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2920 University Ave, San Diego, USA

Gourmet Quality At Reasonable Prices

23 Apr 2012

I've eaten a vegan diet since 1996. I've explored restaurants in NYC, San Francisco, Portland OR, Minn/St.Paul, MN, and Los Angeles and I can tell you the main entree plate here qualifies as gourmet quality food. Fresh, flavorful, balanced in the contrasts of flavors and textures, well presented. For $10. How do they do it? They don't have a menu and offer one entree plate at a time. This lack of choice allows them to excel at one thing and keep the price low. They do have a small salad bar, and offer two different soups. I'm a robust adult male weighing 185 lb.s and I tell you that for my main meal of the day the entree plate is just right, and that the addition of soup and/or salad would be too much food for me. They open early and stay open late. They change the main entree plate for the three different meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I've only done the lunch. Organic, vegan, gluten free, gourmet quality, free wifi, 7 days a week from 7am-10pm for reasonable prices. I've not seen anything quite like it before. They just don't know how to market this gem. Also not well advertised is that for those with extreme food allergies they offer a simple macrobiotic plate.

630 G St, Davis, USA

Gourmet Quality, Upscale Ambience

17 Dec 2011

While this is not a vegetarian restaurant, they do offer at least one vegan entrée, several vegetarian ones, and a vegan side. The meals I've had here are excellent in flavor and very good in presentation. And hot food is served hot, cold food cold (one of my peeves when a restaurant gets this wrong). The service is also excellent, and attentive. Tell them you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, and they will accommodate your needs, and maybe can modify a dish as well. In other words, they care about your experience. Now having said all that, they do charge a moderate-expensive price. And they earn it.

Unlike the restaurants in the center of downtown Davis, this nearby restaurant is in a strip mall that has lots of parking in its' lot.

3531 Adams Ave, San Diego, USA

Very, Very Good Vegan Restaurant/Dessert Bakery

25 Jan 2014

Though each days menu is limited, the food is tastey and hearty. Serving sizes were filling. The American Style comfort food is flavorful, with several contrasting flavors and textures with each meal. I had the "chicken" and dumplings and my companion had the linguini with vegetables. The plating and some fine touches indicate a level of gourmet training of the chef. We both enjoyed both meals, the appetizer of panko coated and fried zucchini, and I quite liked the house made hibiscus tea/juice drink (quite rich). Took home one of the massive cinnamon rolls. The bread part is fully baked, yet the cinnamon and icing sections remain gooey soft, with almonds adding crunch. This is the best cinnamon roll in San Diego. Not the best vegan one. The best one of any type. (The one's in the OB Co-Op (that sell out within five minutes) just lost their crown). A gluten free chocolate chip cookie was also very good. I'm looking forward to trying the brunch. BTW this is comfort food which is considerably healthier than its' non vegan counterpart, but it's not health food. (BTW I warned the folks at Casa De Luz (a now empty husk) to serve their hot food hot, repeatedly. The operators of Moncai understand that you MUST provide the basic good service standards of a meal.)

4661 Park Blvd, University Heights, San Diego, USA

Great Flavor, Good Variety, Will Return

27 Jul 2012

I just came back from a lunch at Plumeria. It's a lovely little Thai place with both cushioned booth-bench and chair seating the menu is very decently sized, but not crazy long like some Thai places. I had the Pumpkin Curry w/mock pork, with a requested heat level of 5 (out of 10). I was warned that they skew their spicy hot dishes pretty hot. I pass that warning on to you as they were right, next time I'll ask for a "3." Portions are not huge, but my companion did have leftovers. The flavors are very good, but the pork meat substitute was middling, as I think it was a very well reconstituted TVP, but still TVP. I look forward to trying the fish instead. The chicken was better than the pork, but was "soft," to quote my omnivore companion. Prices are also middle of the road. I'll be going back to try the tangerine dish.

207 3rd St, Davis, USA

Tried & Liked, But Ask & Look For...

14 Dec 2011

.. exactly what items are vegan before committing to the buffet. I tried the lunch buffet after reading the main entry for this restaurant, and going in and asking what on the buffet was vegan. Only three of the about 15 items were vegan, but as I was asking, the chef who ID'd the vegan selections very nicely offered to make me a fresh and vegan version of one of the dishes, and bring me the vegan version of the na'an bread.

I think that a great alternative is to look at the menu, which has an entire Vegan section, plus under the Combination Platters section has the Vegan Thali. I will go for that choice the next time I'm in Raja's.

BTW, the chef mentioned that he will also cook to order to accommodate those with dietary restrictions as outlined in the Jaine faith (sorry for any mispelling). Also he mentioned that when the Whole Earth Festival occurs at nearby UC Davis, the buffet goes more vegan.

10769 Woodside Ave, Unit 110, Santee, USA

Very Decent. Absolutely Worth a Try

18 Jul 2014

I went here for the first time today. The presentation on all the baked goods in the case is very good. They look super tempting. At first I thought the prices were a little on the high side, but it is a specialty bakery, and when compared to a Starbucks or another coffee shop, they are right in line with the standard costs. Flavor, texture, and smell of the goods are the ultimate tests, and it was a mixed bag there. I had the Lemon Poppyseed Muffin, the Lemon Bar, and a Cinnamon Swirl(?) cookie. The cookie was pretty, but not cinnamony enough, was the type extruded and spun to make a star swirl (actually two-in-one) soft, but not great. It had an icing. The Lemon Bar was a clear lemon pudding on plain baked dough base. This is not my favorite style of lemon bar, and I'm not sure how to rate it. It was okay. The Lemon Poppyseed muffin was the best of the three. Fully baked and risen, yet moist and flavorful on the inside with a light drizzle of icing on top. Spongy good texture made this one a winner, and now I want to try their blueberry muffin.

The Place is a little hard to find, from the 67 freeway, as you can only take the Woodson exit when traveling southbound on the freeway. I think if you live in the area, have a gluten intolerance, and/or want to seek out a new vegan option, it is definitely worth a look and a taste. They also have a limited offering of bread.
Updated from previous review on Thursday July 17, 2014

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