Food A Bit Under Par - Edit

The restaurant looks lovely; a smart yet quirky and fresh environment which gives you high hopes for the food. But sadly the food didn't really live up to our raised expectations. To be fair, we visited fairly late in the evening. But the options for hot dishes were pretty average and uninspiring and the salad selection was fresh, but just too dull. Whilst it was an 'eat as much as you like' buffet, after one modest plate, we weren't inclined to get more. So it felt a bit pricey for what we had. If they upped their game a bit with the food then this place could be amazing.

If you're looking for veggie options then by all means give this place a try, as it was very clean and somewhere you'd like to support. Just don't expect anything too amazing.

Pros: Decor, Clean, Friendly

Cons: Food too average

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Fresh food, friendly service - Edit

This restaurant provides an all-you-can-eat buffet with soup, salads, and mains for around 12 euros for dinner. The day I went all of the food was vegan. The carrot soup was delicious, one of the best I've ever had. I found the salads to be a unique combination of vegetables with fruits but all were fresh and there were many different options. Sushi rolls were also part of the salad section. For the main hot dishes, I was pleased to be able to try some vegan versions of what appeared to be Portuguese pastries. The staff was friendly but perhaps overly attentive. I didn't have room for dessert, which wasn't included in the buffet price. There are better places in Porto (Lupin and Black Mamba) but Cultura dos Sabores is good value for fresh, creative food.

Pros: friendly staff, fresh and creative food, great soup

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Elegant and affordable buffet in middle of town - Edit

This is a stylish and tasty buffet.
I think it is fairly cheap (lunch buffet was around 9 euros), despite what I read in other reviews.
Food is varied, well presented and delicious.
Good selection of warm and cold choices, with a soup also always available.
Interior design is clearly something they invested in, with very good results.
I loved their curry: gentle and very flavoursome at the same time, the way I like it.

Pros: excellent food, nice interior

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Good food and friendly service. - Edit

Pleasant and clean restaurant. Staff very friendly and able to explain what was vegan and what was vegetarian.
Buffet was good, but the hot dishes were not replaced regularly enough.

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If you like plain, uncomplicated food... - Edit

We had dinner here twice. The second time wasn't by choice; it was Sunday and they were the only vegan-friendly restaurant that stayed open. Kudos to them! Both times we had the buffet. They seemed to change the selection daily, so at least we got to try different things each time. The price (just shy of €12 all-you-can-eat) was a bit high by Portuguese standards, but still quite affordable.

The dining room is immaculate with a modern décor. I liked the swing seats facing the street, which added a touch of coziness to the atmosphere. Staff was friendly, had a breezy demeanor, and was knowledgeable about what’s vegan or not. Although the buffet spread was somewhat limited, there was enough to choose from: one soup, four warm trays, and about half a dozen of salad/snack items. All but one option were vegan.

I just wish the food was better and more creative; it was merely passable. Much of it reminded me of some mediocre concoctions that came out of an amateur’s home kitchen. The flavor was all over the place. Some dishes were loaded with garlic (didn’t bother me as a garlic fiend); some were bland and lacked seasoning. While everything appeared to be pretty healthy (little oil used, nothing fried, fresh and wholesome ingredients, etc), the execution was weak. On both occasions we were there, the warm selection included a clear broth soup, brown rice (overcooked), broccoli/cauliflower (mushy from being overcooked), sautéed cabbage, spinach pasta with red sauce, a veggie & bean stew, and the more interesting of the bunch—a citrusy veggie casserole topped with a blanket of crumbled soft tofu garnished with orange slices. Again, none of them were bad, just too basic and unimpressive. The chilled options were mostly unmemorable except for the bread; that stuff was good. Oh, we had dessert as well on our second visit. My partner raved about his banana tiramisu (the only non-vegan dessert). I had a mango cream cake of sorts at the recommendation of the staff. The crust was made with ground nuts/seeds, which was alright, but the filling was flat-tasting, barely sweet, and had a jiggly jellylike consistency. Meh.

If simple western cooking is your thing, you might enjoy the food (at least the buffet part) more than I did. I usually look for complex and bold flavors, so this just didn’t cut it. For me this place falls between a 3 and a 4, but probably closer to a 3.

Pros: friendly staff, opens sundays

Cons: boring buffet options, so-so food

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Delicious Food! - Edit

Visited Cultura Dos Sagores for the first time tonight and the food was excellent. We had read that there were only a few vegan options but tonight every single dish was vegan except for one dessert. We enjoyed a variety of fresh salads, hummus, toast crisps, tofu and broccoli, potato soup, seitan, with chestnuts, and rosemary, whole grain rice, sautéed veggies, and more, and for dessert we had the most delicious, soft carob cake!

No complaints here. We loved the food at Cultura Dos Sabores!

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Quite expensive - Edit

The food is good but it's quite expensive! I've eaten way better at vegetarian restaurants in Porto. If it was cheaper I would go back but for that price it should be way more tasteful and inventive.
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 01, 2015

Pros: Good food, Decoration, Buffet

Cons: Expensive

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Wonderful Easter lunch! - Edit

We were so grateful for this lovely restaurant being open on Easter Sunday when all other vegan/vegetarian places were closed. It is very conveniently located and has awesome swing chairs in the window which we took full advantage of. The buffet was fantastic, they balance the flavors really well as with other buffets certain dishes overpower the other but that is not the case here. Everything is fresh and tastes how it should which means you can mix the dishes together as I like to do with a buffet. Loved the variety of salads and beans and particularly liked the lentil stew. Whilst we went back to the buffet twice and ate more food than we needed to we felt the price was wonderful considering you pay more for a single pizza in the city which is not healthy nor has any variety. We also ordered the tofu cheesecake which was very tasty! We will be back indeed, not only for the food but the lovely hospitality of the waitress and owners.

Pros: all vegan on the day we visited, large amount of food for great price, friendliness of staff and owners

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Nice environment and food - Edit

Super friendly staff, very cozy place and great value for money. Not all dishes are vegan and are not specified on menu, but staff are super helpful and friendly. Tea it's for free.

Pros: Decoration and ambience, Original dishes, Value for money

Cons: Not plenty of options to choose from, Not vegan desserts, Vegan and vegetarian are not specified

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good food, nothing special - Edit

9,95€ for the all you can eat buffet, free tea, 1,50€ for the coke. Quite fair, different salads, 3 main meals, rice and empanadas as side dishes. Tasted good but nothing really to remember, at least it was not hungry anymore

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Expensive Local Dish - Edit

We sought this place out to try their vegetarian francesinhas, a famous local sandwich dish.
It looked closed when we arrived, as it was empty bar one diner and the server. The presentation on the counters and food trays were bare and boring between mealtime rushes.
We were greeted by the server who was friendly and polite throughout.
It was a clean and nice looking restaurant with nice music.
Our francesinhas were nice and filling but not worth the €12 we paid for each one, which is essentially a big sandwich. I was aware that the restaurant used good ingredients and to find a veggie version of a tourist favourite wouldn't be cheap but for typical Porto prices we felt a bit ripped off.
The staff were friendly until we had to pay and then they tried their sales pitch about brunch the next day which felt forced.
A nice enough place but I'd try one of the other veggie restaurants in Porto first.

Pros: Clean, pretty interior

Cons: Expensive, Salespeople as servers, Poor display between meals

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Very cosy & tasty restaurant! - Edit

God knows it can be hard to find vegan food in Porto so when I found this restaurant it was a blessing!
The restaurant is located in the heart of Porto and offers a vegetarian buffet for 11€ (which is a bit expensive).
Most of the items of the buffet are actually vegan and the price also included the tea of the day (hot or cold).
The dishes are quite simple but really good. You can also choose from a range of extra desserts and homemade frech juices.
We decied to go back to this restaurant on the evening as we saw they had vegan "francesinha" on the menu. Francesinha is THE typical Porto dish; it's composed of bread, steak, bacon, sausage,melty cheese in a tomato sauce.
Unfortuantely when we ordered the vegan one, they didn't had anymore melting vegan cheese but we tasted it anyway and it was just...perfect!!!!
The staff is really nice and helpful and the place really clean and cosy.
Highly recommanded place!

Pros: location, food, cosy atmosphere

Cons: price, restricted choice

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Great place, friendly staff - Edit

I have been here twice and both times the buffet was delicious.

The interior is very modern, clean and appealing. Also the staff was very friendly and explained everything to me in english.

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Great dinner on last day of our holiday - Edit

On the last day of our holiday we were so glad to find this restaurant with the help of the HappyCow app!
The staff is genuinly devoted to their restaurant and the food they serve. They took their time to explain about the dishes and to answer our questions. The dishes of the buffet are wonderful and most of them were vegan. The tea of the day (included in the buffet) was great.

Pros: Good staff, Great variety of wonderful dishes, Nice and bright interior

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Wonderful restaurant!!! - Edit

We really enjoyed this restaurant. The interior is bright, light, spacious and beautifully designed. The food is served buffet style with a soup course, a range of cold dishes and 4 hot dishes. Daniela, the lovely waitress, spoke excellent English and pointed out the few dishes that were vegetarian but not vegan. Daniella even offered to bring a vegan version of one of these dishes. I loved the fact that they served brown rice as one of their grain choices. The quality of the food and the taste were excellent. The price was very reasonable with drinks (other than cold tea) and desserts extra. They had a vegan apple crumble for dessert but I passed on that and took a pot of orange ginger tea. The list of teas is amazing. All in all a great vegan choice.

Note a mistake in the opening hours: On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the restaurant is open til 2 p.m. They are not open for dinner on those days. We made a mistake and went first on Friday night. But we liked it so much, all is forgiven.

Pros: Great food/mainly vegan, great service, pleasant surroundings

Cons: closed for dinner on 3 nights

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Swing into worryless eating - Edit

In a place like Porto where the local inhabitants have as nickname "tripers". That is after eating tripe it is hard to find a place where you can just waltz in and just eat all there is. The "Cultura dos sabores" is such a place.

The food is flawless and abundant, the buffet system and the bottomless tea are warranties you will leave the place satisfied. The menu changes regularly and there is always an option that resembles meat, though strictly vegan, that means you can bring your mother-in-law to dispel any fears of you starving as you progress to a healthy food habit.

The room is calm and friendly and if you are in twos or a larger group there is plenty of space to accommodate.
If by yourself, no need to feel awkward as you can sit on a swing looking at the street making your meal all the more entertaining.

The staff are very helpful and friendly, though you clearly see who is of the family and who is not as uniforms are not homogeneous among the staff.
Jean besides speaks perfect french, which is handy if your Portuguese is not up to scratch and you would rather not use English everywhere.

The boss can be clearly identified, by her lack of uniform and serious demeanour, but that is clearly offset by the friendliness off the staff.

In all in all I duly recommend the place as vegan heaven in a place renowned for being unkind to animals.

João Miguinho.

Pros: Food, Friendly staff, Endless portions

Cons: Unequal uniforms, Bosses face

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Magnífico / Awesome :) - Edit

Magnífico! Comida vegana de calidad, riquísima, buffet libre, ambiente y personal muy agradables. Lo recomiendo para todos :)

Awesome! High quality vegan food, very tasty, buffet, nice atmosphere and staff. I recommend it for everyone :)

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A long way to success - Edit

The restaurant need's some improves. The food was good, but with poor presentation. The staff was excellent, namely the waiter.
The guy behind the counter, which as I understand is the son of the owner of the restaurant, has a horrible look. It seems even a beggar. Has even improve the look. It is essential for proper functioning.

Pros: Staff, food

Cons: Owner, Owner's son

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recomendable - Edit

Soy vegetariano desde hace 30 años. A lo largo de estos tiempo he conocido muchos restaurantes vegetarianos en muchos países. Puedo decir que este restaurante recién abierto, se puede recomendar sin duda(he comido varias veces en él).
Hay varias razones para ello:el lugar es céntrico,el restaurante está bien diseñado y hay espacio suficiente en el mismo;el precio del menú es europeo,10 euros y 12 los fines de semana,(también por la noche),pero como es bufete puedes repetir cuanto quieras. No incluye postre ni bebida.
La cocinera,al menos la de la noche,es muy buena:ofrece variedad de platos,algunos muy originales;y además son sabrosos,algo que por desgracia en algunos restaurantes vegetarianos a veces no se ofrece. Como si ser vegetariano estuviera reñido con el placer de la comida.. Evidentemente entre tanta variedad,no todos te gustan lo mismo. Destacar las sopas,que son exquisitas(aunque sean similares).Un consejo de todas formas:algunos de los platos fríos estarían mejor en la zona de los calientes o con una salsa,como por ejemplo,los champiñones.
Y finalmente hay que destacar el trato al cliente. Para mi es un motivo esencial para volver o no a un restaurante. Como el restaurante está recién abierto los dueños están presentes con frecuencia en él. Y el hijo trabaja en el mismo. Se da por hecho que su trato es muy bueno.
Qisiera de todos modos destacar el trabajo de Joao,ya que es el camarero,que está más tiempo en contacto con los comensales,y por tanto el que debe de ser todavía más exquisito,en el difícil arte de las distancias en el trato al cliente. Joao,además de su apuesta y madura presencia(que nunca viene mal en un trabajo de cara al público),tiene una educación exquisita,y sabe mantener un perfecto equilibrio en su trato con el cliente:ni se toma confianzas gratuitas,ni se muestra seco y distante. Su acogida inicial siempre es educada y respetuosa. Aunque esté al final de la jornada y después de muchas horas trabajando de cara al público. Cualquier empresa estaría contenta de tener a una persona como Joao. Es del tipo de empleados que atrae clientela en lugar de espantarla.
En resumen,recomiendo sin duda este restaurante vegetariano. Los dueños han sido inteligentes diseñando el ambiente,y eligiendo el lugar y a los trabajadores adecuados.

Pros: variedad platos, que sea bufett y se pueda repetir, el horario amplio

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fantastic cold and warm buffet, friendly staff - Edit

We had a fantastic veg dinner here at Cultura dos Sabores. It's quite a new restaurant and they're famous for their vegan/vegetarian translations of Portuguese dishes. The warm and cold buffet was excellent. The staff explained everything in detail.

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Delicious Vegan Francesinha! - Edit

I loved this place!

Me and my husband went here for lunch and were so satisfied with this restaurant we returned for dinner on the same day!

At lunch we had the buffet and at dinner we had the most delicious Vegan Francesinha. Francesinha is a typical dish in Oporto and Cultura dos Sabores offers a delicious Vegetarian and Vegan option. We had the Vegan!

We also love the sorbet and apple crumble desserts!

Pros: Delicious food, Very friendly staff, Modern decoration

Cons: Some tables are too close to each other, Francesinha only available for dinner

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Modern but cozy place - Edit

Me and my wife had both lunch and dinner at Cultura dos Sabores (in the same day) and loved it!

We felt at home in this modern but cozy restaurant, with a beautiful decoration and even a few tables looking onto the street with swings instead of chairs! The restaurant wasn't too busy, which allowed us to take our time to savor the delicious food.

For lunch we had the buffet, complete with soup and cold salads. The food was well presented and very tasty! I especially liked the variety of choice of the salads, as well as the refreshing fruit smoothies that we had before lunch.

For dinner we tried the vegan francesinha, a typical Oporto dish served by Cultura Dos Sabores in either a vegetarian or vegan version. I truly believe this was the best francesinha I ever had! The sauce was spot-on spicy and all the ingredients were of high quality.

The staff, including the owners, are very friendly and available to offer suggestions or answer questions.

All in all, this is one of the restaurants I enjoyed the most until now. We miss Oporto already! :)

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Modern but cozy room

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Nice but uninspiring - Edit

I came here for lunch and the cafe interior was very nice & new looking. The buffet included soup, curry, tofu, pasta, rice & salad. It was all nice but a little plain. Still, worth a visit.

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